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The Best Party Game on the Market Brandon Tabbert (19) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.5
Overall User Score (25 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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1UP (Nov 19, 2007)
There's a lot to say about Rock Band. Whether it's debating the inherent awesomeness of the track list (which spans The Rolling Stones to Nirvana to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and tons in between), praising the surprisingly malleable character creator and beautiful presentation (with excellent lip-syncing and visual congruity between the music and your virtual rockers), or trying to figure out how real bass players deal with having by far the most boring stuff to play. Its critical appraisal isn't easy; music is culturally ingrained in us, and as a tool, a relatively inexpensive gateway for people to come together and experience it together, Rock Band easily delivers on what it promises. Actually feeling like a rock star -- for most people under 40, the next best thing to a superhero or a T-Rex -- is transcendently entertaining. Guitar Hero is still the way to go for lone wolves, but if you have the space, the manpower, and the means, Rock Band unquestionably, unequivocally rocks.
GamePro (US) (Nov 21, 2007)
That's what's at the heart of the Rock Band experience. Plus, it provides more game modes, off and online, than you could shake a stick at. There are so many ways to play and/or compete online, an ample character creator, cool venues and ready-to-release downloadable content that makes the whole package worthwhile even if you shell out for the all-in-one bundle. But regardless, you will have fun with Rock Band. We guarantee it.
In the end, it's hard to make an argument for any other rhythm game. Harmonix truely outdid themselves with Rock Band, a game that will grab the attention of just about every gamer and music-lover around.
100 (Jan 08, 2008)
Rock Band isn't perfect (no game is), but it's easily the most fun rhythm game out there. A solid soundtrack, plentiful and regular downloadable content, and the ability to play online (quickplay only, no online Band World Tour sadly) make Rock Band the party game to own. If you like rhythm games and multiplayer then Rock Band is a must buy title that will keep you busy for quite some time.
Game Tap (Nov 21, 2007)
If anything, Rock Band serves as an almost perfect example of a game that caters to everyone, provided there’s interest in playing virtual instruments. There are plenty of things here to catch the casual gamers’ attention, including an excellent soundtrack that covers nearly the entire gamut of rock and a variety of non-intimidating methods for unlocking these songs. Conversely, for the rhythm game fan there’s also a ton of stuff here, ranging from a great challenge and online play with leaderboards to a wide assortment of customization options for individual band members (even customizable tattoos and clothing). And yes, while the game is far more fun in a group, Rock Band’s single-player mode is equally deserving of praise, if only for the simple fact that it’s just as good as Guitar Hero if not better, considering the number of additional instruments involved. Now, if only I didn’t have to play that Yeah Yeah Yeahs song again.
G4 TV: X-Play (Nov 23, 2007)
Rock Band has a great future, with full support from MTV, EA, and Harmonix. You can expect the track list to grow, and there’s plenty of replay value here. If you’ve already got the band members in place, you’re scheduled for once a week practice sessions, AND you can stomach paying $169.99-plus-tax for a game, then you’re the target audience. There’s just nothing out there that comes close to what this game can deliver with three friends. And don’t even get me started on what will happen if you break this out at a party
GotNext (Nov 26, 2007)
Rock Band's biggest problem is the high cost of entry. When $60 games cause people to grumble, $170 is a lot to ask of anyone. If you're timid about the investment, however, you can buy the stand alone game, and pick up the Xplorer guitar controller cheap if you don't already have one (the GH3 works also). The xbox headset can be used in place of a microphone, so you can already experience two thirds of the game already. Then later if you really think the drums will add to your jam sessions, you can pick up the individual set when it's released, or you can pass the stand alone game off to a friend, and finally take the plunge on the big set. With so much on disc content, and plenty of downloadable content being rolled out, Rock Band is an investment that will keep you and your friends rocking for a long time to come.
Rock Band is without a doubt a multiplayer experience. Anyone who has a strong love of music and enjoys playing (or singing) along will get a kick out of it. With the expansive music selection via download services and hopefully an online version of Band World Tour as a possible download, then I will be playing Rock Band for many months to come. This year’s multiplayer game of the year has finally arrived!
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 06, 2007)
Rock Band is probably the best multiplayer experience this side of Halo 3. While it doesn't revolutionize the genre, it takes a well-known cultural icon in the gaming industry and adds new instruments. However, the biggest improvement over past games is the presentation. The carnival atmosphere makes Rock Band a total blast to play, or to even just watch, waiting for your turn. Even with the high price of admission, Rock Band is well worth purchasing. Anyone with friends nearby will get a kick out of the Band World Tour, and Xbox Live subscribers get the bonus of online play and future downloadable content.
Game Chronicles (Dec 01, 2007)
Rock Band is everything Guitar Hero III could and should have been, but without all the corporate shuffling over the past two years it probably wouldn’t have been this good. I fear the Guitar Hero franchise has been shaken to its core and may never recover. Anything they attempt at this point will just be playing “catch up” to a far superior product. MTV certainly has the clout to get the big bands and original music and Harmonix, with their years and years of music experience, has their own little stable of indie bands that bring their own unique flavor to the musical mix.
Game Shark (Jan 08, 2008)
Should you by Rock Band? That depends a lot on your situation. The money factor is a hindrance. And if you're going to have trouble getting at least two or three people in your home for some local multiplayer, then you're really going to miss out on the best that the game has to offer. However, if you can overcome those hurdles there is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to purchase this game. The problems with instrument production quality are an issue for the short term only, and the support for those that do have problems has been first rate. Ultimately, the only question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to rock?
