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Crass & Offensive, but undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games ever made. Kaddy B. (796) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.4

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PGNx Media (Oct 11, 2008)
Let’s be clear: Saints Row 2 isn’t a genre-changing experience. Arguably, it doesn’t do as much to propel the genre forward (in terms of story-telling, etc) as some of its peers. But the game is also wickedly fun. In terms of pure, unadulterated fun, Saints Row 2 is in a league of its own.
XBox Evolved (Dec 14, 2008)
At least in that sense that final line quoted at the top of this review is true, the city of Stilwater that Saints Row 2 represents is one that belongs to the player, and, in terms of any ethical concerns, it does allow the Saints and the players that inhabit them to do “whatever the fuck they want.”
MS Xbox World (Oct 10, 2008)
There are lots of games out this holiday season, and Saints Row 2 should be one of the games that you play, as there’s nothing at present that can rival its madcap adrenaline fueled flamboyance. It looks like the Saints have made a distinctive return to gaming by placing the enjoyment back where it belongs. The fun factor oozing from every street corner can most definitely be regarded as the game’s true and most cherished protégé.
Game Vortex (Nov, 2008)
Just to stir up a little controversy or hurt my "credibility" (whatever), I'll go on record as saying that I enjoyed Saints Row 2 more than GTA 4. Note that I didn't say Saints Row 2 is a better game, but as far as enjoyment levels go, Saints Row 2's antics are so out there that it is hard to not enjoy yourself.
Game Chronicles (Oct 15, 2008)
The only place where Saints Row 2 falls short is in the graphics and the occasional glitch or pop-in. But for a game of this magnitude and overall complexity, it would be hard not to have one or two hiccups, and nothing that did sneak through will hurt your overall enjoyment of the game. Saints Row 2 is a game you will quickly become addicted to and one that you won’t be putting back on the shelf anytime soon. It rises to the top of its genre and will easily satiate the violent urges of even the most twisted of gamers.
Worth Playing (Oct 12, 2008)
Ultimately, Zombie Uprising is a perfect metaphor for Saints Row 2 itself. Like the mini-game, everything in Saints Row 2 is over-the-top. There are quite possibly no other games that can come close to the sheer number of explosions, bullets, murder, and vulgarity on tap here. And you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way.
ZTGameDomain (Oct, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is the type of game soccer Moms will scream about. Why, I'm sure I don't know because it is clearly not for kids. Silly, Outrageous, Profane, Excessively Violent, Very Naughty, and Unapologetically so. And it is a hell of a lot of fun. I can't say though my character, dressed in argyle sweater vest riding a PeeWee cycle through traffic while avoiding pedestrians is the epitome of gangster. Just the opposite, in fact, which is what makes Saints Row 2 so entertaining. It is extremely funny to me to see my Mild Mannered well dressed character in such extremely over the top gangster life situations. There is no pretense here; the game knows full well it is silly. And if the purpose of a video game is to entertain, then Saints Row 2 hits it out of the park.
GamingTrend (Oct, 2008)
The rivalry between Grand Theft Auto IV and Saints Row 2 was inevitable. The delay for the Volition title may have been tactical as well as technical, but any way you slice it, there is no doubt that Saints Row 2 will rule the holiday season. The game makes a lot of headway in terms of story quality, and the customization is beyond what we’ve seen in any sandbox title to date. While Saints Row 2 doesn’t reinvent the genre by any means, it brings more than enough big pimpin’ gameplay to keep me busy for a while.
Game Shark (Oct 10, 2008)
If it's not obvious by now, I absolutely love this game. The best compliment I can give is that when I'm not playing it, I’m thinking about it, and that is certainly the case with Saints Row 2. The game's engaging story line, great voice acting and mix of humor and mayhem kept me coming back whether it was to spend some more time stealing ho's, or participating in Fight Club or simply chipping away at the gangs that took over my fair city while I was away. Add on an engaging multiplayer mode and seamless co-op and you have sandbox game that can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with the GTA's of the world. I loved GTA IV too, but I roll with a different crew now and it's Third Street Saints til I die. Stilwater represent!
Game Revolution (Oct 14, 2008)
Saints Row 2 isn't going to be the next Godfather, but it's not trying to be. If you want class and moral dilemmas with your gang warfare, then look elsewhere. But if you want explosions, revenge, sex, money, drugs and rock and roll, then a trip to Stilwater is just what the doctor ordered.
Gaming Age (Oct 23, 2008)
All together though, I really had a blast with Saints Row 2, and it fully delivered on my expectations. It doesn't have the polish that GTA IV has, but at the same time I just felt like I was having more fun here than I ever did in Liberty City. The sheer amount of freedom in how you do your missions (and the lack of scripted set-ups) is one of my favorite aspects in a sandbox environment, and right now, Saints Row 2 honestly serves up the best experience when it comes to just having some fun in a big city with no rules for a few hours. Definitely check this one out, and don't pass it by because it's a GTA clone of sorts, since it definitely provides a different experience from the current sandbox style games available right now.
