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360 LIVE (Dec, 2008)
Fazit: Schwamm über Microsofts legendären Karaoke-Flop aus dem Jahr 2003, den »Music Mixer« für die alte Xbox. Das hier macht richtig Party!
Computer Bild Spiele (Dec 18, 2008)
Die Songauswahl ist mit 40 Titeln abwechslungs- und umfangreich, auch wenn die Liste Geschmackssache bleibt. Die Möglichkeit, Lieder aus der eigenen Musiksammlung zu importieren, ist nett, aber nur zu gebrauchen, wenn man die Texte nahezu auswendig kennt. Technisch hat „Lips“ im Vergleich mit den etablierten Konkurrenten die Nase vorn. Hier reicht bloßes Mitsummen nicht, das Spiel erkennt auch Text und Rhythmus. Die Mikrofone sind hochwertig und die Schüttelfunktion ist ein ebenso unterhaltsames Extra beim Singen, wie die Einflussmöglichkeiten des Publikums per Gamepad. Ein „gutes“ Spiel für alle Musik- und Partyfreunde.
XboxAchievements (Dec 01, 2008)
Microsoft now have another family/party title to add to their line-up and boy, what an addition. If only the game delivered in the online department, offered more options for importing tracks like adding custom lyrics, and gave you more songs for your cash; it would be a must buy. Otherwise a great title ... One for the festive periods me thinks.
1UP (Nov 21, 2008)
Given the stellar performance mechanics and butter-smooth ultramodern presentation, it's a major letdown that the setlist offers just 40 tracks -- and moreover, the selection's all over the place. From '80s pop to rock to country to R&B to rap, Lips attempts to cover all the bases -- with not enough of any particular type to hold the interest of particular genre enthusiasts. That's a problem likely to be remedied by downloadable content in the future, but it's a good idea to take a long look at the track list to decide if Lips is for you...for now. But one thing's for sure in any case: Lips is the best new karaoke platform to come along in ages.
The A.V. Club (Dec 29, 2008)
A self-esteem booster for your tone-deaf friend, though the introduction of more content should help make it stay fun for everyone else.
Overall, Lips is a very exciting first effort from Microsoft. The innovative microphone peripheral, accelerometer-based mini-games, medal system, and the ability to import your own songs make this title stand out from the crowd. However, this title’s short and conventional track list, as well as its lack of online play really hinders it from being a true SingStar killer. But if history is any indication, we will probably see more Lips titles in the future, and I am excited to see where this franchise will go.
3D Juegos (Nov 19, 2008)
Lips es el interesante debut de la nueva franquicia de Microsoft. Un juego para cantar algo más estándar de lo esperado, pero con un robusto funcionamiento, unos periféricos de excelente calidad y un precio francamente bueno. Imprescindible para fiestas.
videogamer.com (Nov 19, 2008)
None of this prevents us from recommending Lips to Xbox 360 owners. It's the only game of its type on the 360, it's got brilliant microphones and it at least tries to allow you to expand the potential track-list to infinity. If you like karaoke, and you have friends or family that like karaoke, it's a damn sight better in-law entertainment option than charades this Christmas, and for that we should be eternally grateful. Now... can I beat Morten Harket's Take On Me score?
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 21, 2008)
Lips is a very strong alternative to SingStar if you're a PlayStation-less karaoke buff, and throws in a bit more gameplay than its established rival. The microphones seem sturdy enough, withstanding even our haphazard flailing about, and the release of launch day downloadable content hopefully shows Microsoft's intentions. Let's hope this foundation is built up, and rapidly.
For those that enjoy karaoke, and own Xbox 360, Lips is a solid purchase. If you are the type who likes to sing out loud or have friends over for karaoke jams then Lips is a definite no-brainer purchase. The 40-song set list is enjoyable and the ability to sing along to songs on your hard drive and from virtually any MP3 player brings an endless library for you and your friends to rock-out to. Not to mention those wireless microphones are pretty slick too. Overall I am pretty impressed with Microsoft’s rookie entry into the karaoke style genre and I hope they can only improve on the product.
Eurogamer.pt (Dec 12, 2008)
Falta também algum critério na forma como são avaliadas as prestações dos jogadores. Apesar disso a lista de músicas em Lips é das mais eclécticas e preenchidas até ao momento, com muitos temas à disposição. A excelente apresentação, concepção visual são claras quanto ao bom empenho da Inis e por permitir a inclusão de playlists oriundas de leitores mp3 e outros formatos, para uma exibição mais livre e descomprometida dos temas acaba por alargar as fronteiras da música ao interesse dos jogadores. Os dois microfones sem fios que acompanham o jogo são outra mais valia. E já se viu pelas actualizações semanais que a Microsoft está apostada em alimentar a lista de temas com alguns alusivos a épocas como o Natal sendo possível encontrar no marketplace novos temas para descarregar. Com a consoada mesmo à porta Lips é uma forma interessante e diferente para se ocupar uma parte do tempo de uma festa ou com a banda dos amigos lá por casa.
