The Outfit Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
88 firing during the intro.
Use armored vehicles to protect your troops.
In-game menu
You can also take control of stationary guns.
You need to capture objectives to progress through levels.
Sometimes special missions will pop up during the mission...
...which will most of the time result in achievements.
Battles also take place in small towns.
German Puma armored vehicle
Mission select screen
You can also capture enemy vehicles.
Destroy those searchlights to harm the enemy.
Assaulting a gun from the front is a bad idea.
Most if not all houses can be destroyed as well.
Driving a M4 Crocodile.
Your heroes will get weapon upgrades for completed missions
Your objectives are usually being presented in a short movie.
Always set up defenses after capturing objectives.
Capture special depots to unlock weapon categories.
Your tank is beaten up pretty bad, maybe repair it.
Red smoke indicates drop points for new units...
...which will be delivered in large crates.
The German panther tank is the biggest threat to you.
Driving a T34 Calliope.
Firing away the rockets... this one is fun
Mission summary
La resistance... female of course
Radial menu to select the reinforcements.
Reinforcements drop in via parachutes.
Another movie scene
Take control of the antitank gun to destroy the fighters in the back.
Fight your way along the beach to reach the airship.
Mission start with overview map
Hero select... each one has different stats and weapons.
In-game tutorial
Gather your squad to route the enemy.
Select a nice sport for your antitank gun and make sure to point it in the right direction.
You and your squad driving around in a jeep.