GameSpy (Nov 20, 2007)
Rock Band is one of the most exciting titles we've seen in a long time. Experimental music titles haven't always fared well, but in this case a lot of the gameplay has been proven with titles like the Guitar Hero series, and Rock Band ups the ante considerably by essentially offering four games in one, including the chance to see what it's like to play as part of a band. It's an experience like no other in videogames, and it's amazingly realized considering it's really the first time anyone's tried it. We can only look forward to a future filled with a lot more rock.
Game Vortex (Dec 09, 2007)
Minor annoyances aside, Rock Band is a fantastic game which is likely to be the hit of many parties, and is likely to launch a good number of garage bands, possibly with pretty decent drummers. And, at least the guitarists will have strong fingers, even if they have to work on getting the right strings and finger-placement.
XboxAddict (Nov 22, 2007)
In the end I feel there are a few things that really make Rock Band appealing, anyone can play it, whether you’re just playing this type of game for the first time or you’re a seasoned vet. It’s addicting to spectators, you may have friends and family who will start off just wanting to watch, but I’ll guarantee they will eventually be jockeying for position to get in the mix. The music, the variety of genres is fantastic, not only in terms of era, but styles. From Bon Jovi to the Ramones. The Rolling Stones to Radiohead, there is something for everyone in this package, and if all the DLC’s come to fruition the game will never get stale. This game will appeal to all ages young and old, and hardcore gamers will get a charge out of battling head to head over Xbox Live in a cyber Battle of the Bands if you will. It’s one of the best party games available; you can enjoy it with friends as well as family.
If you have the money and time then spend the money on Rock Band. It may set you back a little, but the amount of fun you will get will defiantly be worth it. You get the full rock experience with Rock Band, the drums are perfect, the microphone will make you put away your old karaoke games and the guitar, well the guitar may make you trade in your Guitar Hero games just to purchase Rock Band. Harmonix latest creation is definitely a step forward for music games, they made this genre get notice and they are not finally taking it to the next level. Rock Band is here and it should keep you occupied until Harmonix released their next game.
PGNx Media (Nov 19, 2007)
Rock Band is certainly the most ambitious music game yet and largely succeeds. This isn’t a game you want to get if you’re just interested in the guitar and singing component. There are better games for that. But the Drums Solo Tour and Band World Tour, as well as the four-player band multiplayer mode make this one of the best multiplayer games available. It doesn’t outclass its competition in every aspect, but it’s hard to deny that getting four people playing Rock Band is one of the year’s best multiplayer experiences.
XBox Front (May 07, 2008)
Das Warten hat sich gelohnt! EA, MTV Games und Harmonix bringen das ultimative Musikspiel auf die Xbox 360! Egal ob heiße Gitarrenriffs, donnernde Schlagzeugsoli oder röhrende Vocals: Rock Band vereint die Vorteile von Singstar und Guitar Hero und setzt mit dem genialen Drumkit-Kontroller noch gehörig eins drauf. Was alleine schon riesigen Spaß macht, wird mit vier Spielern zur absoluten Spielspaß-Granate und sorgt für neugierige und teils fassungslose Blicke der Nachbarn. Die Kontroller der Revision 3 leiden nicht mehr unter den Kinderkrankheiten der ersten Auflage und bieten gute Verarbeitung und tadellose Spielbarkeit. Sicherlich sind die bereits im obigen Teil genannten € 169.- PLUS Spiel ordentlich Holz für ein Videogame, dennoch sollte man bedenken, dass ein gutes Force Feedback-Lenkrad auch nicht billiger daherkommt. Der Umfang des Titels ist enorm und bezieht man die wöchentlichen Downloads mit in die Wertung ein, findet sich auch diese jenseits der 90% wieder. Rock Band rockt!
Destructoid (Nov 19, 2007)
Truly, Rock Band is really more than the sum of its parts. Taken individually, everything is a solid from top to bottom, yet nothing is quite perfect. If you're planning to buy the game and play it in your basement alone with a bag of Cheetos, Rock Band might not be for you. But in the company of friends who are willing to take the plunge and hop into a role, there's absolutely nothing that comes close to it on the market, be it in the music/rhythm genre or otherwise.
XboxAchievements (May 31, 2008)
Picking up Rock Band and starting out is such an easy and enjoyable experience. You will feel like you are actually in a rock band, without playing thousands of dollars for equipment. You can even play Rock Band as a casual game with your family, or as a hardcore competition online with your live friends. Playing on easy difficulties will provide fun no matter what. If you turn it up a notch, you will still have fun, but will be more challenged. No matter how you play the game, you will enjoy yourself. Rock Band is a must have for any music fan or just plain anyone who likes the idea of being a rock star.
NZGamer (Oct 28, 2008)
Indeed we have waited a long time for Rock Band, but it’s now here, and it’s fun. Really fun. Sell-your-grandmother-to-afford-the-$320-price-tag fun. This is the party game for all of those who have thrashed Guitar Hero and SingStar to their death. There’s something that can be said for games that allow you to really enjoy the experience of playing them, and Rock Band does this.
Gamernode (Nov 28, 2007)
Rock Band is a must-have game. It's fun for even the most musically challenged, and it's a great game to play with friends and family. It may have a steep price tag, but you get more than your money's worth.
Deeko (Dec 04, 2007)
It is all about personal taste. Thankfully Harmonix and I actually have taste. If they continue to go the route they've initially intended with the song selections, I just may see that Gang of Four song pack sooner than I thought. Possibly some funk, soul or even real punk like Black Flag or if I am a good boy this year, some Minor Threat. The possibilities are indeed endless when you actually consider musical ability and influence before popularity.