Worth Playing (Dec 14, 2008)
Altogether, I really enjoyed Lips, and I definitely think Microsoft is headed in the right direction with its first karaoke attempt. I'd like to see a few more modes tossed in for multiplayer, and maybe a bit more incentive for single-player modes outside of ranking up and gaining stars, but the track list, mic construction, and overall feel of the game is definitely capturing that casual yet fun style of play. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of music and rhythm games, and even if you haven't played a karaoke title before, Lips isn't a bad place to start.
GameFocus (Dec 01, 2008)
The whole review might sound a bit negative and make you believe that I didn’t like the game. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Lips, it’s just that I expected a lot more from it; especially after seeing what SingStar was able to deliver. Plus knowing the fact that Microsoft is the king when it comes to social networking, this game feels rather incomplete. Lips will surely give you, friends and family, hours of fun if you only have an Xbox 360. If you have a Playstation 3, I would not be surprised if you end up playing SingStar more often.
Hellbored (Jan 15, 2009)
Lips is a great party game and will brighten up any inebriated occasion or keep the kids out of your hair (as long as you make sure you know the lyrics to the songs you let them sing). However, the game would not be good for a lot of parties as repeating songs ad infinitum will drive you to hate them quicker than a Bugatti Veyron at top speed. There is a serious need for a continuous updating of the song catalogue but what is available so far will keep the Xbox 360 community singing through the night. It’s Karaoke, Jim, but not as we know it.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 08, 2008)
Microsoft has a lot to offer to the casual gamer this holiday season with their new edition of Scene It? You’re In the Movies, and now Lips. Lips is geared towards a group setting rather than a single player experience. The glowing microphones with their built in motion sensors add a new level of interactivity to karaoke that will make you feel like a budding star. Sure, Lips has its drawbacks, but when it comes down to it, Lips is a entertaining package that excels at providing a fun karaoke experience that can be enjoyed by all.
Planet Xbox 360 (Dec 22, 2008)
It is a solid offering, but Lips still has plenty of room for improvement. Options to save and share your performances, both with the Vision camera and audio-only modes, would go a long way to start a community. Competitive play over Live would also keep the game in consoles when friends are not around. The My Lips section provides a decent look at your overall stats, including a list of your top played songs. You can send song challenges to a friend, to compete head-to-head in a score battle, but it is not quite the same pulling it off in-person. As it stands, Lips is a solid purchase for anyone looking for a karaoke title, but you will be hoping for a sequel next holiday season.
Meristation (Nov 17, 2008)
Lips es un gran inicio para una nueva franquicia musical. El juego de por sí trae consigo una colección de 40 canciones muy variada, que abarca un gran número de estilos, épocas y grupos, llegando a prácticamente todo tipo de usuario. Su variedad de modos de juego es satisfactoria, ofreciendo variedad de posibilidades para los usuarios y numerosas alternativas para las fiestas. Aunque no funcionen de forma ideal, se puede añadir cualquier canción que queramos, y al hacerlo, añadiremos un voto para que se ofrezca para descargar con su vídeo y letra en el futuro. Los micrófonos son muy cómodos y útiles, aunque su sensor tiene una ligera lentitud de reacción. Pero en general, la fiesta está asegurada con un título que puede divertir y mucho en reuniones sociales. Una gran piedra de partida a partir de la que continuar creciendo.
Good Game (Nov 24, 2008)
I’ve done a fair bit of the mic role in Rock Bank and World Tour and Lips and Singstar have reinforced just how poor the singers part is in those games. Even given the way better mics, Lips has still got a fair bit of catching up to do to the Singstar franchise, just on the number of songs available, but at least 360 owners can satisfy their need to sing. I’m giving it a seven and a half.
Console Monster (Nov 29, 2008)
If you are prone to having many house parties and find moments in which you would desperately want to embarrass yourself, or those around you, Lips could be just the game to spice the mood up a little. On the other hand if you consider yourself a ‘hardcore’ gamer or expect to enjoy Lips solo, you may be better off giving your lips a reset and wait for a successor on the 360.
The problem is it's not very good at being a game, especially compared to the other music games available. For a single player, there's not really much incentive to play through all the songs. Yes, singing is fun, but you don't unlock anything, you can't change the difficulty and the lack of online modes is also very disappointing.
