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80 (Apr 03, 2007)
Ich bleibe dabei: Keine andere Version wird hinsichtlich des Steruerungs-Spaß-Faktors an die Wii-Rabbids herankommen. Doch die Xbox 360-Version der Hasenjagd kann sich dennoch sehen lassen: Zum einen wurden die Steuerungsmankos ausgemerzt, die seinerzeit noch die PS2-Pad-Variante runter gezogen haben, zum anderen wurde bei gut zwei Drittel der Spiele eine optionale Steuerung über Xbox Live Vision hinzugefügt. Die funktioniert nach ersten Anlauf- und Beleuchtungsschwierigkeiten auch weitestgehend gut, kann aber das Remote-Nunchuk-Spielgefühl nicht ersetzen. Ärgerlich sind aber vor allem die Ladezeiten, die zwar unter den Kaffeepausen der PS2-Version liegen, aber weit davon entfernt sind, sich in Wii- oder gar PC-Bereiche anzusiedeln. Unter dem Strich bleibt festzuhalten: Raymans erster 360-Abstecher bietet Rabbid-Humor vom Feinsten und eine vor allem mit vier Spielern unterhaltsame Mini-Spielsammlung, bei der die Kulisse nur eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt.
XboxAchievements (Nov 01, 2007)
An extremely entertaining game... for a little while. Feeling somewhat forced on the 360 without the functions of the Wii-mote, what fun there is to be had does not last long enough. The antics of the rabbids are actually extremely funny, but once again, after a while you've seen them a number of times and they start to lose their charm.
It's worth checking out if this is the only system you can experience it on. Some improved textures do indeed make this the best-looking version of the game, but for everyone else, I'd stick with the console this game was made for.
Worth Playing (Jul 10, 2007)
Rayman Raving Rabbids for the X360 is an excellent addition to any party game collection, and fans of the genre will find tons of stuff to do. They will also get a kick out of the variety of mini-games and the copious amounts of humor. Multiplayer mode is there but a little weak, and the lack of Xbox Live support for even an online scoreboard seems like an odd move. Fans of the Wii version might want to stay away due to the remapped controls, but everyone else should prepare for a solid, fun (albeit offline) experience that is simple, fun and gets the job done.
GameSpot (Apr 27, 2007)
All told, Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Xbox 360 makes for a good collection of minigames, one made more appealing by the adorably evil rabbids contained within. The Xbox 360 control scheme definitely feels haphazard in spots and the camera support is shoddy at best. But when played with a controller, the gameplay still manages to be amusing, and the game's sense of humor goes a long way toward making any control issues forgivable. If you own a Wii and can seek out that version, it's the ideal one to get. But the 360 version will do you just fine in a pinch.
70 (Jun 04, 2007)
Raving Rabbids does have a lot of comedy and charm, because of the looney character design. Rayman Raving Rabbids on the PS2 has all of the game's sense of humor. If you own a Wii you'll love it. But the PS2 version is plenty of fun and just as funny also. You won't be missing out on much there. The game is totally bonkers and it's brilliantly, comically surreal. I give it a 7 out of 10.
Gamer 2.0 (May 29, 2007)
In all, Raving Rabbids is a decent game at least worth a rental. If you have the time, you’ll no doubt beat the game in a single sitting—but that’s about a 5 hour time frame of constant playing. You’ll probably want to split it up over time, however, because of the repetitiveness of the minigames. The game might garner a bit more fun if you have some friends to play with, but it isn’t too much of a party game, so you’re better off with something like Mario Party. So, if you’re looking for a quick rental for a bit of fun, Rayman Raving Rabbids is a pretty good choice, but not worth the purchase.
Ubisoft found a way to make all of the games work on the 360 controller, but really didn't do much in making sure the new functionality was fun. Not even the token cow launching minigame can save this port. Raving Rabbids is a great game, but only on the Wii.
UOL Jogos (May 15, 2007)
A versão para Xbox 360 de "Rayman Raving Rabbids" é idêntica à do Wii, mas sem o entusiasmo proporcionado pelo controle sensível ao movimento - e sem metade da diversão. A simples adaptação para um console sem tal função faz com que seus minigames pareçam genéricos, com comandos forçados. Ainda que o jogo não seja ruim, perde todo o brilho da versão original. O humor e variedade, pelo menos, continuam intactos, garantindo muitas risadas.
60 (Apr 20, 2007)
Conçus et imaginés avant tout pour tirer parti des fonctionnalités de la Wii, les mini-jeux proposés dans ce nouveau Rayman n'ont plus vraiment la même saveur une fois transposés sur un support plus conventionnel. Malgré tout, le contexte déjanté du titre et l'originalité des épreuves permettent de passer un moment relativement sympathique en compagnie de ces horribles lapins. Pensez à branchez votre caméra Xbox 360 si vous en possédez une. Cette dernière vous permettra de décupler le fun de certaines épreuves.
IGN (May 01, 2007)
It's not easy to take a Wii game where motion control is vital and turn it into a successful Xbox 360 title. Rayman Raving Rabbids on 360 is one of the first to try; It won't be the last. Hopefully future efforts will offer some Xbox-specific content and better use of a regular controller. Most of what made Rayman Raving Rabbids fun on the Wii is lost in translation to 360. I will admit that, at times, Rayman Raving Rabbids is enjoyable. But it has too much going against it to merit a positive recommendation. Achievement whores may want to give it a rental, since you can easily rack up 1000 points in a weekend.
GameSpy (May 31, 2007)
With all this in mind, players should consider carefully whether to buy Rayman Raving Rabbidsfor 360: without using the camera it can be frustrating and repetitive, but its mediocre porting is not enough to convince anyone to spend an additional $50 to enjoy it. Moreover, loading times are extremely stretched compared to the original version, a problem that is only partially helped by the new, funny cut-scenes that feature bunnies on rollercoasters, at the sea or in the Far West. Sure, this title can be a quick way to earn a thousand Achievement Points, but is it really worth the purchase? Xbox 360 has always lacked party games, and Raving Rabbids doesn't do anything to change this.