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Gaming Nexus (Apr 13, 2011)
Shift 2 is not quite a full-realism simulator, but it's not exactly an arcade game either. The Xbox controller makes precise control difficult at best, but configuration settings and driving aids can help tame the unruly driving quirks. The evolutionary Helmet Cam provides a nice boost of realism. This reviewer wasn't thrilled with the Big Brother nature of the Autolog system, but he is a self-admitted curmudgeon practicing to be a hermit, so take that into account.
GamesRadar (Mar 30, 2011)
While Shift 2 is unlikely to woo the arcade crowd over to simulation racing, it’s remedied one of the genre’s biggest problems, a crushing obsession with technical realism over the actual realism of racing. Shift 2 has finally created a racing sim that gives car geeks like myself numbers to tweak, but puts the real focus where it belongs, on the visceral joy of actually racing the car.
90 (Mar 29, 2011)
In aggiunta a questo la produzione Slightly Mad Studios propone un gameplay dall’indubbia profondità che, pur con tutti i limiti di un team ancora “giovane” nel circuito puramente simulativo, riesce a farsi strada in maniera inaspettata ponendosi soltanto pochi gradini sotto i regnanti del genere. Se a questo aggiungiamo una qualità audio-visiva assolutamente al top, la solidissima strutturazione della carriera, la miglior Intelligenza Artificiale mai vista in un racing console dai tempi di TOCA Race Driver e, ultimo ma assolutamente non meno importante, l’Autolog, ecco apparire il quadro di uno dei migliori racing game a tutto tondo degli ultimi anni. Assolutamente imperdibile.
90 (Mar 29, 2011)
Como já devem ter reparado, Shift 2: Unleashed entrou diretamente para os jogos de simulação de topo. Como referi no início da análise, é tudo uma questão de equilíbrio. E perante toda a concorrência, Shift 2: Unleashed é o jogo atual que consegue fornecer de tudo um pouco, e em quase tudo elevar a fasquia da qualidade da simulação automóvel. Os estúdios Slightly Mad Studios foram desde a apresentação do jogo muito críticos contra a concorrência direta, elevando a sua criação acima dos padrões atuais. Tinham razão? Completamente. Shift 2 é nervoso, cheira a pneu gasto e sentimos a chapa a doer de tanta força e velocidade. Quem tem a paixão por carros e principalmente pela velocidade, Shift 2: Unleashed é uma escolha completamente obrigatória. Para todos os outros, ganhem unhas e venham experimentar.
GameSpy (Mar 31, 2011)
More frustratingly, bugs indicative of a truncated development period show up early and often. Annoying audio popping and pausing, tires floating conspicuously above the tarmac (take flight, little Caterham), rear-view mirrors that show track women hovering around in the default crucified pose for A.I. before races start, and -- worst of all -- crashes in the Car Lot, are common. Such a shame, since Shift 2 is precisely as exhilarating on asphalt as its predecessor, and even more broadly appealing thanks to the awesome Autolog (an automatically updating online leaderboard that pits your leading lap times against friends) and improved (but still sub-Forza) customization. All Shift 2 needed was a bit more time to percolate.
IGN (Mar 29, 2011)
Shift 2 Unleashed's a violent and immersive racer that recreates the driving experience like no other game on the market. In doing so it builds well on the first Shift's foundations, benefitting from Slightly Mad Studios' more refined touch and the inclusion of Autolog, but its handling is still too loose and its steps forward too small for it to truly beat Gran Turismo and Forza - although it does enough to ensure that it's pulled ever closer.
XboxAchievements (Mar 31, 2011)
Shift 2 is a better game than its forebear, although it's still perhaps a bit of an acquired taste. Visually, it's an improvement and the handling and gameplay can be as realistic or as forgiving as you like. Hats off to Slightly Mad for taking on-board the criticisms levelled at the first Shift, addressing them and then some. Shift 2 kicks things up a gear, that's for sure.
GamingBolt (Apr 08, 2011)
Shift 2: Unleashed, ultimately, is a great game. It’s a game with fast, thrilling races, beautiful visuals, great authenticity sometimes and the pure arcade fun sometimes. It has some flaws, and it surely wouldn’t hurt to polish them, and maybe give the game a definite identity. Right now, it’s basically stuck between arcade and simulator, which can be confusing for some of the players. Just fix the huge errors from this game, and we will have a Forza/GT/F1/What have you killer on your hands.