Der Preis ist, gemessen an der amerikanischen Version des Spiels, relativ hoch angesetzt. Um herauszufinden, ob sich das Spiel für euch lohnt, braucht ihr euch nur die mittlerweile sehr lange Liste der im Spiel vorhandenen Songs auf zu Gemüte zu führen. Wenn ihr mit dieser Art von Musik etwas anfangen könnt und dazu noch drei musikbegeisterte Freunde auftreiben könnt, dann dürfte sich die Anschaffung des Rock Band-Pakets für euch vollends lohnen! Auch wer schon mit der Guitar Hero-Serie seinen Spass hatte, wird dieses Spiel einfach lieben. Denn Guitar Hero hat schon gewaltig Spass gemacht, aber Rock Band toppt diesen Spass noch locker!
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 29, 2008)
Rock Band ist ganz klar eine Klasse für sich! Preis hin oder her das Spiel hat sich einfach mit seiner Vielfältigkeit auf den Thron der Musikgames gespielt. Sei es die umwerfende Anzahl an Songs, die Möglichkeit wirklich jede Woche neue Lieder zu laden, oder einfach nur der Spaß mit Freunden richtig los zu rocken, alles passt wie die Faust aufs Auge. Das Spiel trommelt sich einfach nach den ersten Minuten schon in das Herz eines jeden Musikspiel-Liebhabers und auch Genreneulinge, sowie untypische Konsolenspieler haben die Chance bei diesem Spiel einzusteigen und denselben Spaß zu erleben wie der ausgebuffte GH-Profi. Obwohl es eigentlich keine echte Story im Spiel gibt, spielt man sich begeistert von Auftritt zu Auftritt und das bei cooler Grafik und perfekten Animationen.
TalkXbox (Apr 10, 2008)
At the end of the day (or night even), Rock Band is easily one of the best party games ever made and one of this generation’s best, most enjoyable experiences. Few games can really make you feel like you’re truly somewhere other than your bedroom while playing, but Rock Band manages to pull this off with ease. If Guitar Hero didn’t quite bring out the rock star in you, Rock Band is almost guaranteed to make you feel like the biggest rocker in the world. And if Guitar Hero did make you feel like a real shredder, then Rock Band will take that feeling to the next level. The game’s price tag is quite hefty, but after playing this game, $170 will make it feel like a steal.
Gaming Target (Nov 27, 2007)
Rock Band also doesn’t go where Neversoft took Guitar Hero III; namely, it doesn’t have any boss battles with celebrity rockers or frantic weapons-based multiplayer mechanics. Harmonix, however, outperforms its former franchise when it comes to the graphics. Your customizable rocker-self is more defined and plays the actual part in sync with the music. Seeing the drum sticks go up and down on the screen and realizing that I’m nailing that same diddle on the drum set is a great feeling, something that’s constant throughout this one of a kind Harmonix-MTV-EA collaboration.
Planet Xbox 360 (Nov 28, 2007)
It is hard to dethrone a franchise as powerful as GH3 but the new fad is being social and Rock Band provides just that, an outlet to be social. Once everything gets updated and the new online features are available this game will only get better. There is already a thriving Rock Band community out there and plenty of information to digest. Rock Band is not a cheap investment but if played correctly can end up being one of the best social games ever played, and to me it was just that.
95 (Dec 07, 2007)
Rock Band really takes the Guitar Hero formula to the next level. Not long ago, you couldn’t even play GH online, let alone play with a drummer and singer. Rock Band is really the only opportunity to get the kind of gaming experience that this game delivers – there’s just nothing else like it out there. Playing this in a party atmosphere with a group of friends is something that you certainly won’t want to miss out on. Although it’s fun alone and online, it really sings when you play with your friends. Get that basement soundproofed and get the gang together, because this game is straight up awesome and everybody’s going to want a turn. Now if only there were video game groupies
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 24, 2007)
Rock Band is an incredible evolution of what Harmonix has been doing for years. Yes, it’s pricey and it’s also going to be difficult to obtain at launch. This is one of those games you will keep playing and with downloadable content and the ability to play others online, the replay value is incredible. Make your dreams come true, and finally be the rock star you’ve always wished you could be.
IGN (Nov 16, 2007)
Rock Band is a great game. The presentation elements are top-notch and take music games to a new level; consider the bar raised. Though there are three separate solo careers, Rock Band is best experienced with a group of friends. The only major concerns are with the hardware. The guitar is inferior to other versions on the market and it seems likely that before Rock Band II arrives, many will have broken their drum kits (how long can you beat that thing before it dies?). Still, this is an excellent game overall. Anyone who invests the extra money to purchase some of the stellar downloadable content is certain to be playing Rock Band well into next year. Heck, you can tell by the mammoth size of this review just how much there is to say about Rock Band. Without question, Rock Band is one of the must-have games of the year.
Lawrence (Dec 11, 2007)
As a single-player game, Rock Band is comprehensive and very enjoyable. As a party game, it’s one of the most entertaining gaming experiences you can have. Get some friends together (and a couple 30-packs of Milwaukee’s Best) and have a blast. Just don’t have it too loud around 9th and Maine, because my upstairs neighbor seems to have a real problem with the game at four in the morning.
Worth Playing (Jan 06, 2008)
With Rock Band, Harmonix took a step forward in a genre they've been dominating. I've spent hours and hours playing Rock Band and feel as if it's not possible to have as much fun when I go back and play Guitar Hero III. It's not even a question of whether you're a fan of that genre or not — if you own an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 2, you need to pick up Rock Band.
