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Panzer General: Allied Assault Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
The dice roll determines if you get bonuses to attack or defense.
My tank got hit hard.
The mission objectives are always very simple.
Utah Beach looks a bit different than I remember from Medal of Honor.
My Battle Card increased my attack bonus by 4. The enemy's card his defense by 5.
Looking up the details of my Regular Infantry troops.
Supported by two artillery stations and another infantry battalion these Germans are as good as dead.
Finally I can put the heavy stuff in place.
Placing my first unit on the board.
Sacrificing a card is the last step before the real combat begins.
Earning achievements and completing missions unlocks special cards for multiplayer.
My infantry unit retreated from battle thanks to a smoke grenade.
Thanks to being in a city and surrounded by many friendly units, my Sherman kills off that German Tiger easily.
Creating my own deck for multiplayer matches.