Console Obsession (Oct 22, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is explosive, juvenile fun, with a sizable city that boasts plenty of things to do and an impressive level of customisation options. It’s the perfect tonic for those who think GTA has went all serious and boring on them, but more importantly it's just an immensely enjoyable game to play.
games xtreme (Oct 16, 2008)
SR2 is a massive game, its massive fun and more importantly it has reams of staying power. With unlockables galore, collectible cd-tracks for your own music player in game and secrets to find, the game really has no end in terms of replay-ability. I can’t see myself turning my back on this title at all. It just goes to show that sequels can be better than the original and SR2 is no exception. Ignore the moral majority and if you qualify for the age rating, get yourself down to Stillwater for some serious mayhem.
Game Over Online (Oct 27, 2008)
Saints Row 2 retains everything that made the original a great addition to the sandbox-city crime genre, and tweaks it even further. If GTAIV is the granddaddy of the genre, then Saints Row 2 is the young, brash upstart making a lot of noise to draw attention to himself. While it can be said that the game doesn’t do much to advance the genre into new territory, it does keep the tried-and-true formula tightly in tact while delivering a real blast of a gameplay experience. That is, of course, if you’re not the type of person that is easily offended by foul language, excessive violence, sexual themes and racist language. If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re the type of gamer who would consider those traits to be more like requirements.
Game Arena (Oct 23, 2008)
At the end of the day, Saints Row 2 is a stellar game. It's held back by a few big glitches which shouldn't have made it to the final release, but the sheer fact that I was able to look past these and continue to have fun is a testament to the fun gameplay. There's enough to do in Saints Row 2 to justify its purchase - and downloadable content in the future will continue to provide even more justification. The only people I wouldn't recommend this game to are people who fly into a homicidal rage over video game glitches.
NZGamer (Oct 20, 2008)
There is so much crammed into Saint’s Row 2 (if you have a juvenile, slightly insane creative side to you) that you will seldom be at a loss for something to do. On top of the single-player shenanigans, there is a two-player co-op mode and a wealth of online options that we'll discuss here soon on NZGamer.com. But for those who felt that GTAIV took itself too seriously at times, Saint’s Row 2 is a welcome change of pace and gives us the opportunity to do those things we wish we could with Niko Bellic. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to Stilwater with a road-cone on my head, a pirate patch on one eye and nothing but a women’s one-piece swim suit on to wreck some more havoc.
Console Monster (Oct 13, 2008)
Whether it is because a certain unnamed open-world action title has already been released this year and showed us what the potential of the console can do; then perhaps that is why. But with the budget for Saints Row 2 you can’t really complain. THQ stepped on the feet of Rockstar last time and released the first open-world action title on the 360. And now they’re following the biggest videogame in the world. Have they succeeded this time? No. But I think I may just be finding my love for it at last.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 16, 2008)
Do we wish these issues had been polished away? Sure. Did they make us like the game any less? Strangely, they didn’t. Ironically, these rough edges seem almost at home in the messy, funny, in-your-face world of Saints Row 2. Stilwater isn’t pretty; it’s a dark, dangerous place. But as it turns out, there’re lots of big thrills here, and it’s well worth the $60 to live here for a while — whether you’re a lawful citizen or a would-be gangster.
DarkZero (Oct 16, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is a huge improvement over its prequel in every manner, and has successfully carved its own niche in the sandbox crime genre. The co-operative play is almost certainly one of the best such experiences available on consoles, and the sheer variety of things to do in Stilwater is so deliciously satisfying that the technical hitches can be overlooked. It’s so fun, it’s almost criminal.
GameSpy (Oct 14, 2008)
Saints Row 2 offers up a shooting and driving experience that is plenty of fun. Its story isn't as engrossing as that of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it's not that kind of game. It's self-consciously funny in its irreverence, and its low-brow humor will definitely appeal to much of its audience. That the developers saw fit to include full cooperative play as well as a wide array of competitive multiplayer modes makes this a good choice for those looking for more criminal misdeeds to perform after GTA4 has been relegated to the shelf.
GamingXP (Nov 27, 2008)
Alles in allem muss man „Saints Row 2“ eigentlich nicht mit „GTA IV“ vergleichen, denn das Spiel von Volition Inc. versucht nie, wirklich besser zu sein. Von Anfang an wird schnell klar, dass man hier sein ganz eigenes Ding versucht und sich auf ganz andere Stärken fokussiert. Weder die prachtvolle Präsentation noch das cineastische Storytelling werden Sie bei „Saints Row 2“ finden, dafür einen Überschwang an schwarzem Humor, noch mehr Möglichkeiten und Freiheiten als bei „GTA IV“. Wer also eine Abwechslung vom ernsten und tristen Alltag in Liberty City sucht und einfach mal ein wenig Unsinn und Chaos verbreiten will, dem sei der Ausflug nach Stilwater sehr ans Herz gelegt.
Atomic Gamer (Oct 16, 2008)
In the end, the biggest draw for Saints Row 2 is the smooth online cooperative play that lets people experience the full story, cutscenes, free-roaming the whole city and all, while playing together. Those who are playing alone will still find the amount of things to do impressive, even if the graphics aren't quite up to the level set by Rockstar this last April. So get out there and rebuild the Saints, and don't forget to use the minigun when you're quelling Pirate vs. Ninja uprisings for a bonus!
