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1UP (Aug 26, 2008)
My biggest gripe, honestly, is pretty damn tiny -- I'm bummed that the excellent voiceover of the previous games has given way to two new (and embarrassingly wooden) commentators. But really, aside from that, Tiger 09 is remarkably improved across the board. I'm curious to see how they'll possibly top it next year.
92 (Sep 08, 2008)
The Tiger Woods games just get better and better with every release and this one has just as much a place in your console as last years version. A solid new addition to the franchise.
Tech-Gaming (Aug 26, 2008)
While hardcore fans of the series will be picking this title up upon release, we recommend Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 only to fans that haven’t played the franchise since 2007. This year’s edition corrects some of the qualms we had with last year’s game (unforgiving analog control and a lack of any graphical representation of how the ball was hit), but lacks enough truly compelling innovation to warrant a $60 purchase. As it stands, the coaching, tweaks, and new courses are welcome, but don’t cover the current MSRP. We suggest waiting for the inevitable price drop, after all, tycoon Tiger probably won’t miss the revenue.
XboxAddict (Sep 02, 2008)
When it all boils down to it, Tiger 09 is the best golf game to hit a console in quite a long time and it should be a welcome addition to any virtual golfer's gaming library. The new features alone make the game 100 times better than previous versions, and the new simultaneous play online is just magnificent and should have been implemented long ago. Many game modes, challenges and online play will keep this game spinning in console trays for quite sometime. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy if you are the least bit interested in virtual golf. You will not regret the purchase.
Tiger Woods 09 is a fantastic all around effort. The developers took everything good about previous editions in the series, fixed them up and presented us with the best golf game to date.
Console Monster (Sep 13, 2008)
And thus we have come to the end of today’s golfing session. Tiger Woods 09 is a serious contender for the best golf game of all-time and rightly so. There have been no significant leaps in technology, but small steps which year-on-year takes the series forward. As we approach the 2010 edition next year, EA need to think about how they can continue to break the barriers and high on that list is graphics and players. Until then, rest in the knowledge that Tiger Woods 09 is the definitive golf title and a fans favourite for at least 12 months. I’ll see you again in 2009 when we do this all over again...
90 (Sep 10, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 ist die neue Referenz in Sachen Golf und das keineswegs nur, weil es praktisch konkurrenzlos dasteht. Jeder neue seriöse Bewerber muss sich schon mächtig anstrengen, um EAs Vorzeige-Simulation vom Thron zu stoßen. Ein Traum in Grün.
Console Obsession (Sep 12, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is golfing gaming gold once again, and whilst there’s nothing remarkably different when compared to 08, some of the smallest features appear to be larger than what they actually are, such is their helpful nature. Like we say every year here at Console Obsession, it’s the best one yet, at least until next years release. That’s enough about next year though, this year I must improve my short game.
Video Game Talk (Sep 09, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is a fantastic entry into this series of games, and really restored some faith in what EA has been doing to the series. As long as the tweaks don’t break the gameplay, and new additions do nothing but enhance the solid base, then future versions should be enjoyable as well. The downside for the publisher, as in forcing people to upgrade to a better version, is tougher when a great title is already in hand. In what is a great bounce back from the Skip It rating I gave the 2008 edition, I can easily Highly Recommend this to gamers who enjoy golf games and have shied away from the titles for issues in the past.
Worth Playing (Sep 09, 2008)
In summation, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 is a solid game. It finally feels that enough improvements have been made in the challenge system, load time and game mechanics that it's more than the usual yearly rebranding. The ever-present online game-dropping really needs to be fixed because game lobbies are nothing new. The game creation has been improved, and the various modes keep the game fresh. Having your own coach in the game and watching your skills improve (or decline) is one of the best improvements to the franchise, and I can only hope it extends into other titles — along with ability to modify neck girth.
XboxAchievements (Sep 13, 2008)
The issue with annual sports games is if they do enough to warrant the cost of upgrading the game you have for just a graphics uplift. Well, in the case of this game, it clearly does. Any fault in last year’s game has been removed, and the game is a jump up from last years. Those that choose to purchase this game will have a much better experience than those who stick with previous releases. This game is the crown in EA’s sporting library.
