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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.6
Overall User Score (15 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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100 (Sep 26, 2008)
For gamers who have yet to get into Rock Band, this is the perfect time to start. Rock Band 2 features all of the great options from the original game plus a whole new and upgraded set of modes to fulfill just about anything you want out of the experience. For Rock Band veterans, there’s enough new content in the sequel that warrants a purchase in my opinion. Plus you won’t be punished for having already downloaded music packs since you can bring those along too. At the very least, you’re getting over 100 new songs for $60 which is still a deal in itself and you can use your existing instruments. In the end Rock Band 2 is the definitive Rock Band experience and no gamer with a love for the genre should pass it up. Now who says that sequels can’t be better than the originals!
Boomtown (Dec 19, 2008)
Yes, the new instruments are nice, but if you’re holding the originals, or even the Guitar Hero World Tour ones, it’s not worth upgrading unless you’ve got a bucketload of cash to throw at the £200 Ion Drum Kit. At least not until your current instruments break. If you’ve already got Rock Band’s instruments, the cost is negligible for the staggering amount of new content and fun you’ll get from Rock Band 2. It is totally recommendable. If you’re wondering whether to go with GHWT or RB2 it’s an easy choice for me to make and it comes down to what Harmonix do best. Rock Band 1 was innovation. Rock Band 2 is perfection. Buy it.
Game Shark (Sep 26, 2008)
While the new tweaks and additions may not seem like much, and certainly feel like they should have been there from the beginning, the end result is a tightly wound, efficiently running powerhouse of rock. Rock Band 2 takes the winning formula of the original and polishes it to such a high sheen that once you place it in your tray, it's hard to think of why you'd ever go back to the original. Long live rock, indeed.
Game Chronicles (Sep 17, 2008)
I found Rock Band 2 to be perfectly constructed and brilliantly marketed. You now have the ultimate freedom, not only in how much you need (or want) to buy to play this game, but once you get into the game itself you will be amazed at the level of freedom you have in playing and exploring the seemingly endless volume of content available within. Rock Band 2 is more than a game…more than an obsession…it’s a way of life.
Gamervision (Sep, 2008)
You need to know that if you buy Rock Band 2, you are essentially getting Rock Band 1.5, or maybe Rock Band Plus. However, to be completely honest, I really find nothing wrong with that in this case. Rock Band seemed like the definitive music game experience when it came out, and Rock Band 2 has taken it even further, fixing the few things that were wrong with the first and adding a little bit extra to boot. The game is fully worth the $60 price tag. I prefer small improvements on an already-fantastic game over a revamping that could have just ruined everything. Rock Band proved to be one of the most replayable games in history, and I’m guessing that Rock Band 2 is going to take its place as a constant invader of my Xbox 360. Harmonix should be commended for once again delivering in a big way.
GameSpy (Sep 14, 2008)
All of the above is just an elaborate way of saying: if you've been playing Rock Band regularly over the last 9 months, then you'll find a lot of welcome features -- and tons of more music -- in Rock Band 2. If you're a casual fan, bringing it out at parties and such, it's still largely the same game, and you'll have to decide if the new music and features are enough to warrant picking it up. But if you're a Rock Band lover, then Rock Band 2 is just what you're looking for – we expect it's going to get constant play here for many months to come.
GamesRadar (Sep 14, 2008)
But you know what? We’re okay with that, at least for this year. We’re thrilled that Harmonix didn’t try to fix things that weren’t broken and add in silly things just to add bullet points on the box – the original Rock Band was nearly perfect already. And even if we know the setlist by heart, we still find ourselves running to Rock Band 2 every week and basking in the intoxicating clamor of the in-game crowd’s standing ovations. What can we say? We love living the lives of a bunch of rock stars.
Giant Bomb (Sep 13, 2008)
Considering how serious Harmonix and MTV have been when it comes to post-release support via weekly song downloads, the initial announcement of Rock Band 2 caught me off guard. Aside from being a method for offline players to acquire music, it didn't seem necessary at all. But with its large library of licensed master recordings and vastly improved approach to multiplayer play, Rock Band 2 is a terrific value at both ends. It's both a must-own for fans of the genre and a great place for new players to get started.
