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XboxAddict (Jun 07, 2007)
Overall this is a good family game. I would recommend it to any parent looking to play games with their kids. I was looking forward to this one and I wasn’t disappointed. First and third-party publishers need to listen, you need more games like this. Push your developers to create the Microsoft version of Mario and Luigi. Lets get the kids playing with the parents.
MS Xbox World (Jun 04, 2007)
Surf’s Up could have been another crappy shovelware title based on yet another animated movie license. Instead it turned out to be one hell of a fun ride, albeit an extremely short one. If you are looking for a family friendly title, which has some entertainment value for the adults of the house, I can whole heartedly endorse picking up Surf’s Up. If on the other hand you are looking for a game that will keep you engrossed for days on end … this probably isn’t the game for you. In the meantime, I’m grabbing my board. Surf’s Up!
Surf's Up is een übersimpele game met een sfeertje dat je zo in de vakantiestemming brengt. Een kip op een surfplank! Fantastisch!
Game Vortex (Jul 01, 2007)
Surf's Up is not a game that I would recommend to the general public. It has its fun moments, but at times, it still feels like an experiment. Because of that, I would not mind seeing some sort of follow-up that tweaks the problems since there is definitely potential here. If you are the type of gamer who likes to try new things and are not put off by the game's kid-friendly license, Surf's Up is a decent weekend diversion.
70 (UK) (Aug 08, 2007)
Seen through adult eyes, it's a sweet but slender surfing game that's consistently amusing. I thoroughly enjoyed the day it took to milk dry and, as a rental costs about the same as a Live Arcade download of similar entertainment value, I'd say it's still worth a temporary punt even if you've passed the puberty barrier. Or at least give the demo a spin. However, viewed in context as a game designed for a specific audience and tailored to their skills, it's a rewarding and waterlogged Tony Hawk Jr with the potential to stay in rotation after other movie games have been traded in and forgotten. Well done, penguins.
69 (Sep 26, 2007)
Könige der Wellen ist kein Spiel, das man unbedingt gespielt haben muss. Aber für junge Fans der Kinovorlage und Gelegenheitsspieler bietet die Leinwandadaption unkomplizierten Spielspaß mit motivierender Extrahatz. Der Preis ist ebenfalls fair und die Präsentation kann sich durchaus sehen und hören lassen. Für geübte Spieler sind die meisten Herausforderungen jedoch zu einfach, während die statische Wellenphysik und das simple Tricksystem früher oder später für Abnutzungserscheinungen sorgen. Größtes Manko ist allerdings der geringe Umfang. Nach ein bis zwei Stunden halten erfahrene Spieler bereits den Siegerpokal in Händen und nach ein, zwei weiteren Stunden hat man auch alle wichtigen Extras freigespielt.
XBox Front (Sep 27, 2007)
Wer die Filmvorlage mochte, darf sich auch mit der Videospielumsetzung von „Könige der Wellen“ vergnügen – allerdings nur für äußerst kurze Zeit. Das liegt vor allem an der mäßigen Langzeitmotivation, die nach gut 4-5 Stunden so dermaßen in den Keller rutscht, dass selbst Anfänger zu diesem Zeitpunkt alles im Spiel gesehen haben. Eines ist jedoch sicher: Die knallbunten Wellenritte am Südpol machen während dieser Zeit mächtig Laune, zumal die Präsentation den Charme der Kinofilmvorlage wunderbar einfängt. Gerade jüngere Spieler werden dank des unkomplizierten Spieleinstiegs helle Freude an dem Sportspiel haben.
IGN (May 31, 2007)
I had fun with Surf's Up, but I didn't pay $50 for it. The gameplay is simple but enjoyable and kids in love with the movie are sure to have a good time with the game, but the fact remains that this is a bloated price tag on a barebones game. Ubisoft tosses a few movie clips and unlockables on this disc, but Surf's Up can't live up to its price tag.
GameSpot (Jun 01, 2007)
Surf's Up deserves a bit of credit for turning in something that isn't just a cakewalk action platformer that does a lousy job of retelling the film's story. Sure, it would have been nice if the developers had included any story to speak of, but from a gameplay perspective, the surfing-on-rails mechanic works better than you'd expect and provides periodic moments of legitimate fun. It won't appeal much to older players, and regardless of which platform you pick it up on, it's not worth its overly expensive price tag, given the barren amount of content the game offers up. But for younger kids who dug the movie, you'll get everything you need out of Surf's Up over the course of a rental period.
60 (Oct 12, 2007)
Amusant, voilà le terme qui définit le mieux ce jeu de surf qui se destine exclusivement aux plus petits. Mais la question est "Pour combien de temps ?". Avec un contenu plus que limité et quelques petits défauts énervants, il y a de fortes chances pour que Les Rois De La Glisse finissent par prendre la poussière quelques jours seulement après leur arrivée dans leur nouveau foyer. Un titre sympathique donc, mais dont on ne vous recommande pas l'achat. Une bonne petite location semble en effet beaucoup plus indiquée.
Wham! gaming (Jun 08, 2007)
If you’re a kid and a big fan of the Tony Hawk series of skateboarding titles or similar games, ‘Surf’s Up’ may be a cool addition to your collection as it is a decent pick up and play title for the ankle-biters but it really doesn’t present much of a challenge to anyone who has experienced puberty.
TeamXbox (Jun 07, 2007)
Unless you’re a HUGE fan of the movie, this is one of those games that should be rented, if even played at all. Aside from the visuals and the soundtrack, there isn’t much here to recommend, unless you want to get some easy achievements (and if you are, I’m not one to judge). If the game were quite a bit longer or featured more variety, we’d feel fine recommending it to all the kiddies out there, but as it is now we can’t help thinking that even a 6 year old would feel gypped. Oh well, hopefully the movie is better…
54 (Sep 18, 2007)
Ultimately, while the likes of The Darkness and BioShock have hit the Xbox 360 this summer and brought huge helpings of double-digit gameplay hours with them (not to mention tremendous standout gameplay), time and time again licensed Hollywood mediocrity has sullied their efforts to evolve the gaming industry. Consider this reviewer's naïve attitude and eternally hopeful gullibility well and truly slaughtered and replaced by a seething and consuming hatred of anything that gets unceremoniously squeezed out of Hollywood's all-profit-no-quality bunghole. A note to the editor: Please, no more.
Cheat Code Central (Jun 13, 2007)
Let there be no doubt, Surf's Up is strictly for kids in love with the movie. The redundancy of the gameplay will certainly help to break one's obsession with all things penguin in a weekend. Definitely a rental.