Risen 2: Dark Waters Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Selection screen
Loot screen
Exploring the usual crypts .. there is no proper RPG without them!
Character attribute screen
Inventory and equipment
Map of the current area including fast travel spots
The logbook tracks your quests
Scenery with the local natives at night
... and during the day
The game has waterfalls as well
The port of a town of the second faction
Dialog options
And the local smith sharpening weapons as in every single Gothic game
The quick access menu
Preparing for some confrontation with the guards in the background
Combat is mostly button smashing, life of the opponents is displayed as a red bar above the head.
Yeah well, they sometimes evade
The game also features glitches, like floating characters, which make it sometimes hard to play
Thank god I always travel with a full sized shovel
Treasure ahead
Legendary Items provide you with additional permanent stats
Skill screen
Talents screen
Treasure chests are sometimes locked and have to be opened ...
.. with this mini game
Another view of our ship in the port
and here we are aiming at it with the stationary cannon