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90 (Oct 15, 2009)
It should be said that if you have no interest in the sport, or cannot handle the busy menus, this is anything but your dream game. It is challenging, it requires a lot of patience, and the game relies too many times on you actually knowing how to play it with very little pointers. But if you are a huge fan of the sport, and want to be given over 25 different game modes, this is your game of the year!
Gaming Age (Oct 16, 2009)
Both NHL games, one from EA and one from 2K Sports, have been making incremental changes the past few years to improve upon their promise. EA's game has grown into the role of the hockey simulation, while NHL 2K has become a better and better version of what hard core hockey fans see as a casual game - lots of scoring. This year is no different, and NHL 2K10 has made some of the most needed improvements while staying consistent to its identity - as a welcoming game that gives us the chance to play like the Ovechkins and Crosbys.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 28, 2009)
As with other 2K Sports titles, the menu interface is absolutely horrendous, and trying to use the replay system is a nightmare. When will 2K realize that using the right stick to bring up a menu makes no sense!? Friends of mine who closely follow the sport of hockey swear by NHL 10, but I think more casual players (like myself) will favor NHL 2K10.
Worth Playing (Sep 26, 2009)
Overall, with some great presentation and truly fun video game hockey, not to mention a laundry list of features and without doubt clear improvements over the past couple years of the franchise, NHL 2K10 is a worthy hockey title. It just isn't likely to be the most worthy hockey title this year. Perhaps the best praise I can ladle onto 2K10 is that I was actually looking forward to bashing this title for its bad graphics, gameplay glitches, ridiculous commentary and often perverse CPU AI. After spending many enjoyable hours with the game, however, I can do nothing but recommend it as a lesser, imperfect, but still quite reasonable alternative to EA's NHL license, especially if you'd just as soon save the $10 difference between the two games' retail prices.
GameFocus (Sep 30, 2009)
NHL 2K10 has the style, but unfortunately, the substance just isn’t as compelling on the Xbox 360/PS3. While the Wii has a shiny new control scheme and a drastic upgrade in content, the HD console versions are merely last year’s game with a new coat of paint. This is a game that plays it too straight and doesn’t take any risks. While it’s more polished than previous games in the series, it just isn’t bringing anything really new to the table this year.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 12, 2009)
NHL 2K10 has made some solid improvements over 2k9, but it's still a ways from all-star caliber. A decent AI and better graphics have brought this game closer to highlight reel performance. Zombie pallor of the players complexion and average online functionality need to be addressed for next season.
Game Chronicles (Oct 02, 2009)
NHL 2K10 is another case of “two steps forward, one step back.” Big changes for the better in graphics and customization are offset by arcade style gameplay and the removal of all the classic teams from last year. NHL 2K10 had such great potential, but again is ruined by a severe lack of vision at 2K Sports and Visual Concepts.
As a person that preferred the 2K NHL games in years past, this latest offering is somewhat a disappointment for me. The slow gameplay and the sluggish controls make NHL 2K10 a struggle to play, and it is too easy to score as the defensive AI is lacking. Toggling the sliders does not remedy the situation all the time either. On the bright side the game does look better with realism that is verging on rivalling EA’s game. Unfortunately the player models still have not changed and tarnish a great looking game. As seems to be the way over the last few years, I hope next year’s version keeps making the necessary improvements to regain the crown it once owned.
70 (Oct 29, 2009)
Grâce à sa grande accessibilité au niveau de sa jouabilité et de ses modes de jeu, NHL 2K10 demeure l'une des valeurs sûres du hockey virtuel. Cependant, cela fait maintenant 3 bonnes années que la série stagne et on attendait beaucoup plus de ce nouveau volet afin de fêter comme il se doit les dix ans de la licence NHL 2K.
70 (Oct 08, 2009)
Com o avanço dado na vertente on-line, transversal aos modos de jogo individuais, esta versão de NHL alcança uma imediata disponibilidade para o confronto com outros adeptos do género espalhados pela rede. Porém, os modos de jogo não abundam em novidade perante as opções anteriores. Mesmo assim trata-se de uma experiência de grande acessibilidade com um mecanismo de controlo mais simples, eficaz e capaz de proporcionar grandes momentos, reviravoltas no marcador e lances dignos de revisão.
