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42 (Sep 28, 2010)
Was wäre wenn? Diese Frage beschäftigt einen mehr als die belanglose Geschichte, mit der Tecmo Koei versucht, diesen halbherzigen Deckungs-Shooter zu rechtfertigen, mit dem man sich keinen Gefallen getan hat. Was wäre passiert, wenn die Kulisse nicht nur mit weniger Clipping, Kameraproblemen oder Levelrecycling hätte auskommen dürfen, sondern zudem zeitgemäßer wirken würde? Was wäre, wenn man sich hinsichtlich des Charakter-Designs und dem Deckungssystem nicht nur an Titeln wie Epis Gears-Serie orientiert hätte, sondern auch deren Spielbarkeit (zumindest ansatzweise) erreicht hätte? Oder was wäre, wenn die Action insgesamt so gut und effektvoll inszeniert würde wie die gerenderten Zwischensequenzen? Dann hätte Quantum Theory das Potenzial zu einem Geheimtipp gehabt, der nicht nur mit dem interessanten Ansatz sich dynamisch verändernder Levelstrukturen hätte punkten können. Allerdings wäre es dann auch ein anderes Spiel gewesen.
GameSpot (Oct 07, 2010)
Quantum Theory may evoke the look and style of the Gears series, but that in itself isn't a negative as originality really isn't a requirement for most games. What is required is fun, and with dumb AI, extremely repetitive levels, and cheap deaths, Quantum Theory falls far short of the minimum.
30 (UK) (Sep 28, 2010)
There is limited enjoyment to be had here, but it is far more faint that the echoes of Gears of War that resound throughout the game. The resulting tribute only illustrates just how much skill it takes to mould a handful of smart mechanics into a slick, enthralling journey, and how, just as Western developers are ill-advised to try to copy Japanese successes, the reverse is equally true.
30 (Oct 01, 2010)
Ne vous fiez pas à ses faux airs de Gears of War, Quantum Theory est certainement l'un des plus mauvais TPS sortis sur cette génération de console. Le titre de Tecmo Koei pousse le vice jusqu'à allier un design atroce à un gameplay catastrophique pour nous offrir finalement un nanar qui ne restera certainement pas dans les mémoires.
IGN (Oct 06, 2010)
Quantum Theory is a functional game, but that's about the only thing that can be said about it. If this is what the developers at Tecmo-Koei think western gamers want out of a shooter then we need an intervention. Its uninspired level design, terrible shooting, and frustrating instant-kill portions make this a game that I simply couldn’t recommend to anyone at anytime. You only get one life to live, and Quantum Theory isn’t worth a moment of it.
Destructoid (Oct 02, 2010)
Quantum Theory is what would happen if Gears of War and Super Mario Bros. had a baby. A mewling, deformed, horrific baby that doctors would try to drown. It upsets me to tear this game apart, due to my being genuinely pleased with its opening chapters, but the game goes from passable to unforgivably dreadful with each passing stage until it gets to the point where even if Filena got her tits out at the end, it wouldn't be worth the pain to get there.
20 (Oct 24, 2010)
Quantum Theory is a working game, putting it above some other titles like Big Rigs Over the Road Racing. That being said, Quantum Theory is also an absolutely awful game. The idea of climbing a huge tower to defeat evil enemies is a sound one and could create some unique battle situations. Instead, we get a boring, uninspired game that gives you literally no reason to keep playing. Finishing this was a chore and felt more like an assignment more than a video game. Avoid at all costs.