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Mega Man 10 is definitely aimed at fans of the original 8-bit games, and to be honest if you didn’t know that already then there was likely never an interest in this review in the first place. Fans of the series should not even question a purchase. The game is one of the hardest in the series, the bosses are still awesome and the old-school challenges will keep you pulling your hair out for months. The face that we are getting sequels to this classic franchise at a fraction of the cost they were back in the day is a blessing for fans. Perhaps we will see the return of some other favorites if this trend continues.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 01, 2010)
Overall, Mega Man 10 offers all the nuts and bolts a diehard blue bomber fan could want in a retro sequel, while boasting even more content than Mega Man 9 with all its DLC combined. The game's technical ambitions are modest and it's not a life-changing experience, but it delivers nostalgic fun in truckloads. Franchise newcomers who crumbled at Wily’s merciless hand in the past shouldn’t shy away from this great downloadable title.
Atomic Gamer (Mar 19, 2010)
Rounding out the package, Capcom elected to include Proto Man, Mega Man’s brother as a playable character from the get-go (rather than as DLC in the previous installment). Playing as Proto Man is also challenging, since he takes double the damage per hit as the blue bomber does, but he makes up for it by having a shield to deflect projectiles when jumping, the ability to charge his mega buster and slide, which can help with bosses (interestingly, beating the game with Proto Man won’t yield a score on the game’s internet rankings). Still, it’s one more way you can get your struggle on. After all, the most hardcore challenges are the ones that are completely thankless.
Gamernode (Mar 04, 2010)
Mega Man 10 is a wonderfully challenging package wrapped up in a charming, 8-bit time capsule. It has its tongue planted firmly in cheek and delivers a ridiculously fun experience for all.
IGN (Mar 31, 2010)
So yes, progression in gaming is a good thing. But when you're talking about the classic Mega Man series, the world of 8-bit is precisely where it belongs. And because of that refusal to take a big jump forward, Mega Man 10 delivers. This might be quite the statement for many, but I stand behind it 100%: in terms of pure gameplay, Mega Man 10 is easily a better game than 90% of what we play on a yearly basis. And you can take that to the bank.
80 (Apr 29, 2010)
Mega Man 10 est un excellent produit dont on ne pourrait se passer. Se basant sur des mécanismes bien rodés, le titre de Capcom bénéficie toujours d'un level design intelligent qui ne laisse aucune place à l'approximation. Le Challenge Mode et le Time Attack sont les bienvenus pour les hardcore gamers alors que le Easy Mode permettra vraiment aux néophytes de prendre du plaisir et d'apprendre les mécanismes de jeu. Un vrai régal pour seulement 10 euros, à ne pas rater, fan de la série ou non.
GameSpot (Apr 05, 2010)
There is little to differentiate Mega Man 10 from previous games in the series, and this ties into the classic visuals as well. Mega Man 10 looks like a relic from the '80s, but the timeless art style and vibrant colors make it look good even in the modern era. Unfortunately, the score is not so enduring. The soundtrack evokes a similar style to its predecessors, but the songs are forgettable, falling far short of those in previous entries. Even with this small problem and the goofy bosses, Mega Man 10 is a lot of fun. The challenging levels have no problem repeatedly punishing players until they finally master the tricks, and it's still so satisfying to overcome the obstacles to lay waste to your robot masters. The Mega Man franchise is rooted firmly in the past, but instead of feeling stale with age, it only reinforces how incredible those original games were.
GameSpy (Mar 31, 2010)
Speaking of, I'm not entirely sure, at this point, where I'd park MM10 in terms of relative classic-Mega-Man quality. It's not quite up to the shining standards of Mega Man 2 and the extremely underrated Mega Man 5 (and I'm dead serious about that -- go play it before you knock it), but it's definitely nowhere near the bottom of the bin that Mega Man 4 and the non-NES installments so squarely define. Given my score, it's obviously closer to the top; between this and MM9, it's clear that Capcom's cybernetic mascot's still got some kick. I don't know about you, but I could do with annual 8-bit meat-grinders from now until 20XX.
Gaming Target (Mar 31, 2010)
Even though it's more of the same old, same old (a charge that killed the classic Mega Man series back in the SNES/PSone days), Mega Man 10 is a pretty good 2D platformer and Mega fans will thoroughly enjoy it.
80 (Mar 04, 2010)
Mega Man 9 was released to the loud applaud of critics in 2008, partly due to the eleven years between it and Mega Man 8. Mega Man 10 doesn't quite achieve that same level of impact, even if it does serve up much of the same thing. Still, MM10 is a glorious return to the hay-day of 8-bit gaming; a fantastic challenge built on the back of some of the most refined mechanics the genre has ever seen. In an industry that moves forward with such pace, it's refreshing to find a series that is content to stay right where it is.