GameZone (Nov 26, 2007)
Rock Band is an achievement for this current crop of consoles, as well as for the music game genre as a whole. By incorporating co-op elements like never before, Rock Band is possibly the most fun you’ll have with your gamer friends this year.
The visuals throw you into a world of music videos with their close-up camera angles and grainy filters. And, as usual, the writing in tutorials, menus and loading screens has that entertaining sarcastic spin. As a solitary experience, Rock Band is exciting but limited. Play it they way it's title suggests, as a band, and this holiday release is hard to beat.
Daily Game (Dec 05, 2007)
Rock Band not only slides right up to Guitar Hero on the excellence scale, but in some social respects rocks right past it. A few minor issues exist, but for a first outing, Rock Band deserves a serious encore.
92 (May 09, 2008)
Preisdiskussion und Dollarumrechnungskurs hin oder her: Wer sein Geld für die Instrumentenedition sowie das Spiel über die Ladentheke schiebt, bekommt im Gegenzug ein fantastisches Gesamtpaket. Haufenweise Songs, solide verarbeitete Hardware, eine motivierende Band-Karriere, coole Kulissen und haufenweise Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten für die eigenen Figuren – kurzum: Partyspaß mit Langzeitgarantie. Doch einige Schönheitsfehler –nein: Ich meine nicht den Preis oder den Song von Tokio Hotel- verhindern einen Aufstieg in noch höhere Wertungsregionen. Der Einzelspieler-Modus ist im Vergleich zur Band-Karriere erschreckend trocken und muss sich auch Guitar Hero III deutlich geschlagen geben. Und dass man keine Multitalente (z.B. singende Schlagzeuger, Einer-für-Alles) erstellen oder seine Figuren exportieren und auf Memory Card mit zu einem Freund nehmen kann, stößt ebenfalls sauer auf.
Game Freaks 365 (Dec, 2007)
Since it never really ends, this freshens up the limited playlist. Yet, when you spring $170 for a game, you should expect a little more music right away rather than spend even more to keep the game from getting boring. If you are willing to shell out the money and have a group of friends to play with, then Rock Band should definitely be on your holiday shopping list this season. If you are going to play by yourself or buy the game separately without the drums, then you really are missing out on the biggest addition to the genre.
Console Monster (Jun 23, 2008)
Rock Band's longevity will last as long as it has support for it. Over the past months we have already seen weekly downloadable track updates. We’ve seen bands such as Motley Crue sell their latest single five times more through Rock Band than downloaded through iTunes. This will no doubt open the eyes of a many label executives, and hopefully we will see a wider track base of artists in its store. With its slick presentation, solid and intuitive peripherals, various tracks of both default and downloadable content, EA has itself another winning franchise on its hands. As long as they continue to support this franchise and not cut out its early adopters with future sequels, I can see Rock Band being a fierce competitor to its rivals in this genre.
TeamXbox (Nov 20, 2007)
But the key is that the game supports people playing together, which is the definition of a party game. If you pull Rock Band out among a gathering of friends, you can be sure that almost everything else will become secondary to the “I’m up next” chant and the sweaty smell that’ll permeate through your place. Not a bad sweat, like you get later in the afternoon after your morning discovery that you’re out of deodorant that morning and don’t have time to stop to pick any up. This is the funk of stardom…of Rock ’n’ Roll (yes, capitalized and underlined).
Gamers' Temple, The (Dec 04, 2007)
All in all Rock Band is thoroughly enjoyable experience and could easily become one of the top party games of 2008. I can see entire parties centered on the game and I bet that most of those would be thoroughly enjoyable for everyone. The shortcomings of the game are annoyances to be sure, but not so much so that they destroy the experience. A few tweaks here and there, like being able to take the band world tour online and making it easier to unlock tracks, would make Rock Band an amazing game. Oh well, we'll just have to suffer our way through more concerts with a game that's merely fantastic.
Netjak (Jan 23, 2008)
There is just no way around it. Rock Band is, to date, the single best music game on the market, and not merely because it's the four best instrument simulation games available, either. The package brings with it the hardware, the music, and the smooth gameplay and reward structure needed to rock the face off of all contenders for the throne. Still, though, as much as Rock Band blew me away harder than the first chords of "Foreplay/Long Time" ever did, I look at the game with a strange mixture of awe and fear. Awe in that we, the gaming public, could come this close to the experience of being an actual rock star while remaining mostly devoid of actual musical talent beyond rhythm. And fear-- fear of what Harmonix could possibly do to top this
91 (Jun 04, 2008)
Es ist schon erstaunlich, welche Dynamik Rock Band entwickelt, sobald ihr mit Freunden zu den Instrumenten greift und die Anlage aufdreht. Es ist ein Spiel, in dem viele stimmige Faktoren zusammen kommen und den Spielspaß in die Höhe treiben. Einer dieser Faktoren ist sicherlich die Songauswahl, die wirklich keine Wünsche offen lässt. Sehr gelungen sind zudem auch die Soli, mit denen ihr den Songs eine individuelle Note verleihen könnt. Auf der Contraseite bleibt letztlich nur der Anschaffungspreis, der in Deutschland vor allem im Vergleich zu den amerikanischen Preisen, äußerst hoch ausfällt. Wer bereit ist, diese Kosten zu tragen oder sie sich mit Freunden zu teilen, wird letztlich jedoch sicherlich nicht enttäuscht. Rock Band rockt und das Bandgefühl ist derzeit einzigartig - jedenfalls bis Activision Ende des Jahres mit einem neuen Guitar Hero kontert.
