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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (29 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Official XBox Magazine (Nov 07, 2008)
None of that should slow you down. Aside from everything else Mirror’s Edge succeeds at, it also has some of the most arresting, original visuals we’ve seen on 360. Its starkly colorful graphics and slick anime cinematics are expressly designed to wire directly into your nerd-joy cortex — and they do. With such raw creativity and built-in speed-run appeal, Mirror’s Edge will transfix you for a long, long time.
Pelit (Nov, 2008)
Kiirehtimiskohdat laskevat Mirror' Edgen kokonaistason vuoden tapauksesta "vain" erinomaiseksi ja uutta rohkeasti kokeilevaksi peliksi. Huvittavasti hoppuilukohtien opettelun sivuvaikutus on se, että toinen läpipeluukerta on itse asiassa ensimmäistä viihdyttävämpi. Tällöin vauhti ei pysähdy missään vaiheessa ja Faith voi keskittyä siihen, minkä hän osaa parhaiten: puhtaan kauniiseen liikkeeseen.
Flaws aside, Mirror’s Edge is a stellar effort which pushes the boundaries of what players have come to expect from games set in the first-person perspective. We were disappointed to find the experience relying on the old run-and-gun standby a little too frequently, but at least it’s possible to complete the gaming without forcibly taking a single virtual human life. And really, the simple controls at the heart of things give way to some truly complex interactions with Faith’s sky-high playgrounds. Mirror’s Edge isn’t a unqualified success, but it is one of the freshest and most innovative genre revisions we’ve seen this year.
The A.V. Club (Nov 17, 2008)
The story and dialogue are clunky at times. And there are many situations where you'll be utterly perplexed as to where to go next. But overall, no game this year looks, or plays, quite like this one.
1UP (Nov 21, 2008)
As a game steeped in immediacy, Mirror's Edge is an absolute must-play despite its idiosyncrasies. And as a pied piper for progressive design in first-person gaming, it's all the more important.
90 (Dec 17, 2008)
In a generation where first-person gaming is becoming more and more popular, it's refreshing to play a title where your goal isn't to shoot or blow up things to complete your object; instead, all you need do is run, time out your movements and think creatively to traverse your environment. Though hung up on iffy combat sequences, Mirror's Edge highlights the ability to have a fun game where jumping supersedes pulling a trigger. Lively contrasts of reds and blues against sterile, bright whites create a thrilling environment to runabout in. A different kink of “Still Alive” headlines a strong techno-based soundtrack and relatively good voice-acting. On the whole, Mirror's Edge is the type of first-person experience we need more of, spotting the ever-growing landscape of shooters out there.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 26, 2008)
In the end Mirror’s Edge takes some familiar things and makes it something fresh and innovative. DICE really took a risk in making this game and while it probably won’t be a game for everyone, it should be celebrated for what it is. Hopefully Mirror’s Edge will encourage other developers to take some risks and give gamers something new to play.
90 (Nov 13, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge is een unieke ervaring. Zowel de soepel werkende gameplay als de audiovisuele ervaring, die oogt en klinkt als niets dat op dit moment verkrijgbaar is, maken van Mirror’s Edge een overgetelijke game. Dat zo’n uniek concept een paar minpunten met zich mee brengt, zoals enkele frustrerende momenten en wat oneffenheden in de graphics, is niet meer dan een bijwerking van dit spannende experiment. Het verstoort de algemene ervaring niet of nauwelijks en weerhoudt de game er niet van een belevenis te bieden die je nog lang gaat heugen. Niets dit jaar is zo apart als Mirror’s Edge en alleen daarom is het al de moeite waard om tot aanschaf over te gaan. Wat een verrassing en wat een parel in EA’s line-up!
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 14, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge will likely be noted as the father of an emerging genre called first-person freerunning, as this will likely be the first of many games to try and successfully recreate the sport of freerunning from the first person perspective. Luckily, Mirror’s Edge is more than just a hyped up game mechanic considering its engaging story and striking art style. The game is relatively short, but unlike in many other games, the time trial mode actually provides a significant amount of replay value to Mirror’s Edge because of the unique freerunning mechanic. You will likely waste away hours trying to fly through a level with a smoother and faster run. Simply put, you must play Mirror’s Edge.
NZGamer (Nov 13, 2008)
These are relatively tiny hiccups in a very smooth operation. Mirror’s Edge is being talked about anywhere gamers gather and it’s one of the Holiday season bunch that’s almost certain not to disappoint. If you’re a PS3 owner, make sure you have your copy all sorted, and if you’re not, and haven’t already bought the machine to play Little Big Planet now might be the time to start writing letters to Santa.
Meristation (Nov 11, 2008)
Calzarnos las zapatillas de una runner y saltar por los rascacielos de una gran ciudad es una experiencia como pocas hemos vivido antes. Mirror's Edge es un plataformas único en su especie, con alto grado de realismo, una perspectiva muy original para un juego de estas características al que se une una ambientación única.
90 (Nov 11, 2008)
There are times in Mirror's Edge when you'll be frustrated, replaying a section for the umpteenth time with no solution in sight, but persevere; Faith always has a way out - you just have to find it. Combine a thoroughly entertaining single-player campaign with a stunning and challenging time trial mode and you'll soon forget that you managed to run through the story in six hours or less. There's depth here that you'll only discover hours into time trialling a single stage, and as we said, no other game released this year comes close to being as cool. We can't wait to see what Faith gets up to next.