XboxAddict (Oct 15, 2008)
Overall, Saints Row 2 is like a perfect movie sequel; give ‘em more of the same, but it’s got to be bigger, better, faster, and louder. By serving up a superior multiplayer experience over and above a rich single player campaign that lets the player loose in a complete living, breathing city, and putting a fine polish on it with a kick-ass soundtrack, wry and funny voice acting, and some great writing in both story and dialogue, Saints Row 2 is a crime movie with slick cars, loud guns, flashy clothes, and great music that you can roll around in for quite a while. It’s not just more-of-the-same. Take it a spin for yourself.
While – both graphically and in gameplay – Saints Row feels behind the standards set by GTA IV, it has an ace up its sleeve in the online arena: true online co-op. And it works. Going through the main story mode with a friend is a hoot, plain and simple, even if you might find yourselves getting off track in search of that elusive five-star wanted level. Is it genius? Probably not, but it’s a feature that will go far in further establishing Saints Row identity amongst gamers. While it might not be as important as some of this year’s big games, Saints Row 2 is a profanely good time.
Extreme Gamer (Oct 20, 2008)
Saints Row 2 has built its own unique niche with a formula that has been closely scrutinized for being a clone of Grand Theft Auto. Saints Row 2 is an excellent alternative that has stepped out of the shadow of Grand Theft Auto making it perfect replacement for all the gamers who want to unload the madness like the GTA games did in the past. Saints Row 2 takes the formula of sandbox action shooters and adds a whole lot of crazy over-the-top insanity to the mix. Filled with fast gun battles, great co-operative gameplay, excellent bonus activities and an engaging story, everything is here for a fun night in front of the console and TV. Saints Row 2 isn’t a technical masterpiece, but the plethora of content out weights any minor flaws.
GamingExcellence (Oct 13, 2008)
Once again, from every angle, Saints Row 2 is golden (shiny like the box). You’ll drive around and conquer Stilwater for many hours to come. Once that is done you’ll fully enjoy the Strong Arm mode online with friends, or hang out with a friend and play it through again co-operatively. For those who can’t wait for the next GTA, and for those who enjoyed the first Saints Row, this game is a must have.
TeamXbox (Oct 13, 2008)
But creatively, it’s all good. And you couldn’t have asked for more things to do in a game. It’s like a ginormous buffet of junk food. So bad, but so good. I think I’ve found this year’s ultimate guilty pleasure. Funny thing is, I’m not feeling that guilty about it.
There's no denying that Saint's Row series comes off as the low-brow, ugly duckling sister to the Grand Theft Auto series, particularly with the reinvented, more serious GTA4. But if anything, Saint's Row 2 revels in that comparison, aiming to be louder and prouder as well as ruder and cruder, all the while emphasising fun and making it as easy as possible to enjoy yourself and just get lost in its crime-ridden city. In this way and many others it succeeds: it'll make you laugh and cringe and always give you something to do. And while the graphics may not be the best around and the game may be a little rough around the edges, when you factor in the great cooperative play and the ridiculously frantic multiplayer, Saint's Row 2 is a criminally good game.
Immoral Gamers (Feb 03, 2009)
Your character remains consistent between [the cutscenes] and the actual gameplay. He won’t be shown doing something violent at one point only to burst out bitching at you later on about reenacting it. No, he’s a gloriously violent man all through who sticks to his guns, and Saints Row 2 is about being this man. You’re an antihero, or more accurately a bad guy, and the game isn’t ashamed about it.
Gameplanet (Oct 29, 2008)
After having experienced Saints Row 2 in its completed form, we can honestly say that the guys at Volition have given Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto a serious run for their money (especially when you consider their development budget was a fraction of the size of Rockstar's). Every aspect of the original has been improved on. While the guys at Rockstar moved to a realistic, story-driven game and lost some of the humour and fun, Volition took those attributes and made them the emphasis. Saints Row 2 encourages crazy actions and mayhem all-round. If you're a fan of Saints Row or even Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row 2 is a must own.
GameFocus (Nov 03, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is a natural next step for the series. It offers a wealth of options at every turn and is the true definition of what a sandbox title should be...F.U.N., with emphasis on the F.U.
An absolute blast to play through alone or with a mate, Saints Row 2 is quite simply a must purchase for anybody that is looking for a bloody good time. And isn't that what we're all really looking for?
XboxAchievements (Oct 13, 2008)
The single player story is absolutely engaging in Saints Row 2, with a great cast to boot. It’s great to know that a good story with a soul can make the same old city a lot more entertaining. The online co-op will attract a lot of attention and rightly so, but the multiplayer mode doesn’t really have much substance. Like I say, sandbox games are all about the single player experience and THQ and Volition are right on the money here.
Carving its own identity out of a genre that rarely sees any interesting innovation, Saints Row 2 manages to impress all on its own, independent of any comparisons that could be made to its more well-known gaming cousin.
