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XBox Front (Jun 01, 2007)
Insgesamt bleibt ein guter Eindruck des ersten Multiplattform-Shooters. Wenn Microsoft genügend Inhalte zu erschwinglichen Preisen anbieten wird, kann der Onlinespaß für eine ganze Weile andauern und Shadowrun einen bleibenden Eindruck bei der Community hinterlassen. Shadowrun ist von der USK ab 18 Jahren freigegeben.
Shadowrun was unfortunately written off by many gamers before it was even released. The view from the outset was that the game was only based on poor vision, a lackluster attempt to enter a popular genre. Once Shadowrun has been experienced, though, it's hard to deny its genius. Details and minor problems aside, this game has the foundation of the most solid combat experience available, with groundbreaking advancements in the genre. It is more of a new sport than a game - it just happens to use the medium of videogames. Major League Gaming has seen this and picked it up for tournaments in cities across the United States. With some of the top players from other games already competing in the events, hopefully Shadowrun will continue to sell and the community increase. The game deserves more attention and play; it's unfortunate that so many people haven't given it a chance.
82 (Jun 26, 2007)
Overall, Shadowrun successfully put an inspiring twist on the popular FPS genre, but this game isn’t meant for everyone. If you prefer strictly run-and-gun shooting without having to plan at your attacks or work up a strategy, then you’ll most likely become frustrated very early on. Also, it does take a few hours to learn how to play comfortably, and you’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you just try to jump right in to the action. Nonetheless, gamers willing to learn the ins and outs of Shadowrun will undoubtedly have a great time.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 29, 2007)
Das Spiel ist ein sehr intensiver Ego-Shooter das alte Magie, moderne Waffen und fortschrittliche Technologie in einer völlig neuen Art und Weise vereint. Leider fehlt es dem Spiel an Inhalt, Story und Abwechslung, sowie an Fairness im Spiel zwischen PC und Xbox 360 Spieler. Wer kein Xbox-Live Gold Abonnement hat lässt hier die Finger von dem Spiel, alle anderen Shooter-Fans warten auf die demnächst erscheinende kostenlose spielbare Demo und entscheiden selbst, ob sie sich mit einem magischem futuristischem Rollenspiel-Shooter anfreunden können.
XboxAchievements (Jul 29, 2007)
If you're a big FPS fan, and don't mind the lack of a campaign, then Shadowrun will be right up your alley. The rpg elements work surprisingly well and are very refreshing. Even after getting the full 1,000, I find myself going back again and again.
Totally Gaming Network (Jun 07, 2007)
Even with the lack of character customisation and the small amount of maps available, I do have to sum up by saying that Shadowrun works and works superbly well. This is a first person shooter that sits very neatly with the ability to use tech and magic… there is no better feeling than evading someone shooting at you by teleporting through a wall and making good your escape or by using strangle to throw up a wall of crystal and blocking the opposing team from advancing on your position, while still being able to satisfy your FPS need and get your gun off. The game is played at a fast and sometimes frantic pace but nothing that does not seem natural and that said a truly enjoyable Xbox 360 title and one certainly not to be missed.
Ett hånat spel visar alla belackare exakt var, när och hur fan skåpet ska stå. Kanske den största comebacken som någonsin skådats i spelväg.
PlayDevil (Aug 08, 2007)
When it works, Shadowrun is more fun than Counterstrike, the game it is based on. This says A LOT about the game. However, it works maybe 50-60% of the time, so perhaps you should hold off until the problems are fixed. The problem is, that when it works, the game is lag-free, awesome fun, and you won't regret a moment. The game would be an easy 4/5 if it weren't for the rampant problems, and even then they can be so bad you might wonder if a 4 is a reasonable score. Well, its worth a 4 because it will get fixed soon, FASA is already working on a series of patches and fixes, so as the game has so much potential the score is justified.
