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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.7

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Sydney Morning Herald (Oct 31, 2006)
Double Agent is an example of inspired game design and shouldn't be missed.
UOL Jogos (Oct 30, 2006)
"Splinter Cell: Double Agent" manteve sua fórmula de sucesso, mas trouxe uma estrutura de mapas e missões mais inteligentes, que resultam em mais diversão e menos estresse, além de uma história bem mais empolgante e tensa que os antecessores. O modo de campanha já é ótimo, mas também traz um multiplayer competitivo muito divertido, devido às muitas possibilidades de estratégia. Enfim, um título irrepreensível de uma série que já mantinha uma qualidade sólida.
While most console sequels amount to little more than the same game tarted up and shoved in a new box, it’s refreshing to see Ubisoft taking so much care with its distinguished franchise. And in polishing every aspect of Splinter Cell’s classic structure, Double Agent is among the most riveting and masterful adventures money can buy.
XboxAddict (Nov 08, 2006)
Splinter Cell Double Agent fulfills a lot of the previously untapped potential of its predecessors' single-player portions, while successfully extending the impressive multiplayer offerings of Chaos Theory. It's got to be the most fully featured stealth action game to date, so if you like the idea of high-tech espionage, it's certainly going to have plenty to offer you.
92 (Dec 02, 2006)
Indeed, while the game's narrative does wrap itself up nicely (at around 12 hours), proceedings finish with a teasing 'to be continued' amid explosions and flailing bodies. Couple all of the above with the usual wealth of quality multiplayer goodness (Spy vs. Spy, Spy vs. Upsilon Mercenary) and Ubisoft has, without a shadow of a doubt, created a standout series title that adds a whole new dimension to Sam Fisher through the influential decisions of the player, while Double Agent also elevates Splinter Cell beyond the likes of Thief and Metal Gear Solid as the single best stealth/action hybrid that retail shelves have to offer.
GameZone (Oct 30, 2006)
If you are a fan of the series or just enjoy games of this nature, you owe it to yourself to pick up Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent when you see it in stores. This is one of the best games available for the Xbox 360 and you will enjoy every moment of playing it.
Gaming Target (Oct 27, 2006)
For Xbox 360 owners, Fisher’s latest adventure is a must buy (particularly if you were a fan of the series on the original box) and a nice advancement for the franchise as it tests next generation territory and comes up a winner. Involving missions, cutting edge graphics and an excellent narrative that, while not always living up to its potential, strives mightily to expand the storytelling and emotional connection while maintaining the right balance of fun and adventure. Double Agent is a great first step into brave new territory.
Planet Xbox 360 (Nov 08, 2006)
The single-player experience is worth this game by itself but throw in the multi-player mode and you have yourself a candidate for game of the year. With a graphical presentation that is hard to find in any game out there and a solid audio showing Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the game to be playing right now, offline and online. The option to make choices (good or bad) that will effect the outcome of the game is also a nice new feature that throws a new wrench in the old school Splinter Cell gears. Considering what games Ubisoft has brought us so far and what they have in store (Rainbow Six: Vegas) it is becoming very clear that they are becoming the powerhouse developer for the Xbox 360. If you read this entire review, and still have not gone out and bought this game, I seriously advise you to do that right now without wasting anymore time. That’s an order agent Fisher.
Atomic Gamer (Dec 20, 2006)
Overall, Splinter Cell Double Agent is a really fun game for the 360 and a worthy first entry on the console. Instead of just being more of the same, the game adds some new elements to the formula that make for a fun experience to those that have experience with the way this plays and those new to the series. While the game still likely won’t appeal to the very hardcore FPS fans, there’s a lot here for most action gaming fans. The only thing that really irritated me while I played were the swimming controls – they just don’t feel right. Otherwise, this is an excellent game that you should, at the very least, rent and play through once.
TeamXbox (Oct 18, 2006)
While the first next-gen entry in the Splinter Cell series isn't quite the evolutionary leap that we had hoped it would be, it's still one of the best titles to hit the Xbox 360 yet. The single-player game introduces a couple of interesting new gameplay elements, and although it still features the same style of trial-and-error play, the hardcore fans will likely be satisfied with what it has to offer. It'll be interesting to see how said fans will react to the new multiplayer mode, which isn't as complex, but could be considered more entertaining to many people. Sam's debut on the Xbox 360 isn't perfect, but it's still a great way to kick off the next generation of stealth gaming.
