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Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action Credits

33 people

WXP Games: Production

COO & General CounselHunington Sachs
ProducersJohn Irick, Phillip Dennison
Administrative ManagerShelli Reil
IT ManagerRodney Kaeding
BookkeeperMartha Equinox

WXP Games: Pre-Production

ProducerTracey Montoya

WXP Games: Programming

Technical LeadSteve Messick
GameplayDarren Schoen
UIDarren Schoen
Xbox Live, SystemsDavid Koenig
Database, Memory UnitDavid M. Anderson
AIMichael Delp
GraphicsJames Thrush (Super X Studios)

WXP Games: Art

Art DirectorJeff Connelly
Texture ArtistLyndon Sumner
Art LeadSky Kensok
Senior ArtistsChris Cvetkovich, Mark Cvetkovich
ArtistsAaron Wehrmeister, Chun Lu, Ian Wilmoth, Jade Dhabolt, Michael Ingrassia, Ryan Clearman, Nick Rudolph
Story BoardTom Price

WXP Games: Audio

Audio EngineerMatt Wray

WXP Games: Cinematics/Scripting/UI

Technical Art DirectorPatrick Moynihan
ArtistDov Sherman
ScripterDov Sherman
Cinematic ArtistDov Sherman

WXP Games: Quality Assurance

Test LeadSilas Ray
TestersKoll Anderson, Mario Curro

WXP Games: 3D Rendering

3D RenderingRendercore Inc

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Moynihan (21)