1UP (Jun 06, 2007)
As long as you meet the unfortunately lengthy criteria I outlined at the beginning, you should have a great time with Shadowrun. Being a unique shooter in the company of mediocrity is reason enough for a look, but precision tuning and fascinating gameplay variety are what really make Shadowrun an exciting accomplishment. Ignore the lame characters and just trust me when I tell you that teleporting across a room, blowing an enemy into spiky crystals, and finishing him with a sword is as ridiculously cool as you'd hope.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 11, 2007)
Overall, the actual game itself is pretty fun. The magic and tech abilities are good fun and, while the weapons don't have much variety, they are at least balanced. However, the lack of variety when it comes to game modes and maps is what makes this game a mere shadow of what it could have possibly been. While Shadowrun is far from a bad game, it also doesn't get anywhere near being a good one, either – there's just too much missing in the way of overall variety. At the very least, this game is well worth renting – the tech and magic abilities make for a first-person shooter that feels significantly different from the standard fare. If only there were actually more to it.
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 07, 2007)
Online play is extremely fun and addictive in Shadowrun given its deep innovative combat system. But, online play as fun as it is, Shadowrun’s lack of a campaign or even mini games doesn’t justify the $60 price tag. If FASA and Microsoft expected the multiplayer to make up for that hole in the game, then they should’ve worked out some of the little kinks and frustrations in gameplay. On the whole, Shadowrun could’ve been packaged at about $20 cheaper rather than leave gamers wondering where the majority of their paycheck went.
75 (Jun 08, 2007)
Shadowrun is een welkome afwisseling van de standaard first person shooter zoals Counter-Strike en biedt afhakers van het genre een reden om zich er weer eens aan te wagen. Het strijdgebied is een schaakbord waarop beide teams in hoog tempo hun zetten moeten doen. De originele toevoeging van magie en technologie zal gevechten opleveren waarbij tegenstanders voorbijvliegen, door muren lopen en herrijzen uit de dood, en dit brengt verandering in de manier waarop shooters normaal gespeeld worden. Het wachten op Halo 3 wordt dragelijk gemaakt door Shadowrun, dat tot september zeker weet te vermaken.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 20, 2007)
But it’s $60US and Shadowrun doesn’t have that many maps and no matter how tightly designed they are many gamers will wince. (You also have to be sure you have Xbox Live Gold Membership.) Developer FASA Studios was closed right after Shawdowrun shipped, which makes one wonder how much support it will receive in the coming months. Sure, judging by the credits, the levels were farmed out but that’s no guarantee we’ll see levels – or more importantly free levels. And that’s exactly what Shadowrun will need to maintain any kind of user base. The basic elements are all there and, as long as you go into the game with your eyes wide open as to what to expect, Shadowrun offers a very solid experience.
FOK!games (Jun 16, 2007)
Concluderend is de game best redelijk uitgepakt, de combat blijft divers door het grote scala aan spells en techs (zeven verschillende spells en vijf techs) al zijn de graphics en de hoeveelheid maps niet om naar huis te schrijven. Het belangrijkste blijft echter de gameplay, en zeker met een diverse game als dit is er een reëel gevaar dat de balans niet goed is. Deze is gelukkig al meteen met de release al goed, ook al is de combinatie van Elf met Katana en Smoke een nogal dodelijke en populaire.
72 (Jun 04, 2007)
Any FPS player itching for something new and fresh should definitely check out Shadowrun, anyone else will probably want to save their money for something a little more substantial.
Gamervision (May 31, 2007)
If the game had any sense of a real single player portion I would recommend buying it in a heartbeat. The combat is quick and interesting, and the techniques you can employ due to magic and other upgrades spice up the otherwise repetitive genre. The graphics are also nice and have a fun style to them. However, it appears the company decided to invest too much time in a multiplayer experience and because of that, I suggest you rent it first. You may enjoy it enough to buy it – but give it a try first.
Defunct Games (Jul 10, 2007)
While Shadowrun is full of great ideas, the limited scope of the online mode (its only mode) brings it down. For $60 it's hard to accept only nine maps and two game modes, no matter how good they are!