4Players.de (Oct 30, 2008)
Es heißt, dass man ein Buch nicht nach seinem Umschlag beurteilen soll. Und wenn es danach ginge, würde Saints Row 2 mindestens Gold kassieren. Es heißt aber auch, dass das Auge mit isst. Und hier wirkt Stilwater zwar stimmig, aber eben leicht veraltet. Zwar habe ich mich irgendwann an die durchschnittliche Kulisse gewöhnt, doch letztlich ist es der mangelnde Feinschliff in diesem Bereich, der die Saints den eigentlich verdienten Award kostet.
Gamesmania.de (Oct 29, 2008)
Nach den zuletzt vielen Enttäuschungen hoch gehandelter Spiele bin ich bei Saints Row 2 absolut positiv überrascht. Das mag daran liegen, dass ich nach ersten Videos und Bildern von der Fortsetzung des Open World-Spieles wenig erwartet hatte. Zumindest in grafischer Hinsicht stimmt das leider auch, das Spiel sieht grausam aus. Doch die inneren Werte sind dafür umso gelungener. Dabei nimmt sich der Actionknaller erfreulicherweise selbst nicht ganz ernst und ballert euch eine witzige und actionreiche Mission nach der anderen vors Auge, so dass sich die technischen Mängel dezent in den Hintergrund spielen. Eine Konkurrenz zu einen GTA IV ist der Titel freilich nicht, dafür mangelt es neben der Optik vor allem an einem glaubhafteren Aufbau der Stadt und einer spannenden Story, doch als Sandboxspiel mit großer Spielwelt funktioniert Saints Row 2 blendend und stellt in Sachen Spielspaß locker ein Far Cry 2 in den Schatten.
Game Captain (Oct 26, 2008)
Was Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten, Waffen und Fahrzeugtypen angeht, erreicht Saint's Row 2 ähnliche Dimensionen wie einst das umfangreiche GTA: San Andreas. Dafür müssen allerdings ein paar qualitative Einbußen wie die blöde KI und grafische Bugs in Kauf genommen werden. Wer damit leben kann und sich auch an der einfachen Fahrphysik und den fehlenden Deckungsmöglichkeiten nicht stört, bekommt aber einen sehr abwechslungsreichen Actiontitel geboten, der auch im Multiplayer-Bereich zu überzeugen weiß.
Gameswelt (Oct 20, 2008)
Die Bewertung ist mir wahrlich nicht leicht gefallen. Wer nur auf die Grafik blinzelt, wird sich vielleicht angewidert von Saints Row 2 abwenden. Aber dann würde er ein tolles Spiel verpassen, dessen Stärken, so dämlich es klingen mag, im Inneren stecken. So viele tolle Ideen, so viel zu tun und so abgefahrene Möglichkeiten. Gerade auch bei der Charaktererstellung und Individualisierung. Gebt Saints Row 2 eine Chance. Je mehr Zeit ihr mit dem Spiel verbringt, desto besser werdet ihr es finden. Es ist ein völlig überzeichnetes und übertriebenes Abenteuer.
360 LIVE (Oct, 2008)
Letztlich hat »Saints Row 2« das gewisse Etwas und hebt sich durch abgedrehte Elemente deutlich von »Grand Theft Auto« ab. Von der ersten Spielminute an will man Stilwater mit all seinen Facetten erkunden, fühlt sich prima unterhalten. Trotzdem wird es »Saints Row 2« schwer haben - die schlechten Erinnerungen an Teil Eins sitzen tief. Dass die deutsche Version nur onlinekompatibel mit anderen deutschen Versionen und außerdem um einige Game-Facetten sowie Kill-Szenen gekürzt ist, macht es nicht gerade leichter.
So no, Saints Row 2 is neither better nor worse than its inspiration. It is a superior open-world shooter which stands proudly on its own as a slick alternative to the one that started them all. As good as the first Saints was, it released to no competition. Saints Row 2 arrives instead to face off against a crowded market and it’s still great fun to play. Flaws aside, the return trip to Stilwater improves on the previous one in every way, and it will definitely please action nuts looking for their latest sandbox fix.
TalkXbox (Nov 12, 2008)
At the end of the day, Saints Row 2 manages to be a mostly satisfying sequel with a few key issues holding it from true greatness. Comparisons to GTA IV might come up, but both are very different games. What’s nice is this game accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. This means if you’re looking for an obscure and fun sandbox-style game you needn’t look any further. Be ready to wreak havoc.
Planet Xbox 360 (Oct 17, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is a extremely entertaining action title that will win over tons of new fans with its craziness. If you’ve ever wanted to be free to do whatever you’d like in a huge city without complications of entertaining “virtual friends” (GTA IV), Saints Row 2 is a game aimed at you. It’s recommended that you try this frenetic title to see how fun it is for yourself.
3D Juegos (Oct 15, 2008)
Saint's Row 2 es ridículo en el mejor sentido de la palabra. Es un videojuego desenfadado, divertido y alocado; y su sentido del humor y prisma lo aleja mucho del solemne y ocasionalmente sentimental GTA IV. Estamos ante un título que hubiera resultado inolvidable de haber contado con mayor solidez en sus irregulares apartados, pero que no por ello deja de ser muy recomendable para los amantes de los Sand-Box.