GameDaily (Aug 27, 2008)
More courses and better announcing would've made Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 the perfect virtual golf experience. As it stands, damn close will have to do. It's a quintessential recreation of the sport for the current-gen market, and possibly the pinnacle of golfing excellence. The online component and skill progression will keep you swinging well into the winter months. All that's left to ask is what EA Sports could do to possibly top it next year. For now, we'll enjoy the fruits of this year's labor. If you're smart, you'll do the same.
Game Over Online (Sep 02, 2008)
As I said, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is a more polished and better-organized version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. From the Performance Coach to the new Tiger Challenge format, from the Feedback Meter to the Club Tuner, from the Simultaneous Online Play to the GamerNet Instant Challenges, the new additions and upgrades made to this year’s edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour are outstanding. If it’s been a few years since you played a round on the virtual links, there’s no better time to reserve your tee time with Tiger. And even if you own Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, I absolutely recommend you renew your clubhouse membership.
90 (UK) (Sep 01, 2008)
If you've been passing the series by, convinced that it hasn't changed, then I can only urge you to give it another try. This is yet another solid improvement over its predecessor that nudges the series back into "must buy" status, even if it sometimes feels more like the game is taking steps forward rather then leaps. But there's no sense reinventing the wheel just to say that it's new, and Tiger Woods still offers the best serious golf simulation on the market, and continues to find new ways to refine an already polished experience. Such consistent dedication to craft is well worth any golf fan's time and money.
XboxZone (Australia) (Oct 27, 2008)
The game is the same as it always was, but then given it’s already at the top of the pile in terms of gameplay and has very little competition outside of XBLA titles it does exactly what you’d expect. What is does deliver over past years is the most significant addition to the best control scheme by way of the real-time shot meter. That alone means if your only going to buy one golf game right now its going to have Tiger Woods on the cover, and its going to be Tiger Wood PGA Tour ’09 at that.
Game Chronicles (Sep 12, 2008)
If you love Tiger Woods PGA Tour then you are going to want to get this game...heck, you’re probably already playing it, but if you are still on the fence about this title, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. PGA Tour 09 continues to reinvent itself each year, making itself accessible to gamers of all skill levels and enjoyable by anyone who loves a good round of golf and some healthy competition.
Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
When all is said and done, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 is another excellent addition to the storied franchise. However, without meaning to sound like a broken record, TW 09 is not a significant improvement over last year's outing. In fact, the dull voiceover work is woefully worse, and that's a real shame! However, if you like to play Tiger Woods with friends, the new, simultaneous online play feature for Stroke Play may be the one upgrade you shouldn't do without. For everyone else, picking up a used copy of TW 08 won't be much of a sacrifice. Of course, that's not to say TW 09 isn't great; it's surely the best virtual golf experience around.
TeamXbox (Aug 26, 2008)
Despite the finer complexities, golf is really a simple game: get the ball in the whole in the least amount of shots. It’s almost like an XBLA game, and they’ve made some awesome XBLA golf Games (serious, Golf: Tee It Up is kinda rad, don’t deny it). But Tiger intends to be the more complete experience in every way. And even though it’s not exactly a major overhaul of the game, the improvements are great, the game looks great and it’s as fun as ever. Good job, EA.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 08, 2008)
n terms of visuals, features, quality of courses and online play, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is a really great golf game. It would probably be easier to recommend if the series wasn’t prone to such inconsistent yearly updates, but at least EA has focused on making the game better than just bigger. That said, now that everything works as it should, the reverse should probably be true for the inevitable Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010.
Some of the new courses – particularly Gary Player and Wolf Creek – are among my all-time favorites, and the new Simultaneous Golf online mode is a great addition to an already robust online component. Once again, it’s the best golf game on the market.