GamePro (US) (Sep 15, 2008)
It's more Rock Band and that is not a bad thing at all. With a new setlist of songs and more features, it's a no-brainer for anyone who loved the first Rock Band.
GameFocus (Sep 24, 2008)
Even if I wanted to, I can’t find anything negative to say about Rock Band 2…well maybe the fact that there’s some tracks and bands I would love to see in the game and that some things have been promised (Metallica, Nirvana albums…) but when you’re dealing with licensing, things like that are expected and understandable. To experience Rock Band 2 sure means for you to invest some precious dollars but when you see the whole picture, you can’t go wrong. I can’t finish my review without saying that if you never experienced Rock Band, you’re definitely missing something really special. If the first game was a success on so many levels, the sequel brings the same success back but pushes it so high that at this point it will be hard for anyone to catch it up. Rock Band 2 is a must own for everyone who hasn’t got the Rock Band Fever yet or a must upgrade for people, like me, who enjoyed the first game and wants more!
Planet Xbox 360 (Oct 08, 2008)
While the game is easy to navigate, it would have been nice to see a new set of rockers or deeper customization to make the band more 'you'. Sonically, the sound of the crowd singing along is cranked up some; better capturing the feeling of a live show. Between the steady stream of DLC and the ability to import your tracks from the first game, you are unlikely to stop playing Rock Band 2 anytime soon. The added ability to continue your World Tour band online, drum trainer, and daily challenges may sound like small additions, but they greatly enhance and extend the gameplay for what was already a must-own title; at least until the next Guitar Hero is released.
Destructoid (Sep 15, 2008)
Harmonix doesn’t necessarily break any molds with Rock Band 2, but it does a damn good job of perfecting the one it created. There’s little doubt that this sequel will be the life of just about every party for at least another year. Whether you're mentally capable of the inevitable -- having to hear "Livin’' on a Prayer" 947 times at parties over the next year -- is debatable.
PGNx Media (Sep 28, 2008)
Rock Band 2 doesn’t revolutionize the series or the genre. It lacks a super defining feature (a la Guitar Hero World Tour’s music creator) but it’s hard to complain when the core game is so good. The ability to play 80 new songs, import over 50 songs from Rock Band, and play all of the original downloadable content from one disc is amazing. Also impressive is that seemingly every major criticism of the first game has been addressed. Ultimately, Rock Band 2 is a fantastic title and one that is highly recommended.
95 (Sep 24, 2008)
As mentioned earlier, Rock Band 2 is Harmonix perfecting their established formula with a few gameplay improvements and the addition of some new modes. While some may look at the offering and think of it as a simple track pack released on disc, the upgrades to the franchise really do warrant the release of a whole new game. With Rock Band 2, Harmonix has proven that they are still king of the genre and are fully committed to providing the best possible experience for both veterans and newcomers. There is no reason that any music game fan should pass on Harmonix's latest release.
The biggest outstanding issue though, is in the way the difficulty levels are structured – there is too big a gap between ‘medium' and ‘hard'. To many players, the medium setting can be boring, with minimal use of chords and a feeling of disconnect with the music you're playing. There just aren't enough notes at this setting. Move to hard and you get faster moving notes, the addition of the fifth fret button, and a marked increase in the total number of notes to play. Players bored with medium may find themselves overwhelmed by the nard setting on many songs. There needs to be a happy median here.
ZTGameDomain (Sep, 2008)
Anyone doubting the value of releasing a sequel to Rock Band can end their concerns now. I admit that I was weary of spending sixty bucks on what is essentially new DLC, but when you factor in all of what was put into this package the price is actually a value. With 84 tracks on the disc, an additional 20 more coming before year's end and the gigantic amount of improvements to an already stellar game Rock Band 2 is a music game lover's dream come true.
GamingTrend (Sep, 2008)
The party went off without a hitch. Everyone had fun and we rocked out from 4pm until 2am the next day. There is no other title that I can think of with that sort of staying power, and certainly none that could run that long and not repeat a single track. The tracks brought to the table span a wide array of music tastes, and when combined with tracks from the original title as well as all of the downloadable content, you have a soundtrack that delivers beyond any other title to date. The instrument improvements seem small, but they are significant in terms of quality and accuracy. Overall, Rock Band 2 may be mostly incremental in upgrades and seemingly more of the same, but from where I sit on my drum throne, that isn’t a bad thing at all.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 14, 2008)
Rock Band 2 is a solid sequel. Harmonix smoothed out most of the rough edges and added enough new stuff to warrant the full priced upgrade. Online World Tour mode may be enough for some people to spend the $60, but you’ll also get a whole new suite of songs and a few new modes to have fun in. If you were on the fence about getting Rock Band 2, rest assured that it is indeed worth the money.