3D Juegos (Nov 12, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge es un videojuego que, como mínimo, hay que probar. Si pasamos por alto su limitada duración y la escasez de modos de juego nos quedamos con un título innovador, gráficamente muy potente; y, en las facetas jugables, una propuesta adictiva y divertidísima como pocas. Un lanzamiento de acción muy recomendable para esta recta final de 2008, que sabe suplir hábilmente la brevedad con la intensidad.
XboxAchievements (Nov 19, 2008)
Not many games can deliver the high octane, adrenaline fuelled chases that Mirror's Edge can. Unique, original, beautiful and innovative ... What else can you ask for?
Gamernode (Nov 18, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is an excellent game. EA DICE has crafted a unique and enjoyable game that is both exhilarating and addicting, with sound gameplay mechanics, stylish visuals, and superb audio qualities. Other than long and frequent load times, the biggest complaint I could conjure up while playing Mirror's Edge was that there simply wasn't enough of it. This game is a must-buy, or at least a must-try.
Recapitulando todo lo dicho, Mirror's Edge consigue tener éxito en sus pretensiones más ambiciosas, aunque por el camino comete algunos errores en los puntos más convencionales. Su arriesgada propuesta nos hace abrir los ojos ante el hecho de que eso de que en los videojuegos ya está casi todo inventado dista mucho de ser cierto y que la única manera de romper ese mito es siendo atrevidos, no sólo con las ideas nuevas, sino también con las establecidas. Un juego al que es imprescindible, como mínimo, darle una oportunidad. Bienvenida, Faith.
89 (Nov 16, 2008)
From controls to looks Mirror’s Edge is another triumph for EA who don’t seem to be able to make any mistakes this year. This is a game well worth putting into your collection, it’s just a pity there isn’t a bit more too it.
88 (Nov 12, 2008)
Sie tritt nur in zwei Hand voll Comic-Szenen vor die Kamera, sie deckt keine weltweite Verschwörung auf, sie erlebt nicht einmal einen bombastischen Showdown – und trotzdem ist mir Faith mehr ans Herz gewachsen als alle ihre Kollegen, die ich bisher verkörpert habe. Das liegt vor allem daran, dass ich mit Faith in ein Alter Ego schlüpfe, das nicht nur rennt, springt und schießt, sondern sich völlig frei in einer Welt bewegen kann. Eine Welt, die sich den weiten Blick über eine kalte, fast erstarrte Metropole zwar mit technischen Einbußen im Detail erkauft, dafür aber einen wunderschönen Ausblick bietet. Eine Welt vor allem aber, in der bislang unmögliche Stunts möglich werden und vor allem glaubhaft wirken. Denn wenn man sieht, wie Faith mit beiden Händen ein schräges Geländer greift, wie sie sich nach einem Sprung abrollen muss und wie sie in jeder Situation unterschiedlich atmet oder ächzt, dann wird man selbst zum Runner.
GameZone (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge is a great take on the shooter genre, introducing some revolutionary new elements to the genre and carries them out very well. While there are a few stumbles, the game is generally a very solid and innovative entry to the genre.
TalkXbox (Nov 17, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge has an excellent but short singleplayer campaign with a few added whistles. One cannot help but think that perhaps the game could have been expanded had developer DICE simply been a bit more ambitious. However, even with that said, what there is to Mirror’s Edge is vivacity and excitement from start to finish. It looks beautiful, and is simply astounding to hear. Every jump could be your last. If you attempt the leap and nail it, the thrills of that moment are electrifying and outweigh the lack of ambition in the campaign. The ending of the story gives the impression there will be a sequel to Mirror’s Edge. If this is the case, we'll be here waiting for a spirited installment to an already great game.
ActionTrip (Nov 17, 2008)
More than anything else, we applaud the idea, effort and creativity behind this project. It's not quite as ground-breaking as, say, Valve's Portal, but it's almost as ambitious. If publishers spent half as much time investing into such new and original game concepts as they pour into milking overrated franchises, a majority of games would be far more enjoyable than they are today. PC gamers should keep a lookout for this one during January 2009 (we'll be reviewing the PC version separately).
Stick Skills (Nov 17, 2008)
The game lays groundwork for a great title, but the short story and intriguing but not groundbreaking time trial mode are going to leave a lot of gamers on the fence. However, in the time you do spend with Faith and the conformist society she lives in, you can’t help but enjoy the creative levels and be amazed at the sense of vertigo that is created. Mirror’s Edge is an inspiration to creative games, and I truly think you’re doing yourself a disservice if you do not play this title.
GamingBolt (Sep 17, 2009)
Overall, Mirror’s Edge is a huge risk that pays off for Electronic Arts and DICE. EA has said that this is the first game of a trilogy so there will definitely be time to iron out the few problems this game has. There are without question many good games coming out the last few months of 2008 and this is one of them. This is worth the money.
