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Portal: Still Alive Reviews (Xbox 360)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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User Reviews

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
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Overall User Score (6 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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1UP (Oct 22, 2008)
Granted, if you're primarily a fan for the atmosphere and personality, Portal: Still Alive likely won't sate your hunger like a true sequel eventually will. But by making the game available to a broader audience and including several excellent challenges (along with all-new Achievements), Portal isn't merely alive -- it's stronger than ever.
GameLemon (Jul 30, 2008)
Most games don't deserve such praise, but Portal isn't like most games. This is history in the making, people, for suresies. In the commentary (yes, Portal comes with a developer commentary, as do other games in The Orange Box), the devs mention that they've only scratched the surface of this type of gameplay. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the upcoming Portal 2. If that is to surpass this, they're going to need a controller that gives the user actual sexual pleasure.
TeamXbox (Oct 23, 2008)
But the new levels are really good. Very challenging from the get go, and meant for the advanced Portal player. Some of the solutions will be quite unexpected to, asking you to make some jumps to some place you never thought of before. If you’re a really hardcore fan you’ll want to check them out, and probably get the new achievements. But you’ll have to ask yourself whether it’s really worth $15. But for everyone else, it absolutely is. I can’t imagine the emptiness your life has been up to this point without having experienced the joys of the Companion Cube or the awesome song over the end credits. Portal: Still Alive is your chance to set your life right.
GameNorth (Oct 28, 2008)
What would you expect to be the best element in a First-Person Puzzler? The ingenious puzzle design? The clever learning curve and game mechanics? Play Portal and the answer may surprise you. The shining star of Portal isn’t the graphics or gameplay, but the villain, GLaDOS.
IGN (Oct 20, 2008)
Part of what makes the main Portal experience so successful is that the game draws you in quickly, subtly creates a believable world with every new room and then begins to slowly draw back the curtain. Much like a fine malt liquor, Portal sneaks up on you. By the time you realize what’s going on, it’s too late – you’re in its grasp, and you might as well stay up all night. If you didn’t play The Orange Box, you missed out on that experience, and now’s your chance to do so. If you’ve already played Portal, however, the draw of Still Alive is less clear-cut. If you’re mainly interested in the humor and atmosphere of the original, you might be disappointed with this download. And if the puzzles are more your thing, there’s definitely a lot of extra content here, but at a hefty price that PC gamers didn’t have to pay.
TalkXbox (Oct 27, 2008)
At the end of the day, as I've said many times before, this is an amazing game. There's no excuse not to try it out, should you have the 629 MB of space on your Xbox 360's hard drive. It's without a doubt one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games to date and one of the best gaming experiences to come along in a long while. Even a year later, Portal's impact on the gaming industry still resonates quite strongly with gamers the world over. If you have 1200 Microsoft points to spare, Portal: Still Alive is an excellent title to spend them on.
That Gaming Site (Nov 14, 2008)
Portal: Still Alive is a satisfying experience and an untouched concept. The price tag (1200 MS points, $15) is a bit hefty, especially with the currently reduced price of the Orange Box, and I wish Valve had done something additional to the storyline to justify the price. I recommend trying the demo first to determine if it’s your type of game.
UOL Jogos (Oct 24, 2008)
Pelo preço de 1200 Microsoft Points, "Portal: Still Alive" é uma barganha. Por download é possível adquirir um jogo com a mesma apresentação do original vendido no varejo, mas com quase o dobro de conteúdo. Mesmo que as novas fases sejam avulsas, sem se envolver com a genial trama da série, devem manter até mesmo o mais viciado veterano ocupado por um bom tempo.
90 (Nov 04, 2008)
Portal is een van de leukste, humoristische en origineelste puzzelgames van de laatste jaren. Voor nieuwkomers is Portal: Still Alive een fantastische deal: voor slechts 1200 Microsoft Punten beschikken zij over de compleetste versie van deze geweldige puzzelgame. Houd er wel rekening mee dat de game vrij veel ruimte van je harde schijf vereist en dat The Orange Box tegenwoordig voor een aantrekkelijk prijsje in de winkels ligt. Desalniettemin is Portal: Still Alive een absolute must voor iedereen die onbekend is met het oorspronkelijke Portal.
Console Monster (Oct 25, 2008)
Being a direct port with not much additional content, the 1200 Microsoft Points price tag is too much to splash out on for those who already own the title as part of the ‘Orange Box’, even with the inclusion of extra stages and achievements. Those yet to play Portal, this is the perfect opportunity to play possibly one of the sweetest games ever.
GameDaily (Oct 23, 2008)
It's pricier than most XBLA games (1,200 points instead of the standard 800), but you get your money's worth with Portal: Still Alive. Even if you think you've beaten it (even the final GLaDOS encounter), you haven't. The new challenge stages are a joy and the presentation is amongst Valve's finest efforts.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 22, 2008)
If Portal already graces your collection in last year’s Orange Box compilation, the 14 new maps tacked onto the Live Arcade edition add little more than an hour or so of interesting brain-twisters with a few extra obstacles (sorry, no GLaDOS here). But if you haven’t gotten your hands on this brilliant masterpiece, now is your chance to purchase the game — independent from the original compilation — while planted firmly on your couch.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
Portal's blend of first-person, action, and puzzle elements marked by wry psychology and facetious dialogue make for a one-of-a-kind experience. Bolster this package with Still Alive's 14 new, more difficult levels and this is a game that shouldn't be missed.