TalkXbox (Sep 19, 2008)
Rock Band 2 goes by the most common gaming philosophies when it comes to sequels: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While the game doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it really doesn’t need to with an amazing soundtrack, still solid gameplay and enough upcoming content to keep fans of the first returning for more. The game’s still plenty of fun, offers enough challenge without being unbearable, has a couple great additions and will still bring out the inner rocker within you. Have fun and rock on!
Atomic Gamer (Sep 17, 2008)
Either way, Rock Band 2 is the best music game on the market right now, and while it may or may not lose that title when Activision's offering is released next month, for now I don't care. It's time to try "Everlong" on Hard difficulty again.
XboxAchievements (Oct 11, 2008)
Don't let the fact that we gave this a lower score than the original fool you; this game is a huge improvement upon itself. The Band World Tour online makes it a completely new game and a much more replayable game at that. The vocal follies are a bit of a disappointment to the singers out there and the fact that this obviously isn't a new premise are the only things that keep it from being in the high 90's. If you're new to the plastic-band genre, this is by far your best option. If you're a veteran, this won't let you down.
I can’t think of any person to whom I wouldn’t recommend Rock Band 2. Playing alone, it offers a suitable challenge for any skill level. Playing with friends and family, it is one of the best social games ever made – a testament to the way games can bring people together to have fun. Sometimes good game design is about dramatic innovation. Sometimes it’s about knowing what not to change. Harmonix knows how to do both.
XboxAddict (Sep 28, 2008)
Rock band 2 is the perfect follow up act to the original Rock Band, and should be in everyone's library that is a fan of this genre. There really isn't much bas that can be said about the game other than that some of the songs are ridiculously hard even on medium difficulty. But then again, thats probably just me because I would never boast myself as a good Rock Band player.
Da Gameboyz (Sep, 2008)
Is Rock Band 2 enough of an upgrade over the first to warrant a $60.00 purchase? I would have to answer a resounding yes; especially if already have a full set of instruments. For those who only have a guitar, you’ll enjoy the game too and you may even want to add the new wireless drums. Bottomline, there are a lot more improvements here then I was expecting as Harmonix did so much more then just update the set-list. People may bitch or moan that the World Tour is pretty much the same, but the addition of online play for this area makes it even more worth while. I figure you’ll find yourself playing this game for a real long time to come, and with the ongoing support for DLC the game will just keep on getting better. Do yourself a favor, go out and buy this game now and rock-on!
Some might complain that the game is too similar to the Rock Band released last year. But the minor tweaks and the huge music collection make this game a must buy.
GameTrailers (Sep, 2008)
Rock Band 2 will be disappointing if you’re looking for drastic changes. Most of the upgrades are subtle, and you’re basically getting a ton of downloadable content at a great price. For our time and money, it’s worth every penny. The series has become the de facto party standard, and with this many new songs, it will be hard to knock it from the top of the charts. For existing rockers, we recommend just buying the disc, but if you haven’t already joined the tour then grab yourself a set up upgraded instruments, invite some friends over, and watch the magic happen.
Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
Rock Band 2 is definitely an upgrade over its previous entry. Although its best aspect is probably the 80+ songs that come with it, you'll find a whole host of new and upgraded features that will keep you rocking for quite some time. Even if you have never rocked before, Rock Band's "no-fail" mode makes this one an easy choice for casual or new players. But if you are among the hardcore sect, get ready to bust out the devil horns, turn the volume up to 11, and rock out with Rock Band 2!