90 (Nov 24, 2006)
This is how you do a Splinter Cell game. From start to finish this blows everything else out of the water with an excellent story, fantastic production values and wonderful gameplay. I can’t wait to see where they go from here but Solid Snake has some serious work to do to impress now.
90 (UK) (Oct 20, 2006)
It's not so much a question of trust anymore, but question of whether you trust stealth gaming to entertain you. If you're not sure, then maybe this is the place to start.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a step in the right direction for the series. Although there aren’t many significant changes to the gameplay, the game still feels more exhilarating and more immersive because of the improved visuals, better storyline, lack of darkness, and the moral choices Sam if forced to make.
games xtreme (Oct 20, 2006)
I miss the split-screen coop that made the previous game such a hit so I had to get hold of the Xbox version for completeness’ sake. I hope Ubisoft take the next game back to those coop roots because they were an excellent innovation. I could live without the Mp Vs. if the game had a decent coop through both specialist missions and single player.
Overall, Double Agent is a solid game in the Splinter Cell series. It manages to add a whole new aspect to the game without scrapping the core gameplay its fans have come to love. It’s not an easy game to pick up and play if you’re new to Splinter Cell, but if you’re a series veteran you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.
XboxZone (Australia) (Mar 18, 2007)
Overall Splinter Cell Double Agent continues to revise and tweak the stealth formula now practically a trademark of the series. The double agent mechanics is a brilliant addition to the single player story which has in essence finally given some context-arc to the whole proceedings and with such well executed key moments this really does feel like a more realistic story in which the player can empathize with the main protagonist and the other characters as well. On the flip-side, the lack of real co-op and the changes to multiplayer are sure to be a sticking point for many fans and yet a triumph for some. On the whole though this is an excellent game from start to finish and I dare anyone to say they didn’t think twice when given the first choice objective.
Meristation (Oct 19, 2006)
Por si fuera poco, el primer Splinter Cell de nueva generación cumple sobradamente las expectativas con un apartado gráfico excelente, completísimo juego en red y variedad de posibilidades de avanzar en el juego. Uno de los títulos más llamativos de Xbox 360 hasta la fecha, que nos hace preguntarnos qué podremos esperar de la próxima entrega, en exclusiva para la consola, que la explotará de forma más intensa.
USA Today (Oct 20, 2006)
Regardless whether he's the hero or villain, Sam Fisher is impressive, and should have fans yearning for another sequel.
Game Over Online (Nov 01, 2006)
When you've got a franchise as popular as Splinter Cell, it's easy to fall into the trap of releasing sequel after sequel without making any real effort to bring innovation to the genre. Ubisoft has avoided that pitfall with Double Agent. The story jumps around a little bit at the start but quickly pulls itself together as Sam reaches the terrorists' headquarters for the first time. At that point, the developers do an admirable job implementing the double agent theme, utilizing trust meters and countering objectives to deliver a unique twist to the series. The only real disappointing aspect of the game is multiplayer. The exclusion of a cooperative campaign is a step backwards in my opinion. Still, Splinter Cell fans are sure to enjoy one of Sam Fisher's best assignments yet.
Totally Gaming Network (Oct 20, 2006)
In summary… if you have never played a Splinter Cell game in your life then this really is the one for you as it will not bleed you dry at the first mistake you make and will truly excite you as you play through both sides of the Double Agent fence. Ubisoft have gone and done it again and have given us a doozie of a game to play.
90 (Oct 25, 2006)
Es gibt hier so viele spannende Momente, dass ich gar nicht alle aufzählen kann. Naja, ich könnte schon, aber ich bin zu faul. Splinter Cell 4 erfüllt meine Erwartungen jedenfalls voll und ganz. Das lahme Speichersystem finde ich allerdings zum Kotzen. Fast eine halbe Minute vergeht, bis ich einen Spielstand angelegt habe. Das ist einfach zu lang und reißt einen regelmäßig aus der dichten Atmosphäre des Spiels. Ich liebe das Spiel trotzdem – nicht nur weil ich meine böse Seite ausleben darf.
