Need for Speed: Carbon Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Nikki gives you some driving advices before the game opening.
The opening cinematic gives a slight introduction to cars and gangs.
Main title
Main menu
You can customize your game soundtrack.
Career mode with current tier 3 class car
This tier 1 class Mazda served me well during initial territory occupation.
My tier 2 class car, tuned to the max, yet unable to match final territory races.
You can have up to 3 crew members, but can fire/hire them at any time.
Yumi is one of the finest scouts you can add to your crew.
Nikki is drafter and will join you only when story fully unveils.
When you install new parts, you can tune them to your preference.
Map of the territories
Cruising the town.
Hopefully nitro boost will save me from collisions.
Starting the race wars, the only race type to include this many cars.
Avoid collisions as they can cost you your victory.
Of course, no race can go without a scratch.