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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
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Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.7

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Nuts (Sep 15, 2006)
Using virtual LEGO, you can mix and match characters' body parts so you can plonk Chewbacca's head on Yoda's body. You can also build vehicles and change the storyline as you go along. Block-building, Empire-fighting genius.
Star Wars and LEGO are two staples of childhood. When George Lucas and the Danish toymakers teamed up in the '90s to bring Star Wars LEGOs to the world, both children and manchildren across the globe went bonkers. After years of selling lots and lots of toys, some genius came up with the idea to make a video game, reinterpreting the saga but in LEGO blocks. LEGO Star Wars was an instant hit with critics, parents, fans and kids was inevitable that a sequel would someday hit.
94 (Nov 12, 2006)
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is a prodigiously enjoyable title. It has lots of action, violence, crazed humour and simple gameplay for pick up and play moments. It might be too easy and the multiplayer mode is not the best, but apart from those two minute annoyances there is nothing else you can fault it on. No matter what console you own, seriously consider buying this game. You Xbox 360 owners out there are especially lucky as your version is the best available. Get it now.
90 (Sep 19, 2006)
If you have any console this is easily a game you should play and the only problem with the 360 version is that it’s a little more expensive the any other, which does seem a bit of a cheap thing to do. Ignoring that this is easily one of the best games this year and something I loved playing from beginning to end and whether you love or loathe Star Wars or whatever age you are you will find something here to like.
GameSpy (Sep 12, 2006)
Sure, LEGO Star Wars II may not seem as cool as a "real" Star Wars game, but the fact remains that it's easily one of the best titles in the franchise in recent years. Its kiddy facade hides some terrifically fun gameplay with a lot of meat on its bones. When you're at your local videogame store, feel free to claim that the game is for your child or a younger sibling, and by all means (assuming you actually have one of them), be sure to play it with them. Just don't be surprised if you continue playing long after they trot off to bed.
GameLemon (Nov 11, 2006)
It looks good, it sounds good, it's funny, it's got tons of unlockables, it's got great 2-player co-op action, and it's got tons of heart. You've dreamed of a game like this for so long fans. Run to it. Go!
87 (Sep 26, 2006)
Mit Lego Star Wars 2 ist den Entwicklern eine hervorragende Fortsetzung gelungen, die sowohl Kinder als auch Erwachsene in ihren Bann zieht. Die knuffige, liebevolle Optik gepaart mit interessanten und fordernden Levels resultiert in einer einzigartigen Spielerfahrung. Da auch Spielumfang und Technik stimmen gibt es nahezu nichts, was gegen einen Kauf sprechen würde. Mit individuellen Attacken, kontrollierbaren Vehikeln und drei neuen Episoden bekommen Besitzer des Vorgängers ebenfalls genug Neues geboten. Wer gerne mit einem Freund vor dem Bildschirm sitzt, wird zudem Bestens unterhalten. Bravo, eine abstrakte aber sehr gut gelungene Interpretation des Star Wars Universums!
Gamernode (Sep 23, 2006)
The developers of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy have taken very serious steps in making this title not only entertaining for anyone who picks it up, but especially for the discriminating Star Wars fan who wants a game that is true to the original concept of the movies. The playful aspect of the game, as it deals with plot elements connected to the films, is funny, comical and adds quite a bit of charm to the entire concept. Although the objectives in any particular mission aren't always clear, a little patience or a good game guide should get you through the harder areas. I had a great time with this game. It not only was fun to play, but it allowed me to revisit and experience the original Star Wars trilogy in a completely different way. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is a winner, and deserves a second Alliance Medal of Honor. May the Force be with you -- always.
Lawrence (Sep 17, 2006)
Equal parts nostalgia act, comedy routine, and solid videogame, LEGO Star Wars II is a very entertaining title. I’d have to imagine a lot of the experience would be lost if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, however. So much of my fun with this game was based on how they re-imagined all the scenes I’ve seen countless times. Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, the gameplay (especially co-op) makes it a worthy title.
