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XboxAddict (Oct 22, 2007)
Overall Madden ’08 really is a fantastic game. Its graphics are spectacular and game play is wonderfully immersive. The player animations are great to watch, even if it is your linebacker that just got straight armed. There are number of games modes, so lots of play time to invest your time into. If you are a football fan this really is a must have game, but I am sure you already know that. Now back to getting my superstar into the hall of fame, wish me luck.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Sep 10, 2007)
Madden NFL 2008 topt seinen Vorgänger in allen Kategorien. Egal ob Grafik, Sound, Gameplay oder Umfang. Alles wirkt noch mal besser, schöner, spektakulärer und einfacher. Besonders den Offline-Multiplayer wollen wir hier noch mal als das Highlight brandmarken: Wir haben bei einem Sportspiel schon lange nicht mehr soviel gelacht. Es macht einfach tierisch Spaß, egal ob man Anfänger ist oder Profi der NFL-Reihe. Leider fehlt uns ein richtiges Tutorial, der alle komplexen Möglichkeiten dieses Spiels in einzelnen Schritten demonstriert und unserer Meinung nach das Spiel einem viel breitem Publikum schmackhaft machen würde.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 14, 2007)
Madden NFL 08 is a really great game. For football fans it simply cannot be missed. There are really no glaring faults at all. One would be hard-pressed to improve upon the graphics, controls, sounds, modes of play, varied content, and online play. The new additions to the title are innovative and impact the gameplay positively. This is not a game that everyone will enjoy regardless of whether they like sports or not, but sports fans will be logging some serious hours with this title. Madden NFL 08 by EA Sports is the undisputed football champion, and the sport title by which I will judge all others. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to managing my franchise. Bear down!
games xtreme (Oct 02, 2007)
So all you, the undecided, hopefully there is enough in this review to point you in the direction of Madden 08. It retains all the problems that come with an American Football game. A regular game will take a significant amount of time, you will have to remain focused on every play and losing possession can be amazingly frustrating. Though it also has all of the highs, rushing for 80 yards or grabbing a vital interception gives a great sense of fulfilment.
All in all, Madden NFL 08 is a must have for any football fan gamer. There are a few drawbacks and kinks, as always, but there's nothing here that will make you second guess Madden's absolute supremacy on the digital gridiron.
Gaming Age (Sep 12, 2007)
Minus a few hitches here and there with presentation, commentary, and no online leagues, this may be one of the best Madden titles in recent memory, and easily the best on next gen platforms. If you haven’t gotten your football on yet, the season is right around the corner, so get your virtual game on with the best in the business, Madden NFL 08.
1UP (Aug 09, 2007)
So as we wrap up, is this the "best Madden ever?" Well, EA's still gotta get its online act together before we can bestow such an honor. But we definitely do feel bad for folks like Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson -- these guys won't be part of the best Madden in a long while.
TeamXbox (Aug 10, 2007)
While Madden NFL 08 certainly isn’t perfect, it’s damn near close. The on-field action is stellar, thanks largely to a buttery smooth framerate and one of the best animation systems seen in a sports game to date. You’ll stay busy with the Franchise and Superstar mode for a good deal of time, and the impeccable online netcode will ensure that you’ll have an excellent experience on Xbox Live. We’re hopeful that the guys at EA Tiburon won’t tinker with the game too much, instead spending the next year focusing on add the few features that are missing (namely online leagues and Owner mode). If they can deliver the proverbial goods, we'll put away that Haterade forever.
GameTrailers (Aug 13, 2007)
They say the third time's the charm and this is certainly the case with this generation of Madden. All the modes have finally made the starting lineup, and there are successful tweaks and additions to both the gameplay and options. It's still more of an evolution than a revolution, but that's like saying LaDanian Tomlinson just got better.
GameSpy (Aug 14, 2007)
While it has been difficult to wholeheartedly recommend a Madden football game for a few years, Madden NFL 08 is a significant improvement over the series' past, and has refined the formula in such a way that it actually brings something new to the game. While we're still going to expect incremental upgrades year after year, Madden NFL 08 is a great place to jump in, and just in time for fantasy season.
