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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GameFocus (Jun 16, 2008)
I was completely expecting this game to literally suck, but in fact it is well done and very fun game that does the Bourne name justice. A buy for Bourne fans and action game junkies, or at least a rental, but it turned into a sale in the end for me.
GamesCollection (Jun 18, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy è stato ingiustamente messo in ombra da titoloni di classe A durante il suo sviluppo. In un certo senso credo che abbia aiutato i ragazzi di High Moon Studios a sviluppare un titolo bello, con la B maiuscola, rimanendo con i piedi per terra. La collaborazione del padre di Bourne, l'immortale artista del giallo moderno Robert Ludlum la si sente tutta e traspare in ogni singolo evento del gioco: tanta è la cura usata anche nei particolare più insipidi e insensati tanto è l'aspetto globale e qualtitativo del gioco che si assesta su livelli eccellenti. The Bourne Conspiracy va giocato, va apprezzato e va comprato senza ombra di dubbio: se siete dei fan della pellicola sarete contenti di sapere che finalmente un gioco rende giustizia al grande schermo, con classe e dinamicità. Se siete amanti dell'azione, questo è un titolo che vi farà divertire non poco.
When playing The Bourne Conspiracy, it's easy to get lost in the experience. Too many games pad their length with tiresome gimmicks that don't belong. Aside from a questionable final boss encounter that I could have done without (and hey, at least it looks good), there's not a single moment in this game that I would cut or skip. It's a beautiful achievement and a great example of license-based excellence. High Moon Studios really took the story of Jason Bourne and ran with it, resulting in an experience that in many ways rivals even the spectacular movie trilogy. The whole thing doesn't last long enough to warrant an unconditional recommendation, but it comes within spitting distance. Don't miss it!
Game Critics (Sep 11, 2008)
Even as I was enjoying the game's top-notch action, I couldn't help but be disappointed that the developers weren't doing more with the franchise's dramatic possibilities. The huge gap between the game's storytelling and the film's is no more apparent than in the final fate of The Professor, one of the assassins dispatched to kill Bourne. In the film, after a tense game of cat-and-mouse through the French countryside, Bourne manages to shoot The Professor, and then, in a quiet scene set in a cold field, the men talk, and reach a kind of understanding as one of them bleeds to death in the snow. In the game, the two men have a fistfight in a burning barn. That's kind of the game in a nutshell. Really fantastic, satisfying, over-the-top action, but nothing else to speak of. I suppose that's enough of an accomplishment to warrant me recommending the game, but comparing the game's story to the film's, I can't help but think how nice it would be if we were living in a world where it wasn't.
Gamernode (Jun 14, 2008)
One of the real downsides of the game is its length. The game clocks in at about 5 to 6 hours, perhaps an hour or two longer if you play on the hardest difficulty. There is no multiplayer and only a handful of extras you can do with your second playthrough such as collecting all of the passports randomly placed in the level. The camera can get a bit stiff, and aiming will take a bit to get used to, but overall its many pros outweight its few flaws. Having barely any replay value makes me wonder if this game warrants the $60 price tag, which is why I would say renting it is a must for fans of fast paced non-stop action and the Bourne series. Buying it, on the other hand, might be a bit much.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 06, 2008)
Your Treadstone soldier takes a break from the fisticuffs and firefights for one car chase—we wish there were more— based on the Mini Cooper scene from the first film. The controls here are loose and a bit frustrating, but the presentation and fun-factor far outshine the shortcomings. And really, this holds true for the bulk of Bourne, as gameplay depth, tightness and freedom are generally shelved in favor of delivering a seat-of-your-pants experience. The shooting isn’t as tight as Gears of War nor the fighting as honed as a focused brawler, but the combination of simple, satisfying mechanics coupled with quality-oozing production values shoot this one to the top of the movie-licensed heap. We dare you to charge a low-on-ammo Bourne towards a pistol-packing henchman, and see if the results don’t drive you to the edge of your couch cushion.
GamingTrend (Jun, 2008)
Jeff Imada, Ludlum Estate, Paul Oakenfold, Tony Gilroy – it is very clear to me that High Moon and Vivendi spared no expense with this title. They have treated this licensed intellectual property like an original product and gave it everything it needed to succeed. Absent is the stench of a rushed product to meet a constantly shifting movie tie-in. Gone is the feeling of restriction that most games get when a third party is involved. The few places where it stumbles are more than made up by the polish and attention to detail everywhere else. While the next title is certainly TBD, I can safely give the thumbs up to The Bourne Conspiracy.
The Bourne Conspiracy is a first-class effort, one which High Moon Studios and publisher Sierra Entertainment should be very proud of. Any flaws are far eclipsed by the overall quality of the presentation, from the simple, accessible controls to the bar-raising, non-intrusive camera work. And with 10 or so hours of game to play, plus three difficulty levels and replayable boss fights via the game's Extras menu, there's plenty of reason here to drop another $60 in this all-too-busy month of June releases.
