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The Escapist (Dec 14, 2010)
If you're looking for a good action game to play over a weekend, then you could do much worse. Tron geeks will likely want to own it and play it again and again.
Gametactics (Jan 26, 2011)
TRON Evolution is a decent action platformer with some issues that really take away from the game. TRON city and the other environments in the game look really cool and I enjoyed them. Evolution seems like a great game for those who are fans of TRON since it will fill them in on some story elements and they’ll get to play in some familiar environments. For those who aren’t into platformers, Evolution doesn’t really offer anything new or better than what’s already out now; but the multiplayer may interest those that are fans of online games.
GameSpot (Dec 13, 2010)
You don't have to be a fan of the TRON universe to enjoy Evolution. Running through its digital world provides plenty of fun, and while its combat isn't too taxing, there are still enough good moments to make the experience worthwhile. It may lose steam well before its downbeat ending, but TRON: Evolution is a still worthwhile trip into the realm of the digital.
D+PAD Magazine (Dec 16, 2010)
Another Tron videogame, whether you like movie tie-ins or not, is certainly warranted and is more than welcome. The game exceeds our expectations in nearly all areas and certainly rates highly in our minds-own check-list of movie cash-ins. The universe is sinister, yet memorising and visually stunning and the game transports you to the world in glowing fashion. Tron: Evolution then, is a decent attempt, but one that never quite matches the ambition or the inspired creativity of the licence upon which it is built.
70 (UK) (Nov 29, 2010)
The sum total, therefore, is a game that entertains without inspiring, doing enough to settle comfortably into the realms of "good" while never exerting the additional effort required to raise expectations any higher. You'll come to the end of each level and struggle to remember what you just did to get there. There's nothing terribly wrong with such a safe, formulaic approach, and the end result is undeniably superior to most movie tie-ins. But for a property so steeped in videogame lore, it's a shame this so-called evolution clings so tenaciously to the same old templates.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 07, 2011)
TRON: Evolution isn't the worst game to ever come out of the movie-and-game-tie-in-factory. In fact it fits the status quo rather nicely. If you are looking for a game that plays like every other licensed title out there, then you won't be disappointed by TRON: Evolution. It has functional combat, a bare-bones online offering, and some high production values. However, if you are looking for something a little more, you won't find it here. It really is a shame that a game based on a franchise that is all about a "real" video game world, the game that ties-in with the movie franchise doesn't stand out. Though the game does look nice, it seems that beauty, even on the Grid, is only pixel-deep.
67 (Jan 21, 2011)
Mit Tron Evolution hat das mittlerweile von Disney geschlossene Studio Propaganda einen äußerst durchwachsenen Mix aus Action und Akrobatik abgeliefert. Die zunächst etwas eintönigen Kämpfe gewinnen durch die in vielen Details erweiterbare Ausrüstung im Laufe des Spiels an Spannung. Doch sobald sich ein schöner Spielfluss aufgebaut hat, funken oft die frustig hakeligen Akrobatik-Einlagen dazwischen. Auch die Fahrsequenzen sind kein Highlight, sondern wirken eher wie einfache Reaktionstest. Trotzdem besitzt das Neon-Abenteuer auch Stärken: Die größte ist der lustige Online-Modus, in dem Diskus-Krieger, Licht-Motorräder und Panzer gleichzeitig unterwegs sind. Auch die Technik stimmt, denn die glühende Raster-Welt wurde wirklich hübsch in Szene gesetzt und durch eine tolle Soundkulisse unterlegt. Wer wie ich ein Vorbliebe für leuchtende Cyberspace-Welten hat und über einige nervige Schwächen hinwegsehen kann, sollte Tron Evolution also ruhig eine Chance geben.
Spazio Games (Dec 04, 2010)
All’interno della categoria dei tie in, Tron Evolution si presenta come un discreto prodotto, senza dubbio adatto agli amanti della pellicola a patto che non si aspettino particolari novità dal gameplay. Il gioco si limita a riproporre situazioni già viste in decine di altri titoli lungo una campagna principale che scorre abbastanza liscia fino alla fine, una modalità multiplayer ai minimi termini ed un comparto estetico di buon livello. Peccato per la mancanza di coraggio e di rifiniture, elementi che limitano il gioco alla categoria dei titoli adatti solo agli appassionati del brand.
USA Today (Dec 25, 2010)
While ambitious, the glow-in-the-dark TRON: Evolution will likely disappoint those looking forward to the game (including those excited over the sleek YouTube trailers). It's certainly fun at times, and offers multiplayer modes to take the action online, but alas, it's one of those games you'll likely want to rent for the weekend instead of buying at full price.
Giant Bomb (Dec 01, 2010)
Tron: Evolution fleshes out the Tron universe in some really interesting ways, but it doesn't make for an especially exciting game.
