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Screwjumper! Credits (Xbox 360)

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Screwjumper! Credits

Frozen Codebase

ProductionBen Geisler, Kurt Henrickson, Kelly Parker
ArtAdam deGrandis, Justin Kovac, Josh Parker, William Sweetman
DesignGreg Kellerman, Justin Kovac, Norb Rozek, William Sweetman
ProgrammingBen Geisler, Andrew Ireland, Adam Larson, James Lupiani, Jesse Rahikainen
Music/SoundRev. Norb, Stochastic Theory
Consultant Executive ProducerJay Balakrishnan
Special ThanksJake Barnes, Joe Filosi, Gallagher's Pizza, GarageGames, Jen Geisler, Charlie Goff, Peter Helander, Des Hinkson, Eric Holmes, ITT Tech Green Bay, Jason Kim, Andrew Kolb, Daniel Kramer, Wade Lambert, Autum Larson, Destin Legarie, Lenny's Tap, Gregory A. MacMartin, The Madison IGDA, Andrew Magyar, Jared Marker, Alyssa Mogil, Jay Moore, Andrew Nys, NEW Capital Fund, Paaaaaaaa, Erik Pederson, Chuck Rasmussen, Chad Schulz, Ray Sweetman, Jeffrey Tunnell, Chad Wagner, Xcetera, The Number 42


Front OfficeDoug Clemmer, Scott Zerby
ProductionPeter Armstrong
MarketingNicole Yolitz Armstrong, Tia Wucher, Dawn Nelson Helle
Contract SpecialistKerry Forsyth
Director of Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda
Test SupervisorJoel Dagang
Test LeadsJoseph Pearson, Stephen Florida (Yoshi)
TestersCarmelo Consiglio, Vahagn Kirakosian, Onuora Ukaeje, Melissa Thomas, Nick Sporich, Paul Santana, Teresa Curry, Paul Porter, Aris Curtis, Daniel McGuffey, Bret Dubin, Danny Ortiz, Lindsey Root
In Memory ofAaron Behar
First Party SupervisorJason Hughes
First Party LeadHugh Mitchell IV
First Party SpecialistsEugene Park, Brian Skidmore, Michael Booker, Malik Aziz
QA TechniciansRichard Jones, Michael Zlotnicki, Justin Drolet, Ryan Cashman
Mastering Lab SupervisorsAnthony Dunnet
Mastering Lab TechniciansGlen Peters, T. Ryan Arnold, Heidi Salguero, Ryan Fell
Remastering Project ManagerCharles Batarse
Database AdministratorJonathan Gill
Database Applications EngineerBrian Kincaid
Playability Engineering Lab CoordinatorDavid Wilson
QA Operations CoordinatorSteve Nelson
HR GeneralistEve Waldman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (232142) and Frozen Codebase (120)