Game Shark (Jun 30, 2008)
Take any thoughts of how the game is based on a movie out of your head, as The Bourne Conspiracy is a compelling action game built on mostly solid gameplay ideas. It’s not an easy game but it is definitely a rewarding one, and what flaws it does have are overcame by how often you can do things like stabbing a guy with a screwdriver.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 23, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is stylized and cinematic experience without the weight of sitting through long drawn out cut-scenes or overly dramatized storyline drags. Bourne pretty much sticks to the action, telling the story while you run and gun you way through each phase of the game. High Moon’s vision was clear, match the excitement of the film and then give them more. Surprisingly, the game pulls this off as you feel empowered as Bourne as you turn from the hunted into the hunter. The only major draw back to the Bourne Conspiracy is that it can be completed in one sitting. This pushes The Bourne Conspiracy towards the rental category, but it will definitely be worth it. Fans of the film and/ or novel, this is a purchase and one you have no doubt made by now, and if you haven’t, this is the closes thing you’ll get to being Bourne without signing up to an underground Black Op's operation yourself.
Daily Game (Jun 03, 2008)
It's not that often you encounter a game that mixes genres and still manages to be above-average in quality. Jason Bourne fans will enjoy this one, but so action game fans in general likely will as well, even with its occasional snafus.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jun 22, 2008)
In comparison, the visuals aren’t as superb as the music, but they do get the job done. The character models, even with the lack of Matt Damon’s representation as Jason Bourne, are great in retrospective. The level environments are exquisite and full of interactive objects to use for satisfying takedowns. Throwing your enemy into a pillar and having it burst into pieces is gratifying. The levels are sharp in detail and present a world that breathes espionage. The hand-to-hand combat system is where the heart of the game lies; it’s full of action and stunning maneuvers that will have you cringing at the pain inflicted on your enemies. This is what Jason Bourne is all about – non-stop action mixed in with awesome hand-to-hand combat. Overall, The Bourne Conspiracy is perhaps one of the better adaptations in recent memory that developers should take note of when handling a license as such.
81 (Jun 20, 2008)
Generell kann man die Entwickler für ihr sehr gutes Cineasten-Auge beglückwünschen, gerade die perfekt in die Echtzeit-Cutscenes eingebundenen Reaktionstests wirken nie aufgesetzt oder nervend, sondern steigern die Spannung. Alles in allem also das perfekte Actionspiel? Leider nicht: Denn so großartig die Nahkämpfe sind, so öde spielen sich im Vergleich dazu die Waffen-Abschnitte. Die Knarren-Steuerung ist wabbelig, die Kameraführung oftmals nicht optimal - spektakulär wird's erst mit der Nutzung der Stranglehold-ähnlichen Shooting-Takedowns. Und von dem öden Fahrlevel durch Paris will ich gar nicht erst anfangen, den fand ich schon bei der ersten Vorführung völlig fehl am Platze - gut, dass es nur den einen gibt. Etwas mehr Konzentration auf das Wesentliche hätte ein sehr gutes Spiel zur Folge gehabt; so bleibt nur ein gutes, das allerdings die Essenz des ersten Films hervorragend einfängt.
TeamXbox (Jun 04, 2008)
I enjoyed Bourne Conspiracy and actually hope to go back and finish more of the game just for fun. It’s quite accessible, so it’s appears to be a good title for players of a wide variety of ages and skill levels, and that enables you to jump in and screw around with it extensively. It’s not a perfect action game by any stretch, but one that does keep the player engaged from point to point—and that’s all you can ask.
Game Chronicles (Jun 22, 2008)
And sure, all that fighting gets a bit repetitive after awhile, especially if you try to finish the game in two or three sessions, but compared to other fighting games, Bourne really does a great job of mixing things up and keeping the combat fresh and as inventive as you want to make it. High Moon had some really great ideas and most of them got successfully implemented in what I can only hope is the first of many forthcoming Bourne adventures.
games xtreme (Jun 30, 2008)
This is a good solid action game, awesome cinematic story and groovy hand to hand combat with environmental finishers and takedowns. It's a tad too short for my liking but still worth playing to see shooting and hand to hand blended so well.
Power Unlimited (Jul 14, 2008)
Hou je van stevige actie en ben je fan van de Bourne-films, dan is dit een prima aankoop. Gewoon een goede filmgame en dat is ook wel eens leuk om te zeggen.
