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Gamer Limit (Dec 23, 2010)
I seriously doubt anyone would play Raskulls and not enjoy some aspect of what it has to offer. The numerous puzzles, races, and power-up heavy multiplayer facets are sure to engage just about any type of gamer out there: puzzle fan or not. If you have any free time in the near future, I’d recommend downloading the trial version and see what it has to offer: you won’t be disappointed.
Game Arena (Jan 06, 2011)
The bottom line is that Raskulls is a devilishly unique, polished game with a flair and charm missing in most. Worthy of a purchase unless your aversion is something fundamental (like not being on Xbox Live). Raskulls is a superbly crafted platformer which should appeal to everyone.
90 (UK) (Jan 06, 2011)
Raskulls' crazed, crafted combination of platforming, racing and puzzling always promised to be something worth paying attention to, and so it has proved. It was determined to serve up undiluted fun at every turn, and it does, and in doing so has provided another stunning example of the why the download scene is the place to be right now.
MS Xbox World (Jan 07, 2011)
The combination of puzzler and platformer makes Raskulls one of the more unique games to hit the marketplace since this summer. Raskulls is a jack of all trades type game that can be played amongst family, with friends over the internet, or even alone and for 800 Microsoft Points it has far more value than many games the same price or higher. Try as hard as you can, but it will be hard not to find a reason to smile with the harebrained antics and goofy dialogues given throughout the Mega Quest. Raskulls is a rare find on the XBLA and is definitely worthy of your time, money, and precious HDD space.
TeamXbox (Jan 04, 2011)
With a funny cartoon style throughout, Raskulls holds a lot of content and some genuinlye fun moments. But throughout the single player game the quest definitely lags in parts and you'll want to jump right back into the multiplayer arena, be it local or online in order to continue having fun.
Raskulls is a title that is sure to amuse and entertain for hours on end, with excellent gameplay and a degree of polish that could very well rank it up there among the best Xbox Live Arcade games.
1UP (Dec 30, 2010)
Raskulls isn't perfect, but it is lighthearted, funny, and a good value at 800 Microsoft points ($10). With over 60 Mega Quest levels, a Grand Prix mode with straight-up racing action, and local and online multiplayer, Raskulls most important trait is that it's simply fun.
83 (Jan 14, 2011)
Gli autori di Fruit Ninja partiriscono un altro gioco dal gameplay profondo ed accattivante, questa volta sviluppando un titolo completo di single e multiplayer, corto da soli ma infinito contro gli amici. Pesca un po' qua e là tra il meglio degli ultimi 25 anni di puzzle gaming e platform: è Super Mario, ma è anche Mr.Driller, Tetris, Mario Kart, Castle Crasher. Senza il sublime level design Nintendo, ovviamente, ma comunque a discreti livelli. Il multiplayer è semplicemente da provare: veloce, divertente, profondo, infinito.
Gamers' Temple, The (Jan 04, 2011)
In the end, though, Raskulls is an enjoyable diversion and makes for a nice little addition to your XBLA game library. Read more at
GamePro (US) (Jan 03, 2011)
But there's more to Raskulls than enjoyable platforming and puzzles. Interesting characters, continuously progressive gameplay, and some of the funniest dialogue since Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People keep things fresh. Despite some flaws, Rakulls is the best kind of downloadable title -- a humorous game with elements from well-designed classics, but integrated with a modern touch.
Game Critics (Jan 07, 2011)
The racing issue aside, Raskulls shines whenever the player is left alone to work through one of the ingeniously-designed puzzle levels. While the more action-packed sections of the game are something of a disappointment, I can't criticize the developers too harshly—after all, multiplayer puzzle games are notoriously hard to crack. It would have been nice if the developers had focused on giving single players a slightly broader experience, since that's obviously where their talents lie—but all in all, it's a wonderful experience that's perfect for anyone who likes their puzzling to be tinged with just a little danger.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jan 04, 2011)
If you want a challenging platformer along the same lines of New Super Mario Bros. or are looking for something that offers a different kind of competitiveness, these Raskulls will warm their way right into your heart. But if you’re not a veteran of the genre or don’t take to challenges too easily, try the trial version first.
GamesRadar (Jan 06, 2011)
Raskulls offers lots of great single-player content and the option to play only your favorite parts is a fantastic bonus. Add to that enthralling energy and an excellent sense of humor and Raskulls' single-player is a blast. Unfortunately, it can also be somewhat short and the multiplayer options are minimal. So if you're looking for a few hours of completely unique single-player and a sincerely funny experience Raskulls might just be for you.
Console Monster (Jan 08, 2011)
To conclude, Raskulls is a fantastic Xbox Live Arcade title. The unique twist on the puzzle genre and its great multiplayer makes this a title to certainly consider purchasing, despite the lack of replayability after completion of the title’s main quest.