60 (Dec 09, 2010)
TRON: Evolution is a bold attempt to re-introduce the wonder of an 80’s classic to a new generation, but despite its stylish visuals and highly polished environments it has struggled to make an impact. Too many mistakes have been made and with so many other games doing what TRON: Evolution has attempted, much better, it seems the only reason for possibly purchasing this game is to extend the experience from the silver screen debut. Without trying to reveal any spoilers, the games ending is unsatisfying, you’ll buy it, enjoy it, but probably never play it again, it will forever lay on upon a pile of movie tie-in game failures, just not right at the bottom.
Brash Games (Jan 26, 2011)
So, what’s present in TRON: Evolution is something better than the sum of its parts. Granted the sum of its parts is really rather dire, but in making something with at least a degree of quality, when it could quite easily have been complete rubbish is worthy of note. However, there are a lot of great games out there, which are better deserving of your time than this.
60 (Jan 14, 2011)
Fans hoping for a good movie tie-in here will be sorely disappointed. The game starts off promising, but gets repetitive before the first chapter is even over. Tron fans will like the game just to see how the first and second movies get tied in together, but plenty of other games have better platforming and gameplay.
DarkZero (Dec 17, 2010)
As movie tie-ins go there’s a lot worse out there, but there are a lot better ones too. Considering the subject matter they could have done something really good. It’s a competent enough game but could have been so much more, if you fancy something like Prince of Persia though it’s definitely worth a rental, and if you loved Tron and can’t wait for the new film then you really have to give it a go, if only just for the story.
IGN (Dec 06, 2010)
TRON: Evolution is barely a TRON game. It's a repetitive cyberpunk Prince of Persia. The platforming and combat are flashy, but both feel awkward to control and get really competitive. All the cool things you'd expect in a TRON game are restricted to the limited multiplayer modes. If you've got 10 people you can play some fun multiplayer games, but there are only a half dozen maps including the day one DLC. If you want to find out what happens between the two films, then you at least get a bit of a story here. And if the developers keep expanding the multiplayer with DLC like they're already doing then this game could be worth a purchase eventually. But right now TRON feels like a movie cash in game more than the next step in a classic gaming franchise.
XboxAchievements (Dec 06, 2010)
Lulled into thinking Tron: Evolution might actually be half-decent on first impressions, we feel a genuine sense of disappointment that it gradually turns out to be yet another poor movie tie-in that's fairly unmemorable, repetitive and a bit dull overall. Here's hoping that the movie is infinitely better than this.
AusGamers (Nov 29, 2010)
Tron: Evolution looks decent enough on paper. Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde reprise their roles, the score is beautifully lifted from the 1982 cult classic film and there’s something extremely captivating about aspects of the electronic world you traverse. It’s disappointing that the basic mechanics feel off, the camera has a mind of its own and its difficulty comes from broken ploys and gambits, rather than a true challenge of one’s skill.
50 (Feb 04, 2011)
A moins d'être un inconditionnel absolu de Tron, peu regardant sur le gameplay, on aura du mal à conseiller l'achat de cette préquelle au second film. Répétitif à souhait, laborieux sur bien des points, il peine à éveiller l'intérêt en solo. Seul son multi sympathique lui sauve la mise avec ses affrontements faisant intervenir quantité de Light Cycles. Maigre consolation.
40 (Dec 01, 2010)
There have been a number of game tie-ins in the past, but none has managed to establish Tron as a lasting video game franchise in the same way as something like Star Wars. We’re sad to say this new game does no better. Admittedly by movie game standards this still remains well above average. But by any other criteria it’s just another pointless waste of a licence brimming with potential. No matter how the new movie turns out this tie-in makes all the usual mistakes with bland, unoriginal action and an incoherent narrative.
40 (Jan 22, 2011)
Wie zich graag ergert aan een game, kan met Tron: Evolution uit de voeten: de slechte besturing zorgt voor veel irritatie en de verhaallijn is te simpel. Daar kan een sfeervolle futuristische spelwereld niets aan veranderen. Na een paar uur gamen weet je het zeker: dit spel is gewoon extra marketing voor Disney.
Resolution Magazine (Jan 17, 2011)
Perhaps it is unfair to compare Tron: Evolution to Prince of Persia or Ass Creed, as I’ve been doing, because it is a game targeted mainly at children. Maybe. But that an audience is a young one should not give a bad game any slack. In fact, this is the worst offence. Disney Interactive has either been rushed to get this out in time for the movie, or they have underestimated how savvy a young audience can be. We see this time and time again in the entertainment industries. The attitude runs: “They’re kids. They’ll take anything.” Wrong. The only reason Tron: Evolution could sell well is because children who enjoy the movie will want to pursue the feeling of excitement, elation, adventure and awe they felt in the cinema. I have no doubt they will be disappointed.