85 (Jan 09, 2009)
2nd review The game might not be for everyone, but the things it does right are worthy of praise and I think EA should be applauded for giving a new IP a shot (along with Dead Space). I feel this is a game that can certainly be built upon and I think a sequel could work out very well. If EA tweaks the combat and also keeps us from dying so frequently, I think we could have a solid follow up. Fans may be split on the game but for those who have yet to play it, Mirror’s Edge deserves a playthrough. In this era of constant FPS games, it’s refreshing to see a first person action/adventure and to me, it’s deserving of the critical praise it has gotten by various other publications.
games xtreme (Nov 19, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge succeeds admirably in doing what it set out to do; it redefines the first person shooter/action genre and injects a breath of innovation in terms of environmental navigation. For all the little niggles, high frustration factor, lack of save-anywhere for those times you’re pulled away from the console and some control issues, it is a superb game and I look forwards to the sequel, since this one is so short.
GamesCollection (Nov 30, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge è un titolo fresco ed innovativo che saprà divertivi garantendo molti momenti di adrenalina e immersione totale fra i palazzi di una città tanto bella da vedere quanto divertente da attraversare. La Storyline è mal narrata e poco approfondita e si può tranquillamente dire lo stesso del comparto audio, e un po’ anche delle sezioni sparatutto, ma alla fine dei conti ciò conta veramente poco ai fini di un gioco la cui vera anima è il divertimento puro e l’azione sfrenata senza troppi fronzoli. Mirror’s Edge merita un voto più che discreto anche solo per l’innovazione che porta con sé, che potrebbe fare da base di partenza per una futura rivoluzione dei giochi in prima persona.
85 (Dec 09, 2008)
Wie kan leven met het het gebrek aan afweermogelijkheden van Faith, heeft aan Mirror's Edge een prima game, die helaas wat stilvalt als de actie zich naar binnen verplaatst. Het gevoel van snelheid en de spanning tijdens het racen over de daken is ongekend. Dat gevoel is er nog veel sterker in het toetje, de Timetrials, die een heerlijk simpele, maar uitdagende toevoeging vormen. Jammer daarbij is wel dat de Timetrials niet in co-op kunnen worden gespeeld.
Defunct Games (Nov 24, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is a lot of things, but it's certainly not boring. The game features the type of visceral action you've never seen before in a video game. The flip side to that is that you're forced to play through a lot of trial and error levels and find that the game is far too short. It's not for everybody, but it's easy to see how some will have a great time getting to know Faith and see what she's capable of.
GamingExcellence (Nov 24, 2008)
Overall Mirror’s Edge is a game that should be experienced by anyone who enjoys adventure games. This isn’t a long game, clocking in at six or seven hours on average, but that’s not entirely the point. Not only is this a game it’s an experience, one you should play through several times to explore the world that has been laid out before you by the developers. It’s a flawed game that can be trying on your patience at times but more often than not a death is followed by an “oops” not a virulent string of curses as the game forces you through trial and error.
85 (Nov 13, 2008)
Il existe des titres dont on est bien incapable de prédire un plébiscite ou un rejet du public. Mirror's Edge en fait partie et accumulera sans doute autant de fans que de détracteurs. Pourtant, de notre point de vue, il paraîtrait bien étrange de tourner le dos à un jeu de cette trempe. Ses défauts sont souvent éclipsés par l'originalité du concept, par la maîtrise d'un design aussi singulier et surtout par l'immersion proposée 7 heures durant. Si vous êtes avide d'une expérience d'un nouveau genre, Mirror's Edge est fait pour vous.
Gameplanet (Nov 19, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge is an enjoyable game, one that can get your heart racing at times or put you into a Zen-like trance as you perfect your line through each course. There are a few things included in the game that try to give it a purpose and end up being out of place, but they don’t detract from the overall experience of rocking around and jumping from building to building. This is an exciting new IP from Electronic Arts, and with a few changes we're sure it will be even better next time around.
PTGamers (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror's Edge é um jogo diferente e agradável, tanto em jogabilidade como em visuais e só por isso já é de louvar. Não deixa de transparecer a ideia de uma obra dada a experimentalismos, mas consegue agarrar-nos do princípio ao fim. Somos apresentados a uma personagem com carisma, com uma perspectiva muito própria deste mundo utópico. Será de reflectir se a longevidade limitada a uma história curta, mas bem pensada e o suporte para Speed Runs será o suficiente para aquisição. No entanto, não deixa de ser um jogo de colecção, que deverá figurar na estante das pérolas. Ficaremos atentos às próximas aventuras acrobáticas de Faith.
Atomic Gamer (Nov 17, 2008)
I absolutely recommend running in Faith’s shoes, as the game offers something refreshingly different from the many shooters cluttering retail shelves this time of year. When it works, it’s brilliant. And when it doesn’t, it only disappoints because you can see its brimming potential trying to breakthrough. I’d love to see a sequel that evenly balances the polished free-running gameplay with the refined shooting mechanics’ of a dedicated FPS. The promise of Halo caliber firefights, combined with Faith’s fleet-footedness, has me pining for the ultimate first-person experience. But until Master Chief learns to move like the Prince of Persia, I’ll happily help Faith run, jump, climb, dive, swing, shimmy, and fight through her totalitarian future.
MS Xbox World (Nov 15, 2008)
It's classy, it looks good and has a very solid feel to it. The game is also quite easy in some respects which should open it up to a wider audience. I would highly recommend this game whether you rent or buy, but to truly get the most from it, you'll have to have an open mind for exploration and improving your skills. This is certainly well worth asking Santa to leave a copy under your Christmas tree this year.
