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Destructoid (Nov 03, 2011)
This is the kind of game you can easily give to an elder family member if they are a fan of the show, without ever having to explain how it works. It offers a couple of casual evenings worth of extra NCIS entertainment with your favorite characters, and for some fans that might be just what they want.
Overall I can say that NCIS for the Xbox 360 delivered what I expected of it. It flowed well and though the character movements were lacking as was the soundtrack, I did enjoy the interrogations, exploration of crime scenes and the twists and turns that developed within the story line. There is lots of room for improvement within the character animation, such as the mouth movements, but the characters were quite similar to their TV personalities and did have you wanting to catch the bad guys while laughing at the interactions between them. Despite NCIS being appropriately priced at approximately $40.00, it is a game that difficult to recommend for all gamers. It remains a game for fans of the TV show and for those that simply do not play a lot of video games.
Worth Playing (Dec 02, 2011)
It's difficult to not view the NCIS game as a blatant cash grab. It may be available at the lower price point of $40 ($30 for PC), but the four cases only take about four hours to complete and there is zero replay value. If you're playing the Xbox 360 version, you gain a full 1,000 Gamerscore simply for completing the game. You have the option of replaying the cases, but since you've seen everything during the first playthrough, there's no reason to do so.
55 (Oct 28, 2011)
Ubisoft nous revient avec la série NCIS, permettant de retrouver ces personnages bien connus au cours de quatre enquêtes inédites. Si les fans auront plaisir à retrouver cet univers, grâce notamment à l'humour distillé dans les cut-scenes, on restera par contre de marbre face aux diverses « énigmes » à résoudre, ressemblant surtout à des mini-jeux particulièrement simplistes.
Digital Spy (Nov 12, 2011)
Overall, NCIS feels like another procedural tie-in, attaching a well known property - this time a hit US TV show - to a procession of rather dreary mini-games that becomes a long advert for the show. There is even a prompt to watch the "Buy the Season Eight DVD Trailer" in the main menu, which probably tells you all you need to know about the game. With titles such as Heavy Rain available, introducing sophisticated elements of detection and interrogation to video games, NCIS seems way behind the times. If you are a diehard fan of the show then this game will hold some positives, but otherwise this is not a case worth taking on.
IGN (Nov 10, 2011)
At the close of NCIS: The Game’s final episode, I didn’t feel as though I’d gained any insight into investigative procedure. The minigames are entirely too easy to qualify as a learning experience. After doing one of each type of investigation, the rest of the game simply rehashed the same animations and poor challenges until its over-arching story faded out. I can only recommend this game to anyone who bleeds NCIS love from their veins or lives on achievement points; for everyone else it’s just not worth the time.
XboxAddict (Jan 17, 2012)
So lets see shall we, the plus sides of the game are that the NCIS TV characters look right, sound right, and act right. The bad..... Well everything else actually. I actually feel sorry for taking your time to read this; it's minutes of your life that you can't get back. The control scheme needs a complete overhaul, and the non-existent camera controls make playing the game about as enjoyable as getting in a high speed car accident. This is unfortunately not a good detective game, nor is it a good game period. But there is a good side to this; hopefully studios will pay attention and learn a lot from this game by learning what not to do.
Official XBox Magazine (Nov 28, 2011)
Throughout four episodes stretching across four-or-less hours of gameplay, you’ll find yourself repeating the same activities in what feels like an infinite loop, from crime scene to forensics lab to deskside computer-hacking. The mini-games designed to help root out fingerprints or trace a suspect’s movements never really change or provide anything approaching challenge. It’s as if they’ve been overly simplified to get out of the way of the stories, which fall short of the enjoyably campy, seedy highs of those in the CSI games. Instead, you’re left with awkward, stilted voice-acting, serviceable graphics, and rote button-pushing that feel less like a game experience and more like channel-surfing on your couch. Skip.
GameSpot (Nov 17, 2011)
Childish minigames and saw-it-coming plots make NCIS a mockery of its TV inspiration.
Impulse Gamer (Nov, 2011)
The back of the box copy trumpets “Join the NCIS team as you investigate Murder, Espionage and Terrorism!” When in actuality the real NCIS or someone that licensed this franchise out, should investigate what the heck went so terribly wrong here. A spectacular show and its fan base were given a huge black eye with this one, and someone committed Murder on the franchise as a game when they released this game. Sadly I cannot suggest this title to gamers, let alone fans… and it would be an odd game to give little Timmy to Investigate such adult themes. Maybe one of these days someone will be able to take the franchise to game form in the way it deserves, for right now, that day sadly is not here.
Inside Gaming (May 17, 2012)
NCIS The Game is pedestrian in every way, with its only conceivable virtue being that it has easy achievements. The perfect storm hit during one of my deduction sessions, in which I discovered the bank criminal had used his debit card a block from the scene of the crime.