Realm of Gaming (Aug 16, 2008)
All in all, this is a fantastic game that simply builds upon the successful formula of Guitar Hero. But should you buy this with Rock Band 2 a few months away? That depends. The instruments will stay the same so all you basically will be paying for is new songs, and with all of the songs being backwards compatible for Rock Band 2 with the addition to download all of the songs from the first one for free, the original Rock Band still sounds like a pretty sweet deal.
Gaming Age (Nov 21, 2007)
For what it's worth I can't really say if Rock Band is worth the price if you are only going to go through it alone, as the game is really made for group activity. I do know that the drum set up is about as authentic as you can get and if you are not a true life drummer, good luck on perfecting the game on hard or expert anytime soon. For the bundle price of 170 dollars you do get plenty of bang for your buck and I can't give Harmonix credit enough for doing what was once only hopeful dream.
Gaming Nexus (Dec 11, 2007)
Rock Band is as incredible as it sounds. It's a big box full of great music, cool instruments and more fun than you can imagine. While not as solid as a single-player game, the game's multi-player experience is better than just about anything else released this year. You must buy Rock Band ... and then you must rock!
Defunct Games (Dec 10, 2007)
Rock Band is as incredible as it sounds. It's a big box full of great music, cool instruments and more fun than you can imagine. While not as solid as a single-player game, the game's multi-player experience is better than just about anything else released this year. You must buy Rock Band ... and then you must rock!
Gamer 2.0 (Dec 04, 2007)
When it comes down to it, Rock Band is a definite must buy game. If you’ve got friends to play with, it’s an amazing multiplayer game that is as much fun to play as it is to watch. Buying the Rock Band bundle for the single-player may get you a lot of content, but it’s kind of like buying an expensive guitar to play for five minutes and then let it collect dust for a few weeks when you pick it back up again. If you’re expecting a Guitar Hero experience in terms of difficulty on the guitar side, you may be barking up the wrong tree, as the songs in Rock Band aren’t picked just for that purpose, but to be fun enough for all four people to play. To put it succinctly, Rock Band is the multiplayer game of the year, as there’s no other experience out there that offers the satisfaction of playing in a band that many groups of friends want to experience, but don’t have the time or skill to do it in the real world. This is why we play videogames and this is why Rock Band greatly succeeds.
90 (May 20, 2008)
Das ist der wirkliche, nächste Schritt und auch der, für den ich dann die 10 Punkte ziehen werde. Und nicht, dass wir uns missverstehen: Derzeit ist Rock Band so nah dran, wie es wohl geht. Es wird Euch Nächte kosten, Euch wie Rockstars verkatert am Morgen zurücklassen und dann wieder zurück in den Bann ziehen. Es ist gewaltig, es ist außerordentlich, es ist packend. Aber es ist noch nicht da angekommen, wo es sein sollte.
Edge (Dec 22, 2007)
Minor gripes aside, Rock Band with four players in the same room is quite something to be a part of, a game not only an evolution of the genre but of the social side of gaming itself. If the whole caboodle is a little unwieldy to set up then that’s the price that has to be paid for a unique experience – and if it falls short of perfection, that’s only because it aims so high. Finally, we should say that playing Rock Band at less than eardrum-shattering volume is doing both your band and the game a massive disservice. Turn. It. Up.
UOL Jogos (Dec 14, 2007)
Não é exagero chamar "Rock Band" de o melhor simulador musical dos videogames. Apesar de oferecer conteúdo e variedade para uma carreira solo, o game mostra seu potencial quando compartilhado com um grupo de amigos. É um jogo cooperativo. Tal qual um "Counter-Strike" a afinidade entre os integrantes pesa e treinar junto rende recompensas. Essa qualidade social talvez seja uma das formas de diluir o preço, nada convidativo, mas compreensível pelo que a embalagem contém - que cada um pague uma parte. Pesam contra também o repertório, que apesar das bandas excepcionais, podia ser um pouco mais aberto a diferentes públicos; e a durabilidade dos acessórios que, ao menos neste primeiro lote, deixa a desejar. Enfim, problemas que não têm ligação direta com a essência do jogo, que já nasce como um verdadeiro astro.
90 (Nov 13, 2008)
Ich habe also Rockband. Endlich. All das Warten. Und jetzt ist es hier – in meinem Zimmer. In meiner Konsole. War es das Warten wert? Definitiv! Wäre es das Geld wert, wenn ich für die Instrumente den vollen Preis hätte zahlen müssen und dann noch das Spiel dazu? Ganz ehrlich: Diese Frage kann ich nicht beantworten. Das Geld dafür hätte ich dieses Jahr nämlich nicht mehr. Vielleicht sollte hier auch bei den Publishern ein Umdenkprozess eingeleitet werden. Man vergrault sich damit nur Fans und im Fachjargon "Kundschaften". Zum Spiel selbst: Das Beste was Harmonix je vorgebracht hat. Jeder der Geld und die Möglichkeit hat, Weihnachten steht ja bekanntermaßen vor der Tür, sollte hier zugreifen. Dann kann man sorglos wohl auch zu Rockband 2 greifen, was ja gegen Ende dieses Monats erscheint.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 23, 2007)
And the question of how open you will allow your wallet to be will probably come into play for most people when considering the game. $169 for a game is a lot of money. I can not tell you if Rock Band is worth $169 to you, but I can tell you that Rock Band is in almost every aspect a better game than Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and it is the evolutionary next step in the music game genre.