IGN Australia (Nov 11, 2008)
You know what the crazy thing is though? As frustrating as the combat can be, it still hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge. Sure, it’s resulted in a lower score, but I still think this is a game that everyone should play. You’ll have to grit your teeth at times, but it’s worth it. It’s great to play a game that – in many ways – is so pure. It’s not about collecting. It’s not about leveling up. It’s not about getting a bigger and better gun. It’s about movement, style and momentum. Combat aside, DICE has taken a significant step forward for the first person perspective with this game, and you should all check it out.
GameFocus (Nov 13, 2008)
Even if the game is short and frustrating at times, we can’t go without saying that Mirror’s Edge needs to be experienced by every gamer. In a time where sequels and uninspiring titles are flooding the market, seeing this game hitting store shelves is refreshing. Although the game is short and doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, Mirror’s Edge remains one of those games that even when you’re done, you will pop back into your system to play once in while, just for the fun of it…and you won’t be disappointed as satisfaction will be around the corner every time. Now, we can’t wait where DICE will take the franchise as it has already been confirmed as a trilogy. Kudos!
Video Games Daily (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror's Edge commits a fair few of videogaming's original sins - trial-and-error level design, a perfectionist attitude to the simplest of platforming mechanics - but buried beneath them is an intensely rewarding experience. Not for the faint of heart, but still worthy of acclaim.
83 (Jan 09, 2009)
Mirror’s Edge is a refreshing game but its biggest downpoint remains the limited replayability. It still remains a game that you certainly should give a try, simply thanks to the fluent controls and the great atmosphere it breathes.
IGN UK (Nov 11, 2008)
For these misgivings, there’s no doubting that Mirror’s Edge is a special game. More than just unique, it’s a thrilling and stylish venture to untapped territory that’s assured in its firstperson take on platforming. Though an inane plot and limp combat see it falter briefly, the strong visual design and dynamic mechanic ensure it still emerges as a game to be celebrated.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 20, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is a lot of things, but it's certainly not boring. The game features the type of visceral action you've never seen before in a video game. The flip side to that is that you're forced to play through a lot of trial and error levels and find that the game is far too short. It's not for everybody, but it's easy to see how some will have a great time getting to know Faith and see what she's capable of.
82 (Nov 17, 2008)
Mirror´s Edge hat seine Macken, etwa die meiner Meinung überflüssigen Kämpfe, einige richtig frustrierende Stellen und die überschaubare Spielzeit, doch das Spiel der schwedischen Entwickler schafft etwas, was mir in letzter Zeit viel zu selten ein neues Spiel bietet: eine gänzliche neue Spielerfahrung. Die Jump´n´Run-Passagen auf Speed sind einfach klasse designt und begeistern den erwachseneren Fan von Hüpfspielen. Wenn die Entwickler in einem Nachfolger etwas mehr Abwechslung in den Levelalltag bringen und die Kämpfe überarbeiten, ist für Mirror´s Edge sogar ein Award drin. Aber auch so solltet ihr das ambitionierte Projekt einfach mal gespielt haben, aber kein klassisches Action- oder Hüpfspiel erwarten.
82 (Nov 21, 2008)
Aber als angehender Runner fehlten mir dann doch ein paar "Wow!"-Momente, und das ewige Davonlaufen vor der wohl am dümmsten agierenden Polizei in der Geschichte von Videospielen, berauben dem Titel viel des Glanzes, der uns in Trailern und der Demo noch blendete. Über die nicht immer perfekte Steuerung kann ich in den schnellen Sprungpassagen noch hinwegsehen, wenn man aber zum wiederholten Male das Zeitliche segnet, weil die Abstimmung im Nahkampf nicht passt, lässt meinen Frust fast ins Endlose steigen. Wer also von den Trailern und der Demo nur annähernd so begeistert war wie ich sollte das Spiel zumindest auf seine Weihnachtsliste schreiben. Es ist dann ja nicht mehr das eigene Geld, das dafür verwendet wird. Auch wenn man nach dem Lesen dieses Artikels wohl die Erwartungen etwas nach unten schraubt, die Zeit mit Faith über den Dächern dieser immer sonnigen Stadt wird, wer es gespielt hat, nicht so schnell wieder vergessen. Ich ebensowenig.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
All in all, Mirror's Edge is a valiant effort to revolutionize gaming by a courageous studio. Largely, DICE pulled it off. But, there are several nagging spots that hamper the experience; repetitive environments and interactive elements, touchy controls and occasionally poor detection, and an uninspired story leave a significant amount to be desired. Even so, I found Mirror's Edge to be a truly unique and rewarding experience that I feel fortunate to have played.
Games TM (Nov 27, 2008)
Like The Club earlier this year, Mirror's Edge needs to be played again and again if you're to discover its true worth, and there are many wo won't play ball. These people will be disappointed. With so many other triple-A games on offer over the Christmas period, a launch requiring such loyalty isn't ideal. However, the thought and ambition of the title deserves recognition, and anyone who loves games - and has loved games for a long while - should certainly give Mirror's Edge the chance it deserves.
