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This is why I play games. ResidentHazard (3564) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Interesting for a few hours, but dull when taken as a whole Asinine (1006) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Prototype - "They're all dead...Except for me" TalesOf777 (12) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.9
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Cheat Code Central (Jun 09, 2009)
All in all, Prototype is one of the best games to release this generation and is definitely the best game to drop in 2009 (so far). Outside of the lackluster stealth and disguising mechanic, the brutal combat, huge open-world, varied challenges, and utterly satisfying gameplay makes this a must-have title for any serious gamer's collection. Get ready to put your life on hold!
Game Chronicles (Jun 10, 2009)
The best way I could describe Prototype is a mix of GTA meets Wolverine with a dash of Spider-Man thrown in. I haven’t had this much visceral fun and carnal bloodletting since Wolverine, and Prototype is on an entirely different level when it comes to scale, scope of story, and total originality. I can’t recommend it enough – this is a must-own, must-play game that is easy to play and impossible to put down.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jun 10, 2009)
Prototype has a great draw-distance and the big-scale city will pull players in, causing them to forget at times that they are in fact playing a virtual video game. With so many other great open-world games out there right now we were worried that Prototype wouldn’t really have anything new to offer. That may be the case but the truth is that with this game it doesn’t even matter, it’s a blast to play and one of the more polished action games we have played in a long time. Time and time again we found ourselves coming back to Prototype again and again for just a little more playtime, if you are a fan of anything we have talked about in this review get over your fears and go pick up the game today. You won’t be disappointed and it will be worth every penny.
AceGamez (Jun 12, 2009)
An action masterpiece that's only really let down by slightly unimaginative environments that could have done with some more variety, a little-too-liberal use of a certain four-letter expletive and a far too forgiving difficulty curve, Prototype is a frantic, fast paced, brutal and uncompromising open world adventure. All you other antiheroes, move over: there's a new bad boy in town and he's here to stay.
GamingBolt (Sep 18, 2009)
Sound is very good in the game. Voice acting is superb and the script is awesome. It really keeps the player involved about whats wrong with Alex Mercner. You will be scaling huge towers and climbing roof tops. One of the thing i am pretty disappointed is the sense of scale. The world is big but it doesnt have a sense of scale to it. Prototype is not a game without faults. But the number of faults just get over weighed by awesome gameplay to be found in the game. If you rush through you should finish the game in about 10 hours. But if you are of the exploring type than Prototype is one game that will ensure that you dont leave your gaming couch for some time.
Alex is more than human so nothing is an obstacle for him. The way your character moves and the ferocity of his attacks makes Prototype pure fun to play. You are able to scale the side of a skyscraper with ease and jump off the top to glide over the city.
ZTGameDomain (Jun, 2009)
In the end Prototype has some problems that stop it from being talked about in the same sentence as GTA, it's kind of like Uncharted, the base is there for an amazing game, they have a winning formula, but they just need time to perfect it. I am willing to bet a lot of money that the next Prototype blows this one out of the water, and cements the series as a heavier hitter. However until that time this Prototype is a lot of fun, you'll never feel more like a badass and you'll never have a bigger smile on your face.
Gamervision (Jun 18, 2009)
Prototype is the very definition of an action game. Getting through the arduous campaign requires quick reflexes, laser-like concentration, constant movement, nimble fingers, and a little memorization, but the game makes sure to make the player always feel like the baddest man on the block. And there are fewer badder men in all of gaming than Alex Mercer. It’s not polished enough to be a game of the year consideration, but it’s a whole lot of fun; as long as you don’t mind a whole lot of virtual blood on your hands.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 22, 2009)
Prototype, in a lot of ways, does right what many superhero games have been trying to achieve for years. It's not a surprise to me, then, that Radical also made Hulk: Ultimate Destruction back on the original Xbox - it's probably the only game that got even close to getting the formula right. Well, they got it this time, as Prototype is a ton of fun and its hugely overblown abilities, which are a total blast, still might not be enough with the kind of enemies sent at you. This is a great game with only a few minor downsides that are hardly worth mentioning because everyone of them can be completely erased every time you hit the X+B Devastator move. If you're even remotely interested in games where people shoot things, punch things, walk, run, or drive around - is that just about everything yet? - then you owe it to yourself to check out Prototype.
