Prey Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Prey's menu screen
Loading screens show hints and tips.
This bird is Tommy's guide throughout the game.
Tommy's guide can translate alien text for him.
There are lots of things Tommy can touch or use in his environment.
Heath basins replenish most of your health.
Portals allow you move from place to place.
A hand from a dead alien can be used to open doors and portals.
On some stages,you will have to use a shuttle to get about.
A quick smack from your wrench will soon put these guys to sleep!
Is this alien massive or has Tommy been shrunk?
These guys are tough as nails!
You don't die in Prey. You get sent on a Death Walk instead!
In Spirit Walk mode you can see hidden walkways.
Secret areas can also be found using Spirit Walk.
Dead enemies leave behind life force witch replenish Tommy's spirit gauge.
The Leech gun can be recharged with different types of energy.
This gun can mow down most enemies within seconds!
The Hunter Rifle has a handy sniper scope.
That alien nearly killed me with a head shot!
It looks like the aliens have been taking planes out of the sky!
Prey is full of strange happenings.