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GameSpy (Nov 22, 2005)
Again, THAW for Xbox 360 is a phenomenal game…if you haven't picked it up already. Not to beat the flesh off a dead horse, but if you have the Xbox version already, it's not really worth your time or money. It's the same game with better graphics and a better controller. If you totally mark out for visuals and you want to earn some more Accomplishment points, then it might be worth your while. It's still a great title, but unless you don't already have it, it's not an essential purchase.
87 (Nov 23, 2005)
Danke Neversoft, danke! Danke dafür, dass ihr euch auf eure Wurzeln besonnen und nicht einfach einen weiteren Jackass-verhunzten Underground-Teil auf den Markt geworfen habt! Danke dafür, dass ihr euch mal wieder aufs Skaten und nicht nur auf das Drumherum konzentriert habt! Danke dafür, dass ihr endlich Xbox Live-Unterstützung auf die Reihe bekommen habt! Und danke dafür, dass American Wasteland eine Art Best-Of der Reihe darstellt, mit gut umgesetztem Story- und runderneuertem Klassik-Modus. Macht all die Dankbarkeit jetzt summa summarum das beste Tony Hawk aller Zeiten? Nein, dafür wirkt American Wasteland zu überambitioniert, dafür ist das Spiel in sich nicht völlig stimmig. Aber es kommt sehr nahe an diesen Status heran und ist in jedem Fall besser und empfehlenswerter als die Underground-Teile.
85 (Nov 23, 2005)
If you are a veteran to the series, this game may be a little too easy for you, although if you are a fan like me, you’ll still welcome it with open arms. If you are new to the series, it’s time to move out of the cave that you are living in and join the real world. As the game seems catered to non-veteran players, you will have no problem playing this game.
Inside Hotwire 3D (Nov 20, 2005)
The Tony Hawk series has had the reputation for creating top-of-the-line skating entertainment that pushes the extreme sport genre for video games to the max. The latest Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland tries to continue that tradition onto the Xbox 360 console. While the game offers an amazing story mode, it just doesn’t have that spunk and originality in its gameplay that it used to have. In all fairness, this is still your best pick when it comes to this sport, but the overall experience is more like “been there, done that”.
84 (Dec 12, 2005)
Mit Tony Hawks American Wasteland ernten die Entwickler von Neversoft sicherlich nicht den Innovationspreis. Fans der Serie werden jedoch mal wieder ausgezeichnet mit neuen Aufgaben, einer erfrischenden Story und Stadtgebieten versorgt, die jedem Skater die Freudentränen in die Augen treiben. Die Möglichkeit das Board gegen ein Bike zu tauschen und fortan Tricks per Zweirad zu zeigen, bringt zudem eine gehörige Portion Abwechslung ins Spiel. Der rundum gelungene Onlinemodus sorgt für Langzeitmotivation. Insgesamt ein durchaus empfehlenswerter Titel der sich auch für XBox 360 Fans lohnt, sofern sie das Spiel nicht schon für eine der älteren Konsolen besitzen.
IGN (Nov 15, 2005)
With what is essentially the third "reinvention" of the series, Pro Skater being the first and Underground being second, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland sees the series shy away from the unfettered destruction focus of the last two games and head back to its pure skateboarding roots. In fact, the game's story mode is based around old-school skaters, building a skatepark from the ground up and basically earning everything from scratch.
82 (Nov 21, 2005)
Also wenn man den Leuten von Neversoft eine Sache nicht vorwerfen kann, dann ist das, dass sie ihre Tony-Hawks-Serie nicht konsequent fortsetzen. Nach den beiden erfolgreichen "Underground"-Teilen steht die Softwareschmiede aus den Woodland Hills nämlich schon wieder mit einem neuem, dem alles in allem siebten Teil der Serie parat. Dieser hört auf den Beinamen "American Wasteland" und schickt sich mit einer gigantischen Spielumgebung an, sämtliche eigenen Verkaufs-Rekorde einzustellen. Wie? Lesen Sie selbst!
Video Game Talk (Dec 20, 2005)
Tony Hawk America's Wasteland is another excellent chapter in this wonderful series. I strongly recommend it, especially to any fans of the series. If you aren't a fan of the series, it's a great time to start playing since the plot is essentially one giant tutorial for learning skills and tricks versus Tony Hawk 1-4 where they threw you into the fire. It will also be more accessible to a general audience with the ability to get off of your skateboard and get to hard-to-reach areas with ease. Highly Recommended.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 20, 2005)
The Tony Hawk series is the most prolific franchise in console games that doesn't revolve around a ball. Since its PlayStation debut a little more than six years ago, we've been treated to annual updates to an already-great series. Each one brings something different to the table, but how long before that table breaks under the weight of so many sequels?