Console Monster (Jun 24, 2009)
Prototype is certainly a title worth your interest, especially if you like to dabble in some of the sandbox titles listed above. Whilst the game does have a few minor flaws, none of these take away from the overall experience which can easily keep you entertained for countless hours. Give in to the virus and let Prototype infect your 360, you might just like it.
86 (Jun 23, 2009)
Meanwhile, Prototype emerges as the raucous illegitimate spawn of Crackdown, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and The Darkness - making no excuses for portraying Manhattan as a throwaway playground to be leapt, swooped and flown over with ease while gleefully blowing shit up, ignoring the body count, and rushing headlong through an incessant flood of gory but breathtaking action. So, pick a path, left or right, Prototype or InFAMOUS - everyone's a winner.
GamesCollection (Jul 09, 2009)
Prototype è un bel gioco! Uno di quei giochi che, arrivati a casa dopo il lavoro, aiutano a sfogarsi e divertono. Storia, tecnica, giocabilità e gameplay sono sempre all'altezza, anche se presentano alcune sbavature. Alex Mercer è un eroe cattivo e crudele che sa farsi apprezzare, aspetto non indifferente per un gioco basato su un personaggio principale e, finalmente, nuovo. Approvato!!
Game Arena (Jun 25, 2009)
It doesn't have a lot of replayability in the traditional sense, but Prototype is worth a purchase because at the end of the day, when you've finished the main mission and you unlock New Game + there is nothing more satisfying than coming home, switching it on and punching a dozen people in half. Prototype will sit close to my Xbox 360 for a long time for this reason alone.
GameSpot (Jun 11, 2009)
Satisfying—that's a word that can be used to describe almost every aspect of Prototype, and although there's no multiplayer component, you're free to remain in Manhattan long after you've beaten the story or, if you prefer, go through it a second time while retaining all of the powers that you already unlocked. Prototype is good enough that you'll almost certainly want to keep playing either way, and even if you don't, there's more than enough fun to be had here in a single play through for us to recommend the game without hesitation.
IGN Australia (Jun 09, 2009)
For those of you wondering how different Sucker Punch’s Infamous is from Prototype, the answer is ‘very’. While both occupy the same genre space, hitting stores with a super-powered protagonist imbued with freewheeling movement across an open-world pocked with missions and sub-missions, and gameplay that rewards exploration (both have the equivalent of Crackdown’s agility orbs to find) but is very much combat-centric, Infamous is more elegant and refined in design, with more of a focus on ranged combat, while Prototype is – truth be told - more frenetic and fun. Prototype is more of a spectacle and puts more power and choice in the hands of the player. It can feel messier in design as a result, with something of a kitchen sink approach, but gliding about the city at speed, slicing and dicing enemies in the midst of massive firefights, having greater choice in upgrading your character, and generally giving you more variety in gameplay, are all big pluses. Well worth checking out.
MS Xbox World (Jun 18, 2009)
If you're after a game which isn't overly complex, smothered in excessive violence, has a tangible yet far fetched and uncomplicated storyline, then Alex and his powers should be right up your street, alley, road or city, whatever suits. There's enough meat and two veg here to keep the most particular of gamers happy and if you have a distastes for the overly aggressive and fast talking New Yorkers, well now's your chance to exact revenge without the risk of becoming America's most wanted. Good times.
XboxAchievements (Jun 19, 2009)
A great addition to anyone's collection, especially for sandbox fans. Without being a direct superhero game, it takes the best parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, throws them in a blender with a unique story and out comes a game that goes down smooth.
