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Undead Empire Credits (Xbox 360)

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Undead Empire Credits


Game DesignJake Jameson
Game DevelopmentJake Jameson
Game Asset ArtPOW Studios []
GUI ArtSimon Turnbull
MusicAlejandro Canca Mancera, Capehart
Sound EffectsJoshua Kaplan (
Special ThanksJustin Varghese, Betson Thomas, Jeff Czerniak, Chris McCabe, Anthony McNerney, DJCJ, Capehart, Jason Struebing, Falco Girgis, The Chaos Rift, Rachel Morris, Cliff Bleszinski (as Cliffy B), William Santasiero
"Anthem of Dispair", "The Beauty and Mayhem on the Graveyard"Vagrant Aborted
"So the Story Goes", "All the Words"Capehart []

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