Rock Band may be the perfect party game. Solo play doesn't stand on its own, but with a little help from your friends, getting the band back together is a blast.
Gamervision (Dec, 2007)
Each instrument is slightly less complicated then it is in the games dedicated to them alone. The microphone isn't as accurate as it is in Singstar and the Guitar isn't as difficult as it is in Guitar Hero. An unavoidable fact about Rock Band is that if you don't have people to play it with you aren't going to have fun. It is yet to be known whether or not this is a commentary for or against the game. Rock Band is still so new and fresh that it is more difficult to figure out which chips to buy then to get three people to play with. It isn't meant to be as much of a challenge as the other games in the genre – just to be more fun. It may not be perfect, with its limited song list and high price point, but Rock Band is worth every penny if you can wrestle up three people who care more about having fun then how they look while doing it.
AceGamez (2007)
Rock Band may not have changed the landscape of rock gaming to the level that, at times, it seemed like it would do, but it certainly altered the perception of what the ultimate rock party game should be. I hate to sound like a scratched CD (that's a bit more modern than your broken record metaphor, right?), but the list of multiplayer games that can even hold a candle to the enjoyment of Rock Band is undeniably short, if indeed one even exists. If the next iteration of the series embraces the more mundane and negative side of being in a band, as well as taking more risks with the song list, Guitar Hero might find itself pushed out of the scene just as quickly as it emerged.
90 (Dec 21, 2007)
Rock Band may not be the type of game that defines a generation, but it's definitely the kind of game that raises the bar in its respective genre. After spending some quality time in Rock Band's multiplayer modes, it's tough to deny the greatness of the game and the fact that a new pinnacle in rhythm gaming has been reached. For those a little apprehensive about the drumming or singing portions of the game, you really owe to yourselves to check your inhibitions at the door and give Rock Band a complete effort. We don't hesitate to give Rock Band a very strong and confident recommendation for any fan of music/rhythm gameplay.
90 (May 27, 2008)
Although I have spoken highly of this game so far, I have also experienced a bit of bad luck, the kick pedal for the drums failed on me, however this issue is probably limited to only a few people so please don’t let this put you off. Rock Band, even at the full £150-£170 price range is a truly great game and one that must be experienced by anyone with even the slightest interest in music, it is essentially 3 games in one, as well as including the ability to play as part of an online band, if there is one game out there to tear you away from GTA IV then this is it.
90 (Jun 10, 2008)
Looking at the package overall, there a few minor issues I'm sure will be resolved with future iterations (idle gossip points to a US release for Rock Band 2 this winter), leaving the pricing as the only real bone of contention. Harmonix have pointed out that you could buy a copy of the game and play with the compatible GHII/III axe, adding in the Xbox Live headset for vocals and forgoing the drumset entirely. Indeed, while the guitar solution works a treat, the quality of the sound from the headset isn't really hi-fi, and the omission of drums would see players missing out on one if Rock Band's key innovations. If only the instrument set cost less than a new kidney, then, we'd be higher than Ozzy Osborne. As it is, we're still wowed by Rock Band's ambition, while the Band World Tour mode is truly groundbreaking, hence:
90 (Jun 11, 2008)
Problems are present, such as the inclusion of a few foreign tracks in mystery set lists during the World Tour (not the easiest of songs to jump into without having any prior experience) and we still prefer the guitars included with Guitar Hero, but these aren't enough to hurt what is a unique gaming experience. It's all wrapped up with some superb visuals too, even if you'll hardly get time to watch the virtual band performing behind the fast moving on-screen icons. If you're unlikely to play with friends Rock Band is hard to recommend, with Guitar Hero being the more sensible option, but if you're planning plenty of get-togethers, Rock Band will provide more than enough enjoyment to warrant its price tag.
Console Obsession (Jun 18, 2008)
Rock Band is a curious beast. It's hugely fun to play, great with friends and alone and will make you smile with glee when you nail a tricky solo or drum fill. However, at the back of your mind will be the constant niggling doubt that maybe it's not worth the massive price tag, that maybe you've shelled out far too much for a few plastic instruments and are now pushing buttons for momentary gratification like a monkey pulling levers for treats in some sort of weird scientific experiment gone wrong. Whether that's just left-over paranoia from all the brain damaging sex, drugs and rock and roll that plagued you through your musical career or if it's a valid concern is up to you to decide. Either way, Rock Band has changed the face of the genre for good, and promises to dominate the market for a long time to come.
Rock Band has one thing going for it: the necessity to having friends to play and the willingness to work together. It may not be enough for everyone to drop 170 bucks on the game and equipment, but I can say if you even remotely have thought about this game, it is worth it. With the only major problem being the smaller track lists when compared to Guitar Hero, Rock Band has potential. You will have to look towards the future and see the albums and other songs soon to be available as downloadable content that are sure to increase the replay value of the game. Besides, maybe you can get your band together beforehand and collect instrument fees before you go buy the game.
USA Today (Nov 25, 2007)
Rock Band is the ultimate party game, best enjoyed with a group of friends looking for a great time together. While it might take a few songs to get the hang of the rhythm for newbie players, it's one of the most accessible and enjoyable games in recent memory, for all ages. Music fans, run — don't walk — to pick up Rock Band today.
