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Console Monster (Mar 22, 2008)
Under the surface of a simple presentation and graphics you will find a rich and addictive gameplay experience, with a deep and quite challenging single player campaign. Add the ability of online leaderboards, local and network play over LIVE, achievements that will keep you practicing regularly to earn them, and you have a stunning package that is well worth its 800 MS Points.
ripten (Dec 27, 2007)
It’s my belief that Sensible World of Soccer is one of the most important games of all time. Playing it again today demonstrates that it’s one of the finest, too.
90 (Jun 27, 2008)
La parte negativa la podemos encontrar en que puede resultar muy exigente para los jugadores mas noveles y con menos paciencia, los que están acostumbrados a perder dos partidos seguidos y pondrán enseguida alguna de las franquicias anuales futbolísticas que conocemos todos.
Gamestyle (Jan 06, 2008)
These gremlins have little detrimental effect on SWOS. The game plays as well as it ever did, it looks and sounds nicer, and the online play is very enjoyable, if a little glitchy. If more options were made available for play over live, Gamestyle wouldn’t complain. We’re just happy to see this turn out as well as we’d hoped, and not a travesty as some thought it would be. Gamestyle doesn’t mean to sound like a hyperbole filled press release, but SWOS really is that good. It just remains for us to say, if you’re looking for a quality title to download, go with SWOS. It’s the sensible choice.
Jolt (UK) (Jan 09, 2008)
This creates something of a pickle, because as amazing as SWOS is, we already have it on the Amiga. And the whole reason we were excited about the Xbox Live version – barring the wonderful new graphics – was the online play. Also, Codemasters presumably delayed the game to perfect the online mode (let’s face it: the single player game was already finished over ten years ago). This is unforgivable. There’s also the fact that the game streams advertisements to the billboards around the pitch from the internet, and there are no real player names (admittedly not something we’re bothered about but many are). Were it not for the online issues – and we pray Codemasters fix these sharpish – SWOS would be getting a 9/10 if not more. As it stands, we’re going to cop out and give it that annoying almost-amazing score.
87 (Jan, 2008)
How this game managed to be snagged up by Microsoft is incredible, and even more so is the fact that it took them a year to port a two-MB sized game to the Xbox 360, only for it to be busted on the day it was released, but that's another story altogether. The game is incredible still, even 10 years after it was initially released, and though it has one or two problems, they're nowhere near enough to keep me from recommending this game to anyone. If you love your football Premier League style, this game's got more fun in it than the Pro Evo and FIFA series combined. And it doesn't take ridiculous button combos like those two to actually pull off a sweet link-up with your players. Viva La SWoS; may you live on in XBLA for years to come....
TeamXbox (Dec 19, 2007)
Sensible World of Soccer is one of those rare gems that stands the test of time, thanks to its near-flawless gameplay. And while the temptation must have been huge to overhaul the game for the next-gen release, it’s great to see that the SWOS developers didn’t cave to it. While the game may not be the prettiest game on the Marketplace, it’s certainly one of the most fun.
DarkZero (Jan 07, 2008)
The addictive core gameplay is still unparalleled in the genre and has deservedly been revived from gaming history. This version will keep you going for months but it’s a pity there are so many problems with the online play. Hopefully Codemasters correct these, recognise the great reception this version of SWOS has received and that it has more potential than any of the inferior remakes. Should they decide to release SWOS 2008/09 with well-researched, up to date squads and flawless online play, we could be looking at the next ultimate football game.
80 (Jan 08, 2008)
Sensible World of Soccer is a great addition to the arcade, if you know, and have played SWOS before then you will not be disappointed, but a SWOS virgin may wonder what all the fuss is about with today’s classic footy games available. Sensible World of Soccer may be a rehash of yet another “classic arcade game” but it’s a good one, so download and enjoy.