JeuxActu (Jun 27, 2008)
La Mémoire dans la Peau est un jeu d’action au sens strict du terme, où la fuite est aussi précieuse que l’affrontement, et où les Quick Time Events mettent les nerfs à rude épreuve. Entre ces deux murs se trouvent Paris et sa Mini Cooper qui peinent à se faire respecter, sans doute parce que l’essentiel se trouve ailleurs ; dans les combats à mains nues chorégraphiés à l’extrême plus précisément, au point de donner l’impression d’assister à de formidables katas. La prise de plaisir est instantanée, c’est clair. Le cadre n’est pas pour autant idyllique, avec une gestion de la caméra foireuse, une réalisation qui flanche par moments, et un replay value proche du néant. Récupérer des passeports ou affronter de nouveau les boss dans un mode taillé pour, on a connu mieux en termes de bonus. En tout cas, La Mémoire dans la Peau s’avère être une valeur sûre, alors que l’on ne l’attendait pas forcément.
Game Vortex (Jun, 2008)
It has its issues, but Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy is still an incredibly fun game. While I wouldn't call it a must buy unless you are a major Bourne fan, it's a great lazy weekend rental.
GamePro (US) (Jun 03, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy isn't perfect. There were definitely moments when I wanted to chuck my controller across the room because one of its minor design flaws sent me to a cheap and unfair death. And yet, there were also moments when the game clicked for me and I really did feel like I was a damaged super spy on the run. Conspiracy is a flawed yet slick action title that has just enough going for it for me to recommend you check it out, especially if you loved the Bourne movies.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Jun 27, 2008)
Say what you will about The Bourne Conspiracy - as far as we're concerned there were many moments in the game where it felt like we were in Jason Bourne's shoes as we vaulted across rooftops, took snipers out from long range with a silenced pistol, and battled through fist fights with the utmost precision and awareness. That's a fairly difficult thing to achieve in a film licensed game and High Moon Studios should be applauded for achieving it.
Game Arena (Jun 18, 2008)
Nevertheless, The Bourne Conspiracy is the dark horse of 2008 – we’ve covered the game’s progress a couple of times here at GameArena but it still managed to slip through the cracks coming out. If you don’t mind quick time events (or you like them, you freak) and you want a hard hitting action game, get your strangling hands of mass destruction onto this.
So to sum up, The Bourne Conspiracy is an enjoyable game. It’s a single player third person action game with interactive environments and enjoyable fighting sequences. The game does not feature the likeness of Matt Damon, but an actor is not what makes a game good. Gameplay and interesting stuff to do is what makes a game fun to play, and High Moon Studios put plenty of that into this one. Check out the free demo on Xbox 360 if you’re still not convinced.
Deeko (Aug 22, 2008)
Cinematic, exciting and at times tiring due to some control issues, The Bourne Conspiracy manages to deliver a licensed game which keeps the spirit of it's source material. While not very stealth like at all, which one would at times expect from title where the main star is a super spy -- one has to remember Bourne isn't your average spy. Putting ass kicking combat first, and information tracking last, The Bourne Conspiracy is a game that action fans looking for some genuine bad ass moments with some decent visuals will enjoy, just don't go in expecting another classic like Golden Eye.
80 (Jul 01, 2008)
Overall Bourne Conspiracy is a fairly decent action game, sure it does have it’s moments of frustration, however the fight scenes are excellent and some of the best I have seen in an action game. This alone may be a reason for you to give this game a try.
Worth Playing (Jun 17, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is a surprising gem of a beat-'em-up with plenty of riveting, arcade-styled action to entertain fans of the film or action junkies who are looking for a little wetwork. Whether it's enough to justify the price of admission is up to what players expect to get out of it, but top-notch production values and the fast-paced thrill ride that it brings can still add up to hours of black ops excitement.
Overall Bourne Supremacy is an enjoyable game. The attention to detail and frantic non-stop action make for an engaging and exciting experience. I wish that there was greater depth to the fighting controls and that the game allowed you to use the weaponized objects on your own rather than having you push the adrenaline buttons and then just sit back and watch what Bourne decides to grab and use. The feeling of repetition can be an issue in longer play sessions, but taken in shorter segments you'll enjoy making your way to the end of the game.
GameZone (Jun 09, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy does a marvelous job of giving us a taste of what it’s like being Jason Bourne and it captures the essence of the movie and Robert Ludlum’s books just right. That being said, whether you’re a Bourne fan or like a good action-spy game, you will definitely enjoy what this game has to offer.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 09, 2008)
It's rare to see a movie game that is enjoyable in its own right. Even without the Bourne license, Conspiracy would be a great action game. It blends two totally different gameplay styles together and delivers them in quick, intense bursts. What it lacks in storytelling finesse it makes up for in genuinely entertaining gameplay, and it is clear that the audiovisual design was given proper treatment - rare for a licensed property. Considering the game is singleplayer only, it may be a tough sell to gamers who aren't already fans of the Bourne trilogy, but they should definitely pick it up - and those who aren't familiar with the series should at least check it out to observe the impressive mix of genres.
