The Simpsons Game Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Marge caught Bart buying "Grand Theft Scratchy."
Bart finds a game manual for the very game he's in, which grants him super powers.
Video game cliches abound. There's even a set of collectables for them.
Cameo by Will Wright.
Will Wright is out to destroy copies of the 8-bit Simpsons games.
Bart's game powers are to turn into Bartman.
Homer's game powers are his morbid obesity.
EA isn't afraid to make fun of themselves.
Homer and Marge in an Everquest parody.
Fight a dragon based on Marge's sisters.
Marge and Lisa find themselves inside Grand Theft Scratchy.
Crime-infested city with pimp mice and ho' cats.
Marge's power is to amass and direct a mob.
Lisa can enter a trance at Buddhist statues and manipulate the level.
Homer, Bart, (and Abe Simpson) in a Medal of Honor parody.
Matt Groening personally apologizes for all the previous Simpsons games. Really.
Homer dreams of chocolate bunnies.
Charge up for a power attack.
Every level also has its own set of challenge modes. Eat all the sushi before time runs out!
The game also contains a virtual recreation of Springfield.
Use bus stops to quickly get around the Springfield overworld.
Virtual Springfield has the expected landmarks.
Each character has a set of collectables, like coupons and bottle caps.
Inside Moe's Tavern. Errr... yeah.