IGN (Oct 09, 2008)
Saints Row 2 isn't a GTA killer, but it's a GTA alternative. Players who enjoyed the action-packed moments of GTA will have an absolute blast with Saints Row 2. It's tough not to hate on the slightly lacking production values, but when you see the rest of the game it actually makes a bit more sense. The technical shortcomings are the only truly bad part of Saints Row 2, but the core gameplay experience is extremely enjoyable. Do yourself a favor and -- if you're a fan of open world games -- go out and pick up a copy of Saints Row 2. There's enough crazy-insane tomfoolery to keep a machete in the hands of even the most straight- laced citizens.
411mania.com (Nov 13, 2008)
At the beginning the lack of a deep movie like storyline seems almost refreshing. Unfortunately after awhile you realize that when you don’t feel anything for any of the characters in this game what you’re left with is mindless killing for the sake of mindless killing. Saints Row 2 doesn’t try to be anything at all – it is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a sandbox game that rewards you for killing as many people as possible without providing much of a reason to do so. I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing – but I am saying that it doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of rewarding or fulfilling game play. In the end this game is just there…and I’m not sure that’s enough during a holiday season full of worthwhile games that you will really enjoy playing.
Gamer 2.0 (Oct 29, 2008)
Saint's Row 2 is as every bit as good as the first game despite its glaring technical faults. The missions are both fun and original, the action has never been more intense, and the co-op and multiplayer modes give fans many more reasons to continue playing for months to come. Volition has done a good job of going up against Grand Theft Auto and delivering a solid, enjoyable title that has enough flair and innovation to stand on its own.
Games Finder (May 07, 2014)
Saints Row 2 is a worthy successor to the original game and there is no reason for fans to miss this link in the story of the Third Street Saints.
When I played Grand Theft Auto IV I feel into the trap. I thought the game was perfect and no other game could compare. There are still some ways that GTA IV is better, but as of now I think Saints Row 2 is better. The gameplay is better for the most part and online play is terrific. If you love sandbox games then there is no reason why you shouldn’t add Saints Row 2 to your collection.
UltraNinjas (Oct 21, 2008)
So after a couple of crashes, a guy who needs to learn to barrel roll, a lack of a cover system and an otherworldly lack of fear – I bypassed what might be thought of negativity within the game to find myself face-to-face with something that offered a perhaps more arcadey perspective on a Grand Theft Auto like world. Where being a gangster offers a life of lucrative challenges set out by killing the competition and protecting your investments. Like watching an Arnie film, if I turned my brain off, I actually found the game pretty damn enjoyable and addictive... just not in the crazed up, smack induced way you understand.
Hooked Gamers (Oct 24, 2008)
And that is as concise a summary for Saint’s Row 2 as one could wish to end on: it’s completely ridiculous, funny (if not witty) and one of the best co-op games this year, albeit it doesn’t reach the artistic and narrative heights of Grand Theft Auto IV. But then, if you’ve got a co-op partner ready and waiting, you’d be insane not to pick it up, if only for the aforementioned kind of insanity.
JeuxVideoPC.com (Oct 17, 2008)
Immoral, plein d’humour, varié, et provocateur : Saints Row 2 prend un chemin alternatif à GTA IV et ça lui réussit plutôt bien. Alors bien sûr, l’aspect technique est à la traîne, la prise en main pas très « next-gen » et le réalisme totalement banni de l’univers de Stillwater. Mais bon dieu, que c’est bon de s’échapper d’un immeuble en base jumping, que c’est bon de déguiser les membres de son gang en ninjas, que c’est bon de tabasser un vieillard en déambulateur, que c’est bon de prendre son pied dans un titre, certes loin d’être parfait, mais décomplexé, décomplexant et offrant des plaisirs virtuels aussi rares qu’illégaux. Sur ce, je vous laisse, j’ai encore trois immeubles à saloper avec mon canon à excréments…
Auch die gegnerische KI und die Intelligenz der eigenen Gangmitglieder ist nicht über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Immerhin überzeugen die Nebenaktivitäten in Stilwater. Egal ob als Auftragsmörder oder waghalsiger Crash-Pilot - wer keine Lust auf die Hauptmissionen hat, findet hier viel Ideenreichtum und Abwechslung vor. Die grösste Schwäche des Titels ist insgesamt gesehen aber die grafische Darbietung. Verwaschene Texturen, Clipping-Fehler und eine eingeschränkte Weitsicht samt Pop-Ups dürfen einfach nicht mehr sein. Action-Fans werden trotzdem darüber hinwegsehen können, für sie lohnt sich ein Kauf schon allein dank der vielen gewaltigen Explosionen bestimmt.
