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Gaming Age (Nov 13, 2008)
As stated in the Episode 1 review, the real test of quality for the game is based almost entirely off of whether you dig the Penny Arcade humor or not. It's a good game sans the humor, but the writing will either make or break the game depending on your tastes.
Giant Bomb (Jan 07, 2009)
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is shaping up to be a four-episode arc, and while I have no doubt that the Penny Arcade team has enough silly, vulgar material to power through the back half, I'll be curious to see how well the gameplay stands up. Between the quality of the content and the release schedule so far, this is probably one of the finest examples of episodic video gaming out there, though it's still susceptible to one of the format's implicit pitfalls--if it doesn't stay interesting, players won't keep coming back. For now, at least, the keen sense of silliness is enough to keep things interesting.
Electric Playground (Nov 24, 2008)
Don’t get me wrong, this is still a great game packed with just about all the humor, puzzle, and RPG-elements that an avid nerd could want from a downloadable title. Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two is the type of game that makes you want to dust off that green felt cloak and curl up with a sack of dice.
GameSpot (Oct 31, 2008)
Penny Arcade Adventures revels in its often off-the-wall and occasionally gross humor, which is both its biggest strength and weakness. The frantic combat makes the stretches between jokes entertaining, but those who aren't enamored with PA's brand of humor may wonder what all the fuss is about. The striking art design--with even more animated cinematics--and cheaper price point (1200 MS Points, 400 less than the first), make this hard to ignore for anyone who gleefully tore through New Arcadia earlier this year. Penny Arcade fans who get a laugh out of the strip’s humor will enjoy the game’s bizarre quest for deicide, and will have a blast mowing down legions of fruit fornicators and whacking the extremely wealthy with rakes.
70 (UK) (Nov 08, 2008)
It's a funny game, it's a better game than its predecessor and there are certainly worse ways to spend four or five hours. Episode Two nudges the series up from Just Okay to Actually Pretty Good. Let's hope that the third instalment continues the trend.
GameSpy (Oct 31, 2008)
Ultimately, though, what makes or breaks a Penny Arcade game is going to be its script. Here at least, the boys continue to deliver. Episode 2 is as filled with laugh-out-loud moments as its predecessor, assuming you enjoy Holkins's and Krahliuk's scream-in-your-face brand of comedy. It takes a little too long to get into the actual storyline and the final boss battle isn't nearly as memorable as the first episode's, but these are quibbles on what's otherwise a first-rate story. Whatever the minor problems with art direction and lackluster enemies, for Penny Arcade fans, that's going to be good enough.
Legendra (Nov 22, 2008)
Digne suite de son prédécesseur, cet épisode 2 n'a malheureusement que peu d'intérêt sans l'épisode 1. Ce n'est pas un réel défaut à mes yeux mais pourrait l'être pour d'autres. Bref, un jeu réservé à ceux ayant pu apprécier l'humour et l'intrigue du premier épisode. Un RPG au système extrêmement classique dans un univers empli d'humour noir mais qui n'est pas traduit en français et exige donc un bon niveau d'anglais pour être complètement apprécié.