85 (Sep 19, 2006)
Ich hatte es mir im Fazit des Tests zum ersten Teil gewünscht, jetzt ist es endlich Wirklichkeit geworden: Die klassische Trilogie im Lego-Gewand! Und selbst, wenn ich das Spiel außer Acht lassen würde, würde ich allein für die grandios inszenierten Zwischensequenzen und den generell brillanten Humor eine deutliche Empfehlung aussprechen! Das Klotz-Abenteuer macht einfach Spaß, der Mehrspielermodus ist vorbildlich, der Wiederspielwert hoch, die Präsentation herzlich bis zum letzten Pixel – auch wenn sie im Grunde sehr simpel ist. Aber auch in dieser weit, weit entfernten Galaxie gibt es Probleme: Die Kameraführung ist oftmals ebenso suboptimal wie die Steuerung der Vehikel. Lego Star Wars 2, das keine Parodie, sondern vielmehr eine liebevolle Hommage von Fans für Fans ist, übertrumpft den Vorgänger in jeder Hinsicht.
The blockheads have taken over, and it’s absolutely fine. It’s one of the video game industry’s great strengths that it can sometimes find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places and in the most Bizarro World-nutsiest of fusions; It may well have been someone’s drug-fueled dream that lead to the merging of the Star Wars universe and Lego toys, but it works.
games xtreme (Oct 06, 2006)
There are good Star Wars games like the Jedi Knight series, bad Star Wars games like Force Commander and quirky Star Wars games like Lego: Star Wars. Lego: Star Wars took the gaming world by storm when it introduced fun/addictive gaming to a whole new audience through the medium of Lucas’ creation and the definite twisted humour of the developer: Traveller’s Tales.
IGN (Sep 07, 2006)
One of last year's more pleasant surprises was undoubtedly LEGO Star Wars, the TT Games-developed ode to George Lucas' incredibly popular sci-fi universe. With its unique art style, "pick up and play" mechanics, and the best use of a popular license that we'd seen in a long, long time, it literally came out of nowhere to win critics and consumers over with its charming mix of action and humor. With a resume like that and three movies that could still be "LEGOfied" remaining, a sequel was inevitable.
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy isn’t just a kid’s game. To discredit it as such would be a sin for any Star Wars fan. If anything, it’s the perfect throwback to all of the old memories and memorable scenes of the original Star Wars classics. LEGO Star Wars II isn’t perfect–the gunplay is a little frustrating and some of the levels had me cursing at the TV–but it’s a fun game that people of all ages can enjoy. Parents, there’s not a better way to get your children into the greatest trilogy in film history.
UOL Jogos (Sep 19, 2006)
"LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy" mantém as boas qualidades da edição anterior e ainda acrescenta mais agilidade, dinamismo e inspiração no projeto das fases, e a resultado disso tudo é pura diversão. As atividades ficaram mais amplas devido ao fato do jogador agora poder controlar os veículos - além de uma série de minigames - e há uma tonelada de extras para liberar. Nesse game, todos os jogadores se sentirão um verdadeiro jedi, já que acolhe uma ampla gama de público. Definitivamente, a Força está com "LEGO Star Wars II".
Video Game Talk (Oct 03, 2006)
Still, it's absolutely worth running through. For adults who care nothing for achievements, pick this up as a rental. As for the rest of the gaming population, parents looking to introduce their offspring to the trilogy or achievement junkies looking for a challenge should pick up Lego Star Wars II at a price point of $30 to $40.
TTGamer (Oct 19, 2006)
Lego Star Wars II takes a successful formula, enhances it ten fold and goes next generation. It really is one of those games that are hard to predict as a hit despite its predecessor taking numerous accolades. The game is going cheaper than the usual RRP of 360 titles but even when you take that into account, the 360 version really is only for those who don't have a PC good enough to run the PC game, as the PC version offers the same game experience for a lot less money. May the schwarz er ... force be with you.
In the end, I had a blast with this second go into the world of LEGO Star Wars. This entire game is held up by the comedy that it delivers, and as a result, I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in years. After finishing the game, the first thing that I wanted to do was run out and purchase every Star Wars LEGO set that I could find. It’s good to be a kid again.
PlayDevil (Nov 22, 2006)
Lego Star Wars 2 is a great game, with some flaws. You'll have a lot of fun playing it, guaranteed, but it's too short and has some annoying issues. The lack of online co-op shows how this is just a port really. But if these issues don't put you off (and believe me, the good points very much outweigh the bad) you will be playing with a big stupid grin on your face!
Even without the Lego presentation, LucasArts has still crafted a finely tuned engine for action fans. Playing through the more familiar trilogy only adds to that. For both kids and adults, this is definitely a worthy follow up.