MS Xbox World (Jun 08, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is a valiant effort for a movie tie in game and captures the flavour of the movies it is based upon very well due to its unorthodox stop start action sequences and variant gameplay. I'd say you'll get more understanding of the game if you've seen the first movie, as some sections are a little vague story wise. I've enjoyed playing the game and watching Jason kick ass via the semi playable cut-scenes; it's just a shame that there's no real replay value or more missions to mess around with.
GameSpot (Jun 06, 2008)
Translating the lightning-quick close-quarters combat of the Bourne films into viscerally satisfying gameplay is no mean feat, but High Moon Studios has done it and done it well. The adventure is a bit short, and the solid gunplay becomes tedious the second time around. Still, the combat system alone makes this game worth playing, and the dramatic moments it creates are the real treat. There's nothing quite like the end of a boss fight when you and your enemy are both bruised and bloody and on the brink of death with the music at a pounding crescendo, and you hammer him with a vicious roundhouse to the face before executing your final, brutal takedown. In exhilarating moments like this you feel like a real badass, and that's what being Jason Bourne is all about.
Cheat Code Central (Jun, 2008)
By breaking all the assumptions that normally come with a movie-based license (such as using the film's actors and pushing to do a simultaneous game-film release) High Moon Studios has crafted a solid action game.
GameSpy (May 30, 2008)
At around 10 to 15 hours, The Bourne Conspiracy isn't exactly a brief experience, but its addictive and gratifying combat can certainly make it feel so. As visually appealing as the game's graphics are, they are dwarfed by the entrancing core melee gameplay... which is no small feat. Whether or not you follow the films and books is irrelevant to your potential enjoyment of The Bourne Conspiracy, because it so brilliantly communicates the story's themes. The resulting combination of fierce fighting, fantastically integrated interactive cut-scenes and just plain awesome graphics punctuate the sad story of this amnesiac elite operative in a thoroughly entertaining package.
80 (Jun 03, 2008)
You have to hand it to High Moon Studios for taking on a difficult IP and succeeding at delivering a truly authentic experience. The highly cinematic approach that has been praised earlier is something that will pull you in to the game. The choice to make the game resemble the movies was a smart design choice as the unique visual style is immediately recognizable. Lack of depth in the pre-takedown combat withstanding, combat is full of hard knocks and impressive animation and editing. At the end of the day, Conspiracy is a winner.
Realm of Gaming (Nov 29, 2008)
All in all, I would recommend The Bourne Conspiracy to anyone who is slightly interested, just be sure you rent it first. It isn't anything mind blowing, and though in a lot of places bland, but in other places you will get a sense of satisfaction. It isn't the greatness that was the Bourne movies in video game form by any stretch of the imagination, but for what it is, it is an overall satisfying experience.
Console Monster (Jul 07, 2008)
For what it is, I loved most of the Bourne Conspiracy as it captures the sense of action provided by Hollywood, just don’t expect to feel the urge to go through it all again though therefore a recommended rental at most.
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 03, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy, despite its shortcomings, is an example of a very good movie-licensed game. There are so many ways the fundamentals could have been mishandled, and the entire experience done halfheartedly. Thankfully, High Moon Studios took it upon themselves to step beyond typical expectations and deliver a noteworthy experience in which most casual gamers, who are fans of the films, can easily become engaged. Enthusiast gamers looking for a more engrossing and profound experience, however, may not find what they’re looking for in this well executed, but admittedly flawed adventure.
Xbox World 360 (Jun 20, 2008)
But, Conspiracy's defiantly old school gameplay is going to nark off as many gamers as it thrills. It might look sexier than Lucy Pinder, but at times it feels as puddle-deep as Jade Goody. Still, if you're willing to overlook its more obvious limitations then you'll end up enjoying an action experience unlike any other.
76 (Jul 01, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is one of the better movie-based games out there, with intuitive and spectacular hand-to-hand fights, interactive cut-scenes and more than decent graphics. Unfortunately, the replay value is close to zero, so once finished you will never go back to it. But even so, for the 7-8 hours it does last it will be an entertaining ride.
76 (Oct 15, 2008)
All this being said, The Bourne Conspiracy is definitely worthy of a rental for fans of action games. It’s a short game that pretty much does what it sets out to do, which is entertain. The Bourne Conspiracy isn’t perfect, but it is a non-stop action packed game that’s much better than most of the other movie based games out there.
TTGamer (Jul 01, 2008)
As a start The Bourne Conspiracy does well. It is clear that many things need to be looked at for future titles, but it is a start where the core of the experience does reflect the Bourne experience well. Fast action, incredible combat and gunplay are all hall marks of Bourne and they are in this title with spades. It is a shame that the experience is so short because it could have been a game which broke the shackles of movie licensed mediocrity. Instead we have a game which is a rental for all but the most dedicated Jason Bourne fans.
