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Game Vortex (Aug, 2008)
The amount of polish that this game has makes up for some of the small shortcomings that are present. EA has finally got it right, and I'm proud to offer my stamp of approval for the first time in a long time (oops, there, I said it again). While you will undoubtedly be frustrated with the difficulty and overall speed of the game if you are a newcomer or haven't played the series in a while, a challenge is always a welcome thing. Madden 09 will definitely offer you up a challenge, especially with its new My Skill addition. Every fan of the National Football League that owns a 360 deserves this title.
The animation is also top drawer with individual players moving with fluid and believable actions, and even though the odd time you get a "quirk" here and there, overall the graphics are top drawer. Madden 09, believe it or not is more than just a minor upgrade, this version of the game is the most polished and plays extremely well. I would go as far to say that this is actually probably one of the finest sports games in history. If you are in anyway a fan of American Football then this should be in your list of games to get this month.
Gaming Age (Aug 12, 2008)
To say that Madden is a perfect game would be a laughable statement, but it surely is the best version to date for the next generation consoles. Everything from the visuals, audio, and presentation have been bumped up a notch to a level that would make any fan who has turned their heads for the last 3 years take notice. Sure the game plays familiar, but to die hard fans they wouldn't want it any other way. As for Brett Farve, will coming back set him up for the Madden curse too? Granted, some guys just don't know when to quit (Montana, Rice, Theisman, Jordan, etc.), but when your best year of 4 came in your supposed final season, shouldn't that be the cue to say "I'm done"? The only good thing coming out of this season for Farve is to hopefully say, "I broke the Madden curse!"
90 (Aug 20, 2008)
Make no mistake, this year isn't just smoke and mirrors. Madden has finally entered the next-generation with a fierce new look and some ability to flex some powerful new features like Madden IQ. It seems the team at Tiburon is hitting a great stride because after a good year last year, they have shown that it wasn't a fluke and they have a vision with laser focus on being the most authentic sports title in town. Is Madden 09 a must own? You already know the answer to that.
GameZone (Oct 07, 2008)
Madden NFL 09 proves that a franchise can last 20 years due to the developers constantly adding new features to improve the core gameplay, without making to many radical changes. Players will love the new features in this game and will come to long for them if they pop in an older game for nostalgia sake. I can only ponder what new features will be added in the future, and will be happy to be first in line to try them out.
88 (Sep 01, 2008)
I've not played many of the previous Madden games, and I wouldn't call myself an American football enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination. But this game really managed to capture my attention. Its addictive; its fun, and its very easy to get sucked into. I'm actually thinking of watching the superbowl next February, this is an interest which has been purely cultivated by this game. If that's not the sign of a really good sports game, I don't know what is.
As you can tell, there are a lot of new features this year, but none of them are of much consequence. If you own Madden 08, there is no truly outstanding aspect that makes a repurchase necessary. In fact, the Superstar and Franchise game modes are nearly identical, and the Online Leagues aren't impressive enough to outshine the excellent online play of last year. However, if you've got money to burn, Madden 09 is a great game to have in your collection.
IC-Games (Sep 07, 2008)
Those that have turned their back after the relatively poor showing of the previous titles can safely return and for those NFL fans that have yet to try this franchise, then you could not have hoped for a better introduction. Although for those that have no idea about NFL and haven't seen a game before, then either start watching (Five and Sky Sports cover the televised games in the UK) or try before you buy. One thing that can hardly be denied though is that Madden NFL 09, is the best American Football game out and the best in the franchises 20 year history.
Planet Xbox 360 (Aug 12, 2008)
As for the aspects of Madden 09 that the developers fumbled on, they are small in comparison to the overall improvement that is this football game. Weird loading issues, random clipping effects, and sometimes off-the-wall AI are some of the more major gripes but I never once found myself taken out of the experience by any of them. Because Favre (man he's old) is no longer with the Green Bay Packers, EA has made a new 360 cover, with him in Jets attire, available by clicking here. Even though Madden NFL 09 is not perfect in any shape or form it is the best football experience available on the Xbox 360 and should be checked out by new fans of the series as well as twenty-year veterans. The new features tossed into the game give Madden 09 a bit of everything for everyone who enjoys football.