Gamernode (Aug 16, 2007)
All small flaws aside, Madden 08 is truly one of the best Madden titles to date. I feel as though EA has finally stepped up its game. With new animations and the "weapons" feature, along with other additions, Madden 08 is by no means a copy of last year's title. If you have a choice between the 360 and PS3 versions, go for the 360. The PS3 suffers from a worse framerate (30 compared to the 360's 60), and it's noticeable, especially with some of the new tackling animation. Either way, pick it up. If you've ever enjoyed ANY Madden game, I guarantee you won't come out of the basement until next August rolls around.
Atomic Gamer (Aug 20, 2007)
Sure, the game does have a few sporadic bugs that others have found (I never ran into them in extensive playing), and the special teams play is still off. The thing is, this version of Madden still stands out as the best simulation of that game that you can watch on TV on Sundays. And that, my football fanatic readers, is a good thing. It is a good thing indeed.
PGNx Media (Sep 04, 2007)
Madden NFL 08’s new animation system, gameplay tweaks and mode additions represent a solid improvement over last year’s edition. It won’t convert Madden non-believers, but everyone else take note: the best next-generation Madden has arrived.
Armchair Empire, The (Sep 06, 2007)
Competition has brought out the best in the Madden franchise with Madden NFL 08, an all-around excellent football game that more than atones for its somewhat uneven Xbox 360 showing in Madden NFL 07. With its rival counterpart once more providing a competitive football gaming market, Madden NFL 08 nonetheless rises to a championship-caliber level, with excellent football gaming savvy, the bar-none best franchise mode around and strong online gameplay.
AceGamez (Sep 30, 2007)
Madden NFL 08 is not a perfect game, but it's damn close. The action on the field is both excellent to view with the new animation system and controls, as well as being very challenging to master, while the Superstar and Franchise modes will keep you busy for a months on end. Madden NFL 08 is a worthy addition to any NFL fan's collection and even if you have NFL 07, you should still make room on your shelf for this latest iteration.
Game Captain (Sep 05, 2007)
Mit geballter Faust sitze ich vor dem Fernseher, in der anderen Hand halte ich mit verschwitzten Fingern den Controller fest: Touchdown! Es muss der entscheidende Spielzug gewesen sein, denn es sind nur 57 Sekunden auf der Uhr, den Rest muss die Defensive klar machen – mein Superstar nimmt auf der Bank Platz und ich hoffe und zittere. Drei Sekunden später die Gewissheit: Es hat gereicht! Liebe Freunde des Ballsports: Sicher ist auch dieses Madden-Spiel nicht perfekt, aber es ist verdammt dicht dran. Wer nun einen Hauch für Football übrig hat, der sollte zugreifen. Sicher bleibt dieser Sport in Deutschland eine Randerscheinung, aber durch diesen Titel könnte es durchaus ein paar mehr Fans geben.
Gamer 2.0 (Aug 23, 2007)
Now that the next-gen is officially something in the present, it’s safe to say that Madden NFL 08 is the first great Madden game to come out since Madden NFL 2005. Not only that, but now that all the core gameplay is back with new features, Madden is on pace to really improve within the next few years. While it doesn’t have a great presentation, Madden NFL 08 presents itself to be a worthwhile experience. Football is back, and it’s better than ever with Madden 08. It’s available on everything, literally—so there’s no reason to not pick it up.
IGN (Aug 13, 2007)
Madden NFL 08 is a great game. It's certainly the best Madden since the 2005 edition and a worthy offering for the new generation of gaming. The new animation system is outstanding and the game itself plays wonderfully. Madden succeeds where it matters most: The gameplay. Now Tiburon just needs to bolster the surrounding aspects and it could have a true classic on its hands in the near future.
Planet Xbox 360 (Aug 28, 2007)
Speaking as one who had all but written off the Madden franchise, I’m very pleased with 08. It took three tries, but EA finally gave us a solid NFL game for next gen consoles. The fact that our Madden is better than the other guy’s is just icing on the cake. Madden 08 finally gives us some fantastic graphics and animations, with some great new features to keep the game from getting stale. Fans of the Madden franchise should be pleased with 08, and the cynics, such as myself, should add it to their libraries.