Meristation (Mar 04, 2010)
Al margen de remakes, reediciones de clásicos y relanzamientos de títulos pasados, son pocos actualmente los juegos que deciden usar un lenguaje tan descaradamente anacrónico y tan expresamente retro. Las actuales videoconsolas de ocio digital doméstico cuentan con plataformas de distribución de contenidos que suponen un perfecto método de difusión de productos que se ha demostrado perfecto para hacer llegar a los nostálgicos de los arcade de antes aquellas joyas con las que empezaron a jugar. Capcom demuestra con Mega Man 10 que hay un lugar para títulos producidos a la antigua usanza. Megaman 10 aparecerá a lo largo de este mes para todas las plataformas anunciadas en tierras americanas, y probablemente el lanzamiento europeo no se hará esperar, aunque Capcom no ha todavía confirmado nada al respecto.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 07, 2010)
Mega-Man 10 macht eigentlich alles richtig und bietet genau das, was die Fans erwarten. Ausgefeilte Level-Komplexe, toll designte Gegner und in Sachen Schwierigkeitsgrad eine Herausforderung, die ihres Gleichen sucht. Die Grafik ist klassisch körnig, aber liebevoll und der Soundtrack piepst wie eh und je. Worüber sich Mega-Man-Liebhaber freuen werden, könnte Neulinge aber eher abschrecken. Trotz des neuen und nötigen Easy-Modes, sind die Levels immer noch sehr anspruchsvoll und lassen nicht viel Platz für Fehler. Aus technischer Hinsicht erscheint der Titel veraltet und Story und Charaktere werden dem Spieler nicht wirklich nahe gebracht. Gamerscore-Junkies sollten sowieso einen großen Bogen um das Spiel machen, oder alternativ verdammt schnelle Finger besitzen. Denn Erfolge wie „Spiele das Spiel auf Hart durch“, „Beende das Spiel ohne zu sterben“ und erst recht „Beende das Spiel ohne Schaden zu nehmen“ sind kaum machbar.
JeuxActu (Mar 15, 2010)
Reprenant le principe du revival 8-bit, Mega Man 10 rajoute en consistance ce qu'il perd en level design. Une légère déception rééquilibrée par des mécaniques de jeu bien senties, notamment au niveau des ennemis interagissant entre eux et avec l'environnement de manière assez surprenante. Néanmoins, malgré son classicisme plus prononcé, Mega Man 10 conserve tout de même des passages mémorables qui démontrent que l'imagination de certains développeurs de Capcom demeure vivace, avec un soupçon de méchanceté.
Game Revolution (Mar 26, 2010)
Staying to the tried-and-true Blue isn't all bad, though. As I said, the control here is spot-on, the level design is ready to rip the ego from even a hardened gamer (especially the pixelated hell that is Hard mode), and the bolt collecting for assisting items is helpful throughout. But it's still getting... well, old. It hurts me to say it, but the retro veneer is wearing thin. No notable upgrades to either the look or play is keeping this from propagating a fully-fledged Mega Man revival. The price point is perfect for what it is, which is another fun entry in a classic franchise, but if Capcom truly wants to bring this back to the forefront, they've got to do something new.
XGN (Apr 08, 2010)
Mega Man 10 is een goede game geworden die soms een steekje laat vallen. Zo zijn de bazen niet allemaal erg origineel gevonden en irriteert de soundtrack soms een beetje. Toch heeft dit deel weer voldoende vernieuwing om je uren bezig te houden!
RetroManiac (Jul 05, 2010)
Sin sorprender tanto como la entrega anterior, Mega Man 10, todo un puñetazo sobre la mesa para demostrar que ni estética ni jugabilidad retro están reñidas con las consolas actuales, sigue siendo un título sólido que bebe de la mécanica más tradicional de la saga para el desarrollo de la aventura y su puesta en escena. Divertido y frustrante a ratos, ahora sí, todos los jugadores (o casi) podrán terminarlo.
Xboxygen (May 07, 2010)
Megaman 10 est dans la juste lignée de ses prédécesseurs avec les mêmes qualités et les mêmes défauts. Exactement les mêmes. Le changement de skin pour sortir un nouvel opus, ça va 5 minutes (alors imaginez plus de 20 ans !), mais Monsieur Capcom, il faudrait peut-être penser à revoir la licence Megaman qui mérite plus que des jeux agaçants et intransigeants au pixel près et qui ne plairont qu’à ceux qui s’attendent exactement à la même chose que les précédents épisodes et qui aiment se faire du mal, soit 1% des joueurs de 50 ans adeptes de masochisme. Ne pensez-vous pas ? En soi, ce n’est pas un mauvais jeu, juste qu’il n’a pas su évoluer. Et on pourrait commencer par de la vraie musique, un peu plus de couleurs, des niveaux plus longs et un gameplay beaucoup plus souple, ce serait déjà pas mal et donnerait un plus grand intérêt et une meilleure accessibilité envers ce personnage qui le mériterait grandement.