Try to deviate from set paths and you'll die, fail just one QTE and you'll be punished with arduous reloads. And while it's tempting to forgive Jase because his game is so gorgeous - all arty camera angles and bone-crunching fight choreography - we feel compelled to make a stand, especially when it's possible to blast through in under six hours...
Gameplanet (Jun 19, 2008)
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the game should have been longer, in fact I believe it is the perfect length for the gameplay and experience. I just don't think it should be placed and/or priced among the ranks of fuller single-player games such as Bioshock or Metal Gear Solid 4 for example. It is a shame really, if the game were cheaper I may have recommended it but at this point, while The Bourne Conspiracy is a great game people should try, it's only a rental for now.
Official XBox Magazine (Jun 04, 2008)
Here’s what it all boils down to: Bourne Conspiracy screams weekend rental. It isn’t a one-trick pony, but it has three or four moves at best — enough to truly impress you for a while, but not enough to compel most of you to punch, kick, and shoot all the way to the end of the game.
IGN (Jun 03, 2008)
If you've ever wanted a taste of what it's like to be a lethal weapon, The Bourne Conspiracy will give you a quick taste of that – at least when hand-to-hand combat is concerned. The power, brutality and creativity that Jason Bourne uses in the films are excellently handled with the hand-to-hand system. Unfortunately, the shooting and driving mechanics leave much to be desired. However, as a potential jumping off point for a Bourne franchise, this is a good start for High Moon and Sierra.
Lawrence (Jul 01, 2008)
The Bourne series seems like it would be a no-brainer for a videogame adaptation. They're filled with action, espionage, and its fair share of high-speed car chases. Six years after the first film was released, Sierra presents The Bourne Conspiracy, although you won't be seeing Matt Damon's likeness anywhere near it. Things start promisingly enough, with the game showing off an admittedly impressive hand-to-hand fighting system. It really does a good job of simulating the quick-cut, high intensity bouts from the three films, utilizing tons of different objects in the environment. You'll throw baddies through windows, slam their heads into tables, and dozens and dozens of other attacks. Unfortunately, the game slips fairly deep into mediocrity once the sluggish gunplay rears its head.
ActionTrip (Jul 09, 2008)
As movie-based titles go this one doesn't fall into the depths of mediocrity, although it doesn't make a major impact either. All it does is create a temporarily engaging experience thanks to the adrenaline-pumping hand-to-hand combat. Be that as it may, Bourne Conspiracy is a game you'll probably keep playing until you become fed up with the shooting segments (and let's not forget that lousy car chase).
73 (Jun 25, 2008)
Gegen Nonstop-Action habe ich nichts, doch bei allen Explosionen und Schießereien sollte ein Spiel auch nach etwa der Hälfte der Spielzeit noch frische Akzente setzen oder gar eine Schippe drauflegen. "Das Bourne Komplott" verpulvert sein ganzes Potenzial jedoch schon sehr früh - spätere Einsätze spielen sich dann wie eine Kopie nur in anderer Umgebung. Größtes Manko bleiben aus meiner Sicht aber die durchaus schön inszenierten, spielerisch jedoch schrecklich öden Nahkämpfe, die noch nicht mal gegen Bossgegner herausfordern sind und immer gleich ablaufen. Insgesamt bleibt "Das Bourne Komplott" daher leicht hinter den Erwartungen zurück, macht aber ohne Frage Spaß und sieht dabei noch gut aus. Wer sich einfach nur in einen Actionrausch mit Jason Bourne spielen möchte, sollte dem Titel durchaus eine Chance geben!
IGN Australia (Jun 03, 2008)
A trifle repetitive and brief, The Bourne Conspiracy is a diamond in the rough. Well worth a look but it’s not going to change your life. However there’re two more films worth of material to adapt so maybe future Bourne adventures will give a little more control to the player and a little less to the button pressing mini-game.
GameTrailers (Jun, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy walks the line between pander and cater, giving an accessible roller coaster ride to anyone with rudimentary hand-eye coordination. It's a nice mix of gameplay styles that allows you to play it however you want, but all the niggling issues eventually pile up. At $60, it's hard to recommend, but like a blockbuster movie you missed in the theater, you can always give it a rent. Fun yet flawed, this franchise-based game could be a lot worse.
Games TM (Jul 10, 2008)
As a means of creating a movie-based game for fans to identify with and not to be embarrassed by, The Bourne Conspiracy delivers in spectacular fashion, but overall the experience offers little in terms of true challenge or boundary pushing, which is a shame. Then again, many titles with a similar theme have attempted such things and been significantly worse for it. Maybe this is the only way to prove a game based in a movie and avoid a wave of disappointment. If nothing else, every other development studio that dabbles in movie licences should look what High Moon has accomplished and take note.