Si con lo leído no te ha quedado lo suficientemente claro, quédate con la siguiente frase: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 es un completísimo juego capaz de fascinar a los enamorados del deporte del golf y de conquistar a nuevos usuarios a golpe de calidad global.
Operation Sports (Aug 29, 2008)
In short, if you enjoy golf in the least bit or if you need a good game to play with friends, buy this game -- just ignore the announcers as best as you possibly can. This game isn't a 9 here at OS, but it is as close as you can be without getting it. Give the Tiburon guys another year of refinement, and give them one more chance to remove antiquated game design choices like locking courses by default and this series has a legit chance of getting a perfect score.
Game Vortex (Sep, 2008)
Tiger Woods 09 is an outstanding title (sans the horrible commentary and difficult learning curve) and worthy of at least renting to see if it's different enough from past titles to warrant buying it. If you haven't played (or bought) a Tiger game in a while, you'll definitely be happy with Tiger Woods 09. It is the type of game that you can sit down and play for a half hour, or half the day, and rarely get bored.
85 (Sep 05, 2008)
Nombre de licences de sport se dotant annuellement d’une nouvelle mouture se contentent d’ajouts de pseudos-innovations n’apportant rien au jeu en lui-même. Leurs améliorations se résument à des nouveaux environnements et personnages, à un équipement revu et amélioré, tout cela au détriment d’un gameplay qui périclite à défaut d’être revu et corrigé. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 n’échappe pas à la règle. Il dispose de ces innovations et nouvelles features dictées par le marketing mais, en revanche, la rénovation du véritable « nerf » du jeu constitue une vraie réussite. Le gameplay totalement revu et gratifié d’un système de swing lumineux constitue une différence considérable avec la précédente version. Ajoutez à cette jouabilité intuitive une réalisation sans grande faille ainsi qu’une physique réaliste exempte de bugs et votre parcours sur Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 commencera par 18 trous pour ne pas finir de si tôt.
I’m not sure why EA stripped away features that already worked beautifully. I wish this year’s five new courses were just the beginning of the additions instead of one of the highlights, but it’ll have to do while we wait for a course creator. I guess that’s just the way golf is. One day your swing is near perfection – until it isn’t.
Official XBox Magazine (Aug 26, 2008)
On Live, though, the gameplay feels fresh… even though Tiger 09 nabbed its big upgrade from its 06 PC version. But we’ll take it — the “new” simultaneous play means four gamers can play on Xbox Live without waiting around. Instead of watching everyone take turns, you all play at once, and colored arcs indicate what the other players are up to. We loved how quickly a foursome could get through an 18-hole round, and with such a sharp overhaul this year, we’ll be playing lots more of them.
Gameplanet (Sep 24, 2008)
At the end of the day, we’re presented with some new courses, some new golfers (did I mention Natalie Gulbis?) and some neat little features but cutting it back to a gameplay level, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is much the same thing as the last two releases. Which is by no means a bad thing.
84 (Sep 01, 2008)
Abgesehen davon präsentiert sich Ausgabe 09 als souveräner Serienvertreter: Sinnvolles Schläger-Tuning, umfangreiche Karriere, zahlreiche Spielvarianten sowie die vorbildlicher Online-Anbindung machen sie sogar zur besten Golfsimulation dieser Generation - mit ein wenig mehr Feinschliff, gerade in Sachen Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungswerte, hätte der Tiger in diesem Jahr sogar Gold abstauben können. Letztendlich setzt er sich trotz des neuen Anstrichs sowie des Austauschs seiner Kommentatoren allerdings zu wenig von seinem letzten Auftritt ab.