Xboxygen (Dec 23, 2008)
Dès son annonce, Mirror’s Edge à troublé le monde entier. Beaucoup voyaient en ce jeu le début de la folie d’Electronic Arts, d’autres voyaient ça d’un œil curieux sans être vraiment convaincus du gameplay. Il en résulte que n’est pas fou qui veut, puisque la firme américaine nous propose un jeu aux sensations exaltantes, avec un gameplay simple et varié. On regrettera que le mode histoire soit aussi court, malgré son intensité et son scénario qui pour une fois n’est pas si futile que ça et en fera réfléchir plus d’un. Alors même si vous avez envie de vomir en montant dans un ascenseur, Mirror’s Edge est un jeu que vous devez essayer, ne serait-ce que pour ne pas passer à côté d’un jeu qui marquera son époque comme étant un jeu des plus culotté de son temps, dans le traitement du jeu de plate-formes. Alors qu’attends-tu petit joueur ? Va chercher tes sacs à vomi et va essayer Mirror’s Edge !
Blend Games (Nov 14, 2008)
It feels like a mandatory requirement in a Mirror's Edge review to commend DICE for taking a risk and trying something innovative. So yes, I commend DICE for taking a risk and trying something innovative. My review does come off as very negative but it's not that I dislike the game so much as it let me down. It's a good game and has the raw elements to be an incredible game but doesn't make the most of its considerable promise. The game offers a very breezy, entertaining 6-7 hour single-player campaign (and however much time you spend racing and re-racing through the levels on Time Trial mode) and shows enough spark for me to await the upcoming DLC and eventual sequels with great interest.
Deeko (Feb 04, 2009)
Overall, the story fails in comparison to what it could or should have been. It is rather disappointing that the game turned into a story focused on Faith and her sister and was not nearly as fleshed out as it could have been.
HardGamers (Dec 17, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge vaut-il la peine que vous investissiez quelques heures de votre vie afin de vous y attarder ? Tout à fait. Le jeu mérite-t-il un achat qui allègera votre portefeuilles de quelque soixante dollars ? Non, pas vraiment. Certes, le jeu est fort intéressant, propose une nouvelle façon de jouer captivante et crée l’impression de contrôler un personnage comme peu de jeux ont su le faire par le passé. Cependant, avec une liberté limitée, une pauvre intelligence artificielle, l’omniprésence de trois couleurs qui rendra fou un daltonien et une durée de vie se chiffrant à quelques heures, Mirror’s Edge semble davantage être un démo technique qu’un jeu terminé. On semble avoir conçu, chez Digital Illusions, un jeu pavant la voie aux titres qui succéderont à Mirror’s Edge, question de tâter le terrain et de voir si cette nouvelle façon d’aborder un jeu vidéo saura plaire à l’auditoire.
RewiredMind (Jan 13, 2009)
Overall, I enjoyed playing Mirror’s Edge. I loved the idea and the concept. The simplicity of having a white city with red objects to guide you further along your mission was a fantastic idea, and regardless of the fact you’re always busy and not able to take a time-out to explore, it works fantastically. Unfortunately I feel as if DICE have gone the wrong way about developing the game’s plot, and therefore have missed out on something special.
PlayDevil (Dec 09, 2008)
"Mirror's Edge" does everything that DICE and EA intended it to do, that was to create a first person game that was more about legging it than it was to face enemies head on. It's also obvious that they wanted to give you the feeling that you are looking through the eyes of a character and you have taken over their body whilst spending time in its gorgeous game world. It's refreshing in both looks and feel and is also one of the must plays of 2008.
JeuxActu (Nov 17, 2008)
La ressemblance des niveaux est l'un des principaux reproches que l'on peut faire à Mirror's Edge, et constitue sans doute un excellent point de départ sur lequel peuvent d’ores et déjà se pencher les développeurs pour les deux prochains épisodes. Si la durée de vie du jeu est relativement faiblarde, on pourra toujours se réfugier dans les différents parcours à achever en un minimum de temps, promis, ça calme bien. Ce n’est pas une affaire de hype, ni même de hip ou de hop, mais Mirror’s Edge parvient sans peine à convaincre dans un genre dont il est le précurseur. Pour toujours.
Console Obsession (Nov 17, 2008)
Mirror's Edge has an emphasis on platforming, resulting in a refreshing experience that is intense, exhilarating and occasionally frustrating. But the good certainly far outweighs the bad and even after another messed up jump, it’s still always immensely enjoyable to play, which says a lot for the games high level (in more ways than one) of quality.
Gamervision (Nov 18, 2008)
It’s easy to grow frustrated with Mirror’s Edge; the game doesn’t bother being that user friendly. At times, it might feel like pixel-perfect precision needed in old platformers is needed to complete the game, but it’s usually worth the extended effort to try. When it works, it works great, and if the issues are addressed in a sequel I could see the series being extremely well received in the future. In the present, however, it’s still worth paying attention to. It’s fast, original, and beautiful – everything you should expect from a holiday blockbuster. If you’re easily frustrated by difficult games it might be wise to rent it first, but be warned; the beauty and addictive race modes might pull you in.
Totally Gaming Network (Nov 18, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge seems to be yet another game marking EA’s gaming renaissance. Rather than churning out endless sequels, it’s encouraging to see that they’re willing to take a leap of faith (pardon the pun) and let ace developers such as DICE try out new IPs and ideas. The experiment seems to have paid off because at times, Mirror’s Edge has some serious ‘Wow” moments that will almost have you hugging your joypad with glee. It’s not without its moments of frustration too though, so be warned that it’s deceptively tough in places and can make you seethe with anger as you fall again and again when a jump or move stretches your patience and your ability.
