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Maxim Magazine (Dec 12, 2007)
Does EA's new basketball sim have that new-baller sim smell? Sure does. The arenas received some nice visual tweaks this year—they're now so life-like you can almost smell the $7 hot dogs and under-the-bleachers vomit. Like this year's Madden, player animations have been smoothed out, meaning your baller's movements look more life-like than ever.
TeamXbox (Dec 11, 2007)
The truth of the matter is that it’s not financially feasible to reinvent the wheel every year, so the goal is to reuse code—hopefully with enough tweaks and twists to make it a worthwhile upgrade to its predecessor. In NCAA 08 March Madness’s case, an intricate post-play mechanism, online leagues and the best classic collegiate hoop teams of all time make it twisty enough for us to recommend it as a worthy upgrade to last year’s offering.
Sometimes you fill your bracket out and you think you're going to be the ruler of the office pool...and then your lead-pipe locks go down in flames. On paper, March Madness appears to be a game that has its bases covered. It's not until the bullets start flying that you realize how this title comes up just short.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 28, 2007)
NCAA March Madness 08 definitely gives it the old college try and is still a solid college basketball game overall, but just the act of trying to be great isn’t good enough, particularly when there’s not much of an upgrade from its predecessor in the franchise. Gamers who have played both last year’s and this year’s EA college hoops game will see that it has made some small progress in its gameplay and available features. But nowhere near the significant improvement made by NBA Live 08 and certainly not enough to be waving any championship banners of gaming greatness when directly compared to 2K Sports’ College Hoops 2K8.
GameZone (Dec 11, 2007)
This is a game that could have been so much better, but simply gets passing marks because the game does give some solid elements but misses the boat in many other areas. What was once a very good franchise is starting to become a generic rehash with a few tweaks thrown in each year to sate the need to say something new was added. Yes, it is still entertaining, but it’s not the game one would have hoped it would be.
Gaming Age (Jan 10, 2008)
NCAA March Madness 08 has a few flaws such as some transitions of animations, easy fast break opportunities, and a few game play quirks, but nothing will distract any college fan from getting excited about the team they love. If you love college hoops, then NCAA March Madness 08 may be the game for you. While EA still has a long way to go to regain the love they found from fans of the Coach K series, they are taking the right steps to win fans over each year.
IGN (Dec 11, 2007)
NCAA March Madness 08 is a solid basketball title and is definitely a step above what we saw from Live 08. The fluidity of the game has been ironed out a bit and even though the basketball itself doesn’t behave as well as we’d like, the March Madness franchise is definitely making strides (albeit short strides) in the right direction. There aren’t enough gameplay additions that push the package forward to warrant dropping the cash if you already have last year’s game, but if you’re a diehard fan or haven’t laid your hands on March Madness in a few seasons, March Madness 08 is the best effort we’ve seen on this round of consoles.
74 (Dec 29, 2007)
This is a classic example of graphics look better but the gameplay isn't as compelling as the competition. March Madness 08 is much better than its NBA cousin and the ESPN and online integration is more than enough reason to keep playing. In a shoot out between College Hoops and March Madness, College Hoops edges out March Madness with more refined gameplay and between the versions, the Xbox 360 version is superior to the PS3 version.
Lawrence (Jan 09, 2008)
Like Mario Party, file this under “if you liked it for each of the last five years, you’ll like this one, too.” This year’s addition to the March Madness library feels really no different than the ’07 version, which means you’ll get some nice animations and decent hoops gameplay. I’d think you’d have to be a hardcore NCAA fan to prefer this over the NBA Live series. ’Hawks fans will appreciate the spot-on portrayal of Allen Fieldhouse.
Game Over Online (Jan 14, 2008)
The overall feel of this year’s March Madness handles a lot like last year’s version. The same in-depth recruiting and no significant improvements on the gameplay besides the new post control, which is decent, leaves you wanting more. Maybe the only real progress that EA Canada has made this year is the college basketball atmosphere. However it doesn’t make up for the other overlooks. If you’re at the game store browsing what to buy next, you might want to rent this one first before throwing down the cash.