GameSpot (Oct 14, 2008)
Saints Row 2 may not offer a sizable leap in the sandbox genre, but that doesn't diminish its fun. From beginning to end, this is one of the most fun urban chaos games out there. The controls are so tight and the combat so satisfying, you'll frequently find yourself getting distracted from the campaign as you cause terror all over the city. With great cooperative integration, tons of unique activities, and a super cool zombie mode, Saints Row 2 will keep you happily creating havoc for a long time.
videogamer.com (Oct 14, 2008)
Should you buy Saints Row 2? It's down to what kind of gamer you are really. We loved it, but if you're someone who takes games very seriously and are looking for a nigh-on carbon copy of GTA 4 this won't be for you. If the idea of childishly laughing every time your character speaks in a completely inappropriate voice sounds fun, or you just want a game that positively encourages you to mess around, we can't recommend Saints Row 2 enough. It's more than a little rough around the edges, but don't let that stop you from playing what is a hugely entertaining, often hilarious action game.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Oct 13, 2008)
Though it does have its flaws, Saints 2 still manages to feel like a Van Damme action movie - a very, very guilty pleasure. Sure, the production values aren’t up to scratch, and the over-the-top action scenes are a bit seedy - but it can make up for most of these shortcomings by being chock full of big dopey fun.
It's completely ludicrous. It's also just one of the stories you'll be regaling friends with as you compare notes on your extended vacation in Stilwater - Liberty City's trashier yet funnier cousin. If Grand Theft Auto is sipping a dry martini, cool and serious, then Saints Row 2 is jugging a bottle of Buckfast.
IGN Australia (Oct 09, 2008)
In this way, on the surface, Saints Row is an easy game to hate. Actually, I have a feeling that a lot of players and reviewers will write this game off for the sheer stupidity at play at all times. But to do so would be a big disservice to a game that tries hard to do a lot of things and show you a good time. Did we have a good time? Definitely (and that's the key, isn't it?) – but it's done with the same level of sophistication as a 16-bit beat-em-up at regular intervals, blended with dozens of minigame distractions and a well-designed city to play around in. So it's big dumb fun, Saints Row 2 isn't going to redefine any aspects of game design - but in doing so it does deliver on Volition's biggest promise: Saints Row 2 isn't Grand Theft Auto.
Gamer.nl (Oct 15, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is geen wereldschokkende game. Het is een verbeterde versie van zijn voorganger en biedt je vooral heel veel mogelijkheden om simpele lol te hebben. En dat kun je in Saints Row 2, zelfs samen met een vriend in de uitstekende coöperatieve modus. Iedereen die het nodeloze geweld mist in Grand Theft Auto IV doet er goed aan Saints Row 2 aan te schaffen, want deze game draait daar volledig om. Technisch mankeert er nogal wat aan Saints Row 2, erg origineel is het ook niet, maar dat kan niets afdoen aan de enorme bak plezier die je met deze game kunt beleven.
Totally Gaming Network (Oct 17, 2008)
If this game had been a tenner cheaper it would’ve been a serious bargain. At full price it’s definitely a case of try before you buy but if you’re like me and you like a game to offer plenty of content and longevity then you might find what you’re looking for, particularly if you liked the original Saints Row.
GameDaily (Oct 13, 2008)
Even though most of the in-game glitches are laughably bad, Saints Row 2 is still a hit. It's kind of like a plate of spaghetti without the benefit of silverware. Things are going to get messy and, for some, unconventional. Nevertheless, most of you will hunker down and eat it up.
GameZone (Oct 14, 2008)
Saints Row 2 has more than its share of technical problems throughout that hurt the experience, but when the over-the-top nature of the gameplay is firing on all cylinders, then it’s a blast.
Video Games Daily (Oct 16, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is to GTA IV what egg and chips is to a Michelin-starred meal - no substitute, but still a salivating prospect. Worth your time and money.
Gamervision (Oct, 2008)
The game never takes itself seriously, but within the realm of sandbox games, you probably should. The online options lack polish and have no shortage of technical issues, but there’s more than enough content in the single-player campaign to make you quickly forget these problems. It’s goofy, violent, sophomoric, vulgar, and provides plenty of fuel for those who call games “murder simulators.” It also happens to be an absolute blast to play, and should be a high priority game for fans of action and immature hilarity during this busy game season.
Giant Bomb (Oct 22, 2008)
There's no question that GTA IV is a better game than Saints Row 2, but in some ways, Saints Row 2 is more fun. Saints Row 2 doesn't look nearly as good, and there aren't any heavy moral choices or resonant melodrama, but the cars handle more easily, cops are less of a concern, enemies are easier to kill, and the activities are generally crazier and more over-the-top. If GTA IV got too serious for you, Saints Row 2 might just be what you're looking for.
Meristation (Oct 18, 2008)
Saints Row 2 conserva el encanto del original, y esa se antoja su mejor virtud y su mayor defecto. Si algo bueno tiene la nueva obra de Volition es que recuerda a su entrega anterior en cuanto a estilo y presentación; pero ha evolucionado muy poco, y esto se resiente a la hora de jugar, sobre todo porque su dinámica se antoja algo repetitiva, compuesta por pequeños fragmentos a los que tendremos que abrirnos paso repitiendo las mismas pruebas del juego anterior, con algunas inclusiones, ampliaciones y novedades.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 29, 2009)
For sheer, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment, this game is hard to beat. So, whether you love or hate GTA IV, whether you previously dismissed Saints Row as a tired wannabe, or if you simply long for the “glory days” of Vice City, Saints Row 2 is well worth your entertainment dollar.