90 (Oct 18, 2006)
A force de promesses, on doutait que Splinter Cell ne connaisse vraiment un revirement, pourtant, ce quatrième volet y parvient, pas uniquement en apportant plus de diversité dans les missions mais également (principalement ?) en rendant enfin le jeu prenant sur un plan émotionnel, en nous laissant libre de quelques choix et en ajoutant une touche de tension plus palpable ne découlant pas uniquement de la simple technique d'infiltration. Une réussite, dommage qu'il soit si court et se termine en soufflé qui se dégonfle.
GotNext (Nov 15, 2006)
Enter the newest title in the series, Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Xbox 360. In reality, it should be considered as two entirely separate games stored on a single disk, since the single- and multiplayer game share very little similarity other than graphical commonality. Ubisoft has gone out of its way to distinguish both aspects of the game from earlier efforts, while keeping enough of past gameplay (including the main uber-hero Sam Fisher and the spies vs. mercs multiplayer mechanic) in place to ensure longtime fans return yet again to the fray. In virtually every way, Double Agent is a smashing success – and yet I've got a feeling that the debates are far from over.
Bit-Tech (Nov 08, 2006)
But overall, it's hard not to be impressed with the effort that has been made here to drag Sam into a new era of gaming. There are certainly no complaints with the engine, which looks spectacular. The developers have made an attempt to address the problems many had with the last couple of games, and have done a good job of getting three-quarters of the way there. For all the moans, the overall experience is a really fun one, a really exciting one, and one that really gives you that 'this is the future of gaming' tingly feeling. If you have a 360, or a PC capable of running the game happily, you'll have a great time with Double Agent - just don't expect it to everything you dreamed of. Maybe next time.
Game Chronicles (Nov 06, 2006)
Double Agent is fun, exciting, intense, and definitely a showcase title for the visual elegance of the 360, but if you want a fully fleshed out story, extended levels, more dialogue, and an overall richer Splinter Cell experience, I’d have to recommend the original Xbox version over this. But if playing the Xbox version isn’t an option, the 360 version is still an award-winning experience that’s not to be missed.
90 (Oct 21, 2006)
Splinter Cell Double Agent is the fourth installment into the popular Tom Clancy franchise and its one great game. While Double Agent hasn’t really improved all that much from Chaos Theory, the game is still one of the greatest stealth action adventure tittles on the market. Single player is fun and will have you playing for hours till you finish the game, and even after that you’ll want to play it again to see all the scenarios. Multiplayer is probably the biggest thing the Splinter Cell series has taken in since last year and it has been upgraded since then with all new moves and grooves. Both modes have tons of variety and really introduces you to a whole new Sam Fisher. With the next Splinter Cell title being exclusive to the Xbox 360, Microsoft knows which IP’s to collect into their exclusive collection. Splinter Cell Double Agent is one of the best Splinter Cell titles released, it can only get better for the series.
IGN (Oct 17, 2006)
Double Agent digs down into the very role of duality by giving gamers hard choices to make. Whether that means confronting the option of nuking innocents on a cruise ship or betraying Fisher's associates with a gunshot to the head, it's now possible. Splinter Cell forges a path into the messy core of managing two extreme organizations without losing the trust of either one and the results are subtle and complex, engaging and even a little thought provoking.
DarkZero (Oct 30, 2006)
While Double Agent won’t bring new fans to the genre there is no doubt that it is the epitome of fan service.
The inclusion of multiplayer goes a long way to extending the life of the title, but like the singleplayer, concessions to casual gamers will dampen much enthusiasm for online play, which is a shame, because like the rest of the game, this is yet another brilliant effort from Ubisoft's super-spy.
Splinter Cell Double Agent se presenta como una gran continuación que no defraudará a los incondicionales de la saga. Si bien es cierto que a pesar de la gran trama de esta entrega, a nivel jugable sigue siendo más de lo mismo con pequeñas mejoras, lo que no es malo. Su gran apartado gráfico y sonoro sumado a su divertidísimo multijugador lo hace uno de los grandes títulos de la nueva consola de Microsoft.
