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Gaming Age (Sep 09, 2009)
All the little things that game incorporates into combat, like the drop ship spawning, the customizable load outs, the base control with automated defenses, and the various modules, keep Section 8 from being a bland multiplayer shooter, and help it stand out against the pack of Halo's and Call of Duty's that currently populate the system. It's well worth checking out for team based play, and while I think the single player campaign was significantly weaker than the rest of the experience, I fully believe that it's worth checking out for the multiplayer alone. It's definitely a fun experience, and hopefully one that more people will pick up on.
4Players.de (Oct 09, 2009)
Als Section 8 angekĂŒndigt wurde, habe ich abgewunken: Irgendein Krieg im Weltall, irgendein Mehrspieler-Shooter - wer braucht das schon? Aber schon als ich vor einigen Monaten erstmals Hand anlegen konnte, hatten es mir die taktischen Gefechte plötzlich angetan! Denn TimeGate latscht nicht einfach den zu Tode getrampelten konventionellen Pfaden nach; die Entwickler mischen vielmehr neue und alte Ideen so geschickt, dass das Ergebnis erfrischend unverbraucht wirkt. Auf Dauer sind die acht SchauplĂ€tze trotz verschiedener Variationen zwar ebenso zu wenig wie die einzige Spielvariante. Doch das macht eine unterhaltsame Kampagne fĂŒr Solo-Krieger zumindest teilweise wieder wett. Und spĂ€testens in den packenden Online-Gefechten, die u.a. dem cleveren Ausgleich durch vom Spiel gesteuerte Bots zu verdanken sind, lĂ€sst Section 8 die Muskeln eines bemerkenswerten Newcomers spielen!
GameZone (Sep 08, 2009)
At the end of the day, Section 8 is an extraordinary multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter. What it lacks is any semblance of a competent single-player mode for gamers who don’t enjoy online interactions. Knowing that, Section 8 is a title that should only be purchased by fanatics of online multiplayer battles.
Section 8 is what it is, a great multi-player experience that will likely suffer more because of the community and less because of the game itself. If enough people purchase the game and grow a solid community I can see it quickly becoming one of my favorite online endeavors. Unfortunately at the time of this writing it was already feeling like a ghost town at certain hours of the day. Section 8 is a must-buy for people looking for another great team-based shooter that manages to think outside the box. I just hope enough people recognize it to keep the online battles flowing.
GamePro (US) (Oct 30, 2009)
But with little character development and even less storytelling, this mode comes off as a tacked-on primer to the real action online. Where many titles hit the mark with their single-player, but offer lackluster multi-player simply to add a back-of-the-box bullet point, Section 8 pulls the reverse. That's mostly okay though, because its significant tweaking of the online landscape gives frag-loving gamers a good reason to add something besides Halo and Call of Duty to their multi-player rotation.
XboxAchievements (Sep 15, 2009)
Providing a complex and multi-layered experience, Section 8 is one of the better multiplayer titles currently available on the 360. With clan support, stat tracking, and more, hopefully this game will sell well and build up the sizable community needed to keep the battles large and epic. Despite some need for the weapon balance to be re-tuned, an undersized HUD, and poor tank controls, Section 8 is a blast, and worth checking out if you're into large-scale multiplayer battles.
Gamervision (Sep 16, 2009)
In the end, one of the biggest issues with the game is its release date. It’s a shame that so many other high-profile shooters are coming out this year, because Section 8 would have had a chance to shine in a less populated season. As it stands, it’s going to be hard to find a huge audience for the title, especially with new Call of Duty and Halo titles just over the horizon. Even so, Timegate’s shooter is a well-put together experience that should make Tribes fans giddy, and remind the rest of us a time, for better or worse, when shooters were a little bit bigger.