IGN (Aug 12, 2008)
Madden 09 could easily be swept under the rug by the casual onlooker as being, “just another release.” And, for the most part, it is, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of your cash. Madden NFL 09 is the most loyal translation of America’s favorite sport I’ve ever seen. It looks great, plays great, and despite its few moments of inaccuracies, is still one of the best sports games in memory.
87 (Sep 03, 2008)
Dass über allem wie jedes Jahr weiterhin immer noch der nicht klein zu kriegende "Update"-Geist schwebt, ist nicht zu verhindern. Doch Xbox 360- und PS3-Spieler können sich sicher sein, dass sie ein extrem umfangreiches Update und somit das derzeit sowohl spielerisch aus auch optisch beeindruckendste American Football bekommen. Wenn Tiburon es jetzt noch schafft, den Spagat zwischen visuellen und inhaltlichen Fortschritten zu meistern, dürfte der Weg wieder Richtung Platin führen. Wir sind gespannt, ob es Midways Konkurrent "Blitz The League II" schafft, dem jubilierenden Branchenprimus gefährlich zu werden.
Madden NFL 09 has finally caught up with the previous generation in all areas. The twentieth anniversary of Madden is definitely one of the better Madden versions in the past 5 years. Minus the addition of Madden IQ, there isn't too much to hate about the newest version of Madden. The online league allows for 32 players to select a team and play through the NFL season. While many would enjoy this, it really seems as though it was a last minute add on and much more could have been done to improve it. Either way you look at it, Madden is still Madden. Whether you think it is worth $60 is up to you, but you are getting a solid outing from the EA Sports crew.
Game Captain (Sep 11, 2008)
Um Haaresbreite schrammt Madden 09 an einem Award vorbei: Auch wenn der Spielspaß ganz weit oben angesiedelt werden kann, gibt es doch noch einige ärgerliche Fehltritte wie die angesprochenen Clipping-Fehler oder die steile Lernkurve beim Madden-IQ. Nicht nur, weil es keine Alternative gibt: Der Titel ist für Fans ganz klar ein Pflichtkauf, die Verbesserungen zum Vorjahr sind markant genug, um das zu rechtfertigen. Wenn dann im kommenden Jahr die letzten Kleinigkeiten ausgemerzt werden, steht einem Award auch von meinem kritischen Standpunkt aus wirklich nichts mehr im Wege.
XBox Front (Sep 12, 2008)
Auch mit Madden NFL 09 steht uns dieses Jahr wieder das realistischste Footballspiel ins Haus. Besonders die aufgebohrte Grafik sorgt für offene Münder, doch auch kleine Verfeinerungen der Spielmechanik, z.B. flüssigere Animationen, eine genaue Steuerung und das Zeitspul-Feature runden die Spielerfahrung ab. EA hat es aber erneut versäumt, den amerikanischen Sport auch uns Europäern zugänglich zu machen. Anfänger schauen aufgrund englischer Textausgabe und unzureichendem Tutorial in die Röhre. Für Fans und Kenner der Maddenserie ist NFL 09 aber zweifelsohne ein Pflichtkauf!
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Aug 27, 2008)
20 Jahre Madden und jedes Jahr sorgt dieser Titel erneut für Furore. Jedes Jahr gibt es eine Leistungssteigerung und jedes Jahr schafft es EA Sports den hauseigenen Vorzeigetitel ein Stück weit näher an die Perfektion zu treiben. Zahlreiche Spielmodi, eine unglaubliche Präsentation und einen erstklassigen Online-Modus hieven diesen Titel erneut in den Sportspielhimmel. Madden NFL 09 reiht sich nahtlos in die Madden-Serie ein und bringt viele neue gelungene Features. Allein das „Juwel“ und „Versager“ – Rookie-Feature allein macht eine Franchise spielenswert. Mit dem Madden typischen authentischen Gameplay und der Möglichkeit sensationelle Combo-Moves und unfassbare Tackles zu vollführen, hat EA Sports die Messlatte wieder mal ein Stück weiter nach oben befördert. Das Spiel ist und bleibt einfach das Sportspielerlebnis der Superlative und dürfte bei NFL Fans Monate für Begeisterung sorgen.