Game Watcher (Oct 27, 2009)
NHL 2K10 talks a good game with it’s brilliant TV-style presentation and is almost every bit as comprehensive as its competitor, but when it comes down to the clutch, 2K can’t quite seem to ‘squeeze it’ where it really counts.
DarkZero (Oct 23, 2009)
The package as a whole isn’t as polished and deep as NHL 10, but its accessibility and fun factor certainly counts for something. It looks great too, and with online modes that extend the challenge and lifespan of the game, NHL 2K10 has come as close as its ever done to matching EA’s game.
Console Monster (Oct 05, 2009)
Overall, NHL 2k10 isn’t the strongest of ice hockey titles. The game appears to have been rushed for release and whilst there are some great features, they are simply the icing on the not-so-yummy cake.
It's hard to recommend a game when there is a clearly superior alternative on the market that does everything so wonderfully. NHL 2K10 isn't bad and it is poised to make a run at the EA franchise sooner rather than later. But for this year, unless you are completely adverse to anything other than a quick arcade hockey fix, NHL 10 is the game to get. Just don't forget about the 2K series next year. Or, in hockey terms, EA may have the lead going into the second period but 2K Sports is hungry and steadily gaining momentum.
GameTrailers (Sep 17, 2009)
Despite offering a full roster of game modes and a solid overall gameplay experience, NHL 2K10 lacks the personality and fun factor needed to take things to a championship level. The lack of anything truly innovative or unique combined with sub-par features and a less-than-stellar presentation means that the 2K franchise once again plays second fiddle to NHL 10. Unlike cover athlete Alexander Ovechkin, there's not enough character in NHL 2K10 to make it a truly memorable experience.
GameSpot (Sep 22, 2009)
Fewer demands come with fewer rewards. Even though NHL 2K10 is an improvement over its predecessor, its continued lack of depth means that experienced gamers will soon master it and look for greater challenges. You can increase the difficulty, of course, but that only appears to increase the speed of the game rather than test your hockey abilities. So this is really sort of a starter hockey game that you might play for a while before graduating to a more serious effort like NHL 10. There isn't anything particularly wrong with that, of course, although the game's long-term value seems limited to social gamers who want something accessible to play with their less hockey-inclined buddies.
TeamXbox (Sep 26, 2009)
Things like the Zamboni Races are fun, but it’d be better for 2K to concentrate on its core components before spending its resources on fringe offerings. It’s said that competition is good for pushing the one who’s at the top to maintain that lead, but it also should bring up the ones who are behind and inspire them to get better—and hopefully challenge the leader. NHL 2K10 doesn’t seem close to that face-off yet, so we’ll be looking to see what 2K Sports has going for it when the puck drops next year.
Official XBox Magazine (Sep 16, 2009)
Once we pumped up the speed sliders, however, everything fell into place. We got in the groove of scoring lots of goals, landing huge hits, and building highlight-reel plays. NHL 2K10’s oldschool sensibilities felt great…for a little while. This arcade hockey is a reasonably fun alternative to aggressive realism, but it lacks the substance that’ll keep us playing its competition long after both games launch and hockey season has come and gone.
However, there's an overall lack of personality to the game - there aren't enough control quirks to master or career goals to aim for. While EA's NHL 10 rewards you at every turn for digging into the game, NHL 2K10 has nothing new to offer but the chance to ride a Zamboni machine and polish ice.
69 (Sep 24, 2009)
Die vom Spiel gesteuerten Team-Kameraden erlauben zwar ein größtenteils cleveres Passspiel, den Partien fehlt aber der spielerische, grafische und akustische Biss. Es macht Spaß, wirkt aber angestaubt - ich habe einfach zu wenige Möglichkeiten, das Geschehen zu beeinflussen. Ähnliches gilt für die Spielvarianten: Der Franchise-Modus wird zwar ausgebaut, in Sachen Umfang zieht die 2K-Karriere aber klar den Kürzeren. Richtig gut gelingt den Entwicklern nur die Online-Anbindung - dass ich jederzeit einen Kumpel meiner Freundesliste in jedes beliebige Spiel einladen darf, ist sogar vorbildlich! Unterm Strich bleibt aber die Frage, warum ich mich mit grauen Bärten aufs Online-Eis begeben sollte, wenn die frischen EA-Stars dabei eine deutlich bessere Figur machen. Falls Visual Concepts so weiter macht, befürchte ich jedenfalls, dass in zehn Jahren keine weitere Jubiläumsedition des 2K-Eishockeys erscheinen wird.