91 (Nov 21, 2008)
Der im Vergleich zum direkten Konkurrenten Guitar Hero World Tour deutlich besser umgesetzte Bandgedanke, die knackigere Abmischung der Instrumente sowie die immer noch überzeugende Gänsehaut-Atmosphäre, die sich bei den Live-Auftritten mit den herrlich mitsingenden Zuschauern einstellt, ist nach wie vor ungeschlagen und macht deutlich, dass Rock Band 2 auch den Sturm, den die Konkurrenz entfacht und der mit Ideen wie dem kurzfristig veränderbaren Schwierigkeitsgrad durchaus gefährlich werden kann, wie ein Fels in der Brandung überdauert. Der alte König der Rhythmus-Spiele ist auch der neue! Chapeau, Harmonix! Encore!
That Gaming Site (Sep 20, 2008)
This game fixed everything that bugged me about the original and while it isn't perfect or very innovative, I can't help but not care, it's still a hell of a lot of fun on the weekends with players of all ages and difficulties.
1UP (Dec 22, 2008)
We still need more songs that girls like to sing (though that is pretty much a problem with rock music, not Rock Band), and the game's music selection is approaching a nearly unbearable level of suburban whiteness (surely, if Duran Duran are a "rock band," then Al Green, Funkadelic, Booker T. and the MG's, Prince, and any number of soul and funk groups backed by traditional rock rhythm sections qualify), but Rock Band remains the ultimate party game and a karaoke killer. I just wonder what Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, Harmonix cofounders and M.I.T. Media Lab graduates who spent their time creating musical instruments for nonmusicians before turning their focus to videogames, are really up to. Surely, the people who revolutionized the music genre and popularized it in the West are working on something more ambitious than a system update. I'm dying to play it.
TeamXbox (Sep 14, 2008)
So, there you have it. In less than a year, Harmonix (along with parent MTV Games and distribution partner Electronic Arts) has done an upgrade on the game and its instruments—some of it is substantial, while other parts feel like it should be called Rock Band 1.5. If you loved the first game, you’ll probably want to get this one also. If you enjoyed the first game—at a friend’s house, but didn’t buy it yourself—you might want to consider getting this one for yourself. As for the instruments (and later full bundle), it’s a toss-up, because most of the new features they offer are minimal and certainly not essential. They’re definitely a “check before you buy.”
Game Revolution (Sep 15, 2008)
Rock Band 2 is the definitive version of its revolutionary progenitor– better instruments, better online modes, and a wickedly better song list – taking its place as one of the greatest multiplayer games of our generation. Where Rock Band 2 doesn’t innovate, it polishes and tweaks until it kills. Right now, I know I should be cracking a joke like a Game Revolution boogie man, but I’m too busy gangbusting with the grippy power of enraged werewolves to care.
The A.V. Club (Sep 15, 2008)
Other aspects of Rock Band 2 feel more "expansion pack" than "standalone sequel." Tour Mode set lists are finally the game's primary structure, whether you're playing online, in a group, or solo. (No more Guitar Hero-like progression for lone wolves.) But the same Tour Mode, which can force replays of any given song several times in a session, is barely changed. Real bands may play the same songs over and over, but they also choose what and when to play. Putting more options into players' hands would sweeten this encore.
GameZone (Oct 10, 2008)
At $190, the Rock Band 2 bundle isn’t cheap. But for $150, you can buy the game ($60) and drum kit separately. The game is a must-have for music lovers, and unless you plan on ordering the Drum Rocker, this new kit from Harmonix and EA is a must-have as well.
UOL Jogos (Nov 28, 2008)
"Rock Band 2" é o "Rock Band" revisado e ampliado. A Harmonix se dedicou a mitigar as principais reclamações recebidas com o primeiro jogo, e o resultado é um título muito mais livre de estresse para os jogadores casuais e mais desafiante para os usuários "hardcore", graças a introdução de canções mais difíceis e de modalidades como o Tour Challenge e o Battle of the Bands. O jogo tem o maior repertório profissional entre os games musicais: são 84 músicas no disco e mais 20 gratuitas por download, com possibilidade de importar outros 55 do primeiro "Rock Band", além de ter uma loja com mais de 300 canções por download. Em "Rock Band 2", quanto mais músicas tiver, mais o jogo expande em diversão.
90 (Dec 02, 2008)
Harmonix heeft gekeken naar wat Rock Band één briljant maakte en deel twee hier volledig op aangepast: de multi- en singleplayer lopen vloeiend in elkaar over, de game is veel uitdagender en de tracklist is qua samenstelling en kwantiteit gewoonweg briljant. Harmonix heeft de fans gegeven wat ze wilden en weet tegelijkertijd nieuwkomers een goed instappunt te bieden.