EL33TONLINE (Dec 20, 2006)
I can say for sure that this is one title that really doesn’t benefit a whole lot from being on a more powerful console like the Xbox 360. The controllers are great, for sure, but it doesn’t really look much different from the PlayStation 2 (at least to my memory it doesn’t). There is some more reflections happening, but in general everything is rendered using flat colour, just like Lego should be, and the 360 is not pushed at all. Having said that, who really cares? It’s a fun game, looks polished and controls well, it’s not like this version is inferior in any way to the other platform versions – it’s likely to be the best, and most expensive one of them all.
3DAvenue (Oct 19, 2006)
Lego Star Wars II takes a successful formula, enhances it ten fold and goes next generation. It really is one of those games that are hard to predict as a hit despite its predecessor taking numerous accolades. The game is going cheaper than the usual RRP of 360 titles but even when you take that into account, the 360 version really is only for those who don't have a PC good enough to run the PC game, as the PC version offers the same game experience for a lot less money. May the schwarz er ... force be with you.
Daily Game (Oct 15, 2006)
I suppose my review of Lego Star Wars II should open with the admission that I like the original trilogy and wasn't a big fan of the prequels. In fact, I thought Episode 3 was flat-out laughable and that Jar-Jar Binks' creation was an insulting attempt to get kids as excited about Star Wars as their parents. With that said, I thought the first Lego Star Wars game was an absolute blast, even though it was based on the prequels and didn't really offer anything innovative in the gameplay department.
Gamestyle (2006)
Lego Star Wars II's simplistic nature hides a game full of hidden depths, comedy, charm, and most importantly, fun. Sure, it's no Halo; it's a simpler game free of such complexities, but it's a reminder of a time when bits of brightly-coloured plastic and an imagination were all you needed to have a good time.
80 (Sep 24, 2006)
Afgelopen jaar werden we aangenaam verrast met Lego Star Wars. Hoewel dit spel aanvankelijk leek als een game om even lekker mee te liften op het succes van de derde Star Wars-film, bleek Lego Star Wars nog zoveel meer in zijn mars te hebben dan alleen maar een melkkoe van de Lucasfilm-stal. Het spel bood namelijk een flinke diversiteit aan gameplay, zat boordevol grapjes en andere leukigheden en was als klapper op de vuurpijl naast geslaagd kinderspeeltje ook nog eens geschikt voor de volwassenen die even terug willen naar die kindertijd waar je ongegeneerd met Star Wars-speelgoed kon spelen. Nu is er dan deeltje twee, waarin de Originele Triologie centraal staat.
GamesRadar (Sep 12, 2006)
Last year, LEGO Star Wars taught us what should have been apparent to everyone from the dawn of the universe - LEGO, Star Wars and video games go together like chocolate, peanut butter and creamy nougat. So it comes as no surprise that this new and improved version of last years kid-friendly darling captivated us from the introductory text crawl (you know... that part where the yellow letters march up the screen telling the harrowing tale of one of the most celebrated trilogies in the galaxy).
80 (UK) (Sep 08, 2006)
The trouble with unexpected success is that nobody's surprised when the next thing you do also turns out to be utterly brilliant. Nobody in their right minds expected a Lego Star Wars game to be one of the best kids game ever made. Everyone fully expected dumbed-down fetch quests, patronisingly simplistic dialogue, day-glo visuals, and a one-button control scheme so that little Kevin - aged four-and-a-half - didn't get confused. The sight of this simple, kleptomaniacal, combat-laced platformer belied the fact that here was a game that was nothing short of revelatory in its mass appeal. Full of infectious, warm humour, subtle visual touches and some masterful puzzle design, it was the sort of game that made you want to hug Traveller's Tales for getting it. After so much sorrow had been perpetrated in the name of Star Wars (most of all by Lucas himself) here was an object lesson in how to use a behemoth licence without making gamers feel physically ill.
1UP (Sep 11, 2006)
The original Lego Star Wars was a great little lighthearted romp of a game: an amusing way to play out the three most recent Star Wars films in virtual form. The Lego and Star Wars combo proved to also be a terrific formula for the game space, generating an experience in Lego Star Wars that was oftentimes even more entertaining than the source material it was based on. Like any good sequel, Lego Star Wars II improves on the original in almost every way. But most importantly, it's about the good episodes now. For that reason alone, Lego Star Wars II is one of the most enjoyable games of this fall.