TalkXbox (Sep 18, 2007)
When it really comes down to it, the game plays and feels like you would expect a Madden title to. The new features are solid and make the game more enjoyable, especially the new animations and physics. Luckily, the gameplay stays true to its roots, favoring fast paced action over realistic football. As a result, those who have been Madden fans in the past should definitely grab this one, and those who have not enjoyed past titles should hold out against the marketing tidal wave.
86 (Sep 21, 2007)
Auch wenn hinsichtlich der Präsentation noch viel Platz nach oben ist, erstrahlt Madden auf den aktuellen Systemen in frischem Glanz und zeigt deutlich, wieso EA mit dieser Franchise seit 17 Jahren einen Erfolg nach dem anderen feiert. Und wenn das letzte Jahr nicht gewesen wäre, würden sich auch die Versionen für die alten Systeme (von denen Xbox und Cube hierzulande gar nicht erst erscheinen und wieso gehört eigentlich der PC dazu?) trotz optischer Schwächen als empfehlenswert präsentieren.
Game Positive (Aug 27, 2007)
No this version of Madden is not perfect, but for the first time in this generation it does more than just boot up; it actually plays very well. In fact, it might be the most enjoyable iteration of the franchise in years. Fans of football can finally play Madden without all the "but's" and "if's" that have accompanied the franchise for years. The animations are terrific and the new weapon system is actually revolutionary, at least in terms of the Madden franchises lack of updates in previous years. If anything, this is a fun game that friends can finally get together and play, even if they are just casual fans of the sport. Most importantly, for the first time in four or five years, Madden means something past huge sales and broken gameplay. It is a huge step forward for the franchise and an even bigger step for sports games in general.
Lawrence (Aug 16, 2007)
No review is going to change the money-printing machine that is the Madden franchise. Hardcore gamers will continue to despise it, casual fans will continue to eat it up, and EA will laugh their way to the bank. However, no matter what anyone says, it’s still the best football game in town. It’s just up to you whether or not it’s worth the yearly $60 price tag.
GameZone (Sep 07, 2007)
EA is finally taking steps to get the “next generation” football to live up to the standards it should be. It is nice to finally have nearly all of the features back and playing them on the Xbox 360. All of the new features and additions make this a game that will be played for hours on end.
85 (Aug 29, 2007)
Madden at it’s core is always a great game of Football. XBOX 360 Madden players will be pleased to know that this game is pretty close to the older generations, as EA has ever made. Franchise has made a step-up, Superstar is easier to use, Online mode is great, and the game plays smoothly. Not to mention the weapons system combines well to provide more realism, tie that in to the improved A.I. and there is a lot to enjoy here. Madden is still the only game with the NFL license, but you can really tell they tried this year.
Madden NFL 08 is the game that should shut up the naysayers and cheer up the disheartened 06 and 07 players. This year's game is the one that is finally worth its weight in cash, the one that will keep you and your friends glued to the television playing fantasy franchise games. It's so much fun to play that the multiplayer greatness we haven't seen since 04 and 05 returns. You will once again be pounding the hell out of each other, laughing, and having a good time. This, my friends, is the way Madden should be.
XBox Front (Sep 25, 2007)
Hatte man bei den beiden Vorgängern aus den Jahren 2006 und 2007 noch das Gefühl, die Entwickler hätten nicht genug Zeit gehabt, lässt die 08er Version deutlich mehr Feinschliff erkennen. Denn dieses Jahr haben sich die Jungs von EA Sports nicht darauf konzentriert das Rad neu zu erfinden, sondern lediglich ein paar Unebenheiten auszuglätten. Auch das Einbringen älterer Features hat dem Spiel gut getan. Das Gameplay hat sich stark verbessert und man hat das Gefühl mehr ins Spiel eingreifen zu können. In grafischer Hinsicht hat sich zwar nicht viel verändert, immerhin lassen neue Animationen die Herzen der Fans höher schlagen. Für Fans der eiförmigen Lederkugel ist Madden NFL 08, nicht nur aufgrund mangelnder Konkurrenz, auch dieses Jahr ein absolutes Muss.