90 (Oct 23, 2008)
The simple ideas are often the best, and Portal, quite simply, is one of the best ideas for a game we've ever seen. It's fantastically realised, brilliantly executed, and had me wrapped around its computerised finger for two-and-a-half unforgettable hours. This is gaming in its purest form.
GamePro (US) (Oct 25, 2008)
If you've never played Portal before all you need to know is that it's a must buy, plain and simple. Quit reading right now and download it. Say "Hi" to the Weighted Companion Cube for me. The real dilemma is for gamers who've played it before. Do you buy it or not? That depends. If you still own the Orange Box or have the PC version of Portal, the extra maps and Achievement Points are probably not enough of an enticement to revisit the "Enrichment Center". But if you don't have Portal in your gaming library any longer, another helping of cake will hit the spot.
90 (UK) (Oct 22, 2008)
Portal remains an absolutely fantastic game, a wonderfully constructed vignette of puzzles and gallows humour that everybody should play. This solus download offers just that. If you've already sucked the original experience dry, you can skip this without worrying that you're missing out. If you've yet to make GLaDOS' acquaintance, however, you should waste no time in downloading this.
3D Juegos (Oct 27, 2008)
Portal: Still Alive es para aquellos que ya jugaron al Portal original incluido en la edición de Half-Life 2: La Caja Naranja, el reencuentro con los mismos retos pero con el añadido de los nuevos mapas de desafío. Para aquellos que no pudieron disfrutarlo entonces, Portal: Still Alive supone una estupenda serie de imaginativos retos en forma de puzzle, que debemos resolver utilizando portales tridimensionales. Portal: Still Alive hace gala de un soberbio apartado técnico, jugabilidad adictiva y excelente banda sonora, esta vez sí, con voces en castellano. Si algún pero se le puede encontrar es, sin duda, su corta duración. Aún así, se trata de un juego totalmente recomendable y que no deberías perderte.
GameSpot (Oct 28, 2008)
Short as it may be, the original Portal was a fantastic game that should be played by anyone interested in unique, well-crafted gameplay and a witty, whip-smart script. The Xbox Live Arcade release doesn't add enough new content to entice people who already own or have played the game, but newcomers should be eager to download this for less than the cost of a night out at the movies. Portal may not last much longer than some feature films, but pound for pound it remains one of the best games in recent memory.
Meristation (Oct 23, 2008)
Portal: Still Alive no pretende innovar, ni tampoco suponer una gran revolución con respecto al título que ya conocimos hace un año. Su objetivo es ofrecer más niveles a los aficionados, nuevos retos a superar con los complejos portales, convertirse en la mejor compilación posible si nunca se ha disfrutado del título antes. Y es algo que consigue y con creces: Still Alive es todo lo que fue Portal y más, con unos nuevos puzzles realmente enrevesados que alargan considerablemente la vida del título. A un precio de 1200 Microsoft Points, tal vez no sea la oferta más barata de XBLA, pero sí que consigue convertirse en uno de los títulos más espectaculares y satisfactorios del servicio. Si nunca antes habías jugado a Portal, o esperabas a hacerlo en español, este es tu momento.
NZGamer (Nov 05, 2008)
So are you a diehard nut who can’t get enough Portal action? Then you’ll probably already own this one. And if you’re new to the whole thing, Still Alive is easy to recommend. But everyone else in between, you may be better off saving your pennies for the inevitable Portal 2.
None of this package is new, which is why we've deducted a point. Still Alive is a pricey luxury for Portal fans. But hey, if you've never played it before, feel free to slap that point back on and enjoy one of gaming's tastiest treats from the last few years. Just go easy on the cake and this is a triumph references. We've already been there and done that, remember?
Gameplanet (Oct 31, 2008)
Portal is a fantastic game that all gamers should experience. It's unique, funny (one of the best end credits to a game, movie or anything, ever!) and very gratifying; this is why it has previously had such a good score. This particular package, however, is tougher to rate. If you have not played Portal before and don't have a PC to get it on (where it's cheaper and the extra content is free!), then Portal: Still Alive is a great option.
75 (Oct 31, 2008)
Un an après sa sortie, Portal reste un excellent titre, une expérience intense et intelligente que l’on a plaisir à revivre régulièrement. Cette version étendue propose de plus une vingtaine de cartes inédites sur console, à la difficulté parfois abusive certes, mais très intelligemment conçues. Dommage cependant que le prix de vente soit si élevé.
70 (Nov 05, 2007)
Pour faire simple et bref, Portal propose un concept franchement original et le met fort bien en pratique. Maintenant, mieux vaut en faire l'acquisition dans le package complet de l'Orange Box ou attendre la diffusion de nouvelles cartes si on souhaite l'acheter à part, histoire de ne pas souffrir de la durée de vie rikiki. La note qui suit porte donc plutôt sur l'acquisition en pack.