All things considered, Shift 2: Unleashed is a rewarding experience. Sure, it doesn't have 1,000 cars made up of more polygons than the moon or a vinyl editor Michelangelo would have deemed 'adequate,' but it's still a complete package. More than that, it could easily stand its ground against its 800-pound console brethren and, for me, that's what so outstanding. Slightly Mad Studios famously set out to outshine the efforts of Turn 10 and Polyphony Digital with this effort. If nothing else, they might be on the right track.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 01, 2011)
Insgesamt gesehen ist SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED ordentlich geworden, aber auch kein echter Hingucker. Mit Race Driver GRID oder gar Forza Motorsport 3 kann auch das neue Rennspiel von EA, trotz verschiedener Extras wie Tuning und Autolog, nicht mithalten. Dennoch ist SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED für alle Rennspielfans ein absolutes Muss. Der Titel versprüht dank der XP-Punkte sehr viel Langzeitmotivation und kann auch optisch viele Highlights setzen. Spielerisch ist mit etwas Übung alles im grünen Bereich und selbst Online macht der Titel eine Menge Spaß. Der Umfang stimmt, die Strecken sind abwechslungsreich und die Einstellungsmöglichkeiten schier unendlich. Lediglich leichte Schwächen in der Grafik, bei den Soundeffekten und in der Handhabe bei verschiedenen Einstellungen müsst ihr verkraften. Auf einen Split-Screen Modus müsst ihr ebenfalls verzichten. Ansonsten ist SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED ein rasantes und zugleich packendes Rennspiel geworden.
80 (Mar 29, 2011)
Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed rielabora in meglio l'evoluzione della carriera del primo episodio, migliora un modello di guida tanto simulativo quanto alla portata di tutti grazie alla scalabilità dei valori in gioco, e rende ancora più realistica la visuale dagli occhi del pilota. Peccato che tutto ciò venga castrato da una intelligenza artificiale sin troppo umana, che sbaglia troppo, causa numerosi incidenti e rispetta poco o nulla l'avversario anche attaccandolo e urtandolo quando a rigor di logica non ci sarebbe spazio per farlo. Grida vendetta poi la decisione di lasciare in pista, spesso in traiettoria, le vetture distrutte degli avversari, con l'unico risultato di creare veri e propri muri nelle curve più strette e nelle chicane più ostiche. Ampliato il multiplayer e ormai imprescindibile l'Autolog che virtualmente estende all'infinito la longevità del single player.
80 (Apr 12, 2011)
På sitt beste er Shift 2: Unleashed noe av det aller råeste jeg har vært borti innenfor racingspill. Men opplevelsen avhenger nok litt for mye av hvilken bil og klasse du kjører, og noen er helt klart tammere enn andre. Dessuten inkluderes nok en gang et kjipt driftemesterskap, som overhodet ikke passer inn, og som ikke er spesielt underholdende heller. Kanskje spillet rett og slett forsøker å favne litt for bredt, i stedet for å fokusere på de tingene det er best på.
80 (UK) (Mar 29, 2011)
Many will consider the game a third place to Forza and Gran Turismo's slicker, more exacting odes to motor racing, but in terms of its social features, SHIFT 2 leads the pack, even if Autolog really is a debt owed to the Need for Speed heritage it is so eager to pull away from.
80 (Mar 31, 2011)
Die übersensible Steuerung und der immer noch vorhandene, wenn auch verminderte Hang zum Übersteuern sorgen dafür, dass sich die Boliden längst nicht so gut und realistisch anfühlen wie bei einem Forza 3, Gran Turismo 5 oder einer der zahlreichen PC-Simulationen. Und auch bei der Technik fährt man zumindest auf den Konsolen mit z.T. grausigen Texturen, Pop-ups & mitunter starken Flimmerkanten hinterher. Was man dagegen hervorragend beherrscht, ist die Inszenierung: Die wackeligen Cockpitansichten sorgen vor allem mit der neuen Helmperspektive für ein extrem intensives Fahrerlebnis, das mich so gut in die Rolle des Piloten schlüpfen lässt wie kein anderes Rennspiel. Doch allein damit landet man nicht ganz oben auf dem Siegertreppchen, obwohl auch die abwechslungsreiche Karriere mit ihrem motivierenden Rangsystem und einer tollen Streckenauswahl, die famose Klangkulisse sowie die zahlreichen Tuning- und Setup-Funktionen zu den großen Stärken zählen.
XboxFrance (May 18, 2011)
Shift 2 Unleashed s'avère être une bonne suite avec un contenu conséquent et quelques petites améliorations de ci de là qui font la différence. On regrette cependant que certaines nouveautés soient au final si peu utiles au joueur et fassent malheureusement très gadget. Mais pas de quoi crier au scandale non plus, les anglais de Slightly Mad Studio ont fait un excellent boulot et c'est bien là le principal.