Boomtown (Nov 14, 2008)
It would be difficult for me to say Mirror's Edge reached its potential as a fresh take on the FPS genre because it's held back by a shallow story and dubious combat mechanics. However, you won't find another game like it. Parkour is an unexplored art for video games, and Mirror's Edge does an admirable job at bringing it to us less physically active people. It's a short game and it's sometimes quite a hard game, but it's also a very fun and original one.
ZTGameDomain (Nov, 2008)
Mirror's Edge was a risky endeavor to take and for the most part it succeeded in creating a new and creative experience. Most of its technical flaws can be attributed to the perspective as opposed to the design and you can't help but commend the work Dice has done with this first effort. The game length could easily be a deterrent for gamers not wanting to invest $60 for a mere five hours of game time, especially if they have no interest in participating in the time trial portion of the game, but I highly recommend everyone at least check out this inventive take on the genre.
Daily Game (Nov 21, 2008)
Still, the short experience doesn't quite warrant Mirror's Edge as a $60 purchase. It's definitely different, challenging and has a unique look, but sometimes the effects can wear on you, and the difficulty is flat-out off-putting at times. Mirror's Edge provides something new and different, and I definitely like its look, but for most gamers, it's probably best off as a rental.
Game Over Online (Nov 19, 2008)
First Dead Space and now Mirror’s Edge. Kudos to EA for continuing to diversify their portfolio with more original intellectual properties, and hats off to DICE for showing tremendous ambition in creating this Parkour-inspired action game. Rumor has it we can expect Mirror’s Edge to become a trilogy. If that’s the case, perhaps in the next installment they’ll even out the peaks of exhilaration and valleys of frustration, and nail that sense of freedom in the Time Trials that’s somewhat lacking in the Story mode. As it stands, even though it doesn’t stick the landing every time Mirror’s Edge is a leap in the right direction.
80 (UK) (Nov 09, 2008)
There's something broken thematically, deep within Mirror's Edge: it tells you a rambling story about freedom even as it confines you to the tight squares of its own personal hopscotch court, and for many that will be one wrong-footing too many. But for those who can shrug off the contradictions and the limitations, ignore the tearing cityscape and lingering qualms about value for money, this will shove you so deeply into the experience of being in someone else's body, and taking it on a terrifying, breakneck joyride, that nothing else will matter.
GameSpy (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is a bold experiment for DICE. It's a dramatic departure from the Battlefield games, and provides a refreshing experience to those willing to invest the time in its strict control mechanics. The combat's unfortunately its Achilles' heel, since it lacks the spontaneity of the free-running and in many instances brings the action to a crashing halt. Thankfully, after you've beaten the game, the time trials and speed runs reward you for avoiding violent confrontation and emphasize the exhilarating rush of zipping through each gorgeous stage. It's not without its problems, but when Mirror's Edge leaps, it soars.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Nov 08, 2008)
Ultimately though, Mirror’s Edge is a first-generation attempt at a whole new frontier of platform gaming. Digital Illusions has made revolutionary inroads on perspective and the relationship it shares with movement and combat, but simply couldn’t build the levels to allow it to unfold in a consistently engaging way. It deserves to be seen, played and experienced by any discerning gamer with an interest in the progression of the industry, but is unlikely to resonate with the majority of consumers. We hope in all honesty that EA persevere with the planned trilogy and give DICE the time to perfect the level design and pacing for the next iteration, as many of the greatest advancements in culture only gain resonance in retrospect of what they inspired.
Destructoid (Nov 11, 2008)
The experience is not flawless by any means, with a story mode that stumbles over too many frustrating sequences and not enough narrative payoff to make it worthwhile on its own. But taken as a whole -- with its frequent bits of brilliance and its delightful, heart-pounding moments -- Mirror’s Edge is a leap of faith worth taking.
GamePro (US) (Nov 11, 2008)
Amazing visuals, a slick control scheme and sublime free-running gameplay combine to form a unique and fascinating game that delivers some genuine moments of "Holy crap, did I just do that?" thrills. However, some poorly designed levels, awful combat sequences, a skeletal storyline unforgiving collision detection keeps it from soaring to greater heights. Still, it's one hell of a ride and one I definitely recommend you take.
Mirror’s Edge’s gameplay is adrenaline-filled and beautifully tailored, but the experience does end up feeling a bit hollow as the game runs out of new tricks to show the player. In the second half of the game, I started second guessing if I had already run across a particular section. I also became so in-tune with specific challenges that I could do them with my eyes closed. Regardless, this is one of those genre-defining games that everyone needs to see. DICE has pulled off a miraculous feat that hopefully will inspire other FPS developers.
G4 TV: X-Play (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge spends most of its time being an awesome gaming experience. When there’s so little game here, having the last three levels focus more on middling combat than amazing agility, it really brings the whole experience down. The animated sequences are less than stellar, the plot is trite, and the game feels like it was pared down at the last minute. Despite all those flaws, the running-based gameplay makes you want to forgive everything else. No other game is quite as exhilarating and uniquely exciting, and it’s this part of the game you’ll remember most.
Planet Xbox 360 (Nov 17, 2008)
Innovative, grossly original and lead by a high concept, Mirror’s Edge is the Jekyll and Hyde of video games. There’s a lot of promise inside the package that DICE created but it ultimately is a game that rests its laurels on its concept and nothing more. With no multiplayer aspect and a poor storyline that doesn’t last longer than seven or so hours, players won’t get a whole lot of bang out of their hard earned George Washington’s.