88 (Oct 26, 2006)
Davon abgesehen ist Double Agent ein Splinter Cell der allerbesten Schule. Die Einsätze sind extrem spannend, wenn man mal von den eher langweiligen Missionen im JBA Hauptquartier absieht, und gewohnt packend inszeniert. Dazu kommt auf der 360 eine zuweilen unglaubliche Grafikpracht, das Silvesterfeuerwerk vor der Skyline Shanghais wird mir wohl ewig im Gedächtnis bleiben. Kritikpunkte gibt es im Prinzip nur wenige, so ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad für Profis schon fast etwas zu leicht, die Spielzeit fällt recht kurz aus und das neue Minispiel mit dem Safe öffnen ist steuerungstechnisch nicht gelungen. Dennoch ist Splinter Cell Double Agent vielleicht sogar der beste Serienteil, zumal der bekannte und trickreiche Mehrspielermodus gut in Xbox Live integriert wurde. Wer bisher mit Sam´s Schleichabenteuern allerdings nichts anfangen konnte, wird auch mit Double Agent wenig Freude haben.
Console Monster (Oct 24, 2006)
The new Splinter Cell is without a doubt the best game in the series. With a fresh new multiplayer which is both addictive and unbelievably fun and a campaign mode with all new twists and turns to keep you occupied. Just the multiplayer will keep you hooked for weeks on end, but if that’s not enough then the fact that the game has three alternate endings may get you going through the story one more time. Graphically it’s truly stunning and if anything this has to be one of if not the best game to hit the 360 thus far, it really is. My advice to you is buy it, not tomorrow or on the weekend, but NOW.
Jolt (UK) (Jan 16, 2007)
Whether the changes made in Double Agent are sustainable remains to be seen. Certainly the game can be criticised for not being different enough while at the same time introducing controversial changes. What we’ve seen here is a more-vulnerable Sam Fisher rather than the near-invincible super ninja of the previous games, which certainly gives Double Agent a distinctive feel. So long as Ubisoft can keep providing us with interesting high-tech adventures, though, we’ll probably keep lapping them up and wanting seconds.
XBox Front (Nov 20, 2006)
Wenn Fortsetzungen erfolgreicher Videospielserien neue Richtungen einschlagen, die nicht aus den Vorgängern bekannt waren, ist es immer eine spannende Erkenntnis zu erfahren, ob den verantwortlichen Entwicklern die entsprechenden Reformen geglückt sind. Obgleich Ubisofts neuestes Agentenabenteuer Splinter Cell: Double Agent keine grundlegend neue Spielmechanik zu bieten hat, vermittelt die Tatsache, dass Hauptakteur und Spion „Sam Fisher“ von nun an als Doppelagent unterwegs ist, ein neues Spielgefühl. Unser Review soll euch verraten, ob eben dieses sein Geld wert ist.
88 (Nov 13, 2006)
Es ist wieder soweit, das meisterliche Infiltrieren kombiniert mit athletischen Kunststücken hat wieder höchste Priorität erreicht, denn die beliebte „Splinter Cell“-Reihe geht mit dem Untertitel „Double Agent“ in die nächste Runde. Ob die Spieler auch diesmal in eine grandiose Story entführen werden und ob Ubisoft mit ihrem neuesten Titel die Erwartungen der Fans erfüllen kann, erfahren Sie im folgenden Review. Wir haben uns bereits in der Redaktion das Nachtsichtgerät umgeschnallt und sind ins Agentenleben untergetaucht.
Gamer 2.0 (Feb 05, 2007)
Splinter Cell Double Agent is a solid game with an excellent multiplayer component. Fans of a gripping storyline which includes intense action and “stealthy stealth” will no doubt enjoy this game.
86 (Nov 20, 2006)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent has just enough innovation in story to not feel like an expansion pack. Especially the multiplayer gets a leap forward and will bring hours of fun to the would-by spy. The single player campaign is a decent piece of gameplay that is will finished and offers the typical Splinter Cell experience with a couple of extras like the daylight missions, the Trust Meters, unlockable gadgets and everything presented very well. Quality work as it should be but I for one am hoping for a bit more innovation in the campaign in Splinter Cell 5.
86 (Nov 16, 2006)
Ich bin ja eigentlich von Natur aus als ungeduldiger Mensch kein großer Fan des Stealth-Genres, trotzdem konnte ich an dem Spiel Gefallen finden. Vermutlich hat mich der Spielfortschritt zwar eine Menge Nerven und gefühlte acht Jahre meines Lebens gekostet, allerdings musste ich zumindest meistens meine eigenen Fehler eingestehen. Aus der hervorragenden Story hätte UbiSoft allerdings deutlich mehr herausholen können – die Entscheidungsfreiheiten sind letztendlich doch zu knapp geraten. Trotzdem bleibt festzuhalten, dass Sam Fisher den großen Sprung gemeistert hat. Zwar nicht perfekt, aber immerhin gelungen.