MS Xbox World (Jun 01, 2008)
The main contention with purchasing the game is the price of admission, which for a game is a little on the steep side. However, there are some options available, as you can use the Guitar Hero guitar and Xbox Live mic if you don't want to fork out for the full pack. I assume you can buy the drums separately. I'd say it's worth it in general to get the full pack if you spend a lot of time with the family and friends, because you can't really put a price on the levels of fun you'll have playing the game in a group. For lone players, the fun factor is less,but with four instruments to play with, there's certainly a lot of diversity to make up for being alone. Rock Band is an excellent addition to the Xbox 360 line-up of games, and I'm sure Harmonix and EA will make good use of the equipment for future titles.
90 (Mar 13, 2008)
So where does all this leave Rock Band? Firmly at the top of the rhythm game heap, that’s where. With the different instruments to play the game with, to singing, to Band World Tour, Rock Band does everything right for a game like this. And once you are able to do Band World Tour online, it will make the experience complete. A few small things aside, Rock Band is what all other rhythm games should strive to achieve and I can’t wait to see what Harmonix has in store for us.
90 (GAF) (Feb 12, 2008)
Rock Band is truly the next great evolution of the gaming music genre, with an infinite amount of potential playtime and a constant stream of downloadable content. More songs out of the box would have been nice, but for its price point and what it offers, there is nothing better.
Video Game Talk (Nov 29, 2007)
The steep entry fee ($170) will deter many 360 owners for a while, but its holiday release was timed well. While some folks should wait for the drums to be released separately, owning the entire set makes for a great time if you are a social gamer. While the lack of online tour mode is a huge letdown and the song selection is geared too much at younger generations, Rock Band is still above and beyond anything the Guitar Hero series has offered as of late. Feel secure in picking up Rock Band for a holiday gift or just to start up your own video game rock band.
GameSpot (Nov 20, 2007)
All told, Rock Band turns in an absolutely stellar performance. And much like any real band worth its salt, it's not just because of one or two things that it does well while the rest fall by the wayside. Each individual component of the game is good on its own, but it's when you put those things together into a collective whole that the game truly shines. Ultimately, the $170 investment is bound to be a sticking point for some, especially those who don't have readily available friends who can come over and rock whenever the itch needs to be scratched. But even with that caveat in mind, Rock Band is easily one of the most ambitious music games ever produced, and that it is so successful in its ambition makes it something really special.
Da Gameboyz (Dec 14, 2007)
Rock Band is great party game on the 360, one of the best to date, and contains smack loads of replay value with all the difficulty settings and game modes. Even though it's best suited to a group of people, it rocks even on solo. I've been firing it up constantly over the last few weeks with friends and by my lonesome, and I can't get enough of it. I'm currently working my way back through each song under Expert, and it's going to take some time to master each instrument.
Gamigo (May 29, 2008)
Rockband ist ein richtig schönes Spiel das unglaublich viel Spaß macht. Schon im Solomodus bringt es dank der großen Welttournee massig Spielstunden auf die Waage und liefert dementsprechend langen Spielspaß. Aber der Multiplayer, Offline- oder Online, ist einfach der Hammer. Es macht einfach nur viel Spaß sich mit Freunden mit anderen Bands weltweit zu messen.
Rock Band is an Xbox 360 classic and has received much well deserved critical acclaim throughout the last 6 months when it hit the US shores. It leads the class and is the only game available which successfully captures playing in a full band environment with a bunch of friends. All in all the game comes highly recommended however with a full UK retail price of £180 it will surely only sell to people with deeper wallets and considerable amounts of spare cash. After all you can buy an Xbox 360 console in the UK for around the same price as this game.
Game Positive (Jan 14, 2008)
Rock Band is an incredibly entertaining party game that really shines when you get a group of four people together. Unfortunately, the single player career mode is somewhat tame and a bit of a letdown. While it is a definite forward evolution from previous games of the genre, it is not quite the revolution that it could have been. More songs in the game would have been nice after shelling out so much money to get the entire package, and an anything-goes drum session is a mode they could have been easily included. But above all else, Rock Band should have the option to play a career online with friends. However, having said that, Rock Band is a solid start for a promising new franchise, and one of the best multiplayer party games in recent memory.
Atomic Gamer (Nov 27, 2007)
Overall, I feel Rock Band is a great game that will please many a music fan. The available songs and the vast amount of promised downloadable songs in the future will ensure that you play this for a long time to come. And having friends over to play Band World Tour, especially if they get into character as they do so, just leads to many memorable nights of gaming. If a second iteration of the series fixes the issues with the hardware and the minor presentation issues mentioned earlier, the game will be even better than it already is. As things stand, this is still a definite pickup, especially if you have three friends to split the cost with.
Still, for those rhythm game junkies (like me), or those looking for a great family/party game, this is it. Rock Band is sure to last you years, and with the recent announcement of Rock Band 2, which features full compatibility with the first game’s downloadable songs, Harmonix has the hit that will keep them going as a studio.
GamingTrend (Dec 11, 2007)
Rock Band is a great example of chain-collateral success. The success of Frequency made Amplitude all the better. Guitar Hero took the best parts of both previous titles and ratcheted it up a notch. Guitar Hero II further refined on the best parts of Guitar Hero and added online capabilities and downloadable content. It is in this way that Rock Band is far more than the sum of its parts. With tight integration between all four instruments, fans that sing along when you do well, and various other touches that add up to a very polished product that’ll should only get better with a few patches. Now I’m off to get in touch with Harmonix and EA to arrange for some defective hardware coffins.