85 (Aug 13, 2008)
Though I’ve been pining for a NFL 2K5 replacement for years, it feels odd to recommend a Madden game as that successor – but Madden NFL 09 is that game. EA has taken huge strides since dropping a so-so first ‘next-gen’ Madden on us, and, though they’re still not quite hitting those ‘target videos’ they debuted it with, I can’t help but recommend football fans finally let go of those well-worn copies of 2K5 and give Madden 09 a shot.
games xtreme (Sep 10, 2008)
In closing, Madden 09 is far more accessible and has enough new features for new players to bring someone like me in. I can’t say I’m fully convinced and that I would seriously consider getting Madden 2010 or whatever they call the next one. Yet I enjoyed it enough with the top-notch graphics, models, stadium design, lighting and solid camera angles that I was able to play for a good while. The My Skill, BackTrack and Rewind are good additions but they have some issues and whilst the AI is decent enough it still has the tendency to completely lose the plot from time to time.
TTGamer (Aug 24, 2008)
Ultimately though, the story with Madden 09 is how much better it is than Madden 08 overall, and how much faith it will restore in a lot of NFL fans for EASports. If EA can focus on AI and franchise mode for next year, the Madden NFL series will be entering a glorious stage in its existence, but right now it is still up there as one of the best in the series ever released, and easily the best to date on the Xbox 360.
In a yearly series like Madden, it's easy to keep track of what's new and what's painfully old, and this version is no different regardless of how fond our memories may be of the old days. There's no 16-0 Patriots-esque regular season for Madden 09. But as a fan, sometimes just being in the playoffs is the first step. Then, anything can happen.
Game Positive (Sep 25, 2008)
Although this year's Madden seems to be missing the major upgrades of last year's title, it still feels like a good step forward for the franchise, even if many of the new upgrades seem to hearken back to older, previously discontinued features. That said, the game's focus on more accessible gameplay doesn't work well enough, so newcomers should approach with caution. Ultimately, Madden NFL 09 offers just enough to fans to warrant a purchase. Although meager, the new additions do help the game feel like it's worth the price of admission.
Gamestyle (Oct 21, 2008)
An improvement on last year’s game no doubt, Madden NFL 09 is as impenetrable for novices as ever, yet is still the best and most comprehensive American Football game we’ve played. Until Madden NFL 10 arrives next year, anyway.
Blend Games (Aug 15, 2008)
Like I said at the start: it's a little better than last year's edition and if you liked last year's edition, you'll like this installment too. An IGN reviewer called it "the most loyal translation of America’s favorite sport I’ve ever seen" and that's something I can't disagree with, seeing as Madden 09 only needed to be slightly better than the previous year's edition to qualify for the distinction. It's important to remember that EA's primary mission here wasn't to expand the complexity or realism of the game - the mission was to expand the audience. Experienced players won't be bowled over by any of the new features and I'm not sure if making the game easier will cause a massive influx of casual gamers into Madden Nation but at least veterans should find they have more friends and family members willing to pick up a controller and play with them - I guess that counts for something.
80 (Sep 09, 2008)
Toujours au top de sa forme, la série Madden continue ses efforts pour attirer les néophytes tout en ajoutant la dose de features qu'adorent les plus connaisseurs. Très complet et techniquement soigné, cet opus 09 est une référence qui garantie de longues heures de jeu au contact des stars de la NFL.
Netjak (Oct 23, 2008)
It’s funny. This year Madden finally got it right. Yet I see reviewers in a lot of places only now starting to sound off about the poor controls and legacy issues that I was so happily trashing back when previous editions of Madden first came out. I wonder if I’m out of the loop. But no matter. Madden was a shocker for me this year, and I can heartily recommend it to most football junkies. I’d still rather play this year’s NCAA football game or ESPN NFL 2K5, but a case can certainly be made for Madden NFL 2009.