Shadowrun had every opportunity to be awesome; it could have been the Halo-hold-me-over, but a slim package, stiff character animation and lack of leaderboards dilute the taste of a good formula. What is there, however, can be a great experience if the right conditions present themselves.
Deaf Gamers (Jun, 2007)
If you like the idea of a Counter-Strike type game with fantasy elements thrown in then Shadowrun could well be a game that will appeal to you. I daresay there might be added appeal if you fancy playing against PC users too and there doesn't appear to be any advantage for PC users from what we've seen, although it's difficult to comment not having played the PC version of the game. The game does what it does quite nicely but there are too few maps and too few game types on offer. As we said at the top of the review the single-player game is incredibly shallow as you're simply stuck with a handful of tutorials and a Solo Match mode that allows you to play against AI bots. Still if you're after a Counter-Strike style game to play over Xbox Live, and don't mind the fantasy elements that are on offer, then Shadowrun is definitely worth a look.
Game Infowire (Jun 16, 2007)
"Shadowrun" tries to be good at one thing -- online multiplayer -- and it largely succeeds, but unfortunately a lot of stuff was left on the cutting room floor. It's hard to fathom that a property with such a rich back-story would be developed into a game that lacks a single-player mode or anything resembling a storyline. If you want to get an in-depth taste of the "Shadowrun" universe you have to look for it online, which is a poor substitute for experiencing it first-hand within the game itself. As good as the game is as an FPS, there remains the lingering sense that it might have been better as an RPG, or even an MMO. But who knows; maybe the next game in the Shadowrun universe will be built by Bioware. What you see here is what you get: a frenetically-paced multiplayer shooter that takes CS conventions and turns them on their head. And in the end, that's not so bad.
Extreme Gamer (Jun 05, 2007)
Shadowrun has its own flair working in its flavour, but when you compare it to similar online shooters like Unreal Championship; it comes up a little flat. Shadowrun has the basics in place, now all its needs a little more of everything. More weapons, more magic, more classes, more maps, more modes. I’m sure Microsoft will be supporting Shadowrun for a good year with new content and hopefully some of the “more” it needs. As a fresh online shooter, Shadowrun is running from its own shadow, a gallant effort that falls a little short. Playing online vs. computer gamers is exciting and the major draw for many, it is too bad the game can’t muster the same excitement as this exclusive first. I hope the content can keep up with the demand, although I think a little game called Halo 3 is going to eclipse Shadowrun in its shadow.
70 (Jun 02, 2007)
Shadowrun is een leuk spel, maar het is helaas wat te beperkt. De negen maps en drie modes redden het op het lange termijn niet en de hoop ligt dan ook op downloadable content. Het is het eerste spel waar Xbox 360- en PC-gamers het tegen elkaar opnemen en dat gaat prima, hoewel de complexiteit wellicht kan afschrikken. Tot Halo 3 in ieder geval een prima zoethoudertje voor de FPS-freaks!
GameSpot (Jun 01, 2007)
Perhaps the most telling aspect of Shadowrun comes from WizKids, the maker of the other Shadowrun stuff. When the game was first unveiled last year, it alerted Shadowrun fans that this might not be for them by posting "fair warning, however: Microsoft rewrote the timeline and setting for this game, so it is not in continuity with the tabletop RPG. It may be more accurately described as a game loosely based on Shadowrun." If you're going in with no expectations on the lore and licensed side of things, you'll find a decent and somewhat unique multiplayer shooter. But you'll also have to pay full price for what feels like half a game, making it difficult to recommend.
Overall, Shadowrun is an average game at best that should have stayed as an RPG. There are many shooters out there that are better on the Xbox 360: FEAR, Rainbow Six and Gears of War to name a few. It may be a hot game this summer, but there really isn't anything to offer that you haven't seen before. If you are dying for another game to play, Shadowrun may fill that void until the good games start releasing in August. If you don't play online, don't bother because Shadowrun is made for online play.
IGN (Jun 04, 2007)
If you're somehow able to brush aside the shoddy presentation, poor server management, limited number of playable maps, and lack of long-term extras, you'll find a well-designed nucleus of gameplay here. It's such a solid center you'll spend numerous hours uncovering new tweaks and wrinkles on how to best eliminate opponents. Curious? Pay the hefty full price of admission to see for yourself.