Basketball fans who want more arcade-like action than the sim-heavy College Hoops 2K8 may find some fun in March Madness, but serious hoops fans should stick with 2K.
Still, Dynasty Mode is plenty deep this year and has a new recruiting system that's similar to NCAA Football 08's. There's also a free-shooting mini-game that lets you sink jumpers during load screens, which is really cool. The online quickplay is pretty slick and there's even (gulp) online leagues, which will give this baller more legs than the normal yearly update that NCAA hoops games often are.
Darkstation (Jan 29, 2008)
Other than that, there really hasn't been much else changed, although a lot of the improvements that we saw on the NBA Live 08 game have translated over to this game. Although my complaint may be a familiar one if you have read my reviews for a while. I just didn't feel like the gameplay was as smooth in this game as it was in the NBA game. It's not bad, but the polish seems to be missing in spots. For example the hit detection when players are posting up or maneuvering around just seems a bit funky. All in all however NCAA March Madness 2008 is just a game with some minor improvements. It's not going to win any new fans and I think the current fans are going to be pretty bleak about it. There just wasn't enough new or improved in this game that made any overly positive feelings to surface.
GameDaily (Jan 03, 2008)
Overall, EA's game just can't keep up with College Hoops 2K8's pacing and excitement. All the Impact Moments and low-post play in the world can't compensate for March Madness 08's slow and unbalanced gameplay. That's too bad, because everything else, from the Dynasty Mode to the inclusion of Dickie V., is in place for dominance. Maybe next year, bay-bee.
Gamernode (Jan 07, 2008)
Last year March Madness was too fast, had no new gameplay, and offered little to give it an advantage over College Hoops. This year, they fixed the speed by slowing it down too much, they added new gameplay at the expense of fine-tuning the other problems, and they attempted to get ahead of College Hoops by offering classic teams. Is that enough for a purchase/upgrade? That depends on how much those small aspects of the game matter to you.
GameSpot (Jan 11, 2008)
You can't argue with the results of EA's focus on revamping 08's post play, and some people will really dig the inclusion of a large number of classic teams (with short shorts), but it's really a shame the developer didn't spend a little more time addressing the little nagging issues. These are what's keeping the game from reaching its full potential. If you're the forgiving type, not worried about real schedules or accurate statistics, and willing to look past a few annoying gameplay quirks, you'll probably have a good time with the game, but it's hard to recommend to hardcore hoopsters.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 01, 2008)
Overall, March Madness 08 is a pretty good basketball game. The problem is that it isn't the best basketball game available by far. It can probably easily claim second best, but College Hoops is a much better basketball experience. The animations are more fluid, the presentation is better, the pacing is more realistic…there's a veritable laundry list of things that College Hoops does better than March Madness. March Madness is not a bad game by any means, but if anyone is looking for the definitive college basketball experience, they should look towards College Hoops. March Madness is taking strides in the right direction, but it still has quite a march before it can actually compete.
If you were expecting big things and vast improvements in NCAA 08, you will be disappointed; the game just doesn't impress. The bottom line is this; the school mascots along with Dick Vitale's announcing make this game. But hey, at least they changed the menu music which had been the same six GSU Tiger marching band songs for the past two years.
1UP (Dec 11, 2007)
March Madness is decent, no question, but it dashes our high hopes. This one has a long way to go to feel like real college basketball on the court, and not just off of it. Even with all its glitter, it's dim when compared to the shiny College Hoops 2K8.
Game Tap (Dec 19, 2007)
Maybe I just need to catch up on my sleep, but playing a recent game of NCAA March Madness 08, I think I counted 10 yawns in the first half. By the second half, I needed a serious jolt of caffeine to even make it to the buzzer. It was 4 p.m.