90 (Dec 09, 2008)
Guitar Hero: World Tour, as it stands in the UK, has better instruments (the new Rock Band 2 instruments aren't out here yet, the World Tour drum kit has cymbals), and it's also got a music editing and recording mode called Music Studio, which Neon described as "incredible". Apart from that, it's horses for courses, and your preference will probably come down to the track list (World Tour's list is probably a tad more mainstream than RB2's). DLC offerings from both Activision and EA are excellent and flow constantly. For us, Rock Band 2 is brilliant, just like Guitar Hero: World Tour is. We can't pick between them. Slightly boring conclusion, we know, but the right one.
At its worst, Rock Band 2 feels like a massive expansion pack that just fills in all the missing gaps from the original game. At its best, this is a rewarding and refined excuse for you to pick up your fake music career where you left off - laughing and rocking out with friends near and far for a group thrill that only Guitar Hero: World Tour can match. This is still a superb show for the money.
Meristation (Nov 19, 2008)
Rock Band 2 sigue siendo el rey. A pesar de que no haya variado ni un ápice en su propuesta inicial, sus mejoras han ido más a la raíz de los pocos problemas que presentaba entonces y los ha eliminado casi en su totalidad. La batería, un enorme contra de la anterior entrega, aquí se ha mejorado notablemente; esperemos que llegue a nuestro territorio, junto con el resto de instrumentos, lo antes posible. El modo Gira Mundial, por su lado, se ha preocupado en parecer más variado de lo que en realidad es, una buena noticia, aunque sin embargo no deja de ser casi lo mismo que ya se había visto. Es la progresión y la dificultad de los temas, la selección tan ecléctica realizada, y sobre todo ese cooperativo online los que hacen de este juego uno de los más recomendables en lo que va de año y el mejor juego musical que nunca se haya visto. Si te gustó antes, espérate a verlo ahora.
Deeko (Oct 31, 2008)
While Rock Band 2 did not create or redefine the rhythm game genre, it is a very worthy addition to any game library. To truly appreciate the game, it needs to be played (as often as possible.) Grab a Xbox 360, this game and some friends. The $59.99 suggested retail price for the game disc or $189.99 for the set of drums, guitar, microphone and game disc will be offset by the hours of fun the game will deliver.
90 (UK) (Oct 08, 2008)
What's most impressive about Rock Band 2, though, is that it doesn't have to trade on the novelty of new instruments this time. More or less every concern and complaint we had about the original game has been addressed, the new tracklist is very much to our taste (with 20 more free songs to come, remember), and with the rebalancing of difficulty, modes like Battle of the Bands and the No Fail modifier and Drum Trainer, Harmonix has completed the awkward job of broadening the game's appeal at both ends of the skill spectrum successfully. It's an excellent, measured sequel that should appeal to all.
Video Games Daily (Oct 07, 2008)
A significant enough step up from the original to warrant your renewed attention this year. The only question that remains is whether it can stand up to the promising Guitar Hero World Tour.
Gamernode (Oct 03, 2008)
So is Rock Band 2 more of the same? Essentially, yes. If you didn't love Rock Band, Rock Band 2 isn't going to change your mind or make you a believer. It's ultimately an updated setlist with some minor additions and tweaks here and there, but don't let that stop you from buying it if you're a fan of the genre. Rock Band 2 is easily the best music game since Rock Band came out last year.
Fans of the original Rock Band will probably find Rock Band 2 worth it both for the large new tracklist and the numerous engine improvements, while newcomers to the series will enjoy one of the most polished music game experiences to date.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 30, 2008)
All in all, Rock Band 2 only expands on an experience that was near perfected with the previous title, an experience that can only be improved upon with each new game in the series. While nothing terribly new has made its way onto the new disc, the amount of songs more than covers the price of admission. And you won’t even have to sit through any putrid local opening acts.