Diehard GameFan (Jun 07, 2007)
While not a horrible game, it could probably have used some better design and marketing decisions and more time working on the network code. Give it a rent, or download the demo and give it a whirl. There is enough game here for some to fall in love. Just maybe not at $60.
65 (Jun 06, 2007)
Shadowrun est un petit FPS rafraîchissant, mais une fois les plaisirs de la découverte derrière vous, vous risquez de vous ennuyer ferme. Le gameplay, agréable, aurait mérité d'être un peu plus développé. Le jeu mérite toutefois le coup d'oeil, ne serait-ce que pour le fun des ses affrontements atypiques et le fait de pouvoir exploser des joueurs américains sous Vista.
Worth Playing (Jun 08, 2007)
Shadowrun is a prime example of potential wasted. Even getting past the terrible use of the Shadowrun license, the game itself just feels half-finished. The lack of variety and polish that shows in every stage and every character model just accentuates this every time you put the disc into your 360. A few months from now, if Microsoft sees fit to release a number of new maps and game types, then maybe Shadowrun will be worth the money. Until then, a rental is more than enough time to experience everything the title has to offer.
61 (Jun 08, 2007)
Abgesehen davon, dass die Lizenz nur an der Oberfläche mit einem Zahnstocher angekratzt wird, hapert es auch an spielerischer Klasse. Das Konzept, das sich mehr als nur Hilfe suchend an Counterstrike anlehnt, ist zwar nicht totzukriegen und immer noch ein Unterhaltungsgarant. Dem gegenüber stehen aber eine nur kleine Auswahl an Karten und größtenteils spröde Kulissen. Über allem in Shadowrun schwebt der Eindruck "Ein guter erster Schritt, aber...". Und das ist in Zeiten von Battlefield 2142 auf dem PC sowie Battlefield Modern Combat oder auch Rainbow Six Vegas auf der 360 einfach zu wenig, um im Konzert der ganz Großen mitzuspielen. Unterm Strich bietet Shadowrun erzkonservative und völlig belanglose Cross-Plattform-Action, bei der auch die interessanten Sonderfähigkeiten den Sturz in die Mittelmäßigkeit nicht mehr verhindern können.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 04, 2007)
Die teambasierten, effektvollen und hektischen Gefechte sorgen für Kurzweil vor dem Monitor oder Fernseher. Gelingt es Ihnen, ein schlagkräftiges Team aufzubauen, das mit verschiedenen Fähigkeiten im Kampf glänzt, dann macht die wilde Schießerei auch wirklich Spaß. Allerdings werden Ihnen die wenig detailreiche Grafik und die unfertig wirkenden Bewegungen der Spielfiguren die Freude ein wenig vermiesen. Mit aktuellen Spielen aus dem weiten Feld der sogenannten Ego-Shooter kann "Shadowrun" ("Schattenlauf") grafisch auf keinen Fall Schritt halten. Magie und Techs sorgen immerhin für ein bisschen Innovation im immer gleichen Baller-Einerlei. Für Fans vielleicht einen Blick wert, ist das Spiel für Freunde gepflegter Actionspiele nicht mehr als "befriedigend".
60 (UK) (Jun 01, 2007)
So, this is a well-designed, well-conceived game. What stops it getting further acclaim is a couple of things. Firstly, is its slightness. A couples of game-modes. Some maps. Offline mode lacking any real structure whatsoever. Aesthetically not exactly either the PC or the X360's finest hour. There's nothing wrong with a game choosing to specialise in either offline or online experience, of course. But if you decide to completely ignore one pole of the experience, you have to offer something generally astounding and/or groundbreaking to justify yourselves. Which is why things like Battlefield 2 get 9/10 and this doesn't. Secondly, that FASA ended up doing the exact opposite of what I've done with the review. Rather than realising its game - really - wasn't much more than you'd expect from one of the better class of PC mods, they put it out for full-price.