Game Over Online (Sep 17, 2009)
All in all this is a great game with solid gameplay, beautiful worlds, tons of customization, and an excellent multiplayer component. If Halo and Unreal Tournament got together to make sweet sweet baby love, Section 8 would be their gun-toting offspring. I only wish the walk/jog speeds were a bit faster as you basically get to choose between ‘grandma with a bad back’ slow or ‘get the hell out of my way’ fast. The tank controls could use some polishing too, but in the end all the complaints I had with this game were minor. If you’re looking for a solid, intense shooter with great character customization and an equally great online multiplayer, you can’t go wrong with this game.
MS Xbox World (Sep 20, 2009)
We've always been fans of TimeGate Studios and believe that some of the concepts introduced in Section 8 will eventually appear in future FPSs much as some concepts first introduced in Kohan are commonplace now in modern RTSs. That in and of itself makes Section 8 a title players should at least try out, and the studio, one to continue watching.
That Gaming Site (Sep 08, 2009)
Section 8 is a great time and competitive shooter fans have a lot to love here. A better campaign with more memorable lighting would have added a lot.
GameFocus (Sep 28, 2009)
Unfortunately, I suspect that the initial impressions of Section 8 will not be positive for many due to the slightly odd setup system, fairly complex character customization system, muddy controls and bland single player campaign. This is fair to a certain extent as all of these are valid issues but once you become accustomed to the game it really does offer an awful lot of value. Section 8 proves that TimeGate can develop a major AAA IP of their own and with some refinement Section 8 may become a serious and important FPS franchise.
Gamona (Sep 28, 2009)
Section 8 versucht, eine Reihe neuer Ideen in das etwas festgefahrene Genre der Multiplayer-Shooter zu bringen. Vieles davon ist erfrischend und erlaubt strategische WinkelzĂŒge. So bringt beispielsweise der frei wĂ€hlbare Respawn aus einigen Kilometern Höhe nicht nur belebende taktische Elemente ein, sondern fabriziert auch spannende Überraschungsmomente. Features wie das integrierte Jetpack, der Turbolaufmodus und die dynamischen Kampfmissionen peppen den Spielablauf auf den riesigen Maps zusĂ€tzlich auf und sorgen fĂŒr jede Menge Spielspaß und Abwechslung. Schade, dass Section 8 mit dem Kampf um Kontrollpunkte nur einen Spielmodus bietet. Kritisch sehen wir auch die geringe Anzahl der Vehikel, deren Handling ĂŒberdies grĂŒndlich verpatzt wurde. Hier gibt es noch jede Menge Verbesserungspotenzial. Trotz dieser Makel bietet das Actionspiel jedoch genĂŒgend interessante AnsĂ€tze und Inhalte, um einen Absprung aus fĂŒnf Kilometern zu wagen.
Game Critics (Sep 08, 2009)
Although I'll be the first to admit that online multiplayer is usually the least interesting aspect of any game for me, Section 8 did a great job of making it easy to learn and easy to take part in. That facility combined with the excellent abilities of the armor and fast-paced nature of play make for a solid experience that 360 owners should certainly take note of.
IGN (Sep 08, 2009)
The battlefields of TimeGate's multiplayer-focused shooter Section 8 are big and bristling with opportunities for action. There are contests for control points and turrets, dynamic combat missions that pop up all over, tanks and troops falling from the sky, and a readily customizable loadout of weapons, tools, and passive skills. If you'd prefer to sneak into enemy installations by bypassing sensor array detection or jetpack right into the heart of a fight with a machine gun roaring, you can do it in Section 8. It's a game that pulls its ideas from a wealth of other titles past, and does so effectively, but not without stumbling over some control and combat speedbumps. If you're willing to put in some time to learn the game's systems and are eager to work as part of a team, then it's easy to have a good time with this one.
Official XBox Magazine (Sep 02, 2009)
Granted, none of this stuff makes Section 8 the next Tribes, but if all you want is to blast other players and capture bases across vast, beautiful alien worlds, then this is absolutely worth your time.
XboxAddict (Sep 15, 2009)
Like I stated in my opening, the FPS genre is a tough nut to crack, and I’m glad that studios are still trying to re-invent the FPS wheel and I’m sure some great ones will eventually show up. Unfortunately Section 8 falls into the ever growing group of FPS that just don’t make the grade. I would love to see how Section 8’s game play would change with some adjustments to the health system, I can’t emphasize enough how that one dynamic affected this game for me.
