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The A.V. Club (Jun 29, 2009)
While it has base instincts at its core, Overlord II works as a whole because it knows where to exercise restraint. The sound design is crafted with care, so the Minions’ battle cries harmonize in a mayhem that stops short of cacophony. And the story is informed by a surprisingly literate sense of humor that’s more tongue-in-cheek than hand-in-armpit.
1UP (Jun 22, 2009)
If that dark place in everyone's heart lies a little bit closer to the surface of yours, this is far and away the best place to let it out. I mean, unless you already have a tower, harem, and army of hilarious little bastards to do your bidding. In which case, do you need a roommate?
90 (Oct 20, 2011)
Overlord II erfindet das Rad der Niedertracht nicht neu. Böse Zungen mögen es gar Overlord 1.5 nennen, aber die Liebe zum Detail, das Timing an den richtigen Ecken, das perfekte Rätseldesign, der homogenere Storyaufbau, die Minion-Passagen, all das geht weit über ein schlichtes Upgrade hinaus. Ein paar winzige Kanten bei der Kamera oder der KI der Minions bleiben, aber es fällt im Angesicht des gebotenen Guten im Bösen kaum noch ins Gewicht. Und seien wir ehrlich: It´s good to be bad. Und so böse wie hier waren wir sicher nicht in dem scheinheiligen Fable und auch sonst nirgends. Das ist der Real Deal des verkommenen Daseins und es fühlt sich einfach gut an.
GamesCollection (Jul 30, 2009)
Overlord 2 è un gioco atipico, che si è evoluto cercando di fornire nuovi spunti rispetto al primo capitolo. Per chi si avvicinerà per la prima volta al gioco di Triumph Studios, sarà una vera sorpresa, soprattutto grazie ad una buona narrazione, ad un comparto tecnico ben realizzato ed alla sana e divertente violenza orchestrata dagli amici Serventi. Per chi ha già giocato il primo episodio, si troverà comunque ad affrontare una nuova avventura, per quanto (forse) non troppo evoluta rispetto all'orignale. Un gioco divertente, ma non per tutti, anche perché certe dinamiche del gameplay richiedono una buona dose di impegno e strategia. Per chi si vorrà impegnare, saprà sicuramente conquistare e regalare tante ore di sano (e violento) svago! Approvato!
Vandal Online (Jun 26, 2009)
Con todo esto, Overlord II se trata de una sobresaliente aventura de acción y estrategia que ningún aficionado al género debería perderse. No son muy numerosas las novedades que presenta, pero incluso los aficionados al original encontrarán en este título el suficiente encanto como para quedar prendados de él. Muchas horas de diversión, una historia hilarante, y un diseño de la acción bien desarrollado lo convierten en una de las propuestas más interesantes del año.
TeamXbox (Jun 22, 2009)
Sure, there are some glitches and foibles, but some of the best games (Grand Theft Auto, for instance) have a lot of those and still provide plenty of enjoyment. While Overlord II might not match up as evenly as GTA in the glitch-to-enjoyment ratio, it certainly does entertain during its closer-to-greatness gameplay. The key is that Codemasters and Triumph improved the gameplay experience, so hopefully they’ll nail down the loose ends by the time the next Overlord is ready to rule.
Game Observer (Jul 21, 2009)
Terrorizing fairytale stereotypes with improved mechanics is once again fun, but the minions won’t be able push the game all by themselves for too long.
RPGamer (2009)
The biggest detriment Overlord II faces is also one of its strongest points: it really doesn't take any major steps forward from the last game. But the original game was terrific, and there's enough that's new and enough that's been improved upon to make Overlord II as enjoyable as the first. The game isn't terribly long, likely lasting most players a bit more than twenty hours if they take their time, but there is room for a second playthrough if players want to try a different evil philosophy. Many RPGs offer players a choice between good and evil, but no series takes the same approach as Overlord. As Gnarl the Minion Master says, "It's good to be bad, but it's better to be evil."
Cynamite (Jul, 2009)
Overlord II macht als Fortsetzung vieles richtig: Es gibt zahlreiche schöne Locations, abwechslungsreiche Aufgaben und erweiterte oder sinnvoll abgeänderte Spiel-Elemente. Dass ich mit Teil 2 aber trotzdem nicht ganz zufrieden bin, liegt an einigen kleinen Schwächen, die in der Summe einfach stören. Vor allem, dass ich meinen Untertanen zu häufig unter die Arme greifen muss, nervt. Zudem ist eine Story fast nicht vorhanden und die Zwischensequenzen leiden unter mäßigen Sprechern – das trübt etwas den Spaß am Bösesein.