TeamXbox (Nov 11, 2008)
The concept of Mirror’s Edge is appealing, but, unfortunately, the execution just wasn’t there for me. I’ll end this review just as I ended the one I wrote for Assassin’s Creed (though with the names changed for obvious reasons): I’m optimistic for Mirror’s Edge 2, though I really wanted to be satisfied by Mirror’s Edge 1.
Games Finder (Jan 27, 2013)
To assist players with determining the combination of moves they will need a Runner Vision system will highlight particular environment objects when Faith gets close, as the game goes on though this is reduced to just end level locations. For further help players can use Reaction Time which gives a few seconds of time slow down to plan your next jump without sacrificing your built up momentum. Ultimately your goal in each campaign level is to find the best route from point A to B.
Gaming Age (Nov 21, 2008)
Mirror's Edge does a wonderful job of doing exactly what it sets out to do, and while it may not do it all perfectly, it does do enough well enough for you to forgive the game's flaws. Of course the only flaw you can't over look is the game's length which will make you think about if it is a purchase for you or not. The bottom line is that Faith and the gang will give you a “run” for your money....
Game Shark (Nov 13, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge is not the fully-fledged Parkour game that I was hoping for, and it stumbles over and over in its attempts to be a shooter. It can be needlessly frustrating and begrudgingly repetitive, but equally and truly awe-inspiring. If you can trudge through the story, the Time Trials provide one of the most intense and liberating platforming experiences to date, and ironically, it just might inspire you to turn off the TV and get outside.
IGN (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge is a classic example of some awesome ideas that just didn’t pan out the way that was originally intended. The list of moves could be more expansive -- maybe by adding a fourth button to the mix -- and the world feels entirely too constricting for what could be a huge open city. Couple those gripes with some unappealing combat and a sometimes buggy design and Mirror’s Edge falls short of my expectations. The ideas are there for a very cool experience, and I truly hope that a sequel is spawned, but this first attempt falls just a bit short.
When it comes down to it you have to ask yourself one major question. Is it worth paying full price for a game that takes a few hours to beat? Mirror’s Edge is an original game and I know it is great to play something different. I would say to wait for a price drop on this game, paying full price seems unfair.
Factornews (Nov 30, 2008)
Mirror's Edge a beaucoup de qualités : une technique irréprochable au service d'un design du feu de Dieu, et surtout un concept original comme on en voit trop peu. Les phases de plates-formes grisantes laissent malheureusement trop souvent la place à des phases de shoot molles si on fonce dans le tas, pénibles si on tente de les éviter. La fin de l'aventure arrive également un peu vite. Malgré ces quelques défauts, qui cassent par moment complètement le trip, Mirror's Edge reste une sympathique curiosité, qui devrait satisfaire les joueurs à la recherche d'un peu d'originalité.
Binary Joy (Dec 15, 2008)
Mirrors Edge is a mixed bag. The freedom is hugely enjoyable but the combat gets in the way. I think it would have been better if stealth and athletics could have been used to get past the enemy - let me throw away the gun entirely! I still look forward to the sequel but I will be approaching it with a little more caution next time.
DarkZero (Nov 26, 2008)
It’s safe to say that despite its short (and irritating) story mode, repetitive gameplay and terrible indoor sections, Mirror’s Edge is a real kick up the collective arse for the first person genre. It is immersive in all the ways a first person shooter should be without constantly going through the horrible clichés that arise with your bog standard FPS. After a few minutes you will get “the flow” the tutorial mentions. You will understand how free runners look at the world. These are the things Mirror’s Edge does right and in this reviewer’s opinion it makes up for the lack of “meat”. A bit more time in the oven and this could have been something truly amazing; instead it’s good. Not great, just good, which is a crying shame for fans expecting more, but a bold-faced statement to the development community that there are people out there not content with Halo.
UltraNinjas (Nov 17, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is a solid concept that has offered up something as large as the Free Running franchise with a refreshing perspective. It's certainly worth playing, but prepare to get frustrated at times.
Worth Playing (Nov 17, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is a shining example of when a game concept idea doesn't live up to its idea. The movement controls are solid and the graphics top-notch, but everything else just doesn't work. The level design begins excellent and grows progressively worse. The combat is awkward and tedious, and even as the levels grow less fun, the game throws more and more combat at you, as if hoping to distract you. To top it off, the title is remarkably short and the plot deeply unsatisfying. Mirror's Edge is a game brimming with potential that realizes little of it, and one can only hope that D.I.C.E. provides more polish for their all-but-inevitable sequel, but for this game, a rental should suffice.
Da Gameboyz (Nov, 2008)
Mirror’s Edge for the Xbox 360 is an enjoyable game and has several heart pounding moments scattered throughout its’ nine levels. The visuals are slick and the sound is equally stunning. However the absence of a co-operative mode, a short single player campaign, an awkward control scheme, and the combat system that suffers; all of this makes it hard for me to recommend spending top dollar for Mirror’s Edge.
Despite its flaws, this is a game that you absolutely should play, because you won't have played anything like it before and it's touched with genuine brilliance. It also has a much longer lifespan than its ten-hour running time would suggest, because like Hitman it leaves you with the nagging desire to go back and get it perfect this time round. But there are some irritatingly old-fashioned problems under the gloss, which we really hope the inevitable sequels will address.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 13, 2008)
With an invigorating concept, stylish visuals, and sublime controls, Mirror's Edge is the type of game that you desperately want to appreciate. However attempting such a creative idea comes with risks, which DICE haven't managed to avoid entirely. Frustrating issues related to the game's design prevent Mirror's Edge from fully realising the concept that it initially portrays, and you're constantly left feeling that it just required 'something' else to it.