GameDaily (Sep 14, 2005)
The big problem with the original Lego Star Wars game is its content. There's nothing wrong with the game's build, as it's delightfully fun to play and looks and sounds great. No, the problem actually lies in its content. When you ask a tried and true Star Wars fan what their favorite movie in the series is, there's very little chance they'll mention something out of the new trilogy. No, their love and passion lies with a film from the original trilogy, which ran from 1977 to 1983. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and the Return of the Jedi conclusion are films that some of us grew up with, and new-found fans are discovering and enjoying for themselves. So it was only a matter of time before Lego Star Wars would have to visit the original trilogy...and so it finally has.
GameSpot (Sep 08, 2006)
Right around the time of the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Traveller's Tales released the surprisingly enjoyable Lego Star Wars, a kid-friendly action adventure game that inexplicably rendered the exploits of young Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to look as though they were made out of Lego building blocks. It was a curious combination, but it worked because the gameplay was novel enough, the combined nostalgia for Star Wars and Legos was potent, and the experience was delivered with a humorous, lighthearted flair. Lego Star Wars II is an even better package than the original, due almost entirely to the fact that the emotional connection to A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi is much stronger for most people.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 19, 2007)
So what's not to like? Well, the Hoth stages were disappointing with their closed-in snowspeeder stages and squirrelly controls. As you accumulate a group of characters in a stage, switching between them is problematic as they tend to bumble into each other. Finally, Luke's lightsaber isn't nearly as effective as it should be - he should be slicing through these guys like melted butter! Still, if you enjoyed the first game or you're just looking for a light-hearted platformer, Lego Star Wars II is a real treat.
Gameslave UK (Sep 19, 2006)
I feel in two minds with this one really, on the one hand I really enjoyed the ride, I got a kick out of playing it and I know I'll play it again for laughs at some point. On the other hand, I wonder how much of that is fuelled by the Star Wars universe as much as anything else. Hell, even if it is, does that matter? Traveller's Tales have done an excellent job with this game and playing it co-op with friends is a riot, especially when they can't get the knack of double-jumping onto that moving platform!
XboxAchievements (Aug 04, 2007)
Lego Star Wars 2 is a fun two player romp, especially for kids. If only it had a better single player mode with better AI, it could have scored so much higher.
JeuxActu (Sep 25, 2006)
N’ayez plus peur de jouer au LEGO, même sur une console de salon ! Avec LEGO Star Wars II : La Trilogie Originale, Traveller’s Tales nous fait profiter de la meilleure trilogie de George Lucas à travers une réalisation originale mais un petit peu mollassonne. Plutôt étriquée au premier coup d’œil, la durée de vie du jeu s’embellit dès lors qu’on est décidé à le finir à 100%, à débloquer tous les personnages, à récupérer les fameuses briques cachées ou tout simplement en branchant une deuxième manette pour jouer en coopération. LEGO Star Wars II : La Trilogie Originale n’est peut-être pas un grand jeu mais c’est un bon jeu et c’est ce qu’on lui demande !
65 (Sep 12, 2006)
Tout aussi réjouissant et bien construit que le premier LEGO Star Wars, le second épisode est encore plus appréciable que son modèle, ne serait-ce que par le fait de s'attarder sur la trilogie originale. Drôle, proposant des phases de jeu très variées, le titre de Traveler's Tales a de quoi séduire. Il est simplement dommage que les problèmes du premier opus n'aient pas été réglés et que le mode Coop. soit trop bordélique pour être apprécié à sa juste valeur. Quoi qu'il en soit, ne vous faites pas prier si vous aimez l'oeuvre de George Lucas et l'humour en régle générale.
G4 TV: X-Play (Sep 11, 2006)
For all its faults, Star Wars fans will still want to plow through LSWII just to see the unpredictable comedy that ensues. If you think you know what's going to happen: you don't. It's worth it for the cut-scenes alone. And it won't take long: you can rip right through the game's story in an afternoon. But it would take a very hardcore Star Wars fan to actually plod on and replay the same levels again and again. As such, LSWII might be best rented.
Totally Gaming Network (Oct 03, 2006)
The story mode is short (about 4-5 hours the first time) but extended playthroughs are rewarded, and achievements abound if you can survive each level without dying. If the game can get patched and the bugs ironed out then we'd recommend it to fans, but as it stands Lego Star Wars II is clearly rushed and missing most of the charm of the first game. Rent it, complete it in a weekend, then move on, because this is the very definition of an average game.