Qubed Credits (Xbox 360)

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Qubed Credits

Developer (Global)

Production UnitQ Entertainment Inc.
DirectorKazuyuki Otsuki
Lead ProgrammerTsutomu Matsuo
Art DirectorMakoto Takanashi
Graphic ArtistYoshitaka Asaji
Art SupervisorKatsumi Yokota
Sound DesignerYūki Ichiki
Lead Game DesignerHideki Anbo
Product ManagerYosuke Yoshizawa
Technical AdvisorsOsamu Kodera, Takeshi Hirai
Production SupervisorRyuichi Hattori
Business DevelopmentYuko Saito
PR & MarketingKyoko Yamashita, Tomomi Kiyono, Keiichirō Segawa
ProducerSawako Yamamoto
Executive ProducersShūji Utsumi, Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Inverview Video Unit

FREEWAYSAkio Katsuta, Takashi Ōyama, Shigeo Makioka, Tomoyasu Sakita, Miyono Kogawa, Ai Sakamoto
Font Design byFontworks Japan Inc.

Atari: Worldwide Publishing and Production (Global)

ProducerPaul Motion
Executive ProducerSamuel Gatté
Brand ManagerArthur Villessuzanne
VP of Product DevelopmentHudson Piehl
VP of Business Development & Worldwide PublishingRobert Stevenson
VP, Brand Management World PublishingCyril Voiron
Director Strategic PlanningWill Treves
VP of Interactive PropertiesKathy Butters
Technical DirectorTim Perry
Director of Production SupportSamuel Gatté
Worldwide Communications DirectorJohn Tyrrell
Worldwide Communications ExecutiveMelissa Claire Flauraud
Senior Finance DirectorAymeric Canu
Finance DirectorLisa Bonk
Senior Manager Certification - North AmericaCecilia Munoz
Gameplay and Positioning Product ManagerAlexandre Enklaar
Market Research AnalystEric Degrois
Business Development CoordinationRoland Lesterlin
Game Evaluation Service ManagerJean-Yves Lapasset
Game AnalystsJocelyn Cioffi, Andre E. Bermudez
Q.A. Project LeadPaul Philips
Quality Control ManagerVincent Laloy
Production Support ManagerEzequiel Nunez (Chuck)
Localization Project ManagerWeronika Larsson
Localization ManagerFranck Genty
Localization Technical ConsultantDidier Flipo
Manager, Compatibility and Engineering ServicesDavid Strang
Compatibility AnalystPatricia-Jean Cody
Sr. Compatibility AnalystChris McQuinn
Engineering Project ManagersEmeric Polin, Stéphane Entéric
Engineering Services ExpertPascal Guillen
PresidentPhil Harrison
CEO and ChairmanDavid Gardner
Special ThanksMicrosoft Game Developer Support, Skip McIlvaine, Mark Mansur

Atari: Marketing, Sales and Operations - Europe

VP Europe Distribution OperationsChristophe Delanoy
Manufacturing DirectorCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerMarie Sliwa
CopywriterVincent Hattenberger
Manufacturing CoordinatorsElise Pierrel, Mike Shaw, Delphine Doncieux, Jean Grenouiller
Planning Project ManagerLaurence Dury
Sales Administration ManagerAnne-Sophie Barale
Product ManagersNico Deleu (Benelux), Camille Vacelet (France), Frieder Bartussek (Germany), Sascha Koop (Germany), Chris Altiparmakis (Greece), Mario Vacca (Italy), Ben Walker (UK), Kalle Lagerroos (Nordic), Pablo Tamargo Sitges (Spain)
Marketing DirectorsJeff Reese (USA), Mark Gilbert (Australia/NZ)
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
Web Coordination ManagerVéronique Salmeron-Genot

Atari: Marketing, Sales and Operations - North America

VP of MarketingJeff Reese
Product ManagerDonald Louie
Marketing CoordinatorIfeoma Obi
Manager of Customer Relationship ManagementJames Giambrone
Customer Support RepresentativeFred Maldonado
Manager of Channel MarketingJoanna Negron
Public Relations ManagerAlissa Bell
Creaitve ManagerJohn Kauderer
SVP of SalesTim Flynn
Director of Sales, Canada, Mexico, USAGordon Mitchell
Senior National Sales DirectorStephanie Ponce
VP of Inventory & Operations AccountingRobert Spellerberg
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
President of Atari, Inc.Jim Wilson
Italian LocalizationSynthesis International
Spanish LocalizationSynthesis Iberia
French and German LocalizationAround The World, Marie Lorbach, Enzyme Testing Labs

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (60760)