Video Game Talk (Dec 18, 2008)
That issue aside, SR2 is a very enjoyable game that deserves more attention than it likely is getting. Being released in the shadow of GTA the game was likely labeled as a “me too” title and passed over by people who weren’t familiar with the title. Taking what makes the game such a joy and including cooperative play is an excellent enhancement, it worked very well for Crackdown and here too when you can get into a game this late into the games life cycle. Assuming the crashing issues that I observed on my system were isolated (I didn’t hear many reports of this happening to others) then Saints Row 2 gets a highly recommended grade from this reviewer.
Saints Row 2, we repeat, is no GTA IV. It is a whole lot more of a relaxed and loose experience. It offers a very respectable single player mode and an especially deep coop game as added value. The mini games are fun most of the time and the main story is as gangster as it gets really. So if you enjoyed the first game and want to see out the story, Saints Row 2 is a must buy. Even if you just want to kill some time playing a well done game that’s more amusing than solemn, pick this one up. In general, Saints Row 2 does not have any severe weaknesses to deal with, but rather just a few problems in different areas bringing the whole experience down a notch.
GameTrailers (Oct, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is undeniably rough around the edges, blatant with its recycling, and exhilarating in its craziness. It's a game that your brain knows has problems, but your heart doesn't care. Would this game exist had it not been for Grand Theft Auto's success? No way, but there's something to be said for being able to slice-and-dice foes with a katana, zap pedestrians with a taser, go streaking, and pump raw sewage at houses. Despite the seemingly hardcore gang-related theme, Saints Row 2 is more South Park than South Central. It never takes itself too seriously, which is the right approach.
Darkstation (Oct 22, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is not without its flaws, but the game is so deep, and has so much content that any fan of the previous game or GTA games will have a lot to look forward to in Saints Row 2. I have to say although not a perfect outing I still recommend picking this game up, it is a complete game with all of the makings that will keep you coming back for a long time.
Da Gameboyz (Oct, 2008)
Saints Row 2 is a bloody massacre at your fingertips and truly deserves its ESRB rating, so parents please take note of the mature rating on the cover. Something that was prevelant to me was that you do not need to have played the original instalment of the game to get the most out of this sequel. The developers have created a game that stands alone from the original as the this one continues the story where the other left off. The game is definitley fun, but it is really most enjoyable when played online co-operatively with a friend. Regardless, Saints Row 2 is a solid game that is full of lots of missions and activities that will keep gamers busy for quite sometime.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
If this game was purely a shooter, it would fail miserably! The graphics are not pretty and the simplistic combat is even worse. Fortunately for the development and production team, the game does capture a sense of mayhem and carnage that will undoubtedly find favor with its intended audience. But if you're looking for a more cerebral or skillful challenge, you may have to look elsewhere. This game is little more than a lowbrow, yet humorous, thug-life simulator.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 17, 2008)
Saints Row 2 fait partie de ces titres qui montent en puissance au fil des heures de jeu. Si les premiers contacts sont assez déroutants, tant par la stagnation technique que par la simplicité du gameplay, la suite procure de biens meilleures sensations au point qu'on a du mal à lâcher la manette. Son mérite est de conserver un style détendu qui conviendra aux joueurs en quête d'une aventure sans prise de tête.
IGN UK (Oct 14, 2008)
Ultimately, it’s difficult to see, really, what it adds to the original Saints Row, or indeed, the GTA-formula and the macho posturing and po-faced moral bankruptcy is likely to infuriate as many people as it enthralls. But Saints Row 2 demonstrates that there is still plenty of mileage to be eked out of open-world games, even the ones that aren’t GTA IV. There’s certainly enough here to keep any fans of sandbox violence entertained -- just remember, don’t try it at home, kids, you’ll get sand in your eyes.
1UP (Oct 15, 2008)
Saints 2 relishes the hedonistic aspects of the open-world genre and does very little to punish the player for their repugnant behavior. It has plenty of innovation, and the excellence in the presentation makes the world of Saints 2 a great introduction for newcomers to open world games. It's not GTA, but it doesn't need to be.
ActionTrip (Oct 16, 2008)
In the end, flaws like repetitive missions, dumb enemy AI, in addition to generally poor graphics, prevent Saints Row 2 from joining this year's list of top releases. Mind you, it doesn't stop this from being good clean fun. What I'm trying to say is that despite of your initially skepticism, don't hesitate to give Saints Row 2 a whirl. Chances are you'll enjoy yourself, either on your own or with friends. It will never be up to the standards of GTA IV, but then, as I've said, it doesn't try to do that. The gameplay is not perfect, although it will provide many hours of decent entertainment. As such, Saints Row 2 provides an experience far more exhilarating than you can ever hope to expect from recent travesties such as Mercs 2 or Fracture.