84 (Sep 09, 2008)
Bei Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 dürfen auch Besitzer der letztjährigen Version getrost zugreifen. Die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen rechtfertigen den Kauf: Ein neues Attribute-System, welches nachvollziehbar alle Schwächen und Stärken aufzeigt. Eine tolle Verknüpfung von Single- und Multiplayer-Modi durch die GamerNet-Herausforderungen und nicht zuletzt wurde auch grafisch ein Schritt nach vorne gemacht. Spieler die große Probleme mit der englischen Sprache haben, sollten sich den Kauf jedoch überlegen, da noch nicht einmal die Menü Texte übersetzt wurden. Im allgemeinen sollten jedoch elementare Englischkenntnisse ausreichen, um sich in dem Spiel zurecht zu finden. Die Kommentatoren nerven ein wenig, zum Glück kann man jedoch zumindest bei der Xbox 360 seine eigene Musik einspielen, womit auch dieses Problem gelöst wäre.
Golf, whether in real life or as a videogame, is very simple to pick up and play. With an in-depth career mode, minigames, online challenges via GamerNet and being able to be coached by Tiger Wood’s own performance coach Hank Haney, this title has tons of content to keep veterans entertained, while newcomers will feel welcomed via intuitive game controls and ever-expanding gaming experience. One thing for sure is that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is another prime example while 2008 is “The Year of Electronic Arts.”
This year’s addition is no design reboot (will they ever fix the darn putting), but the aforementioned features, along with a cleaned up GamerNet, make Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 the best Tiger Woods yet, and a golf Sim fan’s best bet. EA’s continual lurch to the middle of the gamer spectrum may leave a few players perturbed, but will likely get most gamers who give the game a chance enthused about and involved in golf, whether strictle in game or evangelizing new fans. This game is a perfect fit for Tiger Woods, a man that pleases both the hardcore and casual fans alike.
Gaming Age (Sep 04, 2008)
If it weren't for the commentary crew messing things up so badly, Tiger would have scored in the A range, but alas, there comes another sand trap EA really needs to fix before next year. Otherwise, if you can ignore the commentary crew, you will find a very deep and very fulfilling game of golf that newbies and veterans can enjoy equally.
GameFocus (Sep 10, 2008)
Another year, another solid Tiger Woods game. The franchise continues to go in the right direction but frankly I would be surprised to see it evolve more than it has become unless they add a Golf Course Creator (this would actually make the game almost perfect). Still, the developers are delivering a nice bag of interesting additions to a franchise already at the top of its game. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is a good upgrade from last year’s version not only for the hardcore fan who buys the game every year, but also for those looking to add an interesting golf game to their gaming library for the first time.
IGN (Aug 28, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, like so many other sports games, doesn’t have a headlining feature, but the handful of new additions perform fairly well. While Hank Haney is more bad than good, it doesn’t hurt the core golf experience in the slightest. Toss in some new courses and golfers and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 brings it together for a complete package that will please golf fans.
Bit-Tech (Sep 06, 2008)
Still, nagging at the back of our minds is the doubt about whether anything here really makes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 stand out on its own merits or if it just seems so great because it’s the first game to really nail what a golfing game should be about. Whichever is true, this is a capable and enjoyable golfing game that is held back by a few mostly minor, but obvious issues.
Darkstation (Sep 10, 2008)
Chances are owners of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 will probably be more then happy just hanging onto that version of the game. The additions to this year’s game aren’t such that make you want to run out and buy the game. However if you have taken some time away from the series there is no reason why this years game isn’t a great point to come back in.
MS Xbox World (Sep 21, 2008)
We are often left wondering whether the grass really is greener on the other side, however with the lack of decent competition up against this Tiger franchise, it really is a no brainer to recommend the latest installment of this popular series. The graphics may be starting to show serious signs of neglect compared to other titles from EA Sports, however the rock solid gameplay, superb selection of modes and on-line interactivity make it hard to be overly critical.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 20, 2008)
All in all, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 offers a lot of positives, and both casual and hardcore golfers should be entertained by this game. Despite its’ negatives this is a fun game that could have benefited by a little more polish.
AceGamez (Sep, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is indisputably a success. It's very big, very friendly, and just as impressive as its predecessors. Thanks to this edition, the series continues to hold the title of Best Golf Simulator Ever and I really don't foresee any other game causing it undue worry over the next twelve months.
