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89 (Dec 30, 2008)
Naruto: The Broken Bond is a really fun game to play, the adventure mode does get a little tedious at points but the fighting and graphics really make up for it. Fans of the show are going to love this game.
Naruto: The Broken Bond may well give the much publicized Ultimate Ninja Storm a run for its money as the best Naruto game this year. Although the latter was touted for its amazing visuals, The Broken Bond is the most complete-feeling Naruto title currently available. With a fun and varied story mode, an easygoing battle-system and, most importantly, online brawling functionality, Naruto: The Broken Bond is definitely worth your time as a Naruto fan. This title has plenty of content, and if you can’t wait to get back to Konoha, this title is one of the best ways to do so!
MS Xbox World (Dec 01, 2008)
In closing, Naruto: The Broken Bond, isn’t the most accessible game in regards to its story, and those characters contained within; yet at the same time offers gameplay which covers a lot a ground which should keep fans / non-fans well occupied and entertained. If you’re after an emotive adventure, simplistic distractions, an amalgamation of ideas wrapped neatly into a well-rounded package, you’d do well to give The Broken Bond a well deserved look in. Fans should lap this up like a cat to cream, and for those truly involved with the series will find that once the story on offer is drawn to its conclusion, you’ll be left painstakingly hung, over a precipice of anticipation for the next game in the series.
InsideGamer (Nov 26, 2008)
Ubisoft is er in geslaagd een zeer goede Naruto-game te maken en heeft met Naruto 2: The Broken Bond ook meteen de beste Naruto-game in handen. De game bouwt voort op de fundering die is gelegd door het eerste deel. Nog steeds kenmerkt de game zich door zijn vrijheid en zijn sterke audiovisuele presentatie. Maar de beleving van het verhaal is net even wat intenser en meeslepender (al heeft dat ongetwijfeld ook te maken met het deel van de serie dat deze game volgt) en de speelduur is bovendien langer. Echt gigantische verbetering zijn er niet te vinden, maar Naruto 2: The Broken Bond is gewoon een completere game.
When I first started playing Naruto: The Broken Bond, I figured I would play for about an hour and then get on to doing some other errands. Instead I found myself playing for four hours and having to rush to get my errands done. I was surprised at how much fun I had playing The Broken Bond and how much I wanted to play more to find out what happened in the storyline. This is one of the best games based on a license available on any system. If you are a Naruto fan, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you are looking for an adventure game with a nice amount of variety, then you might want to at least give it a rental.
Gaming Age (Dec 24, 2008)
It's not quite a perfect game, definitely, but it's the best Naruto game I've been able to play, and I'm glad to see steady improvements being made here. I'm hoping the next one will continue that trend, and I'd like to see a bit more emphasis made on the in-between fighting segments to help the overall gameplay feel a bit more balanced. Still, it's worth picking up, even if you're not a big fan of the cartoon, as the game itself is still fun to play without any real knowledge of the show. Check this one out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
IGN (Nov 18, 2008)
Much of Broken Bond improves on Rise of a Ninja, but there are a few areas that seem worse. In particular, the lack of innovation in mission design hurts, as you will be sent on numerous fetch quests. It doesn't help that the forest looks pretty much the same no matter how differently each area has its traps set up. Aside from some bad quests, The Broken Bond is a great game. I'm not a huge Naruto fan, but I couldn't help but be drawn in by the story. And the end set of missions -- which can take well over an hour to complete -- are thrilling. A fun online brawler is just more reason to keep playing Broken Bond after you've beaten the main mode.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 22, 2009)
I just wish the missions had more variety, because many of them boil down to simple fetch quests. Otherwise, there isn't much else that bugged me about the game other than Naruto every time he opened his mouth, and that's not Ubisoft's fault (in fact, they were kind enough to include the original Japanese VO). For fans this is a no-brainer, but even those looking for a fighter or RPG with some interesting twists should give this a try.
82 (Dec 05, 2008)
In den ersten Stunden ist Naruto - The Broken Bond auf klarem Award-Kurs. In jeder Hinsicht seinem Vorgänger überlegen, überzeugen auf den ersten Blick sowohl Kulisse, Story als auch Spielmechanik der cleveren Mixtur aus Prügler und Action-Adventure. Doch nach dem pompösen Einstieg und den ersten Missionen wird deutlich, dass unter dem Strich nur die visuelle Pracht das hohe Niveau beibehält. Die Geschichte ist zwar spannend und vielschichtig, aber nur für Spieler mit Vorkenntnissen komplett nachzuvollziehen. Die neuen Team-Mechaniken sowohl während der Kämpfe als auch während der Action-Adventure-Sequenzen sorgen für ein runderes Erlebnis. Und mit zahlreichen Minigames sowie Nebenaufgaben wird man ansprechend unterhalten Daher ist es bedauerlich, dass sich die Missionsstruktur zu einer überwältigenden Mehrheit auf einfache Hol- und Bringdienste verlässt und man unnötig durch Abschnitte gelotst wird, um Spielzeit zu schinden.