TeamXbox (Nov 28, 2008)
Lips is a good and ambitious first effort, but it seems like it’ll get thin across lengthy or repeat gameplay sessions. A game like Rock Band—which shipped with about twice the number of songs and which promises to have over 500 downloadable tunes to supplement the song list by the end of 2008—sets the bar pretty high for other releases in the music genre, a level that Lips doesn’t come close to reaching. We’ll see if additions to the game or future versions will lessen or eliminate its deficiencies, but out of the box it doesn’t seem to provide adequate value for its $70 price tag.
411mania.com (Feb 01, 2009)
While it’s not your typical karaoke or party game, LIPS offers something that other games don’t – a more genuine karaoke experience. Anyone who has actually sung karaoke before would recognize the game as being very familiar in that regard. The features it does have are nice, but not quite on par with what this generation of games has to offer, specifically online multiplayer. The ability to play music from your own library is also a nice feature, although it does not include lyrics or video. It also lacks the ability to use the Xbox Vision Camera to make videos like the SingStar series. LIPS is a mixed bag, but by far it is not a bad game. It’s a decent game that is missing some of the key components that other games in this genre have.
GamesCollection (Dec 16, 2008)
Un gioco dedicato a tutti, di quelli che possono coinvolgere anche i più scettici. Perfetto per Natale e per i ritrovi con amici e amiche! Chiedere di più appare inutile, anche se alcune lacune evidenziate in review lasciano un filo di amaro in bocca. Buon KaraokeNatale a tutti!
Gamervision (Jan 15, 2009)
The microphones themselves are worth commending for their sensitivity and overall appeal, and even if karaoke isn’t your cup of tea it might be worth splitting the game with a friend in hopes that Rock Band and Guitar Hero might have a compatibility patch with the microphones down the road. It might not be the best game in the genre, but as far as a casual singing experience on the system you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Lips.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 08, 2008)
When the winter holidays finally fall and the parties begin, Lips certainly is a decent addition to the ever-growing family genre. At the forefront of Microsoft’s push for Christmas number one, there will be many families around the world limbering up to sing their hearts out right up into 2009. With an excellent song choice and potentially limitless library, Lips is a well-produced and entertaining title. It’s clear that iNiS are only testing the water for future, more ambitious projects, as the odd bland idea or misfired inclusion can be found. With that said, Lips is sure to work its way up the chart, no matter how badly you want Auntie Glenda to put down the whisky and stop bellowing out “Another One Bites the Dust.”
GameZone (Dec 09, 2008)
Those who are looking for yet another solid party game for their Xbox 360 will certainly appreciate all the things Lips has to offer including the excellent microphones. The song selection is actually not bad at all but the game modes could have been a bit more exciting than the ones found in this game. Still, you cannot go wrong with this one, karaoke fans.
Wonderwallweb.com (Nov 22, 2008)
I hate to have to keep referring to Singstar but it is the benchmark and unfortunately Lips falls short of this, for one there is no ability to record high scores against people in the same room due to the game using only your profile and finally the game also lacks the community features of Singstar, such as the ability to uploads and watch videos. Lips does have some community features such as being able to challenge your friends to beat your score on the songs of your choice, however these features pale in comparison to the competition and in the end Lips as does too.
InsideGamer (Dec 10, 2008)
Helaas is Lips niet de karaokegame geworden die meteen de vloer aanveegt met SingStar. Het heeft weliswaar verschillende nieuwe en leuke functies, maar tegelijkertijd vergeet het ook een heleboel functies goed uit te werken. Heb je nooit SingStar gespeeld en heb je niet de beschikking over een PlayStation, dan is Lips best een aardige optie om je feestjes muzikaal op te luisteren. Daarnaast zijn de microfoons van Lips alleen al een genot voor het oog zijn en zal een mogelijk vervolgdeel van Lips vast een stuk beter en uitgebreider zijn. Lips is dus een aardige stap in de goede richting.
4Players.de (Nov 27, 2008)
Mir kann keiner erzählen, dass man sich bei Microsoft das Konzept hinter SingStar nicht ganz genau angeschaut hat. Aber wie kann man dann so blind sein und so viele Dinge und Features ignorieren, die zum Erfolg der Sony-Serie beigetragen haben? So bleibt Lips insgesamt weit hinter der Konkurrenz, aber auch den eigenen Möglichkeiten zurück und stellt nur dann eine echte Alternative zu SingStar dar, wenn keine PlayStation in der Nähe ist und man seinen Karaoke-Drang nicht unterdrücken kann.
IGN (Nov 20, 2008)
Despite all its drawbacks, Lips succeeds in one key area, and that’s providing an engaging short-burst living room karaoke experience. The interface is remarkably easy to use, the initial track list is solid and the motion-sensitive light-up microphones are outstanding (although it remains to be seen how they will hold up with extended use). This isn’t a game that will provide you hours of solo enjoyment on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and if you’re expecting a full-featured music game on par with Rock Band or Guitar Hero, I’d advice against picking up Lips. For hardcore gamers, there’s nothing even remotely challenging about Lips, unless you count trying to use your iPod with it. But bust it out with the right group of (preferably tipsy) people, and you just might have a hit on your hands.
