Nyan-Tech Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Difficulty selection
The tutorial spells out the basics. Get the key...
...avoid the traps...
...and reach the goal before time runs out!
First stage. The labeled blocks are controlled by the corresponding button on the controller.
Ooh, shiny!
Didn't quite make it...
Things gradually get more complicated.
Heeere, kitty kitty...
The timer only counts when you're moving, so make every movement count!
She seems curiously calm that a large stone block just came crashing down next to her.
Later stages fill more than one screen.
The button combinations also get more intricate.
Might as well, I'm out of time anyway...
Square buzzsaws! What'll they think of next!
These platforms move quite quickly.
One of the secret super-difficult stages.