GameFocus (Jan 26, 2009)
Ubisoft have improved upon the previous 360 title in nearly every way, making Naruto: The Broken Bond the most complete and compelling entry in the series yet. For Naruto fans out there, this is a must have. For the uninitiated, the story may not win you over, but the combat and puzzles are interesting enough to be worth at least a rental.
XboxAchievements (Jan 20, 2009)
Playing this game was a pleasant surprise, especially due to the fact I’d never followed the series or really enjoyed fighting games as a whole. The missions may start to get repetitive after a while but the story more than makes up for it and the online modes can keep you occupied long after you’ve finished the game. It’s mainly for fans but give it a go and you may be shocked at how much fun you have.
80 (Nov 20, 2008)
Broken Bond est l'archétype même de la suite faisant plaisir. Ubisoft a en effet réglé la plupart des problèmes de Rise of a Ninja tout en ayant grandement amélioré le mode Aventure. Le tout n'est pas encore parfait mais on se rapproche petit à petit d'une adaptation indispensable à tout fan du manga original. En somme, pour un éventuel troisième épisode, il faudrait que les développeurs se penchent sur les combats encore un peu statiques mais en l'état, autant profiter de ce que nous avons : un excellent titre.
Video Game Talk (Dec 18, 2008)
If you're a Naruto fan then Broken Bond should definitely be on your play list. Ubisoft's take on the Naruto franchise is every bit as good as its eastern counterparts, and in many ways I'd venture to say that it's even more so. However, with strong titles such as Ultimate Ninja Storm coming out Ubisoft has some competition. Still, if you enjoyed Rise of a Ninja you'll appreciate its direct sequel even though too many elements feel the same. The game is highly recommended though and it's a blast the whole way through.
80 (Nov 26, 2008)
Naruto: The Broken Bond is op elk vlak de overtreffende trap van Rise of a Ninja. Heb je van het eerste deel genoten, dan zal het vervolg je ook geenszins tegenvallen. Doordat de verscheidene spelelementen over het algemeen uitstekend uitgewerkt zijn en de instapdrempel redelijk laag ligt, is het spel bovendien uitermate geschikt voor nieuwkomers. En zelfs al heb je een antipathie tegen koddige personages, dan nog zal The Broken Bond geregeld een glimlach op je gezicht toveren. Al is het maar omdat de hoofdpersonages totaal geen gêne kennen en regelmatig de meest onzinnige dingen brabbelen.
Meristation (Nov 20, 2008)
Naruto: The Broken Bond es un gran paso adelante con respecto a lo visto el año pasado. Parte de las mismas bases, de las cuales hereda algún que otro problema, pero potencia mucho la experiencia con un modo historia el doble de largo, un plantel de luchadores el triple de amplio, un sistema de juego basado en la colaboración por equipos, la posibilidad de poner el audio en inglés o japonés, y una excelente adaptación del gran argumento de esta parte de la obra de Kishimoto. La variedad de misiones y el estilo desenfadado y alegre del título, que se conjuga con la gravedad de otros momentos, componen un muy buen juego que, de seguir así, podría alcanzar cotas de calidad muy importantes en futuras entregas. Por lo de pronto, se convierte en una alternativa prácticamente imprescindible para los seguidores de Naruto.
TeamXbox (Nov 19, 2008)
Few games like this are as enjoyable for the Japanimation-ignorant. But if you are one of those people and you play this game, you might find yourself suddenly interested in a whole new world of weirdness. Play the new Naruto game, we recommend it. It’s not perfect, to the hardcore or others. But it is good enough to give you an experience you won’t regret. And who can ask anything more of a videogame than that?
Established missions are still there - loverlorn villagers still need perking up, and there are races a-plenty - but much more on offer besides. And alongside flashier fights, a more helpful HUD and gorgeous new locations, it helps build the ideal sequel for every budding Hokage. Believe it.
Console Monster (Jan 02, 2009)
Naruto: The Broken Bond was a big surprise for me. When it arrived for review I was quite dubious about the game, being based off of a TV show. However, the fighting and the story are top notch. It's just the missions themselves that sort of take the fun away from the bulk of the game.