At the end of the day Section 8 is not that bad of a game, but it is just that it isn’t a great one either. Its’ strength lies in the multiplayer component, and I foresee a game that will have a devout following until the bigger and better games of this holiday season come out on store shelves. Until then I think that Section 8 does deserve a close look as it is the gameplay that serves the game well, and in today’s market gameplay is an important factor that everyone should care about.
Game Shark (Oct 09, 2009)
The biggest strength and weakness that Section 8 has is that it lacks any defining functionality or flaws. The lock-on system is a great tool given the mobile gunfights but its usage trivializes other combat encounters. The only aspect of Section 8 that truly stands out is how you spawn into the map, leaving the rest of the gameplay to reside in more of the tried-and-true territory established by previous games in the genre. That criticism aside, the game is great fun and has a strong and balanced multiplayer—it just doesn’t take its gameplay into any areas that fans of the genre haven’t seen before.
Play.tm (Sep 21, 2009)
Certainly, it is far from perfect, and misses out on lessons learnt elsewhere. But what it does do is bring some genuinely new ideas to the genre, while creating a game that is a lot of fun to play. Expect to see these innovations appearing in other shooters before too long - and when they do, let's remember where they came from.
Section 8 also includes an Instant Action mode from the main menu, but it essentially just allows you to play in bot matches. As such, it's rather inconsequential when compared with the true multiplayer and even single-player experience for that matter. When all is said and done, Section 8 is a quality multiplayer experience a lot of players will get into. Unfortunately, the other aspects of the game, while fine in their own right, don't manage to add much to the formula. As such, this is a game that probably could have been released via the XBLA or Steam for $15 or $20 and would have been a veritable masterpiece. Since it's a full priced title, you may want to download the demo first and buy later.
Splashgames (Oct 04, 2009)
Section 8 ist keineswegs ein schlechtes Spiel. Es ist ein solider Teamshooter, dessen Singleplayer-Kampagne absolut vergessen werden kann. Zwar gibt es einige interessante Features wie die Respawn-SprĂŒnge oder das UmrĂŒsten des Kampfanzugs, doch am Ende machen sich die kleineren Fehler bemerkbar. Besonders gut sieht es nicht aus, die Engine kommt mit zu vielen Gegnern nicht klar und es gibt zu wenig Abwechslung. Andere Titel des Genres haben dabei einfach viel mehr zu bieten und so taugt Section 8 nur als Intermezzo zwischen Battlefield/Call of Duty/Halo-Schlachten.
GameSpot (Sep 11, 2009)
Beneath its generic exterior, Section 8 is a fun take on the ongoing battle between rival space marines. Though there is only one match type, the dynamic objectives keep the action feeling fresh and continually force you to switch your tactics to counter the changing battlefield. The expansive environments can get lonely if you find yourself far away from everyone else, but they are well constructed, giving many different ways to try to capture control points or ambush your hapless enemies. And if you can't find enough players to fill all 32 spots, you can add as many bots as you want. The bots present worthy adversaries and allies, not only in their battle acumen, but in the way they approach objectives or just hang back to defend your base. With a few more weapon types and vehicles that actually worked, Section 8 could have been a lot more exciting. As it is, this is a satisfying take on the genre that makes up in fun what it lacks in innovation.
Destructoid (Sep 04, 2009)
By all means, rent Section 8 if you can and give it a whirl. See if you can get lucky and find a game. But don't buy it, because you'll have wasted your money. A shame, because I really, really do like this poor game.
videogamer.com (Sep 16, 2009)
The lack of a proper single-player experience (it's an extended multiplayer tutorial and nothing else) and the poor graphics will prevent Section 8 from achieving huge success and high review scores, but the core multiplayer gameplay should ensure a healthy and loyal following for a while at least.
