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PGNx Media (Dec 09, 2005)
EA Sports’ perennial basketball franchise makes a next-generation appearch. NBA Live 06 for the Xbox 360 includes a brand-new graphics engine and some next-generation features that truly make you feel like the next generation is upon you. Unfortunately, some concessions were made to get this game available in time for launch, so you’ll miss some expected features like a franchise mode.
1UP (Nov 17, 2005)
So in short, Live 360 has more flaws than 2K6 360. Fact. But it also is far more ambitious and is the first game in a long time to take large steps towards making basketball games as a whole better. There's nothing at all safe about this game, and as a result the finished product is raw, unpolished and lacking depth -- but it's also one of the most "next-gen" and exciting games you can play right now on 360. Live 360 is something new and feels like what you should be getting when you buy a next-gen game. Once this game gets polished over the next few years, it's scary how good it could be.
74 (Feb 01, 2006)
NBA Live 06 is the successor of 2005's edition and there's little new to be told about it. It's a good basketball game, looks fantastic (at least on a hi-def TV), but the gameplay does have some drawbacks here and there. If you have a similar game that you're satisfied with, or you've got last year's edition and no HD-TV, then there's little reason to go running to the nearest shop. Hardcore NBA fans may not agree though, and who am I to contradict them?
Planet Xbox 360 (Feb 01, 2006)
Even though this game shows sparks of brilliance I don’t necessarily recommend the purchase of it due to the short list of features and slow pacing. However it’s those sparks of brilliance that can very well turn this NBA Live franchise into a juggernaut of a NBA sim in a year or two down the road. So hold off on your purses and check books ladies and gentlemen, and watch the development of this franchise closely in the following years.
Game Chronicles (Nov 25, 2005)
Most people think that since I was born and raised in Indiana that I have the sweat of NBA players flowing through my veins. And while I did play a bit of basketball in junior high, I can’t really claim to be as big a basketball fan as most Hoosiers. For instance, the only thing I can tell you about the Pacers is that Reggie Miller is the king of three-point shots, and that their televised home games preempt my episodes of Smallville on the WB.
You could have a worse time than banging the boards with NBA Live, but this offering does nothing to service fans. If anything, Live serves up an alley-oop pass for NBA 2K developers Visual Concepts to dunk home with its superior franchise.
Gaming Target (Mar 10, 2006)
Xbox 360 owners who are also sports fans should be in gamer heaven because when it comes to major sports titles, companies have all the bases covered… Well, all the bases except for baseball. EA Sports dominated launch day with football, soccer and golf, while 2K Games took care of hockey and snowboarding. Both publishers put out their own basketball games too, the only sport to see competition on the system’s first day. Even though EA’s NBA Live and 2K’s NBA 2K6 are based on the same sport, their next-gen debuts are fairly different. Live 06 is a lot like the rest of EA Sports’ lineup: stunning, but stripped of modes. 2K6, on the other hand, surpasses Live’s feature set but it’s not as flashy. For early adopters that want to impress friends with the finest next-gen graphics, it’ll be a tough choice between looks and longevity.
games xtreme (Feb 14, 2006)
NBA Live 06 really should have shined brighter than anything, but it is seriously marred with missing features and clunky animations. The graphics engine is superb and the presentation is top notch. But the game suffers over LIVE and also the lack of the franchise mode, proper replays and the awful shooting method conspires to drag the game down into the ranks of the mediocre. The AI is fairly good although your team AI seems a little bit lax, while the computer opposition AI is fairly sharp; again this feels as if this section of the game was rushed along with several other things.
65 (Jul 17, 2006)
Overall NBA Live 06 is a mixed bag. Graphically it's certainly a next-gen title, but graphics alone don't make a game worth buying. There are very few additions in terms of gameplay and the lack of a Franchise mode really does hurt its lifespan. To sum up, NBA live 06 feels like a rushed title, and there are better all round games in the series. For this reason it's only really recommendable to hardcore fans of the series who want to experience next-gen basketball action.
65 (Dec 08, 2005)
Séduisant au niveau du gameplay, excellent graphiquement et accompagné d'une très bonne bande-son, NBA Live 06 aurait pu être un des gros titres du Line-up de la Xbox 360. Seulement voilà, à force de consacrer tous ses efforts au même endroit, on en oublie le reste. Alors qu'ils auraient dû bénéficier d'une version au moins aussi complète que les autres, les joueurs 360 se retrouvent avec un jeu superbe mais au contenu plus que succinct et inacceptable pour une série d'EA.
GameSpot (Nov 22, 2005)
NBA Live 06 can be considered, in a lot of ways, the first true next-generation basketball game. The game engine has been rebuilt from scratch, and the game does indeed make a great first impression on high-definition screens, with excellent-looking player models and courts. Unfortunately, that great initial impression fades gradually the more you play. Though NBA Live 06 is still a fun basketball offering that's noticeably slower and more simlike than recent entries in the series, it falls short of its promise. Flaws like poorly blended animations, an erratic frame rate, a horribly flawed free-throw-shooting mechanic, and the lack of a franchise mode combine to keep NBA Live 06 from being the great basketball game it could have been.