80 (Sep 10, 2008)
It's easy to pick faults with EA's latest Tiger game (the visuals are only marginally improved over last year, AI players still awkwardly glitch into place before each shot, new courses were available to buy the day the game went on sale suggesting they could have been included on the game disc, and items from the store still magically improve player stats) but it's still unquestionably the best golf sim available on consoles. Ramp up the difficulty and you'll find a game that requires dedication and a fair amount of skill. Existing Tiger owners will have to weigh up if the additions this year are worth another purchase, but if you've been out of the game for a while there's no better time to return to the links.
G4 TV: X-Play (Sep, 2008)
PGA Tour 09 does not reinvent golf in the same way as NHL 08 completely reinvigorated EA's hockey series, but it is nonetheless an extremely polished and surprisingly addictive title. Those who found previous games difficult to get into will appreciate the club tuning process and more forgiving swing system on lower difficulty levels. Pros will appreciate the instant challenges and dynamic attribute system on the highest difficulty setting. Everyone will enjoy the revamped course graphics and fast, smooth action. The subtle tweaks to character customization add a great deal of fun to an already solid game. The Tiger series may be getting long in the tooth, but it still has bite.
This isn't just an excellent introduction to the series, but a great expansion of it to keep veterans interested. Without Xbox Live you'll miss out on some of the really cool stuff, but for everyone else 2009 is definitely the year of the Tiger.
Gamervision (Sep, 2008)
As a longtime follower of the Tiger Woods franchise, I can safely say that 09 is the best Tiger Woods game in the series so far. That being said, it’s not a perfect game by any means; it’s a bit on the easy side, seemingly perfect shots will occasionally go nowhere near their aim indicator, and the coaching mini-games are tedious and seem overvalued. The minor innovations and improvements aren’t flashy or particularly sexy, but they definitely enhance the experience and are all welcome additions to the series. The golf mechanics are as tight as ever and should provide a satisfying golf experience to almost anyone willing to put a little time into the game. Sadly, there’s still no trace of the coveted course creator, but hey, there’s always next year, right?
Xbox World 360 (Sep 07, 2008)
Tiger '09 didn't need more, it needed better. It needs a fresh start - not because it's stale, but because the team have taken the man Woods as far as they can.
Boomtown (Sep 08, 2008)
In conclusion EA Sports has put together is damn good game here and one worthy of your money. There's still some work to do though before the Tiger Woods franchise becomes the definitive home of the sport it aims to simulate - as the FIFA franchise has become.
GameSpot (Aug 26, 2008)
The real-time swing meter, club tuner, and advice of Hank Haney make getting the perfect swing easier than ever. Dynamic skill progression, while not perfect, is a welcome addition; not only because a new system was needed, but also because it makes every swing important--even if you're winning or losing by 10 strokes. Some more courses would have been nice, but otherwise, there's very little not to like with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. It's amazing how a few small changes can make a game so much better.
GameTrailers (Sep, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 doesn’t shake things up, but its enhancements keep the game entertaining and addictive, which is really all that matters. We'd love to see more courses, more equipment options, and a more in-depth career with caddies, golf carts, and a customizable clubhouse, but what's here is still worth seeking out for devoted fans of the long-running series. You really need an online connection to take advantage of all the game has to offer, but both novices and pros alike will find something to enjoy in this well-produced effort.
GameCinemaHD (GCHD) (Aug 25, 2008)
In the end, new additions like the Presentation Camera, Dynamic Attributes system, and the Club Tuning option are solid enough features that Tiger Woods 09 can label itself an improvement over last year. There will come a time when drastic changes must take place, however. The putting system is still underwhelming at best (repetitive animations anyone?), and even the new commentary team of Kelly Tilghman and Sam Torrance do little to match the PGA Tour’s overall atmosphere. The five new playable courses and four additional golfers will carry some weight, but it likely won’t do much to please a section of gamers that demand drastic change in gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, Tiger Woods 09 will be a fantastic treat for the casual fan, but a lack of overall innovation will keep enthusiasts from becoming too excited.