GameDaily (Nov 21, 2005)
So you probably have your hopes high that the Tony Hawk game for the Xbox 360 will meet your mind-blowing expectations. I know what you're thinking- you want a power drink-fueled run with the Hawkster to the point that you're careening from empty pool to empty pool, seeking out the ultimate zen in tricks, and somewhere in the transition, you want him to skate right over the camera so you can see the trucks in detail, as if he was about to smack you in the face with them. won't get that this year.
GameZone (Dec 02, 2005)
As a dedicated fan of the Tony Hawk series, it was interesting to see how the series evolved from its early Tony Hawk Pro Skater years to its Underground phase. Each Tony Hawk game seemed to always pop up on a new console whether it was the Sega Dreamcast or the PlayStation 2, so it wasn’t a surprise when Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland landed as a launch title for the Xbox 360. Among the few Xbox 360 launch title originals and a large number of multiple platform releases already on the shelves, nothing much sets this American Wasteland apart from the one already available. Then again if you missed it the first time around you might just want to check this one out.
Operation Sports (Dec 30, 2005)
The venerable Tony Hawk series makes it's debut on the Xbox 360 with it's latest iteration, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. While the title takes some advantage of the Xbox 360's graphical punch and utilizes the new and improved controller very well, it's exactly the same game our own Clay Shaver reviewed earlier this month.
Game Over Online (Jan 23, 2006)
The Tony Hawk series of games has been a massive success on all the platforms in the past. Now on its third series of titles (Pro Skater, Underground and now American Wasteland), it was a foregone conclusion that a version from the most recent set would be brought to the Xbox360, the first of the next gen consoles out of the gate. Back to the roots went the series with American Wasteland, stripping away all of the destruction themes of the past and starting over from scratch with the "skate punks earn respect" approach seen in early titles. While the gameplay itself is the great fun players have come to expect from the series, the developers have made the decision to not repeat their actions of the last generational jump. If you own the original version of THAW on the Xbox, then you already own this one as well.
Game Critics (Feb 01, 2006)
In life, there are some things that are simply inevitable: death, taxes, Christmas, etc. Since 1999, there's been a new addition to that list—every fall will see the release of a new game in the Tony Hawk series. This year is no exception as the guys at Neversoft grind (pun fully intended) out yet another sequel in the form of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Since Neversoft is never content to merely make sequels, American Wasteland is essentially the third new iteration in the series' history—following in the footsteps of the Pro Skater and Underground games. It's a credit to the developers that they've been able to make so many games in this franchise in such a short amount of time yet haven't made a single game that felt like a rehash or an attempt to simply cash in. Each year's new installment of Tony Hawk is a lot like each year's Madden—the core gameplay might be the same as the last year's, but there's always something new in the mix that makes the current release unique.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 11, 2006)
At the end of the day the question is, is Tony Hawk's American Wasteland worth the money? It's kind a qualified answer. If you own an Xbox or PS2, there's no reason to shell out $10 more for the Xbox 360 version -- it's the exact same game with less noticeable graphical flaws. However, if you've been away from the Tony Hawk franchise for a few games and just dropped a bunch of cash for a 360, it's time to get re-acquainted with the King of Extreme Sports Games, even if some of the tricks may be well above your skill level and the story mode might be less than engrossing, you'll probably still have fun. However, even if Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is a good game, the action is feeling a little "samey" -- even compared to THPS4. Maybe it's time for Neversoft to completely retool the experience.
TalkXbox (Dec 01, 2005)
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland comes to the Xbox 360 with nothing updated aside from the visuals. Yes, another day, another lazy port. The game is the exact same skateboarding title you’ve heard about on Xbox, except now it costs ten dollars more and you get a few additional polygons.
Worth Playing (Nov 15, 2005)
My first encounter with Tony Hawk Pro Skater came on my Sega Dreamcast and with great skepticism. I'd heard the hype, read the reviews and wondered just how good this game could really be. What I experienced was a revelation, and for three more installments of the franchise I was hooked. I loved the game. I took ownership of my little skater dude in his earning new stats, new clothing and skateboards. I competed in tournaments with a ferocity I had never exhibited in real life. I wrecked my roommates in vicious games of horse, tag and that multiplayer game where you trick off things to get it to turn red or blue. Then Tony Hawk went from Pro Skater to Underground and did exactly what I didn't want or need: Neversoft added a plot. That makes about as much sense to me as adding a plot to Madden ... oh wait, never mind they did that already. The series lost me with THUG and its silliness and wannabe CKY antics.