XboxAchievements (Jun 24, 2007)
More of a Splinter Cell 3.5 than a fully revamped 4, Double Agent could've been so much more. That said, and if viewed as if it was the first game in the series, it's an enjoyable experience that is definitely worth picking up whether you're a fan of the series or a newcomer - and especially if found at a price well below retail. A fairly easy 1000 if looked at simply from an achievement point of view. Here's hoping Splinter Cell 5: Conviction provides a more worthy contender to the franchise.
NZGamer (Oct 26, 2006)
As the fourth title in the Splinter Cell series, Double Agent is obviously going to appeal more to the established fan base, however the game is good enough as a stand alone title to convert the uninitiated. If at all possible though, pick this game up as a next-generation version.
A worthy addition to the Splinter Cell franchise and, although as a whole it’s probably not the best in the series, it has the edge over the previous games in more than a few areas. Highly recommended.
En definitiva, Splinter Cell: Double Agent es un juego renovado a medias, con por fin una buena trama argumental pero con un esquema jugable que sigue siendo el mismo que ha mostrado la saga desde sus inicios, y a veces toca renovarse o morir. Aun así, gustará a los incondicionales del espionaje.
Gamezine (Oct 23, 2006)
En conclusion, bien qu'étant un épisode-charnière pour la série, Double Agent amorce de délicieux glissements de terrains pour les années à venir. L'ambiance paraît moins froide, moins lisse (ce qui n'était pas vraiment un problème en fait), mais surtout le héros gagne en consistance (ainsi que l'histoire), et le trip "seul contre tous" lui sied à ravir. En l'état, ce Splinter Cell quatrième du nom vous fera vibrer pendant de nombreuses heures, malgré quelques défauts mineurs. Une valeur sûre.
Extreme Gamer (Oct 28, 2006)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a worth successor for the Splinter Cell franchise. Sam Fisher is back and more deadly then before. Playing as a Double Agent is the perfect plot line for a Splinter Cell game; finally we feel a little closer to this world of international espionage. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is for the fans of the series, along with action stealth fans. If you don't like stealth, or the previous Splinter Cell games you're not going to find a next-generation revolution here. It's Sam Fisher doing what he does best, and that's why we love him.
Press Start Online (Dec 03, 2006)
No longer a passive, one-dimensional man-on-the-ground robotically following a checklist of mission objectives, Ubisoft’s secret agent has confidently shaken the shackles of his employers: proving both the foil of his undercover counterparts and a hard act to follow.
Daily Game (Nov 12, 2006)
The story is better, the trust meters "work," and the gameplay is still fun. Only problem: the next-gen content snub. Had it included online co-op and Ubisoft done more to integrate the single- and multiplayer modes, it would've scored a 9.
GameSpot (Oct 18, 2006)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell became one of the defining franchises of the original Xbox, thanks to its incredibly lifelike graphics and sophisticated stealth action gameplay. So it seems reasonable to approach this latest installment with high expectations: With all that Splinter Cell has done on the Xbox, surely it can do much more on the Xbox 360. Yet despite a compelling new premise that forces Fisher to make some tough moral choices to infiltrate a terrorist group, Splinter Cell Double Agent's campaign may best be described as Splinter Cell with a fresh coat of paint. The single-player portion of the game possesses all of the strengths and weaknesses that fans of the series have come to expect. On the other hand, the game's refreshingly original multiplayer component, which is like a whole separate game, has seen a variety of interesting changes since the last game, making it the better half of a great package.
Game Revolution (Oct 27, 2006)
Like a reliable spy, Splinter Cell: Double Agent gets the job done. We love the immersive gameplay and cool visuals, although we’re starting to get tired of constantly saving and reloading because some guard spotted us picking a lock. Ubisoft did a great job of streamlining their versus game, and we hope they put Sam on the same diet for Splinter Cell 5. In the meantime, we can confidently say this Double Agent works for us.
Splinter Cell Double Agent is a solid entry for the series, offering up a nice single-player upgrade from the previous iteration, along with a hella fun versus multiplayer component. If you're just looking to go solo, though, you're probably gonna be fine with a long weekend rental, as the lifespan of the title relies on multiplayer.