62 (Nov 21, 2005)
Until Live on the Xbox this past year I was a 2k only baler but Live 06 on Xbox changed my view. So my excitement for a next gen version was extremely high. EA promised a more in depth game that brought us right into the action. Instead, we got a graphics display of what the 360 can do and what EA sports didn't do. Live feels like a major step back in the wrong direction and feels about as shallow as a kiddy pool. But not all is lost, previous versions showed that EA knows the gameplay aspect and I am sure that next years version will double-team players with great gameplay and amazing visuals. Untill then ,stay far away from Live 06. Its gameplay gets uglier then a Pistons Pacers match-up.
Totally Gaming Network (Feb 16, 2006)
Those who love the sport may be happy to wait for the ESPN game but EA veterans will know what to expect here - a glitzed-up version of the original XBox game but with the same old gameplay problems. The glitchy and horribly laggy Live does no favours either. Disappointing.
Player detailing and movements are greatly improved, but the series' problematic "dunce AI" is still ever-present. In the end, this game feels like a demo.
GameZone (Dec 07, 2005)
NBA Live has been a staple in EA Sport’s catalog of sports titles for some time now, and the 2006 entry to the franchise marks its debut on Microsoft’s next generation console, the XBox 360. While NBA Live 06 launched with the XBox 360, the game was actually released on other current generation consoles a few months ago at a $40 price point. Unfortunately, for those holding out for the $60 360 iteration, the game doesn’t exactly deliver the next-gen basketball experience that they’d hoped for. Instead, NBA Live 06 on the XBox 360 is somewhat of a rushed chop job, with fewer features than it’s current generation counterparts. The Dynasty mode is gone, as are the slam-dunk contest and the innovative freestyle superstar controls. For those looking to get the next-gen basketball game, you’d be better off waiting for Live 07.
59 (Dec 13, 2005)
Erst der Absturz von FIFA 06. Jetzt springt NBA Live 06 hinterher. Hallo EA? Wie kann man seine Sportspiele so schlampig auf eine neue Konsole bringen? Das Basketballspiel, das uns auf PC und Konsolen noch begeisterte, entsetzt auf der Xbox 360 mit unverschämt starken Rucklern, einer schrecklichen Kameraführung sowie einer regelrechten Kastration in Sachen Umfang und Spielmechaniken: Was bringt mir der fotorealistischste Shaquile O'Neal, wenn er wie in Slow Motion durch die Arena schleicht und ich den Ball nicht sehe, den er gerade fängt? Kamera und Technik sind eine Katastrophe. Was bringt mir ein neues Freiwurfsystem, wenn man dafür all die Star-Bewegungen opfert? Warum gibt es keine Dynasty und kein All-Star-Weekend mehr?
IGN (Nov 17, 2005)
Kwame Brown in a box. That pretty much sums up Live 360, a game that might have the look of a #1 pick, but just doesn't have what it really takes to be a champion. This is a game that has seen the most disappointing, perplexing transformation from current to next gen, as EA Sports inexplicably decided to take out everything that made the Live series a million seller in favor of sweat and midgets.
Overall, NBA Live 06 still isn't on par with other basketball games. The gameplay still needs a few touches, there obviously needs to be more to do in the game, the glitchy animations and stuttery frame rate both need to be fixed, and I hope I never see such bad camera angles again. Even with these gripes, if you liked NBA Live on other consoles, I'd recommend that you rent Live 06 for the Xbox 360 to see the beginning of the next generation for this franchise.
Video Game Talk (Feb 17, 2006)
NBA Live 06 is a shallow experience that is doubtful to last for more than a rental period. The lack of established features, the mistake-inducing camera angles, and the embarrassing achievements are the worst flaws in the game. The idiotic free throw system doesn't help either. EA Sports picked the pockets of new Xbox 360 owners at launch with this incomplete game. I can't recommend this basketball title to anyone, especially with feature rich NBA 2K6 available for the Xbox 360. Go pick up NBA 2K6 if you really need a basketball title or wait to see if EA Sports figures out how to create a worthwhile game in the 07 version.
Pro-G (Dec 20, 2005)
There are always a few launch games that rely on their graphical superiority to push sales. Take NBA Live 2006 for example. It's a solid title right? Hell I gave the current-gen versions a respectable score of 7. There were plenty of gameplay modes, dynamite superstar moves, and my personal favourite: the Slam Dunk Contest. What more do you need?
GameSpy (Nov 22, 2005)
Let me start by saying that, since the first NBA 2K on Dreamcast, the Visual Concepts-developed series has been worlds ahead of any other hoops game on the market -- NBA Live included. However, I will concede that Live 06 has taken several strides to be more competitive with 2K's stellar efforts. At least, it took those strides in other iterations of this series, because the 360 version has received a full lobotomy.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 15, 2005)
At the end of the day, you can probably just wait until next year’s NBA Live 07 to get a full package of b-ball, because NBA Live 06 just isn’t worth your time.
The changes to the Live series here are promising, and the potential for the next few years is here. NBA Live 06 however is unfinished, lacking, and unable to break away from the arcade fest it's always been. This never should have been released without basic features we began to expect from sports games 10+ years ago.
Game Revolution (Nov 21, 2005)
Sensing a theme here? NBA Live 06 looks great – I will give it that – and it's nice that EA tried to build a new team rather than just play it safe and port over their old game like NBA 2K6, but maybe that was a better idea after all. With a slew of annoying omissions and flaws, NBA Live 06 is proof positive that the new generation should really stay in school.