Blend Games (Jun 13, 2008)
What’s the result of all this? The Bourne Conspiracy is definitely worth a look. The negatives don’t outweigh the positives to the point of “bad game” labeling, but they are somewhat impactful. If you played the kickass, in-your-face demo, just imagine a full version of it. Nothing more, nothing less.
UOL Jogos (Jun 17, 2008)
Fãs de agentes secretos e filmes de ação não devem perder a aventura digital de Jason Bourne. O jogo, apesar de não contar com Matt Damon ou com os realizadores dos filmes, não é um produto barato feito apenas para lucrar em cima de um nome famoso. Há bons momentos de diversão aqui, principalmente as lutas mano a mano, embaladas por gráficos e sons de alta qualidade. Pena que o sistema de tiro e direção não esteja à mesma altura, assim como a quantidade extras para estender a vida útil da campanha principal.
70 (Jun 27, 2008)
Par bien des aspects, la mémoire dans la peau semble une réussite. Son rythme impeccable, ses combats nerveux et violents et sa réalisation très correcte en font un jeu d’action efficace et défoulant. Malheureusement, la linéarité totale de la progression, n’autorisant aucun écart, ainsi qu’une durée de vie bien courte, l’empêche d’accéder au rang des indispensables. Le titre de High Moon Studios réussit cependant une grande prouesse : proposer une adaptation vidéoludique réussie. Rien que pour ça : chapeau messieurs !
The Bourne Conspiracy is the kind of game that is perfect for a single play through. It delivers a well-paced and intense experience that is ultimately very satisfying and surprisingly faithful to its film counterpart, provided that you accept that it doesn't set out to reinvent, or even excel in any one area of gameplay. The game has a variety of bonus content to unlock through collecting passports hidden in each level, but it's doubtful that anyone will feel the urge to, safe for achievement enthusiasts and completists. And the absence of a multiplayer mode is refreshing to see, as it would have just been time wasted that could've otherwise gone into making an extra brutal takedown sequence!
Boomtown (Jul 02, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy has a lot to like about it, despite when the grainy too bright pre-rendered FMV kicks in, but doesn’t seem to have refined much of the gameplay. You’ll enjoy your seemingly endless skills, hitting the B button only to sit back and kid yourself that you’re really doing it all, but while the campaign is 8-10 hours long it’ll take an achievement whore of my standards to put yourself through it all again. Despite that, I am enjoying it more now that I can play it exactly how I want, and how I think Bourne should play it. So I guess I’d say that it’s definitely worth a rental; maybe more if you like the Bourne franchise and a variety of different gaming styles all mashed up into one game.
70 (Jun 30, 2008)
We experienced an odd feeling after finishing the game. Conspiracy made us want to pop the game out of our console and slide a Bourne movie DVD in instead. And the reason is because apart from the hand to hand combat, which is simply awesome, the rest of the game is better to watch than it is to play. Ultimately it's a wonderful first Bourne game from High Moon and we hope it does well enough to justify a sequel, perhaps with Matt Damon's likeness, but, unfortunately, the overused quick time events, linear gameplay and frustrating third-person shooting makes Conspiracy feel more like watching a broken DVD that forces you to keep pressing play. This one's a brilliant weekend rental, just like the movies.
GameDaily (Jun 09, 2008)
Like most action games, The Bourne Conspiracy concludes after seven to 10 hours of play. It doesn't have a multiplayer mode or significant extras. That makes it more of a rental than a $59.99 purchase, but regardless of how you snag a copy, you'll enjoy what this game has to offer. It's flawed, but the over the top action scenes and fast-paced gameplay keep things running speedy enough that you won't obsess over the negatives. As such, Sierra succeeded in publishing a movie/fiction based game that doesn't suck, and we strongly recommend you play The Bourne Conspiracy at least once, just to watch someone get his head rammed into a neon sign before sailing into an air conditioner.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Jun 17, 2008)
Bourne Conspiracy is around about 10 hours in length, which is certainly nothing to sniff at. While the game’s flaws prevent it from being a must-have action experience, the thrilling fighting mechanics make it an exciting romp that you’ll happily carve through right to the closing credits. Hardcore fans of the Bourne films will no doubt be pleased with the way the game has turned out - because it’s not just a throwaway movie licensed game that’s destined for the bargain bin. If you want to marvel at some very well designed hand-to-hand combat gameplay, then you need look no further. Just keep in mind that it’s in the category of popcorn entertainment.