GamesRadar (Oct 12, 2009)
Unquestionably, Section 8 is a rock-solid multiplayer game that deserves to find a strong audience. But it certainly has its faults. The underwhelming campaign, ĂŒber-generic setting, mediocre graphics, and occasional frame rate loss plague this otherwise excellent experience. The addition of the Instant Action single-player mode is nice for players who want more practice against AI before they go online, but like the single-player campaign, it feels like filler compared to the multiplayer mode. Still, Section 8 offers a unique experience that sets it aside from the other shooters on the market.
GameTrailers (Oct 02, 2009)
Though multiplayer experience is respectable in its own right, Section 8 falls short of greatness. More than just a lack of features or modes, the game lacks soul. It doesn't have the polish that makes good games great, nor does it have the originality to distinguish it from the pack. It's a decent time-killer, but serious shooter fans are best advised to set their sights on bigger fish down the horizon.
GameTrailers (Oct 01, 2009)
Though multiplayer experience is respectable in its own right, Section 8 falls short of greatness. More than just a lack of features or modes, the game lacks soul. It doesn't have the polish that makes good games great, nor does it have the originality to distinguish it from the pack. It's a decent time-killer, but serious shooter fans are best advised to set their sights on bigger fish down the horizon.
Mygamer.com (Sep 12, 2009)
Section 8 mixes many elements from previous games in the genre, and actually does so pretty well, but the control issues, overall weapon imbalance, and even slight learning curve prevent this game from being all that it can be. However, if you have exhausted your Halo 3 tactics and are craving something with a similar flavor of Star Wars: Battlefront, then you might want to take a peek at Section 8.
Console Monster (Sep 28, 2009)
I really would like to recommend Section 8. It has some pretty neat features which make it stand out from Halo, especially if you are tired of it, but the fact it is mainly an online game with not enough people playing it renders it obsolete. By all means, rent it and enjoy what matches you actually find because you will enjoy those matches, but do not buy it else you will just feel cheated in the end.
Worth Playing (Sep 18, 2009)
Section 8 is difficult to recommend to anyone but fans of the space-marine shooter subgenre. That's what I'd normally do, with caveats, as a filler between releases of their favorite game type. However, with Halo: ODST mere days away, I find Section 8 almost impossible to recommend to anyone. Sure, it's possible that ODST just won't measure up to the franchise's legacy, but, if I had to bet, I'd surely bet on a new Halo title over Section 8. It's a quality franchise, worth waiting to compare with other similar offerings, and, frankly, even if ODST turns out only an average game, it will still rob most of Section 8's Xbox Live online player base. By the end of next week, the distant, empty-looking planets of the game's futuristic setting really will be just about totally depopulated.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 27, 2009)
Ultimately, these missions are not enough to give this title the boost it needs to make a name for itself in a crowded genre. The nice backend clan support is wasted since the game just isn’t much fun to play. The shooting lacks the high-intensity lethality of Counter-Strike, the lightning-paced speed of Tribes, and the great cooperative mechanics of Battlefield. You won’t spit this hamburger out, but you probably won’t tell your friends about it, either.
Giant Bomb (Sep 11, 2009)
There are some neat aspects of Section 8 and some good ideas that keep the game from getting too straightforward. But it feels like half of a game. The single-player campaign is a joke and this style of large-scale multiplayer has been done better elsewhere. Considering how competitive the multiplayer shooter genre is, that puts Section 8 in a pretty tough spot. But if you're looking for a different take on the Battlefield style, Section 8 does have its share of interesting moments.