GameSpot (Aug 13, 2007)
If anything, Madden 08 seems to represent a tipping point of sorts for the series. You feel like the game is right on the brink of getting back to where it was four or five years ago in terms of stature and innovation. Still, while it might not be quite there yet, Madden NFL 08 offers more than enough quality content to make it worth your while, and features the best football gameplay you'll find on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
In spite of these gripes, Madden '08 is a really fun game of football. This year's innovations aren't just shoehorned in for newness' sake, they change how the game is played. If EA Sports builds on the good parts of this game and ups the presentation of things like play-by-play to a truly next gen level, this franchise will keep piling up the profits no matter whose name appears on it.
Gamers' Temple, The (Aug 30, 2007)
Madden NFL 08 has many things going for it and it certainly will provide you with some enjoyable videogame football action. However, you'll still be stuck with the feeling that it's still not quite a complete package. As the only NFL game in town, Madden NFL has a responsibility to provide the consummate football game experience and it's not quite there yet. Oh, and EA Sports, please do something about those turnovers in Madden NFL 09.
Worth Playing (Sep 22, 2007)
Maddenites, you now have reason to rejoice, because Madden is officially back and better than ever with Madden NFL 08. We've actually been waiting for this game for years, ever since people started coining the term, "next-gen." Thankfully, that time has finally come. Now, who's ready to play some football?
Game Revolution (Aug 21, 2007)
John Madden football has been a part of my life for nearly half the years I’ve been alive. Like any old friend, it’s been a combination of annoying, comforting, fun, and frustrating. The good news is that this old friend seems to be trying to change for the better, at least on the 360 (and almost assuredly on the PS3 … eventually) and that’s great. Even with its questionable A.I., I bought it every year for eighteen years, which is either a testament to top notch branding or my own stubbornness, and it’s always provided me with hours of entertainment (if a few broken controllers). So, you can imagine how excited I am by the future of the madden franchise on next gen systems. All that's left is for Madden to apply for a credit card, buy a pack of cigs, show up for jury duty, and get a damn job, you lazy bum.
Gaming Nexus (Sep 27, 2007)
Overall, Madden 08 is an impressive football game on the Xbox 360 and it serves as a step in the right direction for the franchise. Madden 08 shines the most where it counts, in game options and the play on the field. While the game may not be perfect, it is a fine entry in the series and one that should not be missed by football fans.
If all this year's Madden did was restore its feature set, then that alone would hardly be cause for hope. However, by improving the gameplay, it makes it so I'm much more apt to actually play more than one season before putting my controller down. This series isn't out of the woods just yet, but this year lets it be known that Madden's best days aren't behind it.
Darkstation (Sep 08, 2007)
There is no question that no matter what I say in this review, the Madden faithfuls will go run out and buy this game, and I actually wouldn't argue against it. The Xbox 360 has had three years to mature and grow with Madden, and we are really ready to be wowed and Madden 08 does a good job of it, but I still think fans want more. And what it comes down to is Online play, this is a big deal in this day and age and I could see a revolution if they leave out some significant upgrades online next year. In Madden 08, you're getting a much improved package that adds more content then any game of the past couple years, but I don't think this is yet the revolutionary Madden title fans were hoping for.
DarkZero (Oct 02, 2007)
All in all I have to say I really enjoyed my time playing Madden to write this review and I am really itching to get back into the game as soon as I scribble down these last few words. However, if you are new to this whole American Football thing, something which a fair few European gamers most likely are, then I don’t see this as a good place to start, as you’d really be jumping in at the deep end. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the sport then this rendition of the series is just about everything you’d want of a game, as it is probably the truest simulation of any sport available on consoles today.
75 (Sep 03, 2007)
Fidèle à lui-même, Madden reste indéniablement un exemple type de la facilité que montre EA à maintenir sa franchise à un niveau très intéressant. Sans se sublimer, le jeu de foot US parviendra sans mal à passionner les joueurs initiés et à donner envie aux néophytes de s'essayer à un gameplay très accessible. On ne pourra en revanche que déplorer une énième fois l'absence d'une localisation pour les allergiques à la langue de Shakespeare.
Madden NFL 08 is a step in the right direction for Madden on the HD consoles. While it's still quite a good game, a few more steps are needed.
