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AceGamez (2009)
Yes, it might not be as good as Singstar. It might not be quite as perfectly tuned to the insipid flagellation of your singing voice, but frankly, who cares? If you're playing Lips to actually judge your singing, then my god, you need to go outside and meet some women who aren't your mother. If you're playing Lips with friends though, I guarantee you'll have an awesome time. You'll jump, you'll sing, you'll pelvic thrust like you've never pelvic thrusted before, and eventually you'll probably trip over and hurt yourself. Or the neighbours will come to hurt you with their pointy sticks, because your singing is just that bad. Those PS3 owners might look down on you with their Singstar, muttering that your singing is horrendous and that you wouldn't last five minutes on their game, but you know what? We're 360 owners. And we like to party.
Impulse Gamer (Nov, 2009)
In conclusion, the developers have addressed some of the issues that were associated with the previous game and if you're a fan of Lips, you'll definitely be adding this to your Christmas wish list. Although the game is still lacking behind Singstar, it's getting there and as they continue to refine their own attempt of karaoke on the 360. The track listing is impressive and the motion sensitive microphone add something unique to the whole karaoke experience. The new features such as unlockable items for your Avatars is interesting but unfortunately it feels a little forced. Needless to say, if you enjoy karaoke and own an XBox 360, then you really should check this out.
Gaming Age (Nov 06, 2009)
In conclusion, with great multiplayer and fun play styles, I have a new found favorite rhythm game but with the lack of songs I have a feeling I am going to tire of this one quickly unless I pour more money into it.
78 (Nov 03, 2009)
Lips still isn't quite the SingStar beater Microsoft wants it to be, it's simply not slick enough yet and lacks the huge library of songs SingStar fans will be used to. However in terms of fresh ideas and when viewed purely as a game it's edged it's nose ahead with relative ease. Put it this way, if there was a chance to sing the same song on either game I'd pick Lips every time. However, my scarily large collection of existing SingStar disks and the variety on offer in the SingStore means that, despite it not being as good in many ways, Sony's game will remain my go to karaoke game of choice for a while yet. Just.
TeamXbox (Oct 23, 2009)
I do like what the companies have done with the Lips franchise, but I’m hoping that, if they do this again a year from now with a new bundle, they’ll have even more to offer players than another 40-song bundle, a few improvements, 250 more achievement points, a handful of new Avatar Awards and a wireless mic for another $60.
IGN (Oct 22, 2009)
I could go on like that, but the long and short of it is that Lips is good, but it’s not amazing. Hopefully, when the game gets a true sequel, some of these more nagging issues can be addressed and the title can truly move forward.
GameFocus (Nov 05, 2009)
Like I’ve stated earlier, someone who hasn’t bought the first Lips game won’t see anything wrong with it. As for the others even though the game got a few nifty additions and changes, Lips: Number One Hits will be an extreme disappointment.
70 (Oct 26, 2009)
Aussi accessible que son prédécesseur, Lips : Number One Hits s'appuie à son tour sur une tracklist variée et intéressante pour séduire les amateurs de karaoké. Dommage que ni le gameplay ni les fonctionnalités n'aient été véritablement retouchés car pour le reste, nous avons là un titre musical tout à fait correct sur Xbox 360.
D+PAD Magazine (Nov 01, 2009)
Altogether more successful than other recent Xbox 360 forays into the lifestyle gamer territory (You’re In The Movies anyone?), Lips excels because it feels like there is a clear vision underpinning the franchise, one that has gone from the first idea to the final design with a cohesion lacking in the actual tracklisting. Anyone hoping for the Ouendan to burst in and take over the experience would be a tad disappointed, but on this evidence Lips has an assured future, albeit one without many surprises.
XGN (Nov 15, 2009)
Lips Number One Hits is een aangename uitbreiding op het origineel. Deze biedt vernieuwing in de gameplay, vrij te spelen avatar awards en meer. Er zijn wat minpunten zoals de ontvangst van de microfoon, maar ondanks dat had McHammer gelijk: "Can't Touch This!"
Vandal Online (Nov 08, 2009)
Lips: Number One Hits satisfará a los que no estén especialmente interesados en cantar en español y prefieran tener un repertorio amplio de temas en inglés. Lo cierto es que con la opción de comprar canciones en la tienda cualquiera de los títulos de la serie es válido si luego estás dispuesto a adquirir los temas por separado para elaborar un repertorio completamente personalizado, aunque no pueda jugar con sus amigos online.
GameZone (Nov 02, 2009)
Lips: Number One Hits has some issues, but it’s still a pretty solid karaoke game and very fun to play in the right environment. However, here’s hoping the devs try to get a little more creative the next time around.
Number One Hits has a few things going for it and is worth picking up if you own the original Lips, but ultimately falls short at being the must have karaoke game. If you have a PS3, then definitely go with SingStar instead. If you are absolutely dying to get your karaoke fix on 360 however and do not mind missing out on a few Lips-exclusive features, then sticking with only singing in the Rock Band games should tide you over just fine.
Lips: Number One Hits is a great expansion pack. The new songs and avatar support will certainly please fans of the first. However, the trouble is that Lips: Number One Hits is being sold at full retail price as a standalone sequel to the original Lips. But, with a hit-or-miss song catalog, no new mini-game choices, and the continued lack of multiplayer support, Number One Hits fails to impress as a true successor to last year's title. Sure, there is Avatar support, and certain facets of the gameplay have been improved, but there isn't enough added to the experience to warrant a $60 purchase. If you already own Lips, then you're better off just buying new tracks from the Lips store.
Level 7 (Nov 02, 2009)
Number One Hits är en expansion och inte ett nytt spel. Nyheterna är få och inte speciellt genomtänkta, men låtutbudet är så pass känt och välfyllt av hits att det trots allt är ett bra alternativ för den sångsugne. Och det finns vid det här laget över 100 låtar att ladda ner för ungefär 15 kronor styck. Mitt största bekymmer med Lips är att det inte finns bättre partyspelslägen som inte bara gör det roligt att sjunga utan också spännande. Det märks att Inis är på väg att göra ett riktigt bra karaokespel, men det är nog dags att släppa ett Lips 2 snart för att verkligen visa att de kan bättre än Singstar-utvecklarna.
60 (Oct 29, 2009)
Men för den som är Lips-fantast, eller kanske endast har det till sitt karaokeförfogande, torde Number one hits vara ett absolut måste-köp. Fyrtio låtar med många suveräna karaokeutmaningar gör samlingen till ett föredöme inom genren. Nu hoppas jag bara på att vissa av dem ska dyka upp i Singstore.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 04, 2009)
In the end, Lips: Number One Hits is a polished up version of the first game with Avatar support built in. It may look at a glorified expansion pack but if you want to go by value, purchasing each song individually would definitely be more expensive than getting the bundle. For those that want a karaoke game and just have fun with it, Lips: Number One Hits is a good pick up. People can jump in at anytime and sing a duet and there are a few little features that make it a good experience. It's definitely got some drawbacks and some design issues but those that love to sing will enjoy the game nevertheless.
50 (UK) (Nov 06, 2009)
The real problem, however, is that Lips: Number One Hits doesn't just fail to move this series forward - it fails to resolve the serious issues with the first game. Both NOH and Take That may be expansion packs in essence, but at least SingStar lets you adjust the difficulty levels, use voice controls, hook up a camera, join an online community and so on as standard. Lips just doesn't offer the same expansive experience, and for that reason Number One Hits deserves a lower score. Also: James Morrison.