1UP (Oct 17, 2006)
For the time being, however, I'm eager to slip into my spy tights for more Xbox Live action. Splinter Cell still offers the most unique multiplayer around, and Double Agent will keep me happily entertained for quite some time -- probably well past Fisher's retirement party.
This is definitely my favorite of all the available Splinter Cell games. With the way the different endings play out, it is difficult to tell how Ubisoft will make the inevitable sequel, the storyline might be a little warped. Nevertheless, the way the game plays out will leave you gasping to more. What is to become of our beloved Sam Fisher? We will all just have to wait and see…
82 (Oct 28, 2006)
Warum ist der Tod von Sams Tocher nur eine lästige Notiz wert? Wieso lassen sie das moralische Dilemma in Sams Kopf unter den Tisch fallen? Solche Schnitzer dürfen einem hochkarätigen Titel, der zudem mit Metal Gear Solid konkurriert, nicht passieren. Trotzdem: Den Next-Gen-Einstieg hat der Agent gepackt, denn Splinter Cell erweckt zum vierten Mal eine beeindruckende Kulisse samt intensiver Akustik zum Leben und spielt sich nach wie vor klasse. Die Steuerung geht flott von der Hand und ihr habt viele Möglichkeiten, eine Situation zu lösen. Nur Kleinigkeiten stören den Ablauf, wenn sich Sam z.B. einfach nicht vom Fleck bewegt oder er wieder einmal fast bildschirmfüllend das Blickfeld blockiert. Vielleicht hätte Ubisoft besser dran getan, den Vorzeigespion komplett umzukrempeln anstatt ihm halbherzige Neuerungen überzustülpen. In Double Agent wirkt Sam Fisher alt und unflexibel, nur die Agenten des Versus-Modus' kommen in den Genuss von unverbrauchter, exzellenter Stealth-Action.
Gamernode (Dec 20, 2006)
Double Agent offers a whole new sha-bang in the stealth genre. It provides plenty of glorious visuals, the audio is top-notch and the missions are pretty damn fun. There's plenty of fun to be had while playing the game, and if you like stealth action titles then this game should be in your library.
Lens of Truth (Oct 27, 2008)
In the end I would recommend this game to true gamers. This is a great looking game and if you master the game play mechanics you will have a lot of fun. I never played the multiplayer so I can’t vouch for it. If you are a casual gamer I would say you might want to skip this only because you might not care to get frustrated at a game. But since the game has a stand alone feel, this could also be the game you want to start with in the Splinter Cell series. If you can get past the learning curve I believe you will have fun here. The story depends on your choices and the levels, like the ice stage are worth working towards.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Oct 21, 2006)
So what next for Sam and Third Echelon??? Ubisoft has already confirmed that development is already underway on a fifth instalment in the series, an Xbox 360 exclusive apparently called "Conviction", which can assume is being produced with Epic's Unreal Engine 3. For now, we're off to get our teeth into Double Agent's online experience, so stay tuned for our thoughts on the new Multiplayer mode early next week.
80 (Oct 23, 2006)
Splinter Cell Double Agent isn't the next-gen Splinter Cell experience that Ubisoft might want us to believe it is, but it's still a very impressive single and multiplayer experience. The single-player campaign is excellent throughout (bar a rather out of place opening level) and the multiplayer has been changed to allow more people to enjoy it. The double agent element gives the game a slightly unique feeling, but at times it's hard to shake the thought that you're playing a Chaos Theory expansion pack; albeit a very attractive one.
MS Xbox World (Nov 01, 2006)
Since the release of Pandora Tomorrow which was the debut of the VS multiplayer mode for Splinter Cell, it seems that the multiplayer portion of Splinter Cell is excelling and surpassing Sam Fisher’s single player escapades. Sadly the popular co-op mode from Chaos Theory did not make its return in Double Agent, I’m sure there are reasons but I am and no doubt many other fans of Chaos Theory’s co-op mode will be disappointed that it did not make its return in the new game. Regardless of non-scripted co-op missions, there is something that is called co-op in Double Agent – which just appears to be the VS multiplayer mode but the mercenaries are bots, the mercenaries for the most part put up a surprisingly good battle. Hopefully the fifth iteration of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell continues forward with Sam Fisher’s character and his story, as every great character has an equally great and compelling story that deserves to be told.
