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Worth Playing (Apr 23, 2011)
Rio is a solid minigame compilation for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The minigames prove to be fun for younger audiences, and the look and sound of the title reflect the movie quite nicely. The minigames aren't all that varied, though, so you'll get a sense of déjà vu after a while. The target audience might not mind as much, and that feeling of sameness may never hit them at all. It's a safe purchase for fans of the movie and, given its cheap price point for a new game, it's a safe bet for those looking for a minigame experience without having to resort to peripherals such as the Move or Kinect.
GamingExcellence (Aug 06, 2011)
There are better minigame titles out there to play, but Rio is a good enough choice if a young one you know has played the rest. It won't hold the interest of a seasoned gamer at all, but when it comes to someone a little younger, the colorful graphics and simple controls could be a good match.
Gaming Nexus (May 20, 2011)
Rio is a perfectly competent yet completely unoriginal game undone by an over-abundance of rehashed ideas. Ostensibly a kid's game, Rio combines unimaginative game ideas with plastic characters, creepy sprayed on expressions, and a difficulty that is probably too hard for its intended audience on the default difficulty level, yet too childish to attract anyone interested in a challenging party game. In the end, it's exactly what it, as a movie tie-in and a party game, was always destined to be: short of its intended target, legless, and on fire.
Rio est quasiment à éviter, mais est-ce une surprise ? Nous le désignons en tout cas comme un bel exemple de tentation à laquelle vous vous devez de savoir résister (au prix fort), même en ayant apprécié le film. Dommage que son orientation multijoueur le rende si commun, il y avait peut-être mieux à faire ici.
Gamekult (Apr 15, 2011)
Un jeu de plus à ajouter à ceux de la liste des adaptations rapides pour coller à la sortie du film. Rio ne s'encombre pas de fioritures et se présente sous la forme d'un party game où tout semble avoir déjà été vu. Les épreuves, simplistes au possible et assez répétitives, ne sont même pas enrobées de modes de jeu convaincants pour donner envier d'y revenir. Pas la peine de sortir les maracas : ce n'est pas à Rio qu'a lieu la fête.