VGcore (Dec 04, 2005)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (THAW) is the latest in the very popular Tony Hawk video game series. As is the goal with every Tony Hawk game, Neversoft is trying to rework the system and create a new experience for veterans of the franchise while at the same time appealing to a new crowd. Unlike past Tony Hawk games, though, the changes in American Wasteland center more on where you skate rather than how you skate. The result is a surprisingly fun yet disappointingly familiar experience. It is not to say THAW is a bad game, it really is enjoyable. It’s just that after so many Tony Hawk titles, the games, on some level, begin to feel the same.
72 (Jan 30, 2006)
Unfortunately for Mr. Hawk, his American Wasteland suffers from a lack of polygons. Most objects in Neversoft’s title are not defined enough for the standards that have already been set by other launch games on the Xbox 360. Non-player characters and player models are blocky, environments are low poly, and most textures are not well defined. In comparison to the original Xbox version of American Wasteland, there is an improvement on the Xbox 360, but it’s not as large a jump as other franchises have made while transitioning from the current generation to the next-gen platform. In fact, comparing the two games on a visual basis is like comparing a kick in the groin to a punch in the nose, only you wouldn’t pay for either one.
PlayDevil (2006)
A bit of mixed feelings with this latest "Tony Hawk American Wasteland" game for Xbox 360. At first the game looks alright but I was really hoping that developer Neversoft didn't tear up whole LA into nine areas. It would have been much better, like San Andreas if the player could just skate on and on. New tricks are at your disposal which will let you do some impressive combos. Graphics & Sound are alright and for the first time, 'Live' support is included. A game with great fundamentals ever but mainly for Hawkers or skateboard novices. If you still want to try it out, I suggest download the free demo first on X-Box Live before you buy it. It's just good advice.
70 (Nov 28, 2005)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland est un bon jeu de skate, inutile de le nier. Cela dit, à part le BMX, ce volet n'offre que peu de nouveautés pour le fan de la première heure. Certes, la découverte des quartiers de la ville a son charme, mais il faut savoir que le fond peine à se renouveler. Compte tenu de l'aspect graphique très décevant et du prix du jeu (plus cher que l'édition Xbox tout court), même les vrais mordus de la série devront réfléchir à deux fois avant de se décider.
Gamehelper (Nov 17, 2005)
In the world of sequels it isn’t always a good thing to keep slapping another title onto the franchise; Rocky V was a total joke, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should never have made a third film, so can the seventh generation of Tony Hawk’s family of games still pack the awesome punch of the original? Innovation while staying true to the original heart of the title has kept film franchises like James Bond 007 from losing their loyal fan base, a lesson Neversoft seems to have taken to heart Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland ups the franchise’s ante with more levels, unrestricted classic play, and the addition of parkour moves and a BMX bike while still keeping the skate punk tradition alive.
TeamXbox (Nov 15, 2005)
“Skate or Die!” Ever since those words blasted over the 4” full-range of 720° at my local arcade, I’ve been hooked on skating games. Sucks that I had to wait ten years for another decent skate franchise to surface (no offense to Epyx and their half-pipe doing in Summer Games). Activision and Neversoft nailed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the first time, firmly grabbed my attention, and I haven’t looked back since.

I was understandably excited when Activision announced that Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland would be available for the Xbox 360’s launch. I really didn’t know what to expect, seeing as how the current Xbox has already been privy to a skate title of the exact same name. Virtual skating is a tough job, but somebody has to do it….
XBox Evolved (Nov 19, 2005)
We take a look at the Xbox 360 version of American Wasteland, and see how it stacks up complete with online modes, and enhanced visuals.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 12, 2005)
Tony Hawk American Wasteland has abandoned the Underground tag and gone for a new cynical approach in this third reinvention of the series. I've taken a good run at the Xbox, and Xbox 360 version, and I have the scoop Americas Wasteland.
Activision brings another current gen title to the Xbox 360 so nobody misses out. Just like GUN, there isn't much here besides a port of the current-gen versions. You'll be able to notice sharper graphics and more details, which add to the game considering it wasn't the greatest looking game in the first place. The game is also smoother and doesn't show signs of framerate droppage that would occur once in a while on the Xbox version. I don't see why they felt they needed or get away with charging $60. It's fun but not a true next-gen title.