GameDaily (Nov 13, 2008)
Dodging bullets and narrowly escaping capture (as well as an addictive Time Trial mode) make Mirror's Edge worth playing if you have the patience to survive its concrete jungle. Yet Faith's limited punches and kicks result in tedious combat, linear routes make the city surprisingly small and accidental deaths force you to restart numerous times. Just make sure you look before you, well, you know.
GameSpot (Nov 11, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is many things: invigorating, infuriating, fulfilling, and confusing. It isn't for everybody, and it stumbles often for a game that holds velocity in such high esteem. But even with all its foibles and frustrations, it makes some impressive leaps; it just doesn't nail the landing.
Gaming since 198x (Jan 04, 2010)
Mirror's Edge est donc un titre agréable pour peu que l'on ne souffre pas trop du mal de mer en parcourant les toits de sa vertigineuse cité. Il est en outre trouvable un peu partout à petit prix, il serait donc dommage, malgré ses quelques défauts, de refuser les quelques heures de plaisir qu'il a à offrir.
Gamestyle (Dec 06, 2008)
The perfect word that can really sum up Mirror’s Edge is unfortunately, disappointment. It showed so much promise and it’s a type of game that hopefully EA won’t sum up as a failed experiment and move on. Due to the bad sales figures it may just end up that way, as the title is already being discounted at retail.
UOL Jogos (Nov 20, 2008)
Na intenção de mudar de ares, a DICE e a Electronic Arts resolveram apostar no fenômeno do Parkour para criar "Mirror's Edge", um jogo de exploração bastante ágil e com controles bastante simples. No geral se apresenta como uma aventura inovadora e divertida, mas que sofre com as limitações do design e com um sistema de combate ineficaz. Com certeza ganharia mais pontos caso contasse com um modo principal mais prolongado ou novos modos de jogo para aumentar sua vida útil, mas da forma em que está, parece um produto inacabado.
Gamekult (Nov 13, 2008)
Impossible de ne pas s'incliner devant l'originalité et l'esthétique splendide de Mirror's Edge, un pari aussi audacieux que vertigineux. Digital Illusions réussit même l'exploit de marier le genre de la plate-forme et du FPS sans perdre en souplesse ni en précision, le jeu se révélant très intuitif dès les premiers instants. Le concept ne tient malheureusement pas la distance, la faute à des environnements bien trop répétitifs, un rythme souvent haché et une progression par l'échec frustrante, qui va à l'encontre du sentiment de liberté promis au départ. Les bases sont néanmoins posées pour une éventuelle suite.
Giant Bomb (Nov 12, 2008)
Consisting of just nine chapters, most of them running well under an hour your first time through, Mirror's Edge is a fleeting experience, though you can play through time trials or speed runs separate from the story. The highs in Mirror's Edge are undeniable, and Digital Illusions deserves credit for some of the bold choices it makes here, but the first-person perspective that helps make it so singular is also its biggest liability. Momentum is the biggest strength of Mirror's Edge, and it's unfortunate that it trips over itself so often.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 17, 2008)
But for every bit as brilliant Mirror’s Edge is, it’s also equally as frustrating. For every time you exclaim in joyful accomplishment by nailing a series of jumps and lifts, you’ll lament missing a ledge by the width of a fingernail for what feels like the hundredth time, just as much. It’s a game that comes agonisingly close to reaching true greatness, but miss-times its final step by just an inch. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t deter you from at least giving this a chance; and for the fleeting moments spent with Mirror’s Edge, it delivers a sometimes thrilling single player experience and its high points just about make the painful landings worthwhile.
50 (Jan 09, 2009)
Good graphics does not a good game make. I’m sure that’s how Yoda would’ve put it. I’m also sure even Yoda would agree with me on having that having a life bar, ammo count, auto lock on and some in game third person cutaways for the high anxiety moments would’ve improved the gaming experience.
Game Arena (Nov 20, 2008)
There's not a lot to redeem Mirror's Edge beyond its immersive atmosphere. The clipping is probably the worst thing about the game - it's simply inexcusable to have a game rely on something so much only to have it not work when it should. The game gets full marks for trying something new, but trying and failing is still failing. Mirror's Edge embodies a "Form over Function" design philosophy which doesn't really work for video games. With an extra six months and a storyline to speak of Mirror's Edge would have been a classic.
Game Revolution (Nov 14, 2008)
Mirror's Edge is the kind of game that you can see in the curriculum of some design school for its outside-of-the-box approach and polished style. But playing it is a different story. If you do feel the need to punish yourself, spend your money on a dominatrix instead of Mirror’s Edge.
Immoral Gamers (Nov 19, 2009)
The game is short. It’s really, really, really short. Five hours short. If we remove the death sites scattered throughout the game you could effectively beat it in three hours. Yes, that’s two hours spent falling to your death and reloading checkpoints. Mirror’s Edge doesn’t turn out a terribly exciting experience since you’ll be sprinting and jumping through the same bland-looking areas with the wide array of free-running techniques you have at your disposal, which amount to slightly more than a half dozen.

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