Game Watcher (Jan 11, 2008)
In spite of its minor flaws there’s no question, in my mind, that Rock Band is the reigning champion not only of rhythm games but of party games in general. The varied game play lets the game continue much longer than just playing guitar alone would. Each time it was my turn to play again I was excited to get back into the band and there was always something new to try. Fingers tired of the fret board? Then bang those drums or belt out the vocals. Rock Band shows that Harmonix understands the appeal of their game as more than just a solo experience and has worked hard to keep the game play fresh and entertaining. This is a challenge to imitators that they will be hard pressed to match.
games xtreme (Jun 13, 2008)
If you're into rhythm games and bored of Guitar Hero, maybe this is for you, just be sure you're prepared to shell out for it!
AusGamers (Nov 11, 2008)
EA's Rock Band and Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour are both worthy purchases this holiday season, you really can't go wrong with either. AusGamers official recommendation for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners however, is to pick-up the Guitar Hero World Tour complete bundle for the game and instruments and grab the Rock Band software only pack. If you do have to absolutely only pick one - unless Rock Band has some specific songs you can't do without - Guitar Hero World Tour is the stronger choice.
Gameplanet (Nov 07, 2008)
Rock Band excels in the only way that matters to gamers - it's a hell of a lot of fun.
Gameswelt (May 09, 2008)
Für Musik-Fans ist 'Rock Band' nicht mehr und nicht weniger als der ultimative Party-Traum. Vier Mann (oder Frau), eine Kiste Bier und schon ist eine lange Nacht mit zentnerweise Spaß gesichert. Tolle Songauswahl, reichlich motivierende Modi und viel Customizing sorgen für einen fetten Spielumfang. Schade nur, dass die Hardware den Extremeinsatz wohl nicht lange überleben wird – Drum-Pedal und Klampfe wirken doch etwas zu billig produziert. Ebenso ist die europäische Preisgestaltung schlicht eine Unverschämtheit im Vergleich zu den US-Preisen. Das ändert allerdings nichts an dem hohen Unterhaltungswert des Spiels an sich, bringt aber dennoch eine Abwertung von fünf Prozent mit sich.
Game Revolution (Nov 26, 2007)
If the world of gaming has an “all-for-one, one-for-all” philosophy, the multiplayer landscape definitely has the “one-for-all” attitude down pat. Getting people to work as one towards a common goal is rare, but Rock Band makes it common. There really is no room anymore for the cliché that a gamer is just some unkempt teenage sweating in some lonely basement filled with loose cables and empty water bottles. It’s at least a group of unkempt teenagers now. And besides, that’s how most multi-millionaire rock bands start out, anyway.
Jolt (UK) (Jun 11, 2008)
t’s just unfortunate that for a game that costs so much, it’s not perfect enough to justify that cost. Rock Band is so close to being a must-have game for any self respecting, music-loving gamer, but unless you’ve got money to burn and friends on tap, Rock Band isn’t half the game it could have been for half the cost [Say again, Bilbo - Ed]. If you’ve got the money and the mates, though, this is the future of music video games, and let’s not be coy: it fucking rocks.
Blend Games (Nov 25, 2007)
Complaints aside though, Rock Band is a great game that will undoubtedly get lauded and possibly be up for game of the year by the time those votes start rolling in. I’m going to give this a clear and easy four stars just to be safe. Add a half a star if you actually have friends to play with – you can play online with others, too, just not in career mode – and subtract a star if you don’t. Solo career mode blows. This is the kind of game that brings friends back together again.
Boomtown (May 28, 2008)
Do we care that it was late to be released over here? Not especially, now we’re rocking out, but unfortunately the price point does matter. In my reviews of the various PSN and Xbox Live Arcade games I have had to take price into account. Would I have paid £20 for PixelJunk Monsters Encore? Not a chance, but at £1.99 it’s a bargain and instantly recommendable. If we’d had Rock Band over here for the same price as America, £85, it would have been a 10/10 for me; instantly recommendable to anyone with even a passing interest in the genre. For a RRP of £180, (£140 if you shop around), with the added DLC expense to get the most from the game, it’s a purchase for the die hard fans only. It may however still end up being my game of the year; 8/10 for a £180 game is still a pretty incredible recommendation.
PlayDevil (Nov 05, 2008)
"Rock Band" may be late, it may not have much content on the disc, and it may be horrifically expensive (if you pay full RRP, you could buy a Wii or a 360 for less). Then, on top of that, the DLC list is huge, and whilst cheaper than Guitar Hero, is still pretty expensive. Were you to buy every song, it would set you back another 100 euro! But, for all the expense, with 3 mates round, there are very few ways you can have more fun. Therefore, if you can afford it, 'Rock Band' is the very best party music-game available, but for all the fun it is, the price does knock a little off the score.
Digital Spy (May 23, 2008)
It’s both easier and more fun than the RedOctane series, let down only by its unfortunate high asking price. It plays superbly well and, if you’ve got the spare cash, it’s well worth the investment. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or not, form a family rock group and there’s a very good chance you’ll find yourself hooked.
80 (UK) (Dec 13, 2007)
As it stands, the score below reflects the game as a brilliant multiplayer experience that delivers on its ambitious premise, but not without a few reservations both in software and hardware. Karaoke and guitar specialists certainly won't want to throw out their SingStars and Guitar Heroes, but with the peripheral set-up now established and regular infusions of downloadable content, the future's bright for Rock Band - and the present's pretty rocking too.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jun 04, 2008)
Sind Sie aber bereit dazu und haben von Haus aus Musik im Blut, ist Rock Band mit Sicherheit genau das richtige Spiel für Sie und Ihre Freunde. Die Grundidee und das tolle Spielgefühl wecken Star-Allüren, sodass Sie sich auf ein "gutes", wenn auch teures Spiel freuen können.