Totally Gaming Network (Aug 22, 2008)
Overall this is a fun experience and if you are a football fan I would definitely recommend checking this title out. While it is not perfect it has taken some steps in the right direction. All of the new modes seem to work really well and it is all integrated into a nice little package. EA has also released a new cover of Brett Favre in a Jets uniform if you want everything as realistic as possible. You can go to their site and download it to your computer. If you are willing to spend an extra twenty dollars I would recommend getting the limited edition as that version also comes with NFL Head Coach as well as Madden 93.
77 (Oct 01, 2008)
Abgesehen davon bietet Madden NFL 09 s dem American Football-Fan sicher alles was man sich wünschen kann – vom eigenen Spieler oder eigenen Team bis hin zum Entwerfen von eigenen Spielzügen ist alles möglich und durch die verschienenen Schwierigkeitsstufen sowie die adaptive Spiele-Engine werden sich auch Anfänger recht schnell zurecht finden. Somit ist der Madden Serie auch heuter wieder ein Touchdown gelungen.
FiringSquad (Sep 02, 2008)
Madden NFL 09 is pretty much exactly what you would expect. EA Sports generally doesn’t offer any surprises, and this game is no exception to that rule. It provides just enough football bang for the buck, although if you’re happy with last year’s model, or a little less than revved up over the looming real NFL regular season, you can safely sit this one out.
70 (UK) (Oct 30, 2008)
Like most EA Sports releases, Madden 09 is a good re-entry point for anyone who's skipped a few years, but less than essential for anyone who picked up last year's edition. The changes may be numerous, but few feel essential and you're always aware that many of them will be back next year, in a further refined form.
XboxAchievements (Oct 02, 2008)
Individually this game should be superb and if you’ve never played a previous version this should be your first point of call. However, taken as part of a continuous series, this is a fairly pointless offering as it offers very little in terms of innovation. The online mode aside, how long can people go on producing the same games, year after year and just slapping a new number on the box?
PlayDevil (Oct 08, 2008)
The latest Madden game for the 360, "Madden NFL 09" is again another solid addition of the Madden franchise. The 'back track' and 'rewind feature' are great for beginners to gradually get to grasp of the rules and plays. The different weather effects and crowd noises makes for an engulfing atmosphere, and the online league is a brilliant addition. If you are a big fan of the sport and still undecided I definitely would recommend it. For other gamers I would play the demo on 'Xbox Live Marketplace' and decide from there. Also this may be an essential purchase for achievement junkies as the 1000 gamerscore points can be obtained easily.
Worth Playing (Aug 25, 2008)
Unfortunately, this year's Madden is one of those games that had so much potential to be amazing, yet it squandered the opportunity at every pass. For every new mechanic implemented, there is something else botched just enough to render the neat new aspect moot. Perhaps if Tiburon and EA had spent a bit less time worrying about what to do about Brett Favre's jersey and a bit more time focusing on ironing out a few more of the nagging issues that plague the title, then Madden '09 would be a must-own. However, there are just enough things wrong with the '09 edition that there's not a whole lot of reason to upgrade over last season's affair. If EA wanted to prove that the universe is balanced, and that for every yin there is a yang, then the mission has been accomplished; if they wanted to make a great football game, then they've fallen a bit short.
Game Revolution (Sep 26, 2008)
For years Madden has been improving visually and adding features, but to what end? What you're left with every year is a game with a split personality: An awesome football game that's great to play with your friends or even online, but makes you want to smash your machine if you ever play against the computer.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 09, 2008)
Electronic Arts: "If it's in the game, it's in the game." False. Where are the coaches, penalty flags, cheerleaders, half-time shows, flags, challenges, and 10-yard measurements? Where are the fake kicks and Hail Mary plays in my Ravens playbook? Does anybody at Electronic Arts even watch football?! Madden 09 features slick visuals and accessible gameplay, but its missing features are replaced with gimmicks, and that's sure to irritate die-hard fans.