GameSpy (Jun 24, 2009)
Unlike so many other sequels, Overlord II navigates the fine balance between completely reinventing the game and not adding enough features to make it feel like more than just a glorified expansion pack. Aside from the often-mediocre framerates and some painfully spaced checkpoints, I had a disturbing amount of fun terrorizing, killing, and/or enslaving all who stood in my way.
InsideGamer (Jun 26, 2009)
Overlord II is een goede game geworden. Waar de humor misschien niet iedereen aanspreekt, staat de gameplay gewoon als een huis. Ondanks de kleine irritaties, zoals de niet altijd lekker werkende camera, zorgen de verschillende soorten puzzels, de ijzersterke soundtrack en boeiende wereld voor een fijne game waarin de innerlijke duivel in je zich even helemaal uit kan leven.
Official XBox Magazine (Jun 24, 2009)
To be fair, most parts of Overlord II are fun, and its problems are offset by high production values and funny dialogue (oh, those minions!). A lot of folks missed the original game, so here’s your second chance: Overlord II preserves what worked last time, improves what didn’t, and tries several new ideas on for size. They don’t all fit perfectly, but few other developers are even using Overlord II’s dark materials, let alone with this much success.
But let's be realistic, that sort of thing wouldn't really fit on the game's morality slider. There are few titles that are as charming as Overlord II, and only in this distorted fantasy world could playing the bad guy be so fun, engaging and - most importantly - guiltless.
80 (UK) (Jun 22, 2009)
Overall, in what has been a pretty underwhelming year for games so far, Overlord II feels like a shining beacon of quality. Not only is it a distinct improvement on the original, but the new features add greatly to what was already a superbly entertaining game. It manages to strike an excellent balance between being challenging and rewarding, and does so throughout with a wicked smile on its face. If the original was something of a sleeper hit, then the sequel ought to wake people up to its deliciously evil charms.
Overlord II will feel largely familiar to players who weathered through the original game. The development team has shored up some – but not all – of the loose elements to make the gameplay a bit tighter and added in minor touches here and there that generally enhance the evil enjoyment it dishes out. The new additions help to amp-up the inherent fun of being a rampaging dark overlord, but the linear path of destruction you’ll create doesn’t really feel like epic progress. You’ll find some entertaining mayhem here. Just don’t expect to be blown away.
XboxAchievements (Jul 03, 2009)
While not a vast improvement over the original, the gameplay and story are still solid and provide plenty of fun moments. Sadly the dubious multiplayer has come along for the ride yet again and it just does not seem as fresh as the first game did. I would urge you to give it a go, but considering how cheap the original is by now, you will probably pay over the odds for what is basically more of the same.
games xtreme (Jul 20, 2009)
The first game was fun; the second is about the same. It's not going to win any GotY awards nor is it going to win any kind of awards for innovation and action either. It is a good game but could have been so much better with an expanded mp component and some thought in the actual story/character writing. It all comes off a little too 'edgy' at times and rather than making us laugh, it made us want to skip the scenes. The problems that were there in Overlord haven't really been fixed for 2 and that's one of the greatest crimes against this game. If it was fixed it would probably be an awesome title.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Jun 26, 2009)
Sur le fond, Overlord 2 est identique à son ancêtre. Il baigne toujours dans cette ambiance délirante de fantasy absurde où le Mal règne en maître. Sur la forme, le jeu bénéficie d’une poignée de nouveautés intéressantes qui combleront à coup sûr ceux qui avaient adoré le premier volet.
GameTrailers (Jun 23, 2009)
Though it doesn’t quite have the wile to ascend to triple-A status, Overlord II whips its subjects into shape with general gameplay improvements and its trademark sense of humor. It isn’t quite king of the hill just yet, but if you’re looking for an enjoyable—albeit predictable—vent for your evil emotions, then this could be a decent option.
75 (Jun 26, 2009)
Véritable pied-de-nez à tous ces jeux qui nous donnent à observer des elfes hautains et magnifiques, des chevaliers vertueux et des nains inflexibles, Overlord II nous sert une aventure drôle et bien menée. A la tête d'une petite armée de larbins dévoués, on se fait du bien en répandant le mal. Et si les nouveautés de ce second volet ne sont pas très nombreuses ni très significatives, elles permettent néanmoins de donner encore un peu plus de profondeur à l'expérience. Le titre saura donc séduire les possesseurs du premier épisode comme les néophytes désireux de passer du côté obscur.