It’s regrettable that the decision to ‘simplify’ and drag out the franchise has affected The Bourne Conspiracy the way it has. And even though it’s a fun action in it’s own right with nice style, nice touches and some panache, the aforementioned issues as well as weak controls and brevity bring down an otherwise solid, if eventually run-of-the-mill third person shooter. Still, the destruction you can cause and the smack that you lay down does make for a guilty pleasure. While not as blatantly obvious as your usual movie tie-in, it’s the search for the bottom dollar that has again held back an otherwise good licensed game.
68 (Jun 26, 2008)
Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy is a fine game with a fun hand-to-hand combat system. Beyond that, it meets about the average requirements for a game in today’s market – good sound, quality graphics and animation and a popular license. Unfortunately, the short lived campaign and lack of replay value hurt the game quite a bit. Regardless, it’s worth a rental so pick it up and give it a try. The story of the book and movie are greatly overshadowed by the action sequences of the game which make for a fast pace and fun time, but if you have problems forgetting that Jason Bourne has amnesia – don’t feel bad. It’s not important anyway.
Though The Bourne Conspiracy is weighed down by broken gunplay mechanics, its thrilling hand-to-hand combat, slick presentation, and relatively short time commitment (eight hours) make it a perfect rental for fans of the films.
Gaming Nexus (Jun 26, 2008)
It's hard to imagine, but Sierra Entertainment has been able to capture the frantic pace and edge-of-your-seat action of the Bourne movies in this game. The Bourne Conspiracy isn't without a few problems (length, gun mechanics), but it's an exciting ride while it lasts. If you're a fan of the Bourne movies or books then you owe it to yourself to see the full story in this brand new Xbox 360 game!
Game Revolution (Jun 03, 2008)
There may not be enough in The Bourne Conspiracy to make you completely believe you’re Jason Bourne, but there’s enough to make you feel like you’re in a Jason Bourne movie. Genuinely translating an action film is hardly done with as much effort as High Moon Studios has put into it. Although the combat suffers from a lack of refinement and complexity, it still keeps up with the vigorous pace and calculated intensity of Jason Bourne. Of course, I’m not going to tell him that he could be more sophisticated. Are you?
GamingExcellence (Sep 13, 2008)
When buying the Bourne Conspiracy you have to be aware of what you’re dealing with. If you’re like myself and are expecting a huge game of awesome hand-to-hand combat you will be disappointed. However if you understand what this game really is and how it doesn’t really innovate all that much you will enjoy yourself just fine. Worst case it’s worth a rental at least, a fun game that just so happens to be really rough around the edges.
65 (Jun 28, 2008)
Nous ressortons un peu déçus de cette adaptation de film qui se montrait tout de même très prometteuse. Non pas que le titre soit mauvais, loin de là, mais ses trop nombreuses lacunes l'empêchent de prétendre à autre chose qu'au statut de jeu d'action sympathique. On retiendra néanmoins l'incroyable dynamisme qui ressort des phases de combat au corps-à-corps et la retranscription fidèle de l'inventivité de Jason Bourne lorsqu'il s'agit de pulvériser un assaillant. Un soft à essayer et à acheter d'occasion, en attendant impatiemment une suite qui nous l'espérons, gommera la plupart de ces errements de jeunesse.
Jolt (UK) (Jul 11, 2008)
There’s no denying that Bourne Conspiracy has instantly gratifying combat and a good few levels of fun, but it all starts to come undone around half way through. It’s not that the game doesn’t look great – it does. It’s not that it doesn’t control well – it does. It’s not that it has bugs or camera issues – the camera never presented a problem and, aside from falling through the floor a couple of times, the game ran smoothly. It’s just that this is a short game, and yet still not short enough to stop the gameplay from wearing thin. To me this game is both a 5 and an 8, so perhaps I’ll just plump for something between the two.
65 (Jul 06, 2008)
Overall this game just screams 'middle of the road': a good opportunity that hasn't been fully taken advantage of. Having said that, if you have a spare weekend free and fancy a game that doesn't involve too much brain power and won't take you long to complete, then this is the ideal rental, but nothing more.
Giant Bomb (Jul 02, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is a short game that can be clumsy and repetitive at times, but it does it with enough style that I didn’t feel like it was a complete waste of time. For what you get, though, it’s still tough to justify the $60 price tag.
Xbox Gazette (Jul 05, 2008)
La Mémoire dans la Peau, le jeu, est une adaptation correcte du film. L'idée de proposer des séquences flash-back était bonne, mais il est bien dommage que les développeurs n'aient pas profité de cela pour nous faire découvrir plus en détails le passé et les motivations de Jason Bourne. Même constat pour le reste de l'aventure qui, malgré une bonne mise en scène, des musiques de qualité et des décors soignés, manque de liant scénaristique. Les scènes d'action s'enchaînent avec efficacité, mais on aurait aimé des moments d'enquête et peut-être un peu plus de finesse par moment. Les combats au corps à corps sont intenses et réussis, en grande partie grâce aux éliminations contextuelles. On regrette par contre les phases de tir peu convaincantes, et le fait que l'aventure soit linéaire, courte et répétitive.