80 (Jan 04, 2008)
Nonostante siano passati dieci anni dalla sua pubblicazione, Sensible World of Soccer è un prodotto godibilissimo tutt'oggi. La marea di opzioni e squadre, il gioco online, la grafica semplice, ma piacevole conquisteranno i cuori dei nostalgici e di tutti gli amanti del calcio. La sua enorme freschezza fa si che ci si chieda come mai abbiano riproposto un semplice remake di una vecchia versione e non l'abbiano aggiornata con menù, rose e competizioni attuali, in modo da poter conquistare anche tutti coloro che non hanno vissuto l'epopea dei Bianconeri di Luppu e Dal Puari. Resta comunque un acquisto consigliatissimo a tutti gli amanti del calcio, delle vecchie versioni del gioco e a coloro che cercano un titolo immediato divertente con il quale poter passare spensierate serate in compagnia degli amici.
UltraNinjas (Jan 08, 2008)
One major thorn in SWOS’s ball, however, is the online side of things. Sadly limited to friendlies rather than allowing for any sort of league or cup action, the matches themselves flit between being reasonably smooth on occasion to utterly unplayable and laggy at the majority of others. It’s a shame and you have to hope that at some point in the future something can be done, but for now multiplayer SWOS is best played as it was in the past, with a group of mates crowded around the screen. It may be a tad pricey at 800 Microsoft Points, but for a few hours of fun after a hectic night out it’s well worth it for any nostalgic footy fan.
80 (Jan 21, 2008)
I remember listening to a US video game podcast recently (which will go unnamed) where the presenters were slagging off SWOS for having Sensible in its title, for having soccer in its title when it was British - "WTF! Shouldn't it be called football? LOL Stupid Brits" - and generally for not being American Football. Well screw them, and their Madden games. We don't need no rubbish next-gen title to get us excited about our national sport. All we need is simple, down to earth footballing fun, and that's what SWOS is.
80 (UK) (Jan 09, 2008)
All minor gripes aside though, SWOS remains a triumph of playability over tedium and proves the franchise is still a strong contender for the greatest football game of all time. Ten years have passed since I first played this game and still I continue to soak up hours playing it. After the sorry series of franchise hiccups that have been bestowed upon the fan base over the last ten years, Sensible Soccer is back.
IGN (Jan 03, 2008)
There?s a reason Sensible World of Soccer is considered a sports classic. Unlike most sports games that feel dated and tired years later, this one holds up quite well. It?s simple and fast, removing two of the hurdles many people find with the sport of soccer. The game also features an admirable amount of depth for a game that can be played with just a d-pad and the A button. If you aren?t nostalgiac or hardcore about your soccer, you might be better served with something more recent. If you are, well then you don?t need us to tell you what to do.
Game Positive (Jan 07, 2008)
If you spent hours of your childhood playing SWOS, you won't be disappointed with this updated version. With all of its original features intact and the addition of online multiplayer, there's plenty of depth here for those who are willing to devote time and practice. Even if you haven't played before, this is one of XBLA's best offerings to date, with immense pick up and play value. It should be noted that the inclusion of in-game advertising could perhaps have led to a slightly reduced price tag, but 800 points is still a great value for such a quality, classic title. Without a doubt, Sensible World of Soccer is a great purchase for fans of the franchise or the sport in general.
MS Xbox World (Jan 10, 2008)
Most retro titles on the arcade are basically nostalgia trips with horribly updated graphics. Luckily this isn’t one of those games because they haven’t messed with the formula, and anything they have added only improves on it. This combined with the fact that Sensible Soccer has always been easily accessible, makes this game a great purchase for soccer game fans even for those who are unfamiliar with its roots.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 13, 2008)
Regardless of numerous delays to the game’s release that would have made the folks working on the new Wembley football stadium seem like connoisseurs in construction - Sensible World of Soccer has struck at a time when both FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have failed to move the genre forward in any significant manner, and it’s this retro title from beyond the grave that has in some ways shown both of them how it should be done. Whether or not this game is still relevant to the people of today is in itself, irrelevant. People may turn their back on this thanks to its 2D visuals and oddball soundtrack, but not sampling this small nugget of gold for yourself, for those reasons alone, would be not be sensible at all.
The fast pace, aged artifacts, and new online multiplayer functionality might make Sensible worth a peek for the curious, but only the truly devoted will even consider purchasing it.