While it does bring some good things to the table, NHL 2K10 unfortunately stumbles on the most important aspects of a good hockey game. Sluggish game speed, unreliable controls, and bland game modes leave the game several steps behind its competition. Next year, 2K needs to get back to the basics and focus on creating a great gameplay experience before all else. Once they nail the on ice action, they can naturally expand on some of the great ideas they have for online interaction. Until then, they'll have to settle for second place.
IGN (Sep 15, 2009)
NHL 2K10 isn’t a bad effort, it just feels like the development team spent most of their time on the graphics and forgot about adding a worthwhile game mode. There were subtle additions to the gameplay formula (stick lifts, slightly improved AI, player progression in franchise mode) but there are so many lingering issues from last year’s game that the improvements get lost. With such a great hockey effort available elsewhere on the market, there really isn’t a reason to pick this one up unless you’re looking for a simpler, less realistic brand of the sport.
XGN (Sep 27, 2009)
Hou jij van ijshockey en vind je het leuk om zo af en toe eens een wedstrijdtje te spelen? Dan is NHL 2K10 een titel voor jou. Ben je meer opzoek naar een ijshockey game met een serieuze kant, dan is NHL 10 een betere keuze.
GameZone (Sep 21, 2009)
Unfortunately, NHL 2K10 isn’t the strongest entry in the 2K Sports NHL franchise and, while it’s not a horrible hockey game, it just doesn’t come close to being as good as past entries. That said, there are some good ideas in this one as far as the online portion is concerned but it’s back to the drawing board for the single-player game.
60 (Oct 21, 2009)
NHL 10 is the clear-cut, no-contest winner in the battle for best hockey title this year. But the shame of it is that NHL 2K10 doesn't even put up a fight on its way down. Why not take a year off and decide whether you're making a party game or a hockey simulator. Pick a direction and stick with it. Oh, and get rid of Ovechkin.
Gamervision (Oct 07, 2009)
It’s really hard to review NHL 2K10 without comparing it to NHL 10. There is no question that EA’s product far surpasses 2K’s, but even if there were no EA hockey game this year, NHL 2K10 wouldn’t be a good choice. It’s too buggy, choppy, and unrealistic to be considered even a solid title. After a decade of hockey titles, the fact that 2K can’t put together a better package than this is surprising, confusing, and somewhat shameful. As good as they’ve gotten with their basketball title, they should be able to produce at least a sold hockey sim, but this definitely isn’t it. Oh well, at least you get to drive the zamboni.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 28, 2009)
With unresponsive skating and stickhandling skills, NHL 2K10 is a troubled hockey prospect. After taking the ice with a polished game like EA’s NHL 10, going to Visual Concepts’ latest hockey game feels like switching the channel between a pro hockey game and a high school hockey tournament. The new skating system falls flat on the ice, with cumbersome, rigid movement that lacks agility and stubbornly relies on speed burst and backpedal buttons. These feel like antiquated holdovers from previous eras, considering real hockey players skate all out on every shift and switch effortlessly between skating forwards and backwards. Coupled with wooden animations, limited pro stick controls, a bare bones franchise mode, and inferior online team play compared to the EASHL, NHL 2K10 sails too many shots over the crossbar. With so many red flags, we recommend passing this prospect over.
1UP (Sep 21, 2009)
If 2K can refine the online options, make the Create A Player feature worthwhile, and make the skaters on the ice actually feel like they are skating, then next year's entry could be worth a look. As is, there is still a better product for consumers to pick up this year, and this is not it.
Boomtown (Oct 07, 2009)
Were it not for EA's latest NHL bombshell, NHL2K10 could be recommendable as an entry title for anyone new to the sport, but the worth of any title will ultimately diminish if a game comes along that surpasses it in pretty much every way. The on-going appeal of NHL10's stats and progression system is something 2K10 simply cannot match, and couple that with the poor controls and slow pacing and you've got no decision on where your money should land.