Gamekult (Jul 01, 2008)
Loin d'être un mauvais jeu, La Mémoire dans la Peau manque cruellement d'identité à force d'emprunter une bonne partie de ces idées de gameplay à d'autres titres plus efficaces que lui, tout en jouant maladroitement la carte du scénario complémentaire du long-métrage. Pas vraiment une prouesse graphique ou un modèle de finition, le jeu de High Moon Studios réussit tout de même à convaincre sur certains aspects, en particulier le dynamisme des combats au corps à corps, le côté bac à sable des éliminations et le soin apporté à tout ce qui touche à la mise en scène, aux animations et aux effets sonores. En peaufinant davantage les phases de shoot et surtout l'ouverture des niveaux, le résultat aurait été nettement plus convaincant et moins lassant. Jason Bourne manque de peu sa première mission, mais il y a suffisamment de la matière pour envisager une suite plus solide.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jun 05, 2008)
Fans of the film will probably find a good amount to like about the game. Non-fans may be lost in the story due to the large amount of condensing done to the plot, but you don’t really need to know what Treadstone is to appreciate the sound of a skull rebounding off an oak desk. The short length makes it a definite rental, but espionage action fans could do worse than to kill an afternoon with Bourne.
GamesRadar (Jun 03, 2008)
For all its flaws, though, The Bourne Conspiracy is still a decent game - it just doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from all the other games like it. And while it's true that those games don't blend martial arts with duck-and-cover shooting, Conspiracy's approach to both of those things is just too shallow and repetitive. You could wring some fun out of this over a weekend, but - with GTA IV still reigning supreme and Metal Gear Solid 4 little more than a week away - why would you want to?
Bordersdown (Jul, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy is a good attempt at replicating a cinematic experience, trimming out the slower, filler elements to keep the pace going. Obvious flaws aside, it manages to hold it all together as a knock-about action game. But, in the short time it takes to reach the end, it will have already become old hat and it doesn’t hold up to repeated playing, even on the frustrating higher difficulty setting. This makes it only essential for the more hardcore Jason Bourne fan.
1UP (Jun 03, 2008)
And that's really what The Bourne Conspiracy comes down to -- it's pretty good as a game that casual players can fly through on the easiest difficulty setting, and its production values are as good as you'll find on the market. But it doesn't hold up as well for those looking for a story or a challenge. It's a fun evening, basically.
55 (Jun 08, 2008)
In all, what we’re left with in The Bourne Conspiracy is a game which tries really hard to capture the action of the films, while not completely selling out Ludlum’s novel character. It was rumored that Damon backed out of the Bourne role due to the game’s violence, and while there isn’t an outrageous amount of it (by today’s standards) the repetitive sections of shooting and fighting makes the game less about secret agent stealth, and more about pure brutality. The films had some great action, but Bourne was also about intelligence gathering and sly maneuvering. You can basically breakdown a solid looking game, with a top-notch soundtrack and suitable voice acting, into two parts: Takedowns and shooting. Along with the lack of replayability, there’s not much to encourage anyone to more than opt for a rental.
50 (UK) (Jun 30, 2008)
There are still times when you'll enjoy yourself, but they're few and far between, and ultimately prove to be poor compensation for the loss of the intrigue, subtlety and intelligence that characterised the films and books whose bullet-riddled back the game is straddling. Whether it's possible to make a good Bourne game is debatable anyway, but this is a bad argument for another.
The Bourne Conspiracy, like the world it depicts, is a deceptive game. On the surface it seems promising, and indeed the Unreal engine graphics paint some beautiful levels. But their utter linearity wears the patina thin as the same ground is covered again and again; the really exciting scenes wilt into mindless reaction games, and even the best part - the fistfights - become stale after a few repetitive bouts. Unfortunately, this is a mission that Jason Bourne might thank his amnesia to forget.
AceGamez (Jun, 2008)
The Bourne Conspiracy isn't a bad game. It's massively, abominably flawed, but there are points where it does play well, points where I was both entertained and excited. The problem is that these points are few and far between with an awful lot of trudging needed to get to them.
AusGamers (Jun 10, 2008)
Fans of this series who felt nothing was fully tied up with the last film or through any of the books might be able to put themselves through this, but it’d be stretch as far as I’m concerned. The kinetic camera and take-down animations are the only elements redeemable here, otherwise, this game is best left alone.
Destructoid (Jun 03, 2008)
If you've got access to Xbox Live or PSN, then just play the demo; it's got the single best level in the game (the Zurich Embassy), and includes enough of the underwhelming gunfighting and driving levels to likely dissuade most consumers from actually purchasing the game.

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