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Destructoid (Aug 17, 2009)
You won’t do yourself wrong if you buy this year’s title, especially if you’re down for the single-player experience. The improvements — the tackling, the animations, the authenticity in general — work together to make this one of the best football titles ever created. There’s no reason not to own this thing if you’re looking for a videogame that recreates the NFL experience in a fun, immersive, and competitive way.
GameSpy (Aug 12, 2009)
Many football fans will miss John Madden's analysis and distinctive personality during the season, but his legacy lives on (and likely will forever) in the Madden NFL series. While this latest effort has its share of missteps, it's still the best Madden in recent memory. Gameplay is king, and Madden NFL 10 is plain and simple a hell of a lot of fun to play. This is a must-have for football fans.
90 (Aug 31, 2009)
The people that buy Madden already have their copy by now, but for anyone else that is still skeptical about this year’s offering, I would say that there is plenty here to warrant a purchase. The tagline for this year’s game is “If it’s in the NFL, it’s in Madden 10” they do a very good job of holding up to that and with all the other additions I don’t see where you can go wrong with buying Madden 10.
Operation Sports (Aug 12, 2009)
Madden NFL 10 has taken a huge step in the right direction this year. All the complaints I have about the game are fairly minor -- there isn't a huge glaring issue that I have come across yet. Every game feels different, nothing feels scripted, and you won't be bored by halftime. Last year, the more I played the game, the more I hated it. This year it is the complete opposite.
Bottom-line? As it was with all of the game's recent predecessors, there isn't a substantial need for casual fans to upgrade to Madden NFL 10. If you're content with the version you already have, you can get by without picking this one up on day one. Nevertheless, it is definitely an outstanding game - the best the series has ever seen. A great technical foundation has been laid with this year's outing, and true Madden fans will appreciate the package EA has put together. Likewise, if you've patiently waited for a true next-gen football title, now's the time to pull out your wallet.
85 (Oct 28, 2009)
Au final, seuls les joueurs qui misaient sur une simple réactualisation du roster seront déçus. Le rythme plus posé et les retouches apportées au gameplay suffisent clairement à relancer la machine. Le titre peut aussi compter sur l'ajout d'un mode Franchise en ligne pour prolonger le plaisir, au moins pendant un an, jusqu'à Madden NFL 11 déjà attendu de pied ferme pour confirmer la bonne santé de la série.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 30, 2009)
There are issues, but it's hard to argue that this is the most inspired Madden in many years.
XboxAchievements (Aug 25, 2009)
Madden 10 is a good game, and the three to four hours for 1000 points is quite enjoyable. For fans of the franchise, there is much to be explored solo or with friends, but for the rest of the crowd, this will be a one-day rental as you move on to a more challenging game.
DarkZero (Sep 23, 2009)
Despite the issues Madden NFL 10 has, the bottom line is the gameplay is as tight as it has ever been, with the new tweaks adding to an already accurate American Football experience. A few niggles here and there prevent this from being an essential crossover sports title, so for now, Madden NFL 10 will satisfy the current fanbase rather than appeal to a new one. They will, however, be very satisfied indeed.
GamingBolt (Sep 20, 2009)
EA seems like they made a good game with a new engine for this year’s Madden. They need to do a little tweaking for the next one. But hopefully they can do a lot more next year due to them having a deadline and a lot of that time was in making the engine. The running game and passing game for that matter are better than last year’s even though you might throw more interceptions than you want to or ought to. The Pro-Tak system is good, and I don’t know about you but I have been wanting a game where more a lot of people can tackle a person especially with the dog piles fighting for the ball button mashing as fast as you can. But all in all, Madden 10 is still the best Madden experience to date with a more realistic gameplay than ever.
80 (UK) (Aug 25, 2009)
EA should take a page out of FIFA's book here: focus on the game. Every iteration - pre-alpha onwards - sit down and play a full game, 15-minute quarters. If it feels 'right', then you're on the right path. If players are running through the sidelines when they celebrate, you should fix that. If Chris Collinsworth says the same thing about two separate players, you should fix that. If the depth-of-field focuses in and out randomly, you should fix that too. If you get the urge to plug in somebody who works on the ESPN or Monday Night Football staff, suppress it, and keep tweaking the game until it looks, plays, and feels like a real game of football. It may not look as good on the back of the box, but it'll look better on Metacritic, I promise, and help you make more of what's already a good game.
80 (Aug 27, 2009)
Die diesjährige Ausgabe der Madden-Serie enttäuscht mich als langjährigen Fan. Visuell nur im Detail und lediglich hinsichtlich der fernsehreifen Präsentation optimiert, wurden die wesentlichen Solo-Spielmodi einfach übernommen und nur minimal verändert, während das Hauptaugenmerk auf neue Online-Features gelegt wurde. Einzig und allein Fans, die Lust haben, sich in der umfangreichen, allerdings dank Schlampigkeit erst über den Support freizuschaltenden Franchise-Internet-Liga die Zeit um die Ohren zu schlagen, werden glücklich. Solisten hingegen können sich nur über die noch stärker agierende KI freuen, die allerdings auch immer noch zu bösen Aussetzern neigt und sich auch mal von immer gleichen Spielzügen übertölpeln lässt. Gäbe es die auf den neuesten Stand gebrachten Szenario-Aufgaben nicht, könnte man Besitzern der Vorjahresversion komplett von Madden NFL 10 abraten, obwohl es sich immer noch klasse spielt.
GameSpot (Aug 12, 2009)
A number of features make Madden NFL 10 a more realistic and enjoyable portrayal of football, but a few problems--both old and new--continue to trouble the series.