The Escapist (Jan 11, 2011)
Raskulls is cute, and it's funny - even if it tries a bit too hard sometimes. The puzzles are cleverly and fiendishly designed, and will test your reflexes and twitch control just as much as they will test your wits. There's only so much that Halfbrick can pull out of a relatively simple mashed-up concept before it starts wearing thin; luckily Raskulls ends right before it reaches that point.
80 (Jan 14, 2011)
Insomma, si tratta essenzialmente di uno "scacciapensieri", del classico gioco a cui si ricorre dopo un paio d'ore di intense sparatorie o scazzottate per mettere un po' il cervello in stand-by, ma ciò non toglie che chiunque, anche solo attraverso una semplice versione dimostrativa, debba farci almeno una partita. Non ve ne pentirete, ve lo assicuro.
80 (Jan 06, 2011)
Realmente no hay mucho más que decir de un juego tan simple como éste, salvo que su sencillez no debe echaros para atrás a la hora de adquirirlo. No esperéis puzzles tan elaborados como los de Braid ni una acción tan frenética como la de Castle Crasher, pero sí que os aseguro que pasaréis un muy buen rato con los disparates de Raskulls.
GameFocus (Jan 04, 2011)
I walked away from Raskulls satisfied. It has some holes here and there, but the overall package is one that many of you will enjoy. The biggest knock I can give it is that it’s a wash-rinse-repeat experience. The writing was a joy, but the gameplay itself wore thin over time. And for those not into the frantic pace of it all, there’s really nothing else there for you. While I’m certain that many will find Raskulls $10 well spent, I suggest that everyone gives the demo a go before committing the points.
Game Watcher (Dec 29, 2010)
Raskulls is cute, fun and clever, but it won't be for everyone. A more casual player will most likely get a big kick out of racing around bashing bricks, but the more hardcore Xbox owner will long for a more beefy experience. Throughout play, there was always a nagging feeling in the back of our minds that while the concept is spot-on, the execution could have been so much more.
The A.V. Club (Jan 03, 2011)
The humor of the Raskulls’ animated world skews a little young, as does the fairly benign difficulty of the central path on the main quest. That path has a number of optional turns, though, many of which lead to brutally challenging missions that require perfect execution down to the split-second. If there is a hole in Raskulls’ varied presentation, it’s a need for more stages toward the middle of the difficulty scale. As is, the game feels a bit slight, but it’s better to have an experience that’s been whittled down to the essentials than one bloated with repetition. Raskulls’ crisp, inoffensive variety strikes the right note for gamers in the midst of the post-holiday hangover.
Gaming Target (Jan 18, 2011)
Raskulls is a well constructed game. It's very clear what developer Halfbrick wanted to create here, and I believe they were successful. The problems with the game do not stem from programming errors, or unfair difficulty, but rather from the initial concept that Raskulls is built around. The game wants the player to race at full speed, but frequently stalls their progress. Combining racing and puzzling just won't work from some players, but there are many who will immediately appreciate the frantic nature of the game and it's fast paced strategy. Everyone though, without a doubt, even if they aren't a fan of the gameplay, will be a fan of the memorable Raskull characters.
When all is said and done, Raskulls is indeed a good game. Good, but not great. But if you're willing to sit back and not take a game too seriously, Rasksulls won't do you wrong.
GamingXP (Feb 13, 2011)
“Raskulls“ ist ein lustiges Spiel für Junge und Junggebliebene. Die leicht schwammige Steuerung und die 08/15-Story werden durch den Witz dieses Titels ausgebügelt. Es ist ein kurzweiliges Spiel für zwischendurch, das Sie, vor allem, wenn Sie mit Freunden spielen, nicht so schnell auf der Festplatte verstauben lassen. Mit 800 Mircrosoftpoints ist „Raskulls“ zwar nicht sonderlich günstig, aber wenn Sie auf den abgefahrenen Humor von Halfbrick stehen, ist dies eine durchaus überlegenswerte Investition. Dank Xbox Live können Sie sich ja mit Hilfe der Demo vergewissern. Eine Empfehlung, wenn auch nur auf Grund des Humors!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 28, 2011)
Raskulls is een schattige en gezellige puzzel/racer die iedereen binnen de kortste keren kan meespelen. Ideaal vertier voor diegenen die games niet tot op het bot uitspelen.
Even if there are new levels or characters added as DLC down the track, it's difficult to view Raskulls as anything but a short-term injection of fun and nothing more. Once you're done with the Mega Quest mode and have played a few multiplayer games, there isn't much to draw you back unless you're into shaving off seconds of best times for each level. That said, it's still tremendously entertaining while it lasts and although it doesn't quite reach must-buy status, it's certainly one of the best platformers available through the XBLA marketplace.