That Gaming Site (Jun 17, 2009)
Prototype has taken the superhero sandbox genre and broken away from the confines that modern licenses are restricted by. It takes a dark story and a powerful character and molds it into a satisfactory experience.
80 (Jun 30, 2009)
Prototype is an entirely different type of sandbox game that will attract and please most gamers. There are plenty of objects to collect, a wide variety of abilities to master, and the story is very engrossing. But, like most open-ended games, it suffers from its share of downfalls. They’re mostly typical of the genre, however, including downgraded graphics, lack of interactive environment, and hit or miss voice acting. Overall, however, Prototype creates an interesting character in Alex Mercer and hopefully is a sign of things to come in future games.
Factornews (Jul 14, 2009)
Prototype fait partie de ces jeux qu'on a envie d'encourager : c'est original, jusqu'au-boutiste et musclé. Certes il y a quelques défauts mineurs mais ils ne pèsent pas lourds face à ce que le jeu propose en terme de fun et de sensations. Radical tient enfin son grand jeu.
Giant Bomb (Jun 10, 2009)
Prototype is really all about player empowerment, ramping up the number and intensity of larger-than-life superhero abilities consistently as you go. If you've ever harbored fantasies about soaring over skyscrapers and going on destructive urban rampages involving wantonly thrown automobiles--and who among us hasn't, really--odds are you'll find a lot to like about this game.
DarkZero (Jun 19, 2009)
Granted, this sort of game absolutely begs to be given an online mode. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, so that will have to wait for the sequel. The biggest problem I can find in Prototype is the somewhat uneven pace of the action. Some of the missions are inexplicably difficult, while others are just plain confusing. Still, this isn’t enough to detract heavily from the game’s strong core design. It is absolutely the best game for wasting away those hot summer days. If you’re a fan of superhero games or just love gratuitous violence, you can’t go wrong with Prototype.
IGN (Jun 09, 2009)
Prototype is a game with many cool features. However, it lacks many of the finishing touches that make for a great and memorable game. To say the graphics and game engine need work is a massive understatement and many of the missions are cookie cutter in design without any real focus or attention to detail. Thankfully, Alex Mercer's absorbing and shape shifting powers manage to overcome many of the shortcomings of Prototype. Though the missions themselves aren't anything special, the vast array of powers provides their own variety and flair.
75 (Jun 11, 2009)
Poussant jusqu'à son paroxysme le concept du super-héros, invincible, vindicatif et amnésique, Radical Entertainment signe un jeu d'action diablement réjouissant. Si on pourra lui reprocher une difficulté parfois mal dosée, une redondance précoce et un visuel disgracieux, Prototype assure lorsqu'il s'agit d'offrir aux joueurs des sensations fortes. Sans pour autant transformer l'essai, les développeurs auront néanmoins réussi à offrir une première aventure virevoltante à leur vigilante rageur n'ayant rien à envier à Hulk, Spider-Man ou Venom.
Games TM (Jul 09, 2009)
In short, Prototype's major downfall is that it is a game of two halves - both delightful and aggravating in equal measure. The patient will be rewarded wile the intolerant will soon give up, but neither could be criticised nor praised for either decision, such are the two extremes. When Prototype hits the nail on the head, persistence will be rewarded. And surely that's no bad thing.
70 (UK) (Jun 10, 2009)
Prototype isn't really a game of exploration though. It's also less visually striking and varied than last month's inFamous, and less stylish than Crackdown. But, again, neither is really a criticism. Prototype is a game of riotous, gore-splattering ultraviolence. That's all it wants to be, and in many respects it does a solid, and often spectacular job. The victims may be plot, atmosphere and the difficulty curve, but then great power always comes at a cost.
