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Prismatic Solid Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

A very stylish animated title screen!
Main menu.
Control configuration.
Game credits. This game actually got a soundtrack CD release!
Starting the first stage.
Particles! Particles everywhere!
There are six different weapons. This one is fittingly called the Rainbow.
The options change formation depending on which weapon you have equipped.
Boss of the first stage.
Taken down without much trouble!
Each enemy type has its own specific attack patterns.
These things can't be destroyed, but shooting them pushes them back so you can create a gap.
Geometry Wars, eat your heart out.
Second boss.
Run away from the rainbow!
The game looks quite gorgeous in motion.
The walls fall into place right in front of your ship!
There are even in-game achievements to unlock!
Dismantling the third boss bit by bit.
High score list.
You can check your earned Stars in the menu.