Vandal Online (Sep 17, 2009)
El juego en lĂ­nea es una apuesta firme, pero no siempre segura: si un juego se centra por completo en ella, debe tener una fuerte comunidad respaldĂĄndolo, o bien la capacidad para generarla y mantenerla. Section 8 no parece reunir los atractivos necesarios, ni la capacidad de diferenciaciĂłn suficiente para generarla, pero eso no lo convierte en un mal juego, sino simplemente en uno mĂĄs. Las partidas resultan divertidas, y siempre se puede optar por cantidades ingentes de bots (personajes controlados por la mĂĄquina) para sustituir a los rivales humanos del juego en lĂ­nea, pero para ello hay que encontrar jugadores humanos, y que estos jueguen bien. El consuelo es que los bots de los que hablĂĄbamos antes dan resultados buenos en las partidas, y eso no es algo tan habitual, todo sea dicho. DarĂĄ buenas horas de diversiĂłn, sĂ­, pero hay que saber muy bien cuĂĄles son las intenciones del juego y contemplar las alternativas que hay en el mercado.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 05, 2009)
Wait for this game to come down in price and then hope there are still some people left playing online. The multiplayer of Section 8 is worth playing but with a major lack of single player content, don't expect a large healthy online community in the coming months. Most players will have moved on to bigger and better things before this game's price matches its value.
Gamer Limit (Sep 28, 2009)
Unfortunately, Section 8 lacks that ingenuity. To the mainstream gamer, it may be considered an entertaining multiplayer romp, but to console devotees who have waited for a shooter that finally treats them with respect, Section 8 will not be our holy grail.
Games TM (Oct 01, 2009)
Despite its layering of ideas and tactics they never really amount to anything more than 'go here' and 'shoot this', which, in the days of set-piece-heavy Call Of Duty games and accessibly multiplayer mayhem like Halo 3, really isn't good enough to compete.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 11, 2009)
SjÀlva spelkontrollen Àr vÀldigt traditionell och spelkÀnslan Àr vÀldigt lik den i Frontlines: Fuel of War. TyvÀrr har Time Gate misslyckats med kÀnslan i vapnen som kÀnns som fjösiga vattenpistoler snarare Àn högteknologiska dunderbrakare med massor av eldkraft. Detta tillsammans med den bristfÀlliga bandesignen gör Section 8 till ett knappt dugligt multiplayerspel som kan tÀnkas roa för stunden, men som absolut inte kan konkurrera med spel som Halo 3: ODST, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 och Battlefield: Bad Company.
DemoNews.de (Oct 01, 2009)
Section 8 ist ein schneller und Team-orientierter Multiplayer-Shooter fĂŒr Spieler, fĂŒr die schon „Counter-Strike Source“ ein Grafikblender ist. Statt der eintönigen Singleplayer-Kampagne hĂ€tte man die Entwicklungszeit lieber fĂŒr ein Grafik-Update nutzen sollen. Hinter dem hĂ€sslichen Äußeren steckt nĂ€mlich ein spannender Shooter, der bewĂ€hrte Spielelemente aus „Battlefield“ und „Starsiege Tribes“ geschickt mixt. Nachschub anfordern oder Nebenmissionen sind zwar nicht neu, aber sie bringen viel Dynamik ins Geschehen. Das ist auch gut so, denn mit der Zeit fehlt „Section 8“ die Abwechslung. Die Karten Ă€hneln sich zu sehr und das grundsĂ€tzliche Spielprinzip ist zu simpel. Das liegt auch leider daran, dass die Spielerbasis bisher ĂŒberschaubar ist. Ein Match kommt zwar immer zustande, aber fĂŒr grĂ¶ĂŸere Gefechte muss man oft notgedrungen auf Bots zurĂŒckgreifen. Das ist schade, denn Section 8 ist spielerisch ein echter Geheimtipp.
Blend Games (Sep 04, 2009)
Section 8's problem is not an overabundance of flaws but a shortage of strengths. It has a lot in common with some of the best shooters on the market but Section just seems to do everything a half-step slower than the competition in all areas. There's no hook here, no unique aspect that can make me honestly recommend it. Those orbital drops are kinda fun, though.
D+PAD Magazine (Sep 23, 2009)
Section 8 isn’t very good. It’s bland, generic, lacking in original ideas, poorly executed in nearly every department and you’ll probably grow bored of it within the few essential hours it takes to complete the awful single player campaign. With Halo 3 now at budget prices and the excellent Battlefield 1943 available for download, you’d be advised to give this a swerve.

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