God is a Geek (Apr 12, 2011)
Beauty is perfect when it is more than skin deep. When a developer has the skill and confidence to make advances in art design that are more than just vistas and visual effects, when they actually fundamentally alter the way you approach playing a game, then beauty takes on a whole new meaning. It is a shame that Slightly Mad weren’t more ingenious with the multiplayer portion of the game, as that is still saddled with the issues that have plagued driving games for some time. None of this detracts from the fact that Shift 2: Unleashed, with its innovations, refinements and the shared idea of Autolog, combined with a very solid handling model and a variety of tracks and cars, is one of the best single player driving experiences available on any system.
Xboxygen (Apr 13, 2011)
Alors, où en est Shift dans sa quête pour taquiner les cadors ? Pas à leur niveau, assurément. Il manque encore trop d’éléments pour qu’on ait là un incontournable. L’habillage timide, une modélisation des voitures qui pourrait être meilleure, un gameplay qui s’est affiné mais qui ne s’est pas encore véritablement trouvé, et surtout une IA très mauvaise…Voilà qui fait beaucoup pour un seul jeu. Toutefois, Shift 2 a l’intelligence de ne pas entrer en confrontation directe avec GT ou Forza, en proposant quelque chose qui lui est propre. Cette volonté d’immerger le joueur dans la course est une vraie réussite, et donne des sensations que ne procurent pas les autres. Ajouté à un jeu en ligne satisfaisant et à un contenu conséquent, cela donne un titre qui mérite largement de retenir notre attention. On peut aimer ou ne pas aimer Shift 2, mais il mérite clairement d’être essayé, et il se présente comme un très bon complément aux deux autres titres phares des consoles.
Xbox Mag (May 27, 2011)
Shift 2 Unleashed accentue le virage pris par la licence. Cette nouvelle étape dans le processus d'émancipation de la branche simulation se veut convaincante, même si le soft commet quelques erreurs de jeunesse. Un peu trop timide dans ses intentions, le titre d'Electronic Arts a parfois du mal à renier ses origines. Mais fort d'un pilotage généreux en sensations, jusqu'à en devenir grisant, Shift 2 Unleashed se pose sans problème comme une bonne alternative aux licences traditionnelles.
Shift 2 presented a real challenge to me as a reviewer. It looks and sounds great but falls short with overly sensitive controls that will have you struggling to keep your car on the track and sterile presentation value. Shift 2 doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from its competition. The helmet cam has the potential to move the genre forward but is it enough to carry an entire game? Not in this case.
Gamekult (Mar 31, 2011)
Sans pour autant exploser en bouche, Shift 2 : Unleashed parvient néanmoins à transformer l'essai Need For Speed : Shift de belle manière. Grâce à un contenu très solide d'abord, mais aussi grâce à son ambiance en course toujours aussi réussie et ses corrections côté pilotage, même si le moteur physique reste perfectible. On pourra aussi lui reprocher un léger manque de nouveautés, l'absence de météo, une carrière pas très passionnante ainsi qu'une I.A. toujours aussi agressive. Mais on préférera retenir le spectaculaire des courses et le compromis soigné entre arcade et simulation pour désigner cette suite, indéniablement plus aboutie que son aînée.
70 (Mar 29, 2011)
Shift 2 Unleashed s'invite au rayon des simulations consoles et joue quasiment dans la même cour qu'un Forza Motorsport. Plus exigeant que son prédécesseur, le jeu développé par Slightly Mad Studios propose des courses épuisantes durant lesquelles la moindre erreur est immédiatement sanctionnée. Grâce à sa vue casque hyper immersive, Shift 2 a de sérieux atouts à faire valoir face à des simulations souvent plates en termes de sensations. Toutefois, la difficulté gonflée gratuitement et la médiocrité du mode Carrière sont deux accrocs de taille qui rebuteront pas mal de joueurs. Les joueurs lassés par les Forza et autres Gran Turismo auront toutefois tout intérêt à essayer Shift 2 qui demeure un titre accrocheur.
Brash Games (May 03, 2011)
Shift 2: Unleashed can’t be faulted on its production values, that’s for sure. It’s a highly polished, competent racer, and an exceptionally pretty one at that. Attempts to make Shift 2 a more engaging and visceral racer than Forza and Gran Turismo ultimately fall short, but that’s unlikely to stop petrol-heads lapping up every last drop. The addition of Autolog makes the experience a little more palatable with friends, but for most, Shift 2 will be a little too pedestrian.