AceGamez (2006)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a great game that's certainly worth playing if you enjoyed any previous Splinter Cell titles, but don't expect to see a huge leap in terms of gameplay, or the ingenious level design of years gone by. In a lot of ways Double Agent is a letdown in comparison to its predecessors, but if they didn't exist and this was a brand new game then it would doubtless be hailed as a classic. Fans who focused on the online gameplay of Chaos Theory should approach Double Agent with caution however, and perhaps instead of grabbing it from behind and interrogating it further you'll want to let it walk on by, oblivious to what's just happened…
As I said earlier in the review, Splinter Cell Double Agent is a package, and an excellent one at that. Ubisoft could have sold the multi player or single player on their own, although maybe not at full price, and they would stand up just fine. Having said that, like the 360 hardware itself, if you don't intend to get online then you are getting a lot less value for your money than you could be.
Video Game Talk (Nov 27, 2006)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent isn't the game most 360 owners where hoping for. While it's certainly an excellent entry in the series, it fails to surmount the success of Chaos Theory in many respects. It's certainly worth a look to play through the single player campaign and to check out the changes in the multiplayer. Spy aficionados and Tom Clancy loyalists will have a ball with Double Agent as well as those looking for more of an action based experience. Pick up Double Agent around the $30 to $40 range if interested in the multiplayer; otherwise knock out the single player story with a rental.
Boomtown (Dec 04, 2006)
If you’re a fan of the series, or stealth games in general this is a must have game. If you're not, with its more forgiving gameplay, Double Agent is the perfect place to give the series a try. With a good ten hours plus of single player game, even on the easiest difficulty, and the multiple endings the choice system provides adding to that, and a great co-op and multiplayer game on top this should provide you with plenty of enjoyment doe your money and keep you sneaking around for a long time to come.
Yahoo! Games (Oct 17, 2006)
But as for the rest of the game, it's a classic case of Ubisoft knowing just what the fans want. Double Agent delivers more amazing graphics, more cinematic set pieces, and more of the same hi-tech stealth that has made the series successful all along. As they say, "If it ain't broke..."
GamePro (US) (Oct 19, 2006)
In the Splinter Cell hierarchy, Double Agent sits at the top "next to Chaos Theory" as one of the most immersive games in the series. It's as challenging as all the other Splinter Cell games, and really makes you focus intently on each mission. It's not a game you can rush through, and to appreciate it properly, you really wouldn't want to. It's also the most visually impressive, an obvious statement given that it's on the powerful Xbox 360. I was impressed from the beginning, as bump and normal mapping highlight environmental effects like water, ice, and shadows, as well as facial textures are all up to the already high bar set by past 360 titles. And as usual, the lighting effects are awesome. With multiple difficulty levels, and a host of multiplayer options, it's a great addition to the Splinter Cell canon.
GameSpy (Oct 20, 2006)
Viewed as another entry in the Splinter Cell canon, Double Agent does pretty well for itself. While it may lack innovation, it makes up for it with narrative effort. Sam Fisher needed a change, and this will suffice. However, it's tough to look at this game and say, "Being on next-gen has allowed this franchise to take itself to the next level." That's just not true. As long as you're cool with that going in, there's no need to have your own little moral dilemma over whether or not you enjoy this game.
Video Games Daily (Oct 30, 2006)
I've played Splinter Cell games in the past but none of them has ever gripped me as much as Double Agent. Despite its flaws, the game is still an excellent way to spend the dozen hours it'll take you to exhaust it, and the online modes are gravy. The new relationship mechanics are interesting too, adding another layer to the familiar Fisher gameplay and leaving you with a few meaty decisions to make. Whether or not you need to pick up the game, however, is a no-brainer.
TTGamer (Oct 23, 2006)
Double Agent is a fine piece of work and excellent start to the next generation of stealth games on the Xbox 360. It still doesn't go as far as many would have liked but considering Ubisoft wanted the game out this year they have done an excellent job. If this is any indication of what's coming, then Splinter Cell will be one of the Xbox 360 premiere titles for a long time to come.
G4 TV: X-Play (Nov 28, 2006)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent feels like a concerted move to mainstream stealth action for the masses. The game meets these goals, but leaves some optional missions unaccomplished. Checkpoints are far too infrequent, compelling the player break immersion and save their progress every hundred steps. And the game's level relies too frequently on cliches. When the fate of the world depends on a series of conveniently placed, well secured drain pipes for Sam Fisher to climb, you know you've got a national security problem. And why does Sam Fisher go undercover with his real name? Or doesn't the Fifth Freedom grant the right to make up pseudonyms? The fact that we can make these nitpicks is a good sign that Splinter Cell: Double Agent is on strong footing. Whether the game can manage the balancing act between welcoming new players and satisfying a hardcore online audience is another question. Sometimes these kinds of choices have unexpected consequences.
