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In putting a smile on faces of nostalgic gamers, Monster Madness also gives them a black eye with it's maddening stretches of gameplay. Games like this are definitely needed, but the quality really has to be there to match the historic theme. It's well worth a look, but go into it knowing that it offers some problems that you thought that developers destroyed years ago.
The gameplay can be quite sloppy and frustrating at times, a problem not helped by the poor checkpoint system. Still, this has "sleeper hit" written all over it.
XBox Front (Nov 20, 2007)
Monster Madness hat ein riesiges Problem – Seine Steuerung. Diese ist leider so ungenau und schwammig, dass dadurch der gesamte Spielspaß leidet und der Kampf gegen die Monster einfach keinen Spaß macht. Insgesamt hat jeder Bereich so seine Schwächen. Die Monster sind blöd, das Missionsdesign ist teils langweilig, der Sound eine Zumutung und die Grafik ist nur gehobener Durchschnitt. Einzig der Multiplayer mit seinen vielen Modi und dem Koop-Modus verdient sich ein Lob. Abschließend ist zu sagen, dass man Monster Madness getrost ignorieren kann und sich lieber den kommenden und schon erschienen Hits zuwenden sollte.
55 (Jul 16, 2007)
Monster Madness : Battle For Surburbia est un titre sans prétention qui parviendra peut-être à séduire les joueurs en manque d'action et qui n'ont pas envie de se compliquer la vie. Au fond, son principal défaut est de ne pas offrir aux gamers la possibilité de parcourir la campagne ensemble sur le net. Pour le moment, il ne mérite sans doute pas son prix et on conseillera donc aux futurs acquéreurs d'attendre de le trouver en occasion.
50 (UK) (Jun 25, 2007)
Nevertheless this is nineties videogame cliché; an unrelenting gangbang of tired mechanics presented in mostly derivative clothing. The script, dialogue and voice acting grasp for irony but only manage weak cliché. That the game doesn't offer an online campaign mode is disastrous, an oversight the 'king-of-the-hill', 'capture the flag' etc other stock online modes fail to compensate for. In what appears to be an effort to stave off criticism that the game is unimaginative, the designers have sought to add diverse extra ideas to freshen the classic mechanics. But that these fail to work elegantly only serves to bring attention to the core game's mediocrity rather than shroud it.
Totally Gaming Network (Jul 20, 2007)
After playing the game I feel like the concept of Monster Madness was a sound one. However the majority of most of the things were implemented so poorly that it ceases to live up to any of its potential. If you use this as a party game and only play it when friends come over then you could have a lot of fun with it. Otherwise you are going to get frustrated quickly. The fact that this game is priced at $60 doesn’t help matters either. If this game was priced around the $30 it would be easier to recommend to; however in its current state I really can’t do it. My advice to people is to download the demo off of Xbox Live. If you like the demo then rent the game first to see if you like the final product. If you like it then by all means go out and buy it. However don’t just go out and blindly purchase this game or you could find out that you wasted $60 as well as your time if you are one of those players that didn’t enjoy the experience.
Monotont och hyperaktivt men inte helt utan förtjänster. Vinner mycket på att spelas tillsammans med flera vänner. Ensam tröttnar man lätt.
GameSpot (Jun 13, 2007)
All told, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia feels like a wasted opportunity. The premise is cool, and the combat seems like it has potential. However, the controls and lousy co-op camera muck the whole thing up so that nearly all the fun is sucked out of it, regardless of how many people play. Plus, as mildly amusing as the online multiplayer can be, it's absolutely criminal that this game doesn't include some form of online campaign mode. Though considering how unwieldy and awkward everything else in the game is, maybe that wouldn't have helped all that much.
37 (Nov 12, 2007)
Eigentlich hätte Monster Madness eine Mordsgaudi werden können. In geselliger Runde mit abgefahrenen Vehikeln und Tötungswerkzeugen auf Zombie-Jagd zu gehen, als Werwolf, Dämon oder Vampir eine Spur der Verwüstung zu ziehen und sich um heiß begehrte Beutestücke zu streiten, klang verlockend. Bei der Umsetzung ihrer Ideen sind die Entwickler allerdings so kläglich gescheitert wie Bill Clinton mit seiner Definition von "Geschlechtsverkehr". Miese Steuerung, miese Kamera, miese Technik, miese Spielbalance, miese KI - selbst der Humor ist mies. Die Krönung ist allerdings die geradezu haarsträubende Lokalisierung, an der man scheinbar monatelang gefeilt hat, um solche Stilblüten wie "Bringen Sie den Treiber in ihnen und Knall durch das Entweichen heraus!" zu erschaffen...
The Video Game Critic (Nov 09, 2010)
I can appreciate its irreverent take on the horror genre, but Monster Madness lacks entertainment value. Apparently zombies ate the fun too!