UOL Jogos (Jun 24, 2009)
"Prototype" é uma interessante aventura em terceira pessoa que não tenta ser original, abusando de referências a jogos como "Crackdown" e a outros jogos da mesma equipe, como "Scarface" e "Hulk". Com um protagonista repleto de poderes bacanas e muitas missões, é um jogo agitado e que chama a atenção, mas que se torna vítima de sua própria ambição durante seu desenvolvimento; o personagem é tão poderoso que massacrar hordas de inimigos pode ficar velho e cansativo rapidamente. Mesmo com este e outros problemas menores, ainda é suficientemente competente para alegrar fãs do gênero.
70 (Jun 19, 2009)
Juonen läpikotainen seuraaminen ihmisiä sisäistämällä paljastaa, että Prototype olisi voinut olla paljon enemmän kuin viihdyttävä tuhoamissimulaattori. Talojen tuhoamisen, mutanttien silpomisen ja autojen heittelyn alla piilee yhteiskuntaamme kiinnostavasti kommentoiva tarina, joka ei vain koskaan tunnu käynnistyvän kunnolla.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 19, 2009)
In the end, Prototype has plenty of fun snuggled behind its not-so-pretty exterior - both in terms of the visuals and general consensus of it’s main character. The vast amount of powers on display is a bit daunting - and the game can feel overambitious at times - but there’s no denying the amount of fun that comes from combining them all together to wreck havoc on the helpless inhabitants of New York City. That joy can turn to frustration later on in the game when your powers lose some of their excitement from the relentless amount of obstacles thrown your way, but there’s enough variety in the missions beforehand to keep you interested till the very end. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a bigger focus on the direction of the game and the graphics engine, otherwise this could have been a real gem.
AusGamers (Jun 17, 2009)
All said, Prototype is still worth checking out for the sandbox element alone. If you're the kind of gamer who doesn't necessarily need clear goals or objectives and just enjoys a bit of a mindless destruction then you'll probably find some value here. There's no multiplayer component or other game modes though, so unless you're into the "collect the 200 tokens scattered around the map" thing, longevity beyond the storyline and side-challenges is limited. Our recommendation - a good candidate for a rental.
Immoral Gamers (Jun 24, 2009)
Still, the best summary of Prototype came from a drunken Scottish friend of mine. Watching as I picked up an old woman and threw her into a car, then, in some unfathomable act of karmic retribution, picked up the car and threw it at the old woman’s corpse, he remarked “I can literally feel myself getting stupider as I watch this.” Playing Prototype, in spite of the constant action, leaves the brain a mush, and trying to recollect a play session leaves nothing more than vague, homogenized memories of explosions and blood and crowds of people running around aimlessly. The game is undeniably fun, but it’s fun in the same way that standing in a building and shooting the cops as they walk in through a door in GTA is fun. You realize that more and more cops will spawn, that eventually you will get bored or die. The morbid fascination of shooting that door over and over must contend with the dawning knowledge that you are getting older and a bit fatter.
Game Critics (Jun 15, 2009)
Although Prototype sports several great ideas and a main character that wows, imagination, inspiration, and a strong guiding hand were lacking in every other aspect of the game. Delivering a slightly better-than-mediocre experience overall, it's truly unfortunate that the final product wasn't as realized and intriguing as the powers of the virus-fueled juggernaut that stars in it.
GameSpy (Jun 16, 2009)
Prototype's combat and world traversal alone can provide more than a few hours of entertainment, I just can't get over how cheap a lot of the game feels. Whether it's the dated looks, its frustratingly difficult latter portion, or its awkward storytelling, Prototype often feels like a budget title that unfortunately doesn't have a budget price.
Game Revolution (Jun 15, 2009)
For all its pesky faults and shortcomings, Prototype is great during those few short moments when everything comes together. When the camera isn’t doing funky things during melee combat, when you sneak into a base disguised as a soldier, when you’re soaring from building to building for the pure joy of it, or when you’re hitchhiking on a passing helicopter just because you can, Prototype momentarily feels fresh and fun. If you’re willing to put up with its annoying design issues, drab appearance, and second-hand feel, you might find that, like a shirt with different-lengthed sleeves, Prototype holds up so long as no one looks too closely.

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