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Prison Break: The Conspiracy Reviews (Xbox 360)

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78 (Mar 22, 2010)
Fans der Serie werden sich über die Gelegenheit freuen, Fox River gründlich erforschen zu können und sich über das wenig abwechslungsreiche Gameplay nicht so sehr den Kopf zerbrechen. Sehr wohl stören wird Letzteres aber alle nicht serienaffinen Spieler, die sich mit einem passablen, aber nicht überragenden Stealth/Action-Mix zufriedengeben müssen. Man sollte daher zumindest die erste Staffel der Serie gesehen und gemocht haben, sonst spricht leider nicht viel für die Anschaffung von Prison Break - The Conspiracy.
GamingEvolution (Apr 08, 2010)
There are very few licensed games that have been able to live up to expectations of the movie/TV show/comic book/novel counterpart. While there is indeed so much to look forward to with Prison Break: The Conspiracy, it just seems there wasn’t enough time and money in the budget to make this an experience that’s truly worthy of the hit series. On its own, it’s a solid gaming experience worth playing.
44 (Apr 12, 2010)
Alles was man machen muss, ist nicht etwa schlecht oder frustrierend designt, sondern vielmehr so schrecklich tröpfelnd und belanglos, dass sich ein Vergleich auch mit dem ödesten Splinter Cell-Teil schon aus Anstandsgründen verbietet. Serienfans können zugreifen? Besser nicht, denn die dürften noch enttäuschter sein: Prison Break bietet keine spannenden neuen Einblicke in das Gefängnisleben, sondern etwa sechs Stunden uninteressanter Randstory der Serie, nach denen es keinen Wiederspielwert mehr gibt. Wenn schon irgendwas Knastiges, dann doch bitte mit Riddick oder dem Joker drin!
XboxAchievements (Apr 15, 2010)
Prison Break is a stealth game that has a broken stealth mechanic that pretty much fails on every level. The story isn't up to much either and the level of realism is non-existent. I would say that this is a game purely for fans of the show, but it has been released such a long time after the original series that it no longer seems that relevant. Rent it if you must, but be prepared for disappointment.
35 (Mar 26, 2010)
Prison Break : The Conspiracy est un véritable ratage qui n’assume à aucun moment son postulat de départ : en vous proposant d’incarner un personnage inédit, qui reste en marge des événements, les développeurs auraient dû aboutir à une progression plus souple et moins contraignante. Le gameplay, quasi inexistant, cumule les défauts les plus insupportables des jeux consoles actuels : linéaire, archi-scripté, truffé de QTE, il aligne des séquences de pseudo-infiltration qui ne dégagent aucun plaisir de jeu. Cloisonnée, dirigiste et bourrine, cette adaptation loupée aura au moins le mérite de vous faire comprendre l'enfer carcéral.
32 (Apr 08, 2010)
When the only reason you're compelled to continue playing a game is to point and laugh at how badly the entire thing has been thrown together, you know that it has major problems. The real tragedy is that fans of the show will see the Prison Break cover and buy it just because of the license, but seriously, don't waste your time and money. The show's central cast barely feature and when they do, they look and sound appalling. If you're still thinking of picking this up, then we can only assume that you've had a lobotomy. And after playing Prison Break: The Conspiracy, we feel like we've not only lost a piece of our brain, but a little piece of our soul too. Suddenly, a life sentence doesn't seem so bad.
30 (UK) (Mar 26, 2010)
Prison Break stands little chance of making its mark against the current generation of ambitious stealth games. Usually, spin-off games can fall back on their inherited audience of existing fans, but with a pointless story that adds nothing to a tale already completed, it's hard to see how even the most devoted follower could get more than an evening of mild amusement from such a scrawny experience.
Gamedot (Mar 29, 2010)
This game story is about its only redeeming feature. The game suffers from some atrocious flaws. The games “stealth” mechanic is so busted its infuriating. The biggest flaw was bad check point positions. Fighting is the game’s way of ‘breaking the monotony’ of endless stealth, but the camera angle is barely capable of allowing you to progress as it’s positioned at a shoulder height third person view, where your fists feel they have connected visually but the game fails to register them. Fighting isn’t helped any further by the AI having no respite. Basically if you haven’t figured it out yet, unless you are the die hardest of die hard fan’s rent this. Strengths: Decent Conspiracy plotline that will satisfy fans. Weaknesses: Horrible stealth. Poor AI. Feels like it was made with 1995 tech