Video Game Talk (Sep 26, 2008)
While it doesn't feel as revolutionary as the jump from Guitar Hero II to Rock Band, Rock Band 2 makes a lot of moves in the right direction, improving on the instruments and allowing you to import almost all the songs from the first game, in addition to offering an overwhelming amount of downloadable content (Harmonix has promised over 500 songs by the year's end). While a few songs suffer from note repetition, the overall mix is robust and fun to play. For anyone who enjoyed Guitar Hero or Rock Band, Rock Band 2 is a no-brainer. Highly Recommended
IGN (Sep 12, 2008)
Rock Band 2 improves in several areas over the original. The track list is better, the difficulty has been bumped up, it's more accessible, all previously released DLC works from the get-go, and Battle of the Bands is a brilliant online mode. But there's no getting around the fact that almost nothing was done to the main mode, World Tour. This is still the primary feature of Rock Band and yet it seems to have been neglected. It's hard to notice the newness when there's a big chunk of game that is just the same as it ever was. That said, music game fans would be absolutely crazy not to buy Rock Band 2. Even if you hate a few of the songs on disc, you are still getting an incredible deal. It's less than a dollar a song, with an extra 20 free DLC coming in the next couple of months. That's just too good to pass up.
Yahoo! Games (Sep 12, 2008)
Whether or not you grab the new hardware, there is no question that the stand-alone Rock Band 2 game is worth its $60 price tag. Heck, you'd pay twice that just to download the 84 new songs; toss in the new online functionality, Battle of the Bands and the Drum Trainer and you get another desert island classic. Let there be rock, again.
GameDaily (Sep 13, 2008)
You'd be crazy to turn away from a party like Rock Band 2. The fun gameplay, improved peripherals, additional modes and incredibly cool song list (with fresh additions each week, including full albums) will keep you rocking for months. AC/DC sums it up best – "Let there be Rock!"
Official XBox Magazine (Sep 14, 2008)
At its worst, Rock Band 2 feels like a massive expansion pack that fills in the gaps from the original game. At its best, it’s a rewarding and refined excuse to pick up your fake career where you left off — laughing and rocking with friends near and far for a group thrill that few other games can deliver. It’s still a great show for the money.
Worth Playing (Sep 15, 2008)
Overall, though, Rock Band 2 is still a game that is completely worth your money. It does a lot to cater to nearly all skill levels and playing styles, and it's one of the most user-friendly rhythm games ever published. The enhanced support for DLC makes sure you always have songs around that people want to hear, and the on-disc song selection is already an excellent assortment of classic rock, pop, metal and alt/indy pieces. The enhanced support for online play makes it easier to find people to play with and gives you more things to do. Rock Band 2 is, basically, an awesome game that's been made more awesome. Here's hoping other rhythm titles see fit to follow in its footsteps, and start making some of its remarkable online and DLC features into the standards they should be.
89 (Dec 08, 2008)
Rockband 2 führt das motivierende Spielprinzip des Vorgängers konsequent weiter. Kein anderes Musikspiel bietet derzeit eine so Große und gelungene Songauswahl. Der Lernmodus bietet einen leichten Einstieg für Anfänger und der "Welttourneemodus" sorgt für Langzeitmotivation. Solospieler sollten sich jedoch einige Punkte der Gesamtwertung abziehen, da sich das wahre Potential erst bei mehreren Mitspielern vor Ort statt alleine oder über XboxLive einstellt. Klar, Harmonix hätte noch einige weitere Features in Rockband 2 einbauen können, jedoch bleibt es unterm Strich eines der besten Party-Games überhaupt. Der Spielspaß wird lediglich von gereizten Nachbarn gestört, die hartnäckig an die Wände klopfen oder die Türklingel malträtieren. Was soll's, rock on! ;-)
Lawrence (Sep 25, 2008)
Overall, the game is still the go-to multiplayer music gaming experience. We'll see how Guitar Hero: World Tour ends up, but Rock Band 2 remains king of the hill for now even if it all feels very familiar.
ActionTrip (Oct 09, 2008)
Drums were in my opinion, the most difficult instrument to play the first time around most likely due to the fact that I have the coordination of a slug on horse tranquilizers. I must not be the only one who sucks at playing drums because a trainer has been added. This feature will help 'teach' you how to at least look like you know what you are doing and not instead, look like you are having a seizure. That being said your best bet is to learn the basics using the trainer and then spend the bulk of your time playing the actual songs for maximum effectiveness. As the old adage goes: "Practice makes perfect."