3DAvenue (Oct 23, 2006)
Double Agent is a fine piece of work and excellent start to the next generation of stealth games on the Xbox 360. It still doesn't go as far as many would have liked but considering Ubisoft wanted the game out this year they have done an excellent job. If this is any indication of what's coming, then Splinter Cell will be one of the Xbox 360 premiere titles for a long time to come.
Nuts (Oct 27, 2006)
More heart-pounding stealth action as glutton-for-punishment undercover agent Sam Fisher infiltrates a terrorist cell.
80 (Nov 02, 2006)
Na drie delen het spionnetje in de duisternis spelen was het nodig tijd voor een nieuwe aanpak, moeten de mannen bij Ubisoft Shanghai gedacht hebben. Dit resulteerde uiteindelijk in een nieuwe baan voor Sam Fisher, de norse Splinter Cell-agent uit de welbekende stealth-reeks van het Franse Ubisoft. Wat dit voor ons gamers betekent? Je hoeft jezelf niet meer als een hondje hoeft te gedragen en alleen maar bevelen van de NSA uit moet voeren, maar eindelijk kun je, als lid van de John Brown’s Army (een groepering die Amerika eens flink op wil gaan schudden), nu helemaal de terrorist in jezelf loslaten. En dat in het daglicht nota bene! Oh yeah!
GamingExcellence (Oct 30, 2006)
The single player mode felt short, far too easy and not as predominantly based on the stealth aspects that I'd come to love from the series. More casual fans will probably enjoy the single player mode for what it is (and the amazing story and moral choices it encompasses) and focus more on the multiplayer aspect, which I found a little bare and dull, but which some may have a blast with if they can look past the fact that there is only the one mode to play over and over. While I appreciated certain set-pieces in Double Agent and while I was happy to see and play as Sam again, I couldn't help but feel like this was an action game wrapped in a convenient Sam Fisher wrapping. As an entry in another franchise I would have probably enjoyed it more, but with the Splinter Cell name comes Splinter Cell expectations. Let's hope the series returns to its roots for Splinter Cell 5.
Gamestyle (Nov 13, 2006)
It's a shame that the overall package can't be as satisfying as it is online because, while it still has many things we've always loved about the Splinter Cell series, it's hardly the next generation offering we were hoping for. The fact that the original Xbox version has features that are missing on the 360 can't be overlooked - if we spend money for a next generation console, we expect to get better than what we had before. Maybe we have to wait till the 360-exclusive Splinter Cell 5 before the series truly shines again.
Lawrence (Oct 21, 2006)
There is obviously a market for this game, as it regularly sells well and receives its share of critical acclaim. Praise is deserved on the technical end, but I've always believed gaming is supposed to be about fun. If you want to show off your HDTV and surround sound system, then you might want to check out this title. If you want to have an entertaining gaming experience, however, there are far better choices. Hitman: Blood Money is a superior stealth-based game for the 360, and the MGS series trumps Splinter Cell in virtually every regard. Double Agent is a tedious, overhyped, and unoriginal technical showpiece that did next to nothing for me.
Bordersdown (Feb, 2007)
Thanks to the tweaking, pacing and `in the moment` choice system Double Agent is a solid piece of crash bang wallop entertainment, mixed with a healthy dollop of softly-softly moments. Moreover, the game is an excellent first step for the Splinter Cell series on to the newest generation of consoles and gives hope that there is still plenty of scope left for Sam Fisher’s exploits in the next inevitable instalments.
40 (Jan 19, 2007)
With a different, but decent single player, and a not-so-great multiplayer, I suggest that you rent this game before buying it. And kiddies, this is coming from someone who absolutely loves the Splinter Cell games. If it weren't for the three different endings, there would be no point replaying the game. Though still a decent game, this is the weakest link of the series. Hitman: Blood Money sometimes felt more like a Splinter Cell game. There you could go trigger happy and/or be stealthy at the same time. Pick up the previous Splinter Cell games and Hitman: Blood Money instead (read the review here), and rent Double Agent.