GameSpot (Nov 19, 2008)
If you're having a party with karaoke-loving friends, then Lips will offer an evening's worth of solid entertainment. The wireless microphones are convenient and innovative, and they make it difficult to go back to corded models afterwards. The song selection is also excellent, with 40 songs that are varied in style but united in anthemic quality. That said, the game's lack of camera support, vocal playback, and simple online functionality disappoint, especially given their proven success in Sony's SingStar series. Even worse, the nonexistent difficulty level means this is a game with practically no appeal for single players, aside from those who want to collect the easy achievement points. If you're looking for a game to entertain at social gatherings then it's worth checking out, but there is plenty more for Microsoft's series to do before it enters the hall of fame.
Lips sets out to take the karaoke genre by storm, but ultimately doesn't hit the high notes thanks to a lacklustre single-player affair, lack of online options and a meagre track list.
Gamer.nl (Nov 27, 2008)
Lips is een aardige karaokegame maar weet de schaduw die grote broer Singstar over hem heen gooit niet te ontlopen. Het gebrek aan echte online opties en het gemak waarmee slimme spelers door nummers heen kunnen neuriën zal voor veel gamers onoverkoombaar zijn. Toch is de keuze aan muziek uitstekend en de mogelijkheid je eigen muziekcollectie te gebruiken niet revolutionair, maar wel leuk, al hadden we er veel meer vanverwacht. Daarbij is de presentatie van de game uitstekend. De microfoons zijn daarnaast draadloos en hebben bewegingssensors, wat weer wel een leuke toevoeging aan het genre is. Uiteindelijk raden we door de grotere keuze aan muziek en opties van Singstar, Lips alleen aan voor gamers die niet in het bezit zijn van een PlayStation 2 of 3.
GameSpy (Nov 24, 2008)
Lips faces a conundrum that it never really overcomes. It's mechanically sound, and it's designed exceptionally well to cater to non-gamers, the plastic guitar crowd, and karaoke fans. It's a great party game in the sense that it never penalizes the player, and it offers rewards in droves -- theoretically, you could leave it on at a house party and accumulate hundreds of achievement points by the time the last guest leaves. The problem is that the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The singing engine itself is par for the course, but the motion-sensing mic as noise-maker and the implementation of Star Stream are huge annoyances that hurt the experience more than they help, especially if you're a big fan of karaoke games. Although Lips tries to transcend karaoke games by doing something different, it's ultimately hobbled by a foundation of mediocrity.
Giant Bomb (Dec 12, 2008)
Sony's PlayStation 3 take on the concept, SingStar, is a more mature and robust karaoke solution for home consoles, with more songs to choose from and better pitch-sensing technology. So if you're in the market for a singing game and platform isn't an issue, that's the clear way to go. But Lips is hardly a bad game, so if you're unable to go the Sony route, Microsoft's answer does most of what it needs to do to be successful.
Eurogamer.de (Dec 07, 2008)
Aber dies ist ein Test und unter jedem Test prangt eine Note. Also wird es die ungerechte, billig vergoldete Mitte. Zu gleichen Teilen schichten sich damit Großherzigkeit und Ungerechtigkeit des Testers und letztlich liegt es bei Euch, zu entscheiden, was für ein Spiel Ihr haben möchtet. Das was SingStar allerdings derzeit über Lips erhebt, ist die Tatsache, dass ich mich bei Sonys Konkurrenten nicht entscheiden muss. Der bedient seit Jahren nämlich beide Naturen ganz ordentlich.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Nov 19, 2008)
But the saddest thing about Lips is that it suffers in comparison to SingStar's gameplay. We've long moaned about legacy issues with SingStar - that it can't cope with vibrato, punishes you for tailing off at the right time, and has a bit of lag in audio playback - but despite Lips' fancy mics and superficial improvements, it's too easy, too isolated from other players, and too buggy. The irony is that SingStar has glitches as well, now and then, and casual gamers seem to put up with this, whereas Microsoft - architect of the Red Rings - has little goodwill left to cash in on that front. Casual or not, though, you should only buy this if you can't get SingStar.
DarkZero (Nov 27, 2008)
Ultimately, the enjoyment that you’ll receive from Lips depends entirely on the people that you’re playing it with. Lips makes an excellent party title for non-gamers especially, and the whole package oozes contemporary coolness meaning that you’ll never be embarrassed to bring it out in front of friends. However, Lips disappoints by lacking in features in almost every area, and although the microphones set a new standard for future singing games to strive towards, the functionality is often worse than games nearly half-a-decade old.

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