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Quake 4 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Quake 4 title screen
You can load a game or setup multiplayer from the main menu
Loading screens give you info and tips (Not all of them are useful though!)
Marine Technicians can replenish your armor and upgrade your weapons
Marine Medics can restore you back to full heath
Your allies really do take a beating in this game
The Strogg use humans to run their strange machines.
Control panels are used to activate lifts, open doors, and many other things.
There are a few puzzles to be solved in Quake 4
Walkers are used to get from place to place and can take down larger Strogg with ease
The blood splatters when you are hit!
The Strogg really are a ugly bunch!
These guys really like to get up close and personal!
This shotgun works great at close range
Some Strogg are quite accurate with their shots!
The Strogg Lightning Gun is good for medium range warfare
Your Machine Gun has a handy sniper zoom mode
The Hyper Blaster is excellent at suppressing enemy fire
The Machine Gun also comes equipped with a mounted torch!
There is lots of spilt blood in this game!
Outside looks like an industrial wasteland
There are plenty of strange sights to be seen in the Strogg universe!
Character detail close up.
The Strogg homeworld.
Heading into the facility to look for your squad.
Flashlights are mounted on some weapons. Take notes, Doom 3!
Strogg up-close.
Blur effect when hit.
Nooo! He was two days from retirement!
Using the machine gun's scope.
Unlike Quake 2, you have backup this time!
A big Strogg charges.
Fighting through the trenches.
That anti-air turret is our next objective.