Meristation (Dec 27, 2010)
Raskulls no es un juego perfecto. De hecho, adolece de ser extremadamente simple en planteamiento y presentación, de contar con una mecánica repetitiva en exceso, y de no saber explotar todo su potencial en el terreno jugable, con algunas misiones algo desesperantes. Pero a pesar de todo, no se puede negar que es un juego divertido, con un sentido del humor tan alegre y desenfadado que se convierte en la principal baza de la producción. Con muchas cosas por hacer y una mecánica de juego amena y entretenida, se convierte en un juego que deja un buen sabor de boca y que puede propiciar muchas horas de diversión para un o varios jugadores. Una buena alternativa para disfrutar con familia y amigos durante las últimas horas de este año 2010. [image|nid=1260558|align=center|preset=inline] - Su excelente sentido del humor.- Diversión sencilla y directa para todos los públicos.- Una original propuesta de puzles y plataformas.
Joystiq (Dec 30, 2010)
There's little truly innovative about Raskulls, and its non-stop attempt to charm (never as funny as it thinks it is) nearly backfires. But with its solid mechanics, well-designed levels, and cute characters, only a grizzled old Gargamel wouldn't enjoy their time with the Raskulls.
Vandal Online (Jan 06, 2011)
Otro título notable de Xbox Live y van unos cuantos, para regocijo de los muchos amantes que todavía quedan de las dos dimensiones y de los gráficos no poligonales. Quizás el mayor problema de Raskulls se encuentra en la encarnizada lucha que existe en esta plataforma de descarga, que cuenta con decenas de títulos muy buenos y sobresalientes, en la que cuesta cada día más destacar y ser original. Por lo demás un juego divertido y simpático, con una jugabilidad intachable, una dinámica sencilla que entra a la primera, pero esa misma facilidad con la que se digiere acaba jugando en su contra, ya que carece de profundidad y en un periodo corto puede que nos cansemos, pero mientras ese momento llega seguro nos habremos divertido de lo lindo junto a estas alocadas calaveras.
3D Juegos (Jan 03, 2011)
Divertido como el que más, Raskulls es un muy buen juego de plataformas y puzles, que ofrece gran variedad de desafíos jugables. El problema es que no se le ha sacado todo el potencial que tenía, pudiendo tornarse algo repetitivo a la larga porque, aunque las pruebas suelen ofrecer objetivos distintos, al final jugablemente no suelen diferenciarse mucho. También peca de ofrecer desafíos en ambos extremos de la balanza, esto es: habrá un montón de niveles que superaremos a la primera sin grandes complicaciones, y otros que nos sacarán de nuestras casillas dada la enfermiza dificultad que presentan. Por eso, es una pena que esta propuesta tan interesante no haya llegado al nivel que podría haber alcanzado con una mayor ambición. Un buen juego, muy divertido y adictivo, pero al que se nota le falta un pequeño “plus”.
GameZone (Dec 29, 2010)
With a lack of game types and replay value, Raskulls is a once-through puzzle-platformer that satisfies upon first impressions but fails to hold the attention beyond the first hour of play. Here’s to hoping that DLC comes out that goes beyond new Raskull themed outfits and delivers new maps and/or modes of play.
Game Informer Magazine (Jan 06, 2011)
As the game’s light-hearted humor and goofy characters slowly grew on me, it was the surprisingly high difficulty level and unpredictable action that made me want to bang my own skull against a wall while playing it.
60 (Jan 04, 2011)
Istället blir det bara ett okej omdöme när halvgullig design möter en osympatisk och lätt tråkig kampanj. Ifall du klarar dig utan ett flertal olika karaktärer och annat godis kanske flerspelarläget kan locka till lite spelande, men det borde rimligtvis vänta tills det kommer en prissänkning. Om nu någon fortfarande sitter och spelar det just då.
ZTGameDomain (Jan 24, 2011)
Raskulls has some potential and fun hidden behind the shallow shell. The multi-player is a blast even if it is only one mode and the dialogue is genuinely funny. Still you will grow tired of the similar objectives for each level and the frustration of cheap losses kills any desire to climb the leaderboards. The mesh of puzzle and platform hasn’t been tested in a while so it is nice to see a game take a stab at the idea. I just wish that it would have culminated into something a bit more enjoyable. Raskulls is certainly not a terrible game, just one that will quickly wear out its welcome.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 05, 2011)
It’s such a shame that Raskulls is brought down by weak level design. I’m positive that the game will be supported by DLC, so maybe we’ll see some more interesting levels later on. But there’s just something missing – there’s just not enough meat on these bones to keep players interested or challenged. Raskulls provides a very brief, very adorable adventure that could have been a lot better with more creative level design. As it stands, hold off on a purchase until more stages are released.
GameSpot (Dec 30, 2010)
Raskulls is an enjoyable adventure that never quite reaches its potential. The block-busting mechanic is a neat idea that had the chance to transform a traditional platformer into something that was not only unique, but also darn fun. But the levels veer too far to the simple side, so you rarely have to put much thought or effort into plowing through to the end. There are some moments of pure joy, like the frantic frenzy stages, and the bonus levels pile on the difficulty, but the package ultimately lacks a hook that could have made it stand out from the crowd. Raskulls is a cute diversion, but it never lives up to its promise.
Game Revolution (Jan 04, 2011)
It's a fun little game that won't last you too long. Much like this paragraph.