GotNext (Dec 28, 2005)
They say that the number seven is a lucky number. Well, lucky for me, I was given the chance to review Tony Hawk's American Wasteland -- the seventh home console iteration of the behemoth Tony Hawk franchise. Having felt this series had been Hawk'd up one time too many with when the Tony Hawk Underground games came out, I've had a pretty good break from the franchise. Before playing it, I was eager to see how the game would translate on the new Xbox 360 console, despite the negative hype the game received since its underwhelming unveiling during the Xbox 360 MTV preview. Despite the bad press the game has gotten, American Wasteland is still probably the most complete Hawk game, and it will be should be enough to impress long-tome fans of the franchise while the developers work on making a true next-gen game.
Game Force (Feb 09, 2006)
Neversoft has created yet another Tony Hawk skateboarding game in the franchise. This new game called Tony Hawk's American Wasteland uses the core base of the Tony Hawk's Underground series. So instead of focusing on the basic skateboarding gameplay, it throws in a neat story in there as well. American Wasteland is on all platforms, but is it worth paying the extra cash for the 360 version? Sadly the answer is no. American Wasteland is a terrific game, but it's not worth paying for it on the 360, especially if you already have a copy of it on another console.
While American Wasteland is not a bad game by any means, it definitely is way below the standards of the 360. With a short and easy story and classic mode, you won't play this one by yourself for long. The multiplayer is fun online if there were actually someone to play it with. I'd highly recommend playing the current generation version and saving yourself the extra $10 expense. There is no reason to buy it for the 360 unless you don't own the current generation release.
Game Shark (Dec 19, 2005)
Tony Hawk fans will probably find Tony Hawk's American Wasteland a must-buy, but I really think the franchise is starting to get as overexposed as Mega Man. (Okay, maybe not that bad.) The yearly grind of releasing yet another title in the series is taking its toll. It’s time to bump things up a notch. And if that means 2006 is a year without a Tony Hawk game, so be it.
Gamezilla (Dec 14, 2005)
Since I last reviewed this title on the PS2, I must say, I think I may have given this game more credit than it deserved. In hindsight, while it still remains a decent title, because of its replay value, it doesn’t seem as comfortable on the 360, and in the end, can be very frustrating to play. Still, it can be fun, but unfortunately, you aren’t going to get much more out of the 360 version as compared to any other.
GameSpot (Nov 16, 2005)
Don't let the recent name changes or Tony Hawk's debut on a new video game system fool you. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the seventh Tony Hawk game developed by Neversoft in as many years. Over the years the series has had installments that made dramatic changes to the formula, but the more recent installments have focused less on gameplay or structural changes and more on including a story. American Wasteland is the game that finally makes good on the story thing by offering a plot that's far more interesting than it has been in the previous two versions. It also attempts to put all its levels together into one big take on Los Angeles that's free from loading times.
XboxAchievements (Jul 08, 2007)
With the story mode flaws and non replayability factor, this game loses a lot of points. One can only speculate as to why those of us who are die hard fans were put through such torture. I just hope that this isn’t what we will expect in future games of the series…
Defunct Games (Jan 04, 2006)
This "next generation" version of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland feels like a missed opportunity. If you're looking for a game that shows off the power of the Xbox 360 then you have no reason to even consider this game, and at $10 more it's hard to justify this over the versions on older platforms. Better luck next year!
Wham! gaming (Nov 18, 2005)
When first starting out in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, I felt very much like the character I was controlling - lost and confused and in need of some skateboarding lessons.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Dec 02, 2005)
Identical to the current-generation versions, THAW on Xbox 360 is a port in every sense of the word. Ok, so it's now shown in 'glorious' HD, but all that means is that the gameworld and the characters scream out "Xbox" rather than "Xbox 360." In short, Tony Hawk's Amereican Wasteland on Xbox 360 is like GUN on the next-gen platform, a disappointment...
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 31, 2006)
Activision has some explaining to do. While Call of Duty 2 and even Quake 4 are solid, gorgeously explosive ports from the PC to the Xbox 360, the other half of their X360 launch line-up has been remarkably lackluster. Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland wasn’t particularly impressive on the regular Xbox, but on the 360, the game is positively lame.
Tony Hawk should be ashamed. He should have thought about signing a contract to a series that would end up like Wasteland. The title is appropriate not because it's tied into the story, but because the game is a wasteland of stupid, unfunny, and irritating challenges. The $60 price doesn't help matters.