UOL Jogos (Jun 08, 2007)
A mecânica central de "Shadowrun" é equilibrada e eficiente, apesar de um pouco impreciso com as armas. O problema é que traz apenas um modo de arena. Não ter uma modalidade de campanha soa como oportunidade perdida, pois o universo original é muito rico. É essa falta de conteúdo que não justifica o preço do game, de quase US$ 60.
Games TM (Jul, 2007)
Shadowrun has stacks of good ideas; it just fails to rest them on a bed of good value and substance.
FZ (Jun 28, 2007)
Jag gillar Shadowrun på många sätt, men jag skulle kunna gilla det betydligt mer. Utvecklarna har på ett beundransvärt sätt lyckats balansera vapen, teknologi och magi och i processen skapat ett multiplayer-spel som verkligen skiljer sig från mängden. Tyvärr finns det dock för många brister för att det riktigt höga betyget ska infinna sig och framförallt är det variationen som saknas. En titel som utvecklas med bara online i sikte bör i min mening kunna erbjuda avsevärt mer innehåll i form av spelsätt, banor, animationer och modeller än vad Shadowrun gör, vilket ger spelet ett ofärdigt intryck.
Gamezine (Jul 04, 2007)
Difficile de noter un jeu comme Shadowrun. A la lecture du test, vous vous douterez bien que, contrairement à de nombreux magazines/sites spécialisés, j'ai plutôt apprécié le titre, mais il y a toujours un mais. Au-delà des quelques bonnes idées et de l'équilibrage parfait qui permet de trouver une partie sympa à toute heure de la journée, on sent véritablement que le concept n'est pas poussé à fond et que le jeu s'est contenté de nombreuses demi-mesures. Plus important encore, le fait de ne pouvoir choisir véritablement les parties que l'on souhaite effectuer semblera réellement rédhibitoire pour de nombreuses personnes. Shadowrun est finalement une espèce de reader's digest du FPS online: s'adressant tout particulièrement aux novices qui ne veulent pas s'embêter à essayer de jouer contre des pros, le jeu se ferme du coup à toute une partie de la population vidéoludique en étant trop contraignant.
Digital Spy (Jun 02, 2007)
Problem is, the offline mode is shallow, the visuals are a little too basic and, while the online mode is good, to play online you need to pay a Live fee if you’re an Xbox 360 user and for PC gamers you will need Vista installed. If you already have these it’s worth the investment but, ultimately, Shadowrun is not good enough to justify the extra expense if you don’t.
Game Revolution (Jun 05, 2007)
Not in this game, unfortunately. Shadowrun’s impressive array of skills and magic gives standard first-person shooters a run for their money, but its lack of game modes or rewards or even a rewarding feeling slows this game to a walk.
I really wish Microsoft had done a different kind of a game for this franchise. Going in and extracting people would have been a better way in my opinion. The violence in Shadowrun gets boring very quickly. Running around and killing characters over and over again put me to sleep. Shadowrun is an example to the video game industry what not to release. No sequels to this kind of a game are ever needed. I felt soiled after playing this Xbox 360 home console video game.
GameSpy (Jun 07, 2007)
Fans of shooters will find, quickly enough, that the absolute reliance on purchased abilities over skill makes this a poor Counterstrike-style title. RPG fans will, likewise, find that there aren't enough RPG elements to make a whole game out of. And both sides should have the common sense to realize that when a company sneaks out a test game disguised as a full retail product, you don't reward it by buying it.
40 (Jun 24, 2010)
Beyond its shameful lack of a single-player component, which its gameplay attributes are absolutely screaming out for, Shadowrun feels somewhat unfinished, like a beta trial for better things to come - only it is a finished offering and it is never going to deliver. Ultimately, the package feels like half a game, although its price tag is wholly representative of a full game, and as such it's only just and fair to score it 0n its strengths as half a game retailing for full price. Let the hate mail begin, although it should all be directed at Fasa Studios and firmly entitled: "59.99 USD (or alternative local currency) says we deserve more than this!"