Games TM (Nov 27, 2008)
Still, this sequel has built upon Saints Row's foundations no end and created an experience that stands alone despite the competition. It would take a monumental effort to out-entertain Saints Row 2 and anyone who plays games in order to be entertained will be justly rewarded. Volition has developed a title that doesn't compete with Grand Theft Auto IV, but rather one to simply sit beside it. Switch off your brain and prepare to have fun.
Factornews (Nov 27, 2008)
Oui ce test est long. Il faut dire qu'il y a plein de choses à dire et plein de choses à faire dans Saints Row 2. La durée de vie est colossale sans oublier le mode coop, les mode multi... Quoi qu'il en soit c'est dur de passer après GTA 4 et Saints Row 2 s'en sort très bien. Ce faux "San Andreas 2" mise à fond sur la carte du n'importe quoi et ça marche. On se sent presque coupable de jouer à un truc aussi gras mais qu'est-ce que c'est bon !
UOL Jogos (Oct 29, 2008)
"Saints Row 2" é um jogo que vive à sombra de "GTAIV" e não conseguiu bem definir sua própria identidade, apelando para exageros e banalidades na tentativa de encontrar um público cativo. Tem muitos problemas técnicos e sofre por não conseguir marcar um visual único, mas traz conteúdo suficientemente divertido e variado para chamar a atenção daqueles fãs do gênero que já não têm mais o que explorar no jogo da Rockstar e buscam uma diversão mais inconseqüente e sem compromissos com a narrativa.
SR2 is technically less than sound, violent, tasteless, loud, bawdy - sexy even, but is seldom less than entertaining, and ticks a lot of boxes – I mean, how many games let you run around playing as a half-naked babe toting an assault rifle? Don’t let Gran see you playing it though.
Bordersdown (Apr, 2009)
Trashy, vulgar and complete with a set of morals that are thin at best, Saints Row 2 is a fantastically stupid game that infuriates as much as it entertains. While a Goldsmiths' Diamond might have more cachet, the cheap, twenty quid sovereign ring from Argos can prove just as alluring sometimes. A guilty pleasure that really is well worth a look.
JeuxActu (Oct 22, 2008)
Cependant, on prend son pied à mettre Stilwater sans dessus dessous et ce malgré un gameplay plutôt raide. C’est surtout grâce à sa durée de vie rallongée par un maximum de missions annexes que le titre de THQ tire son épingle du jeu. Plus d’armes, plus de véhicules, la présence d’un mode coopération et quelques bonnes idées ne font cependant pas tout. Si troisième volet il y a, espérons que les développeurs donnent enfin une âme au jeu, élément crucial qui manque actuellement à la série depuis ses débuts.
Gamekult (Oct 20, 2008)
Certes, les missions principales manquent encore de variété, la réalisation reste très moyenne et l'originalité n'est pas vraiment son fort, mais Saints Row 2 réussit à se montrer vraiment grisant et prenant. N'en déplaise à certains, face à un GTA IV volontairement plus mature et au réalisme plus affirmé, la légèreté du titre a de quoi séduire. Suffisamment, en tout cas, pour en faire une alternative tout à fait remarquable au rouleau-compresseur de Rockstar.
Game Critics (Nov 05, 2008)
Saints Row 2 certainly fulfills all the requirements that a good open-world game needs to succeed, but I wouldn't say that it thrives. With so much time passing since the first game was released, I expected a much higher level of technical polish and more significant forward movement. As it stands, there's not much to recommend it when a nearly-identical (and in some ways, better) experience can be had by picking up a copy of the first game instead. With the intense competition this holiday season from so many blistering top-shelf efforts, a minor iteration on a formula that needed a little work in the first place doesn't quite cut it.
GamePro (US) (Oct 21, 2008)
These fresh elements prevent Saint's Row 2 from being a derivative mash. The core game, however, doesn't differentiate itself enough nor does it offer an experience that is superior to what is already out there. It's largely unpolished and poorly structured, and only when the game breaks away from imitation -- demonstrating a compelling co-op experience, for one -- does it come close to achieving its true potential. Unfortunately, the customization options and multiplayer aside, Saint's Row 2 is just imitatin'.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct 22, 2008)
There is no comparison to Grand Theft Auto IV in terms of gunplay, presentation, story, ambient city life, or driving. Rockstar has this beat by a country mile. But while Row’s lack of polish and rough exterior make it the less attractive choice from a technical standpoint, for those who felt shortchanged by GTA IV's scaled-back features (especially when compared to San Andreas), Saints Row 2 will help fill the void. Its relentless sense of cheesiness is also appealing, and you might be surprised at how much you'll laugh at some of the dialogue or situations. Think Tarantino over Scorsese, and you'll have a good idea at what the developers were shooting for.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 14, 2008)
This is by no means a sophomore jinx, but without fully keeping stride with its GTA role model, and without fully stepping out on its own from under that shadow, Saints Row has found itself stuck in an awkward, uncertain tween stage of the series’ life. Saints Row has to mature, or make a more convincing argument that it’s never going to – and never has to – grow up.

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