Gamer 2.0 (Dec 01, 2008)
As an entire package, Naruto does a good job of presenting an awesome part of the story, but makes enough fumbles that stunts the potential to really be the best Naruto experience out there. Roughly forty percent of the main quest is filler, which makes it seem like the developers valued padding the playtime over providing a great Naruto experience. If you're a huge Naruto fan, this will be a good rental to avoid spending the full cost while those that are new to Naruto will enjoy the game for the awesome moments with a little more forgiveness for the flaws. If you’re looking to satisfy your fighting needs, check out Soul Calibur IV or another fully-fledged fighter on the Xbox 360. If you’re still unsatisfied, maybe the Wii or PS3 has what you’re looking for.
GameTrailers (Jan 09, 2009)
The Broken Bond isn’t a huge advancement for the Naruto franchise, but it does a fair job of matching battles and missions with the proper plot points. The story is somewhat skimmed over and the adventuring portions can get repetitive and frustrating. The fighting system isn’t bad though, and if you’re looking to throw down with the Naruto cast online, Broken Bond is certainly your best pick.
Despite the repetitive fetch quests, the fine story retelling and accessible fighting system make Naruto: The Broken Bond among the better anime or franchise based games available.
Game Revolution (Jan 27, 2009)
It’s very perplexing to actually enjoy a Naruto game. I never would have saw it coming. But the great game design along with the replay value of both the story mode and the fighting system along with some innovative mini-games actually made Naruto: The Broken Bond fun to play. If you’re into the anime series and have coped with some of the more lackluster titles in the franchise, you may want to consider giving this one a shot, and like me, even if you don’t like Naruto, you may want to check it out.
Planet Xbox 360 (Feb 27, 2009)
Nevertheless, Naruto: The Broken Bond certainly has plenty for the anime enthusiast. The game flows smoothly, and everything in it feels just like it does in the cartoon. The only problem with this is that the game sometimes sacrifices its gameplay to deliver this very authenticity, and you might find yourself wondering why you shouldn’t just go and watch the anime instead. Rather than developing its own gameplay elements, it simply borrows from other games. To be specific, it borrows that which is popular, rather than that which works well. All in all, this is a shame, and perhaps the only thing which stops the game from being the perfect equivalent to the popular cartoon show. But if you’ve already watched that to death and are looking for more, The Broken Bond as the best Naruto game yet, comes somewhat recommended.
GameSpot (Nov 26, 2008)
Completing the Story mode will take most players about 10 hours, and the majority of that time is spent on boring fetch quests that have you visiting the same areas and avoiding the same simple obstacles over and over again. Fans will wonder where the excitement of Naruto's adventures went, and newcomers will be left wondering if the anime really spends so much time having Naruto gather fireworks and flowers for shampoo rather than doing things that seem to matter. The saving grace of this package is the fighting modes, which, while a bit too shallow to stand on their own, have enough characters and enough modes to keep fans occupied for quite a while.
70 (Dec 08, 2008)
It would be hard to play Naruto: The Broken Bond and not get some enjoyment out of it, but it's just not the game it could have been. If you're a Naruto fan you've probably picked this up already, so it really comes down to what everyone else should do. Given The Broken Bond's quite dazzling presentation it's easy to overlook its main fetch-quest focussed flaw, so it's well worth a look. Just be aware that to non-fans some of the storyline will be quite hard to follow.
1UP (Dec 09, 2008)
Aficionados need not hesitate -- The Broken Bond presents the Naruto franchise in a largely engaging manner, with plenty to see and do in the campaign and via Xbox Live. It's a less definite prospect for newcomers, though, as the fan service and familiar scenarios go a long way toward masking the frustrations and limitations found within.
JeuxActu (Nov 25, 2008)
Avec un peu de travail et un soupçon de génie qui manque encore à cet épisode, Ubisoft Montréal parviendra certainement à passer au grade de Chûnin. Si Naruto : The Broken Bond ne dispose toujours pas du peps caractéristique de l’œuvre de Kishimito et qu’il reste assez éloigné des standards de qualité actuels, il faut tout de même lui reconnaître une réelle évolution qui lui permet de revêtir le titre de fighting game sans avoir à rougir. Ce qui n’est malheureusement pas le cas de la partie solo, qui se révèle une fois de plus assez barbante à jouer avec ses scénarios hors-sujet, ses incessants allers-retours et ses peu nombreuses mécaniques à assimiler puis à recracher inlassablement. Dommage.

antstream tournament