72 (Jun 29, 2009)
Und das Missionsdesign ist so linear angelegt, dass ich quasi immer nur von A nach B und C geschickt werde - vom frustrierenden Speichersystem ganz zu schweigen: Warum hat man nicht mehr Checkpunkte angelegt? Auch inhaltlich hat sich gegenüber 2007 zu wenig Kreatives getan: Man wendet dieselben Taktiken für seine braunen, roten, grünen und blauen Schergen im Kampf an, überwindet fast immer dieselben Hindernisse. Und das, was neu ist, wie das halbgare Moralsystem oder die statischen Geschützszenen, wirkt entweder inkonsequent designt oder als Lückenfeller aufgesetzt. Klar macht die satirisch angehauchte Machtergreifung aufgrund des schwarzen Humors zwischenzeitlich Spaß und sieht bis auf die schwachen Feuereffekte auch gut aus. Aber die visuell teilweise eindrucksvolle Action hätte auch von mehr Strategie und Anspruch flankiert werden müssen, um mir die zu früh heran schleichende Langeweile vom Leib zu halten.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 09, 2009)
Overlord 2 is bursting with good ideas, but a more disciplined approach to the game would have been more welcome. Still it’s not many games that make being evil the complete focus of the game. The last significantly successful fantasy based one was Dungeon Keeper 2 from a decade ago, and if you enjoyed that game it’s likely you’ll enjoy Overlord 2 despite the flaws. So if you yearn to unleash the bloodthirsty tyrant living inside you this game will suit you down to the ground. It’s amazing how good being bad can feel.
Destructoid (Jul 02, 2009)
If you liked the first game, then this is worth a purchase. Fans of the original will be prepared for the game's less savory moments and will be more than happy to struggle through for the end result. The ride is incredibly bumpy, but ultimately worth it.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Jun 26, 2009)
There's no denying that Overlord II is an enjoyable expansion on the original idea, which will entertain the fans. Unfortunately, the frustrations seem to mount up as you get further into the game, making it plainly obvious that Triumph has failed to really address key issues that thwarted the original. Stronger level designs, a rethink on the Minions/Orbs setup, and further playtesting on the checkpoint system could have made this a lot better.
GameSpot (Jun 25, 2009)
Despite its annoying foibles, the entire Overlord II package adds up to a fun game that is hampered by some real issues (in the same way that the game's sound is, for the most part, solid). If you can get past the wonky camera and are content to micromanage your minions, as well as the targeting system, then Overlord II is an ideal way to spend some of your spare time if you want to be a little evil. After all, you'd probably get arrested if you try to club a baby seal in real life.
The real shame is that Overlord II can be entertaining. It shamelessly embraces its evil heritage, and goes to great lengths to put the hilarious minions front and center. On the other hand, it just doesn’t play well. The controls are clunky, the pacing is unsatisfying, and the multiplayer feels tacked-on. While the original Overlord was a compelling game at heart, Overlord II just feels like an unpolished retread of ­familiar ground.
65 (Jul 01, 2009)
Overlord II initially appears to be a worthy sequel, but once you come to the realisation that it's really not sufficiently different to its predecessor, it's difficult to justify a purchase if you already happen to own the original. Bugs and glitches still pervade much of the game, with graphics and animations that seem a tad unfinished and crude. None of these issues conspire to completely break the game, but they do make for a sequel that fails to be what it could have and should have been. That said if you missed the original game, then Overlord II will be a pleasantly fresh gameplay experience well worth your time. If however, you caught Overlord the first time round, then you may find yourself feeling a little disappointed and short-changed by this sequel. Overlord II is solid enough, but it doesn't go quite as 'over-the-top' as we'd have liked.
Teletext (2009)
A disappointing sequel that is arguably inferior to the original, despite more amusing minion antics.
GamePro (US) (Jun 23, 2009)
Overlord II is a decent game that maintains its predecessor's greatness, but it doesn't show enough progression or improvement. The unforgiving checkpoints and host of other problems make it a frustrating experience, making for a sinfully fun title that forces you to a steep penance for your enjoyment.
IGN (Jun 24, 2009)
Overlord II is a sequel that is neither bigger nor better than its predecessor. The size and scope have been dialed back to something that is more akin to a straight action game. And since none of the frustrating elements of the first have been fixed -- namely the camera, control, and save structure -- this game just isn't much fun. No amount of British wit could bring a smile to my face as I treaded through the tedium that is Overlord II.