Extreme Gamer (Oct 06, 2008)
All in all Rock Band 2 is a must have if you’re a fan of music Sims then this is a must have. Simple changes, lots of songs and more to come along with great gameplay and a new online mode makes this one for the library of games. If you haven’t picked up Rock Band yet I suggest you make this your next purchase.
3D Juegos (Nov 28, 2008)
Sin ofrecer nada excesivamente revolucionario Rock Band 2 mejora y amplía la brillante oferta de su predecesor. Más música y más contenidos para una saga que tiene como únicos elementos en su contra su alto coste, y lo apretado de sus lanzamientos en nuestro país con motivo de los retrasos.
GameSpot (Sep 16, 2008)
Rock Band 2 delivers about what you'd expect from a game released just 10 months after its predecessor. That may be a little underwhelming for people who put their lives on hold for the original, but you're still left with a fantastic experience that's unmatched as far as party games go.
85 (Dec 10, 2008)
It's fair to say that this game plays more like a giant expansion pack than a sequel, but that said, it's a brilliant expansion pack. For all our impatience and minor disappointments, I'll wager we'll all still be spending far too much time on our friend's sofa, drinking all his beer, and playing his Rock Band 2 well into 2009. Rock on.
Rock Band 2 brengt wat je mag verwachten van een game dat overal elders in de wereld nog geen jaar geleden op de markt gegooid werd. Wij zijn misschien nog niet helemaal klaar met het orgineel, maar deze nummer 2 is een must voor wie van muziek en partygames houdt én over een Xbox 360 beschikt.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2010)
The heart of the game is the Tour mode which lets you play various gigs to unlock new songs and venues. Its branching system gives you plenty of options, but you're forced to complete too many multi-song "set lists". There's also a hell of a lot of loading screens in this game. The graphics are largely an afterthought, but seeing a scraggly, bearded dude sing "You Oughta Know" (with a woman's voice no less) was disturbing. The appeal of music games may be waning, but Rock Band 2 is still guaranteed to rock the house.
Gaming Age (Oct 06, 2008)
Rock Band 2 may not be a full fledged sequel in the mind of some critics, but what the team at Harmonix has done is beef up an already established franchise and listened to what their fans wanted. Sure other games may be adding on the idea of playing as a band, but we'll see just how well the competition stacks up against the originators of the idea itself. As it stands, fans who loved the first Rock Band will either have already bought it for the Xbox 360, or are eagerly awaiting their turn to rock out on the other consoles. If you are looking "Through the Fire and the Flames" for a challenge that will make your fingers bleed, this isn't the game that will set your guitar a blazin'. Rock Band 2 does exactly what it set out to do, as Elwood Blues would say, get the band back together.
Gaming Nexus (Sep 30, 2008)
There's nothing revolutionary about the second game and it's more evolutionary but it's still a fun game to play with others. Having access to both Rock Band 1 songs and DLC is a great plus. The World Tour mode hasn't changed much but it's nice that you can now play it online. Battle of the Bands is a nice addition to the game.
80 (Oct 23, 2009)
Rock Band 2 conviendra aux joueurs qui ont débuté leur expérience musicale avec le premier Rock Band puisque les mécanismes sont les mêmes et la difficulté identiquement dosée. Jouissant d'un nombre impressionnant de morceaux à télécharger en plus des 80 initiaux, le titre de Harmonix aurait gagné à proposer des partitions plus variées et plus en accord avec la musique. Reste que le multi a été amélioré mais que l'on n'oubliera pas le méli-mélo qui aura entouré les instruments et ce, aux dépens des joueurs européens.
I'm fairly certain I bought Rock Band 2 because it's the next Rock Band. While it isn't a bad game, it feels like it was just a game update for Rock Band 1 that came with a whole bunch of songs (that I'm not sure I even like). There really haven't been enough features added to this one to justify a purchase right away. If you really want to play all the fancy new songs, I suggest you at least try to find a used copy somewhere. If I never knew the first Rock Band existed, I'd give Rock Band 2 a 9 out of 10 (they still don't have hammer-ons and pull-offs obvious enough). But because I do know that it exists, I'm going to give the upgrades a 6 out of 10 because there really aren't enough of them to justify the price tag (at least Madden this year is freakin' awesome).