75 (Sep 01, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 va encore un peu plus loin que son prédécesseur en proposant une jouabilité amélioré et un lot d'innovations qui, si elles ne sont pas révolutionnaires, s'intègrent bien à la série. Dommage qu'EA n'ait pas eu le temps de traduire le soft en français, perdant ainsi un point sur la note finale.
JeuxActu (Sep 03, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 confirme et accroît l'efficacité de l'opus précédent, avec une meilleure prise en main, un mode en ligne solide grâce à la présence du Simultaneous Play, une approche beaucoup plus technique du golf via le Club Turner, et un contenu rénové avec l'ajout de tracés et de golfeurs supplémentaires. On regrettera simplement que la réalisation ne soit pas réellement à la hauteur des ambitions d'Electronic Arts dans le golf virtuel, sans oublier le fait que Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 ne dispose pas d’une traduction en français. Pas de panique en ce qui concerne la durée de vie, puisque un bon nombre de modes de jeu (match play, stroke play, stableford…) et de mini-games sont contenus dans le disque. Oui, solide.
Game Shark (Oct 21, 2008)
Are there enough improvements to warrant a purchase of 09 if you have 08? That’s hard for me to say. The dynamic ratings are fantastic, but with a majority of the courses being identical and the gameplay being almost identical it’s a tough sale. The game is a worthy purchase for someone a few years removed from the game, I just hope I don’t break anything the next time I miss an 18 inch putt because my eyes won’t let my virtual golfer pull the club back two feet.
75 (Sep 01, 2008)
Woods 09's improvements are targeted to some key areas like career mode and online so it is easier to recommend this game over past years. Still, it seems the Tiger Woods franchise likes to move at a slower pace. If you are looking for a golf game to get into that is new player friendly and instantly enjoyable, Woods 09 is a great entry point. The new online mode is a joy because it requires less waiting around and more action, and if you are heavy into playing over the internet, that could be the only selling point you need.
Game Revolution (Sep 12, 2008)
Like many yearly sports game franchises, Tiger Woods Pro Tour 09 needed at least two more months of polish for it to reach its highest potential, especially for a series known for its simulation-driven attention to detail. It has almost economically repaired the franchises' most rickety issues while leaving some minor kinks untouched, which doesn't ruin its refined style, but still doesn't prevent that voice in the back of your head from telling you that something could have been more precise. Even so, Tiger Woods Pro Tour 09 has enough class to disguise the numbers game of golf, and clears enough distance left by its predecessor for an easy lay-up for next year's installment.
GameCell UK (Sep, 2008)
While it still may be a tad easy, at least you have to take some care with your shots, and think your way out of trouble should you hook or slice your way into it. I feel that the problem is that TW PGA 09 is still trying to be some kind of entertainment package that a PGA golf game shouldn’t really be, and what I mean is, if the designers want to give you the option of 19 different types of shades, 11 different watches (no, really) or hundreds of different items of clothing why don’t they go do a Barbie (& Ken) game, and leave Tiger’s PGA to someone who knows something and cares even a little about golf?
Gamestyle (Sep, 2008)
Tiger Woods 09 certainly has a lot of life in it. A good online mode and lengthy career will easily keep golf enthusiasts hooked until the next edition. Gamestyle believes that next release in the series will need more major improvements if EA want people to part with their hard earned once again.
Gamekult (Sep 08, 2008)
Le dernier sorti reste le meilleur. Une fois de plus, le Tiger Woods nouveau n'est pas un accroc à la logique commerciale d'Electronic Arts. Pour prendre la saga en route, cet épisode 09 est donc recommandé car il est tout simplement le plus complet. Les amateurs auraient tort de s'en priver en raison des améliorations de confort et de prestige qu'il apporte ça et là, à une série riche et pointue qui a déjà fait ses preuves. En revanche, s'il s'agit de mettre à jour un épisode sorti récemment, le roi Tiger peut attendre. Ce ne sera pas un crime de lèse-majesté que de faire l'impasse sur un opus 09 correct mais finalement assez chiche en évolutions d'envergure.