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Written by  :  TalesOf777 (12)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2009
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars

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The Werehog appears

The Good

The areas of day levels that are on a 2D plane are amazing! Those are what the next sonic game should be like! It's too bad that day levels are few and far between.

The music really fits with the levels in the game instead of just defaulting to a rock soundtrack as in previous games.

The Bad

The addition of the Werehog. It creates some extremely tedious night levels. Many people have said it, and it is true. Sonic is meant to be fast. The Werehog form slows him down to a crawl. Unfortunately this makes the night levels seem much longer than the day ones.

The Bottom Line

There was a lot of promise behind this game. The 2D segments of the day levels show what the game could have been. The Werehog, unfortunately, really brought it down.