72 (Aug 16, 2007)
There really isn’t much more to say about Madden NFL 08. It’s football – you either like it or you don’t. Do the changes EA Sports has made for the new version make it worth the purchase? The new Weapons system is a fun addition, and actually manages to make the game a bit friendlier to new players. The gameplay itself is solid, but the overall presentation is still lacking. Here’s hoping to a more robust online mode and a better use of the ESPN license in the 09 iteration. Until then, you can catch me online tearing up opponents with the Chargers.
70 (UK) (Sep 04, 2007)
Where 07 elevated the play significantly over the thin, crammed-to-Christmas launch offering of 06, 08 lacks a proportional progress to justify purchase for many returning fans. Madden 08 stands by itself as a respectable, rewarding sim, but judged in the context of last season, it's merely a mild, expensive improvement.
Operation Sports (Sep 13, 2007)
From the completely lackluster presentation to the utterly uninteresting modes, Madden NFL 08 is a great game for a very short time.
Boomtown (Sep 18, 2007)
So as my dream world of mountain top French châteaux diminishes into the stark realism of my white-walled front room, brown sofa and my meagre 37 inch plasma TV, I’ll have to score the game a seven. It tries so hard to be all things to all people but for me it tries to walk before it can run. Oh well, no invite for me next year then!
The Video Game Critic (Sep 11, 2007)
Using the same engine as NCAA Football 08, this new Madden features brighter, crisper visuals and faster, smoother animation. There are also less annoying pauses. As usual however, EA has incorporated a lot of unwanted new features while overlooking a few that were sorely needed. Madden NFL 08 plays like a professional football game, so why can't EA make it look like one too??
Game Shark (Aug 27, 2007)
In the end, that’s really what Madden 08 on the 360 is – it’s a game that while still fun, is nowhere near the level that it should be. A game this popular and that is this much of a money making machine should not have some of the problems that crop up every single year. So while the yearly Madden review is as pointless as ever, it doesn’t take away from the fact that EA Sports should treat its rabid fan base a little better than this. After two decades of unyielding support…don’t they deserve it?
Madden does well what it has almost always done well, and that’s put the game of football in a fun, tight package. But when it comes to bells and whistles, it fails miserably. EA has done nothing memorable with the sound effects, music and graphics of this major franchise. Read & React is a nice addition, but it’s not worth your 60 bones. If you can live without the updated rosters, save some money and stick with last year’s version.
G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 16, 2007)
Madden NFL 08 has finally brought the franchise into the next gen world. The branching animations and 60 fps make the game feel smoother than ever before. However, it hard to get excited by the fact that EA has finally put in all the features that should have been there last year, if not the year before. When a franchise is racking in as much money as Madden, they should at the very least be able to give us what we expect. They’ve finally done that, now with better animation and more player controls they seem to be going in the right directions. Maybe next year will bring us that much closer to having a Madden game like never before. It’s still a good game, slightly above average, but not as great as it should be.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 30, 2007)
In closing, Madden is in a lot of ways better than last years, but it is the same thing I have said about EA year in and year out. They take one step forward and two steps back with every single game. Yes, there were great additions to this year, but the horrible AI, and multiplayer just really mess up the experience for me. I said this in my review for All Pro 2K8 even without the NFL license it is the better game.
Jive Magazine (Aug 15, 2007)
Much improved - very good effort from EA. It's about time. This game is a few gameplay tweaks, a massive presentation overhaul, and some miscellaneous additions (tats, unique animations, custom soundtracks, etc.) from being something TRULY special. But thanks for finally giving me something to look forward to again each August.
I didn't see too many new additions here, but I'm sure I missed some. Madden 2008 looks the same to me and the game play is pretty much the same, except with the new 500 new pre-play options and those special icons your players have. Tackling seems to be changed a little, but to me I didn't care too much. I'm not really a Madden fan, but Madden 2008 did make me have a few minutes of fun. Even though there are a ton of fumbles per game, it was nice to be able to get the ball from the computer after a fumble. This made me feel that I actually had some skills. Oh yeah the announce is better this year, he doesn't state the obvious much/at all.